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C./l 0/ 

The Baker Library 
Graduate School of Business 



•4s«^•<-n • 

^'v'jf^ijd. \ .^ 




Containing also a List of Counsel in Pat* 
ent^ "^r ode-Mark and Copyright Causes in 
the United States and Canada^ and the 
names ofRepresentative Legal Prallition^ 
ers in Canada^ England^ Scotland^ Ire^ 
land^ Central America^ South America^ 
Africa^ Asia^ Australasia and Europe. 


HUBERT R. BROWN, Vublisker 
70 Fifth Avenue, New York 

U.S. A 

1 • 



Copyright, iqzq, by Hubert R. Brown 

w . •> • » 

■ • k * 

Burton E- 



General Practitioners^ &c I7-34S 

Counsel in Patent Causes^ &c. 346-371 

Counsel in Patent Causes^ &c. 

Foreign Countries .... 372-384 

America, Central 466 

America, South 470-474 

Africa * 460-461 

Africa, South 462-465 

Asia 475-478 

Australasia 479-483 

Canada, Dominion of 

General Practitioners^ t^c 385-411 

Counsel in Patent Causes, lie. . 372-377 

Europe 484-493 

Great Britain 413-459 

Mexico 412 

West India Islands 467-469 




Alabama 17 

Alaska 23 

Arizona 24 

Arkansas 25 

California 29 

Colorado 37 

Connecticut 41 

Delaware 46 

District of Columbia. . 47 

Florida 51 

Geor^a 55 

Hawaii 64 

Idaho 65 

Illinois 67 

Indiana 81 

Iowa 90 

Kansas 99 

Kentucky 105 

Louisiana iii 

Maine 115 

Maryland 119 

Massachusetts 1 24 

Michigan 138 

Minnesota 148 

Mississippi 1 56 

Missouri 160 

Wyoming. . 


Montana 174 

Nebraska 177 

Nevada 183 

New Hampshire 185 

New Jersey 188 

New Mexico 195 

New York 196 

North Carolina 226 

North Dakota 232 

Ohio 236 

Oklahoma 253 

Oregon 260 

Pennsylvania 264 

Philippine Islands . . . 282 

Porto Rico 282 

Rhode Island 283 

South Carolina 286 

South Dakota 289 

Tennessee 292 

Texas 299 

Utah 314 

Vermont 3 16 

Virginia 319 

Washington 326 

West Virginia 333 

Wisconsin 337 



Pa%9 Pag€ 

Costa Rica 466 Bridsh Honduras. . . . 466 

Republic of Honduras 466 Republic of Salvador. 466 



Pagt Pag9 

Argentine Republic . . 470 Ecuador 473 

Bolivia 470 Panama 473 

Brazil 470 Paraguay 473 

British Guiana 471 Peru 474 

Chile 471 Uruguay 474 

Republic of Colombia 472 Venezuela 474 


Pagt Pag§ 

Algeria 460 Congo Free State. . . 460 

Canary Islands 460 Egypt 461 


Pag0 Pag0 

Cape Colony 462 Orange River Colony. 464 

Natal 463 Transvaal 464 


Png§ Pag$ 

China 475 Java {Dutch East In- 

Hong Kong 475 dies) 477 

India 476 Siam 478 

Japan 477 Straits Settlements. . . 478 


Pag§ Pag0 

New South Wales.. . . 479 South Australia 481 

New Zealand 479 Tasmania 481 

Queensland 480 Victoria 482 

Western Australia.. . . 483 



{And Newfoundland) 

Pag* Pagu 

Alberta 385 Ontario 394 

British Columbia 388 Prince Edward Is'd. . 403 

Manitoba 389 Quebec 404 

New Brunswick 392 Saskatchewan 409 

Nova Scoda 393 Yukon 411 

Newfoundland 411 


Pae0 Pag9 

Channel Islands. .... 484 Luxemburg 489 

Denmark 484 Norway 489 

France 484 Portugal 490 

Greece 486 Roumania 490 

Holland 487 Spain 490 

Italy 487 Sweden 491 

Switzerland 492 


Pag9 • Pag§ 

England 413 Ireland 447 

Scotland 455 



Mexico City 412 


{And Danish West Indies) 

Pag0 Pag« 

Bermuda 467 St. Croix 468 

Barbados 467 St. Thomas 468 

Cuba 467 Dominican Republic 468 

Danish West Indies . 468 Jamaica 469 


The 19 19 edition of Thf Lawyers' List has been 
compiled with all of the scrupulous care customarily 
employed by its publisher in the effort to maintain 
the standing of this publication as regards accuracy 
and reliability. It is still impossible to present a com- 
prehensive or accurate list of lawyers for Germany, 
France, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Italy, or for several 
of the other countries which have been engaged in the 
war, without giving notice that such names as I have 
offered are still published, obviously, with such un- 
certainty as is unavoidable under all of the present 
conditions. The compilation for Great Britain is now, 
we believe, quite dependable, while the compilations 
for the other foreign countries included in this work 
are as trustworthy as it has been possible for us to 
make them. 

The Lawyers' List is a selected list of Legal Prac- 
titioners, international in scope. It is assembled 
with the most painstaking care; with assistance and 
counsel from authoritative and responsible sources. 
It serves as a guide in the selection of Counsel, and is 
published for the use of Members of the Bar, the 
legal departments of Corporations, and others requir« 
ing the services of legal correspondents. 

In the present edition, for the year 191 9, the work of 
revision has been accomplished as the result of ex- 
tensive investigation, covering every city and town 
(except in the cases of some of the cities and towns in 
certain of the warring nations) of the several countries 
represented in this volume. The most careful and 
comprehensive inquiry has been made in respect 
to the character and standing of the Members of the 
Bar named in The Lawyers' List, and it is believed 
that this work contains only the names of able, re- 
sponsible lawyers who are deserving of the fullest 

Eminent Members of the Bar in the principal cities 


and towns of the United States, for years associated with 
The Lawyers' List, have aided in the compilation for 
this country. They have given the publisher of The 
Lawyers' List the benefit of their knowledge and ex- 
perience, and their familiar acquaintance with many 
practitioners. This information has been supplemented 
with advice and opinions from the officers of bank-ng 
institutions, the legal departments of prominent Corpo- 
rations, and from other trustworthy sources. 

The names of Counsel in Patent, Trade-Mark and 
Copyright Causes have been assembled with the assist- 
ance of many of the most eminent lawyers engaged in 
this practice. 

In Canada and Great Britain the conditions with 
reference to Patent and Trade-Mark practice differ from 
those which prevail in the United States. There, Patent 
Solicitors, so-called, are frequently expert draftsmen and 
engineers, and conduct the business of procuring patents, 
and they are not, as a rule, members of the legal profes- 
sion. While Solicitors in Canada and Great Britain do 
not specialize in Patent practice as do Members of the 
Bar in this country, certain firms of General Practi- 
tioners have had large experience in the conduct of 
Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright litigation, and are 
fully qualified to undertake any commissions relating 
to causes of this character. We present as Counsel in 
Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright causes, in all 
instances, the names of Members of the Bar. 

The methods employed in compiling The Lawyers' 
List for the United States have obtained, also, in the 
selection of the names of Practitioners in Central and 
South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe. 
The names given have been assembled with the aid of 
American, English and Canadian law firms which have 
had occasion to retain Counsel in these countries; and 
with the added assistance of the principal foreign bank- 
ing institutions^ and others. 


I am indebted, as well, to the foreign representatives Ot 
the United States for such information as they could con- 
sistently give, and for useful data from the Department 
of Commerce and Labor, at Washington. 

I gratefully acknowledge, in particular, the valued aid 
and the many courtesies accorded by Members of the Bar 
here named, in the preparation of this compilation of 
General Practitioners, Corporation and Trial Lawyers: 

Sullivan & Cromwell New York, N. Y. 

Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett New York, N. Y. 

Homblower, Miller, Garrison & Potter 

New York, N.Y. 

Cravath & Henderson New York, N. Y. 

Taylor, Humes & Begg New York, N. Y. 

Larkin & Perry New York, N. Y. 

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. .New York, N. Y. 
Hughes, Rounds, Schurman & Dwight 

New York, N. Y. 
Evarts, Choate, Sherman & Leon . . New York, N. Y. 
Guthrie, Bangs & van Sinderen. . .New York, N. Y. 

Stetson, Jennings & Russell New York, N. Y. 

Judah, Willard, Wolf & Reichmann .. .Chicago, 111. 

Isham, Lincoln & Beale Chicago, 111. 

Church & McMurdy Chicago, 111. 

Nelson, Little, Gordon & Wire Chicago, 111. 

Scott, Bancroft, Martin & Stephens. . Chicago, III. 

Frank £. Lord Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Starr, Brown, Packard & Peckham 

Chicago, 111. 
Wilson, Mcllvaine, Hale & Templeton 

Chicago, 111. 

Burry, Johnstone & Peters Chicago, 111. 

Butz, von Ammon & Johtiston Chicago, 111. 

Dunbar, Nutter & McCIennen Boston, Mass. 

Gaston, Snow, Saltonstall & Hunt . . . Boston, Mass. 
Ropes, Gray, Boyden & Perkins Boston, Mass. 


Storey, Thomdike, Palmer & Dodge . Boston, Mass. 

Whipple, Sears & Oj^den Boston, Mass. 

Matthews, Thompson & Spring Boston, Mass. 

John Hampton Barnes Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dickson, Beitler & McCouch Philadelphia, Pa. 

A. H. Wintersteen Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Wharton Pepper Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown & Williams Philadelphia, Pa. 

Patterson, Crawford, Miller & Arensberg 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sterrett and Acheson Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Burleigh & Challener Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dalzell, Fisher & Dalzell Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Reed, Smith, Shaw & Beal Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Knapp, O'Malley, Hill & Harris Scranton, Pa. 

Boyle & Priest St. Louis, Mo. 

Warwick Massey Hough St. Louis, Mo. 

Lehmann & Lehmann St. Louis, Mo. 

Watts, Gentry & Lee St. Louis, Mo. 

Nagel & Kirby St. Louis, Mo. 

James A. Seddon St. Louis, Mo. 

Bernard Carter & Sons Baltimore, Md. 

Venable, Baetjer & Howard Baltimore, Md. 

Semmes, Bowen & Semmes Baltimore, Md. 

Barton, Wilmer & Barton Baltimore, Md. 

Marbury, Gosnell & Williams Baltimore, Md. 

Maxwell & Ramsey Cincinnati, Ohio 

Harmon, Colston, Goldsmith 

& Hoadly Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hoyt, Dustin, McKeehan & Andrews 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Kline, Niman, Buss & Holliday Cleveland, O. 

ToUes, Hogsett, Ginn & Morley.. . .Cleveland, O. 

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey Cleveland, Ohio 

M. B. & H. H. Johnson Cleveland, Ohio 

Morton, Irvine, Turner & Blanchard 

Columbus, Ohio 


McMahon & McMahon Dayton, Ohio 

Brown, Geddes, Schmettau & Williams.ToIedoyOhio 
Locke, Babcock, Spratt & Hollister. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Moot, Sprague, Brownell & Marcy. ..Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chickering & Gregory San Francisco, Cal. 

Goodfellow, Eells, Moore & Orrick 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro .... San Francisco, Cal. 

Richard C. Harrison San Francisco, Cal. 

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Los Angeles, Cal. 

Stevenson,Carpenter,Butzel & Backus Detroit,Mich. 

Warren, Cady, Ladd & Hill Detroit, Mich. 

Campbell, Bulkley & Ledyard Detroit, Mich. 

Angell, Bodman & Turner Detroit, Mich. 

Donnelly, Hally, Lyster & Munro. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Brewster, Howell & Heyman Atlanta, Ga 

King & Spalding Atlanta, Ga. 

C. T., L. C. & J. L. Hopkins Atlanta, Ga. 

Tye, Peeples & Tye Atlanta, Ga. 

Harris, Harris & Witman Macon, Ga. 

Hardeman, Jones, Park & Johnston . . .Macon, Ga. 

Adams & Adams Savannah, Ga. 

Keith, Kingman, Cross & Wallace 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Palmer Pillans Mobile, Ala. 

George C. Bedell Jacksonville, Fla. 

Miller, Parker, Riley & Stewart 

Des Moines, Iowa 

Baker, Botts, Parker & Garwood Houston, Tex. 

Andrews, Streetman, Logue & Mobley 

Houston, Tex. 
Pickens, Moores, Davidson & 

Pickens Indianapolis, Ind. 

Miller, Dailey & Thompson Indianapolis, Ind. 

Barrett, Morris & Hoffman Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Collins & Corbin Jersey City, N. J. 


Lindabury, Depue & Faulks Newark, N. J. 

McCarter & English Newark, N. J. 

Trabue, Doolan, Helm & Helm Louisville, Ky. 

Humphrey, Crawford, Middleton & 

Humphrey Louisville, Ky. 

Fairleigh & Fair eigh Louisville, Ky. 

Miller, Mack & Fairchild Milwaukee, Wis. 

Quarles, Spence & Quarles Milwaukee, Wis. 

Upham, Black, Russell & Richardson 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bottum, Bottum, Hudnall & Lecher 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Flanders, Fawsett & Smart Milwaukee, Wis. 

McKcnney & Flannery Washington, D. C. 

Farrar, Goldberg & Dufour New Orleans, La. 

Spencer, Fenner, Gidiere & Phelps 

New Orleans, La. 

Denegre, Leovy & ChalFe New Orleans, La. 

Edwards & Angell Providence, R. L 

Munford, Hunton, Williams & 

Anderson Richmond, Va. 

Van Winkle & Ambler Parkersburg, W. Va. 

William S. Hilles Wilmington, Del. 

Cates & Price Knoxville, Tenn. 

Engerud, Divet, Holt & Frame Fargo, N. D. 

Bailey & Voorhees Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Streeter, Demond, Woodworth & 

Sulloway Concord, N. H. 

Blair & Lillard Topeka, Kans. 

Hall & Lee Lincoln, Neb. 

Gurley, Fitch, West & Hickman. . . .Omaha, Neb. 

John Lee Webster Omaha, Neb. 

George M. Hogan St. Albans, Vt. 

James M. Ashton Tacoma, Wash. 

Ross, Ross & Alexander Fort Worth, Tex. 

Thompson, Barwise, Wharton & 

Hiner Fort Worth, Tex. 


Smith, Gage & Dresser ^Worcester, Mass. 

Gross, Gross & Hyde Hartford, G)nn. 

Robinson, Robinson & Cole Hartford, Conn. 

Ailing, Webb & Morehouse New Haven, Conn. 

Bristol & White New Haven, Conn. 

Marsh, Stoddard & Day Bridgeport, Conn. 

Moore, Smith, Moore & Trieber 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Webber & Leamy Rutland, Vt. 

Davis & Company Vancouver, B. C, Can. 

Pitblado, Hoskin, Grundy, Bennest & Haig 

Winnipeg, Man., Can. 
Hudson, Ormond, Spice 

& Symington Winnipeg, Man., Can. 

Tupper, McTavish, Foley & 

Tupper Winnipeg, Man.» Can. 

Aylesworth, Wright, Moss ic 

Thompson Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Blake, Lash, Anglin & Cassels. Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Cassels, Brock & Keliey Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwynne ..Toronto, Ont., Can. 
Saunders, Torrance & 

Kingsmill Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Brown, Montgomery & Mc- 

Michael Montreal, Que., Can. 

Fleet, Falconer, Phelan . 

& Bovey Montreali Que., Can. 

Lafleur, MacDougall, Mac- 

farlane & Barclay Montreal, Que., Can. 

McGibbon, Mitchell, Casgrain, 

McDougall & Stairs Montreal, Que., Can. 

MacKenzie, Thom, McMorran, 

Bastedo & Jackson Regina, Sask., Can. 

Simpson & Marwick Edinburgh, Scotland 

I acknowledge, also, the courteous assistance given 
by these Members of the Bar in the compilation of the 


list of Counsel in Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright 

Dyer & Taylor New York, N. Y. 

Kenyon & Kenyon New York, N. Y. 

Sexton, Jeffery, Kimball & Eggleston 

New York N. Y. 

GiflFord &Bull New York,' n! y! 

Redding & Greeley New York, N. Y. 

Bartlett & Brownell New York, N. Y. 

Duell, Warfield & Duell New York, N. Y. 

Fralcy & Paul Philadelphia, Pa. 

Offield, Towle, Graves & Soans Chicago, 111. 

Dyrenfonh, Lee, Chritton & Wiles Chicago, 111. 

Banning & Banning Chicago, 111. 

Brown & Nissen Chicago, III. 

Bakewell & Church St. Louis, Mo. 

Emery, Booth, Janney Sc Vamey .... Boston, Mass. 

Roberts, Roberts & Cushman Boston, Mass. 

Wright, Brown, Quinby & May Boston, Mass. 

John H. Miller San Francisco, Cal. 

Owen, Owen & Crampton Toledo, Ohio 

Thurston, Kwis & Hudson Cleveland, Ohio 

Staley & Bowman Springfield, Ohio 

Orwig & Bair Des Moines, Iowa 

Morsell & Keeney Milwaukee, Wis. 

Erwin, Wheeler & Woolard Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bottum, Bottum, Hudnall k Lecher 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Flanders, Fawsett $c Smart Milwaukee, Wis. 

Church & Church Washington, D. C. 

Mauro, Cameron, Lewis & 

Kerkam Washington, D. C. 

Elwin M. Hulse Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Tupper, McTavish, Foley & 

Tupper Winnipeg, Man., Can. 

Henry, Rogers, Harris 

& Stewart. Halifax, N. S.» Can, 


Aylesworth, Wright, Moss & 

Thompson Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Blake, Lash, Anglin & Cassels. Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Cassels, Brock & Kelley Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Lafleur, MacDougall, Mac- 

farlane & Barclay Montreal, Que., Can. 

H. R. B. 





Abbeville R. W. Miller 

Albany E. W. Godbey 

Albertvillc Thomas E. Orr 

Alexander City George A. Sorrell 

Andalusia Heniy Opp 

Anniston Willett & Walker 

Ashland W. M. Lackey 

Ashville J. P. Montgomery 

Athens W. R. Walker 

Attalla Refer to Gadsden 

Bay Minette Charles Hall 

Bessemer Estes & Jones 

BIRMINGHAM, Jefferson County 

Cabaniss & Cabaniss 

First National Bank Building 

Edward H. Cabaniss 
Jelks H. Cabaniss 

Albert Browdy 
K. E. Cooper 

Johnston & Cocke 

Jefferson County Bank Building 

Forney Johnston 
W.R.C. Cocke 

{Birmingham continued, page i8) 

Alabama The Lawyers' List 

BIRMINGHAM, Jeffenon County {Continued) 

V. J. Nbsbit 

American Trust Building 
Valentine J. Nesbit 
Evans Dunn 


Brown'Marx Building 

Augustus Benners 
Borden Burr 
Le Roy P. Perqr 
James Rice 

D. K. McKamy 
James R. Forman 
Salem Ford 

A. G. & E. D. Smith 

First National Bank Building 

Addison Gillespie Smith 
Edward Devereuz Smith 
Sidney Preston Smith 


First National Bank Building 

J. T. Stokely 
R. H. Scrivner 
Frank Dominick 

I. M. Engel 

T1LLMAN9 Bradley & Morrow 

Jefferson County Bank Building 

John Plummer Tillman 
Lee Carrington Bradley 
Hugh Morrow 
Martin Mortimer Baldwin 


The Lawyers' List Alabama 

BIRMINGHAM, Jefferson County {Continued) 

Tillman, Bradley & Morrow (Continued) 

Jefferson County Bank Building 

Charles Edgar Rice 
John Stewart Stone 
Ernest Langdon All 
William Jew White 

Thomas A. McFarland 
Francis Morrow Brown 
James D. Rucker 

Spibr Whitaker 

First National Bank Building 

Brewton Leigh k Hamilton 

Buder O. L. Gray 

Camden Bonner & Miller 

Carrollton M. B. Curry 

Center Hugh M. Reed 

Centerville Jerome T. Fuller 

Chatom Wallace P. Pruitt 

Clanton Middleton & Reynolds 

Qayton George W. Peach 

Columbia Refer to Dothan 

Columbiana Browne, Leeper & Koenig 

Cullman William E. James 

Dadeville Jere C. Dennis 

Decatur E. W. Godbey 

Demopolii. Refer to Greensboro 

Dothan T. M. Espy 

Double Springs Zadock McVay 

Elba Wilham W. Sanders 

Ensley Refer to Birmingham 

Enterprise Refer to Elba 

Eufaida A. H. Merrill & Son 

Eutaw Refer to Greensboro 


Alabama The Lawyers' List 

Evergreen Hamilton & Stallworth 

Fayette Beasley & Wright 

Florala G. W. Reeves 

Florence Ashcraft & Sims 

Fort Payne J. A. Davis 

Gadsden Hood & Murphree 

Geneva W. O. Mulkey 

Girard Refer to Seale 

Greensboro Evins& Jack 

Greenville Lane & Lane 

Grove Hill ... Quincey W. Tucker 

Guntersville John A. Lusk 

Hale3rville Refer to Double Springs 

Hamilton , C. E. Mitchell 

Hartford Refer to Geneva 

Hartsells John R. Sample 

Hayneville Refer to Montgomery 

Headland Refer to Abbeville 

Heflin W. B. Merrill 

Huntsville David A. Grayson 

Hurtsboro Refer to Seale 

Jackson Refer to Grove Hill 

Jacksonville.. Refer to Anniston 

Jasper J. H. Bankhead» Jr. 

Lafayette James A. Hines 

Linden Refer to Greensboro 

Lineville Refer to Ashland 

Livingston Refer to Greensboro 

Luveme Frank B. Bricken 

Marion Refer to Greensboro 


The Lawyers* List Alab 


MOBILE, Mobile County 

Palmer Pillans 

Fan Antwerp Building 

Palmer Pillans 

Milton V. Hanaw 
Alexis T. Gresham 

Smiths, Young & Leigh 

City Bank Building 

Gregory L. Smith 
William J. Young 
Norvelle R. Leigh, Jr. 
Harry H. Smith 

Stevens, McCorvey & McLeod 

City Bank Building 

Thomas M. Stevens 
Gessner T. McG)rvey 
William McLeod 

David B. Goode 
Monioeville Bamett, Bugg & Lee 

MONTGOMERY, Montgoiheiy County 

Hill, Hill, Whiting & Thomas 

I07\ Washington Street 

William W. Hill 
Wiley C Hill 
A. Fred Whiting 
J. Render Thomas 
W. Raymond Cooper 

Weil, Stakely & Vardaman 

First National Bank Building 

Lee H. Weil 

Davis F. Stakely 
John W. Vardaman 
S. D. Cater 


Alabama The Lawyers' List 

Moulton James M. Irwin 

x^nconui ••••■•••■•••••••■•••••••■•••• W • i\% YY C3 tCs 

v^pci iK M • • ••••••••••■••••••■••■••••■•• ^%« o* osxncB 

Ozark H. L. Martin 

Pell City M. M. & V. H. Smith 

Phoenix Refer to Opelika 

Piedmont Refer to Anniston 

Prattville Eugene Ballard 

Roanoke Refer to Wedowee 

Rockford John W. Batson 

RuMellyille William H. Key 

St. Stephens. Refer to Chatom 

Samson Refer to Geneva 

Scottsboro Bouldin & Wimberly 

Seale Glenn & de GrafFenreid 

Selma Pettus, Fuller & Lapsley 

Sheffield Andrews & Peach 

Sylacauga Refer to Talladega 

Talladega Knox, Acker, Dixon & Sims 

Tallassee Refer to Wetumpka 

Thomasville Refer to Grove Hill 

Troy J. H. Wilkerson 

Tuscaloosa Edward de GrafFenried 

Tuscumbia A. H. Carmichael 

Tuskegee H. R. Powell 

Union Springs J. D. Norman 

Uniontown Refer to Greensboro 

V emou •••.•••••■••••••••••■••••■•■••••i« v" ^riiinei 

Wedowee H. T. Bums 

West Blockton Refer to Centerville 

Wetumpka J. M. HoUey 


The Lawyers' List Alaska 


Cordova Donohoe & Dimond 


McGowAN & Clark 

Fairbanks Banking Company Bldg. 

Thomas A. McGowan 
John A. Clark 

Iditarod Refer to Fairbanks 

Juneau John R. Winn 

Ketchikan Charles E. IngersoU 

Nome O. D. Cochran 

Seward L. V. Ray 

Sitka. Refer to Juneau 

Skagway Refer to Juneau 

Valdez Donohoe & Dimond 


Arizona The Lawyers' List 


Bifbee Ellenwood & Ron 

Clifton L. Kearney 

Douglas Albert M. Sames 

Flagstaff Thomas A. Flynn 

Florence Bailey P. Wootton 

Globe Morris & Malott 

Holbrook T. S. Larson 

Jerome Heyward M. Gibbes 

Kingman Carl G. Krook 

Mesa George W. Silverthom 

Miami Refer to Globe 

Nogales Arthur H. DeRiemer 

PHOENIX, Maricopa County 

Chalmers, Stahl, Fennemorb & Longan 

Fleming Block 

Louis H. Chalmers 
Floyd M. Stahl 
H. M. Fennemore 
John M. Longan 

Thomas G. Nairn 

Prescott Norris, Spalding & Norris 

Safford W. R. Chambers 

St. Johns Gilbert E. Greer 

Solomonsville Refer to Safford 

Tempe Refer to Phoenix 

Tombstone W. G. Gilmore 

Tucson Selim M. Franklin 

Winslow Refer to Holbrook 

Yuma C. A. Lmdeman 


The Lasers' List Arkansas 


Argenta Joseph F. WUIi 

Arkadelphia J. H. Crawford 

Arkansas City F. M. Rogers 

Ashdown James S. Steel 

Atkins Refer to Russellville 

Augusta Hany M. Woods 

Batesville J. B. & J. J. McCaleb 

Beebe Refer to Searqr 

OCDCDD •••••••■•••■••■■••••■•••••••■•■ W • mJ» oivuse 

Bentonville McGiU & McGill 

Berryville Andrew J. Russell 

Black Rock J. H. Townsend 

Blytheville Frank C. Douglas 

Booneville John P. Roberts 

Brinkley C.F.Greenlee 

Camden Gaughan & Siffbrd 

Charleston T. A. Pettigrew 

Clarendon Lee & Moore 

ClarksviUe W. E. Atkinson 

Clinton Fraser & Fraser 

Conway R. W. Robins 

Coming G. B. Oliver 

Cotter Refer to Yellville 

Cotton Plant A. F. Maberry 

Danville J. E. Chambers 

Dardanelle Davis & Bohlinger 

De Queen B. E. Isbell 

Dermott Refer to Lake Village 

Des Arc F. E. Brown 

Devall Bluff Refer to Des Arc 

DeWitt L.C. Smith 

Dumas Refer to Arkansas City 

Earl Refer to Marion 

El Dorado W. E. Patterson 

Eureka Springs Refer to Berryville 


Arkansas The Lawyers' List 

Evening Shade Refer to Batesville 

FayettevUlc Walker & Walker 

Fordycc T. D. Wynne 

Foreman Refer to Ashdown 

Forrest City C. W. Norton 

Fort Smith Read & McDonough 

Green Forest Refer to Benyville 

Greenwood Refer to Fort Smith 

Hampton C. L. Poole 

Hardy Arthur Sullivan 

Harritburg J. J. Mardia 

Harrison J. M. Shinn 

Hartford Refer to Fort Smith 

Heber Springs Mortimer Frauenthal 

Helena Fink & Dinning 

Hope James H. McC^oUum 

Hot Springs Martin, Wootton & Martin 

Huntington Refer to Mansfield 

Huntsville J. B. Harris 

Jasper Spears & Smith 

Jonesboro Lamb, Frierson & Sloan 

Judsonia Henry P. Cleveland 

Lake City Refer to Jonesboro 

Lake Village Streett & Bumside 

Lewuville Searqr & Parka 

LITTLE ROCK, Pulaski County 


Southern Trust Building 

Ashley Cockrill 
Henry M. Armistead 


The Lawyers' List Arkansas 

LITTLE ROCK, Pulaski County {Cantinuid) 

Moore, Smith, Moore & Trieber 

Moore i^ Turner Building 

John M. Moore 
William B. Smith 
J. Merrick Moore 
Harry M. Trieber 

Rose, Hemingway, Cantrbll& Loughborough 

J14 West Markham Strut 

Wilson E. Hemingway 
George B. Rose 
Deaderick H. Cantrell 
J. Fairfax Loughborough 

Lockesburg Refer to De Queen 

Lonoke Trimble & Williams 

Luxora Refer to Blytheville 

McGehee Refer to Arkansas City 

Magnolia Joseph Joiner 

Malvern Henry Berger 

Mammoth Spring Refer to Salem 

Manila R. L. WilUford 

Mansfield William R. Alexander 

Marianna H. F. Roleson 

Marion L. P. Berry 

Marked Tree Refer to Harrisburg 

Marshall W. F. Reeves 

Melbourne Godwin & Harris 

Mena Wright Prickett 

Mondcello Williamson & Williamson 

Morrillton Sellers & Sellers 

Mountain Home Z. M. Horton 

Mountain View W. H. Miller 

Mount Ida Earl Witt 

Muxfrectboio J. C. Pinnix 


Arkansas The Lawyers' List 

Nashville W. C. Rodgers 

Newport John W. & Joseph M. Stayton 

Osceola Joseph T. Coston 

Ozark Partain & Carter 

Paragould Block, Kirsch & Block 

Paris Anthony Hall 

Peny ville Refer to Morrillton 

Piggott La Fayette Hunter 

Pine BlufF Bridges, Wooldridge & Wooldridge 

Pocahontas T. W. Campbell 

Prescotr Hamby & Hamby 

Quitman Refer to Heber Springs 

Rector Refer to Piggott 

Rison Refer to Pine BlufF 

Rogers Duty & Duty 

RusseUviUc R.B.Wilson 

Salem G. T. Humphries 

Searqr Brundidge & Neely 

Sheridan Refer to Benton 

Siloam Springs Williams & Williams 

Springdale Refer to Fayetteville 

Star City Arthur J. Johnson 

Stuttgart John L. Ingram 

Texarkana William H. Arnold 

Van Buren Samuel R. Chew 

Waldron Bates & Duncan 

Walnut Ridge H. L. Ponder 

Warren J. R. Wilson 

Washington Refer to Hope 

Wynne O. N. Killough 

YellviUe J. C. Floyd 


The Lawyers' List California 


Alameda Refer to Oakland 

Alhambra Refer to Los Angeles 

Alturas £. C. Bonner 

Anaheim Homer G. Ames 

Antioch Refer to Martinez 

Auburn Ben P. Tabor 

Bakersfield C. L. Claflin 

Benicia Refer to Fairfield 

Berkeley J. Arthur Elston 

Brawley James L. Allen 

Bridgeport Refer to Sonora 

Calexico Alfred Blaisdell 

Chico Guy R. Kennedy 

Colton Refer to San Bernardino 

Coluta Thomas Rutledge 

Corona George R. Freeman 

Crescent City George W. Howe 

Downey Refer to Los Angeles 

Downieville W. L Redding 

EI Centio D. V. Noland 

Escondido James D. Malcolm 

Eureka George W. Hunter 

Fairfield Joseph M. Raines 

Fort Bragg Piersol & Stone 

Fresno Everts & Ewing 

Fullerton T. L. McFadden 

Glendale Refer to Los Angeles 

Grass Valley L. P. Larue 

xiantorQ • • ••••••••■••••■•••••■•••■•j* x^* v^« xiwui 

Hajrward Refer to Oakland 

Healdsburg E. M. Norton 

Hollister George W. Jean 

HoUjrwood Harlan G. & William J. Palmer 

Holtville J. E. Simpson 

Imperial Refer to El Coitro 


California The Lawyers' List 

Independence W. A. Lamar 

Jackson C. P. Vicini 

Lakeport CM. Crawford 

Long Bdach Swaffield & Swaffield 

LOS ANGELES, Loi Angeles County 

FuNT & MacKay 

Title Insurance Building 

Frank P. Flint 
Henry S. MacKay» Jr. 
WiUiamR. Flint 

J. H. Schenck 
£• W. Miller 
H. B. Cornell 

Henry T. Cage & W. L Foley 

Central Building 

Henry T. Gage 
W. L Foley 

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher 

Merchants National Bank Building 

Tames A. Gibson 
W. E. Dunn 
Albert Crutcher 
Norman S. Steny 
S. M. Haskins 
James A. Gibson, Jr. 

Edward E. Bacon 

Bradner Wells Lee 

Herman W. Hellman Building 

Bradner Wells Lee 
Bradner Wells Lee, Jr. 
Kenyon Farrar Lee 


The Lawyers' List California 

LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles County {ConHniuii 

CMelyeny, Millikin & Tuller 

Title Insuranci Building 

Henty William O'Melveny 
E. E. Millikin 
Walter K. Tuller 
Sayre Macneil 
Stuart (yMelveny 

Joseph C. Finch 
Warren B. Pinney 
Hewlings Mumper 
John A. Powell 

Phelps & Winston 

Union Oil Building 

William W. Phelps 
Frederick J. Winston 

Herbert G. PolhiU 


Hibernian Building 

Frank Pierce 
Edward B. Critchlow 
William J. Barrette 

Los Gatos Refer to San Jose 

Madera R. L. Hargrove 

Mariposa Refer to Merced 

Martinez W. S. Tinning 

MaiysviUe W. H. Carlin 

Merced F. W. Henderson 

Modesto J. M. Walthall 

Monrovia Refer to Los Angeles 

Monterey Silas W. Mack 

Mounuin View Refer to San Jose 


California The Lawyers' List 

Napa P. S. King 

Nevada City Searls & Searls 

OAKLAND, Alameda County 

BsLLy Bell & Smith 

Thomson Building 

Harmon Bell 
Traylor W. Bell 
Stanley J. Smith 


OaklanJ Bank of Savings BuiUing 

Robert M. Fitzgerald 
Carl H. Abbott 
Charles A. Beardsley 

Ocean Park Refer to Los Angeles 

Oceanside David Rorick 

Ontario Refer to Pomona 

Orange Refer to Santa Ana 

Oroville G. F. Jones 

Oxnard Charles F. Blackstock 

Pacific Grove Silas W. Mack 

Palo Alto F. Schneider 

Pasadena Frederick J. Winston 

Paso Robles Clarence D. McFarland 

Petalivna F. A. Meyer 

Placerville Fred Irwin 

Pleasanton Charles A. Gale 

Pomona Nichols, Cooper & Hickson 

Porterville F. J. Schuhl 

Quincy M. C. Kerr 

Red Bluff McCoy & Gans 

Redding W. D. TilloCMm 

Redlands C. E. Tniesddl 

Redwood City Ross & Ross 


Tlu Lawyers' List California 

Richmond Refa- to Oakland 

Riverside Richard L. North 

SACRAMENTO, Sacramento County 

Llewellyn T. Hattield 
Ochsner Building 

Salinas C. F. Lacey 

San Andreas Snyder & Snyder 

San Bernardino Leonard, Surr & Hellyer 

San Diego Sweet, Steams & Forward 

SAN FRANCISCO, City and County of 

Chickering & Gregory 

Merchants Exchange Building 

W. H. Chickering, 1875-1915 

Warren Gregory 
Allen L. Chickering 
Evan Williams 
Donald Y. Lamont 

Framk p. Dbbriho 

14 Montgomery Street 

William Denman 

Merchants Exchange Building 

William Denman 

William B. Acton 
J. F. Resleure 


Insurance Exchange Building 

Charles P. Eells 
WUliam H. Orrick 
Stanley Moore 
Hugh Goodfellow 

{San Francisco continued, page 34) 

California The Lawyers* List 

SAN FRANCISCO, City and Coun^ of {Continued) 

T. T. C Gregory 

Insurance Exchange Building 

T. T. C. Gregory 

H. C. Hazzard 
Daniel Hadsell 
Thomas A. Allan 

Richard C. Harrison 

Mills Building 
Jarbd How 

MUls Building 

Knight & Hbgobrty 

Crocker Building 

George A. Knight 
Charles J. Heggerty 
William M. Madden 


Merchants Exchange Building 

Edward J. McCutchen 
Charles W. Willard 
J. M. Mannon, Jr. 
A. Crawford Greene 
Allan P. Matthew 
Famham P. Griffiths 
F. F. ThomaSy Jr. 

Garret W. McEnerney 

Hohart Building 

Metson, Drew & Mackenzie 

Balboa Building 

William H. Metson 
Frank C. Drew 
James A. Mackenzie 


The Lawyers' List California 

SAN FRANCISCO, City and County of {Cwtinuid) 

Morrison, Dunne & Brobbck 

Crockir BuiUing 

Alexander F. Morrison 
Peter F. Dunne 
William I. Brobeck 
Edward Hohfeld 

P1LL8BURY, Madison & Sutro 

Standard OU Building 

Evans S. Pillsbuiy 
Frank D. Madison 
Alfred Sutro 
Horace D. Pillsbuiy 
Oscar Sutro 

Charles W. Slack 

Alaska Commercial Building 
Charle8_W. Slack 
Chauncey S. Goodrich 

San Jose Hiram D. Tuttle 

San Luis Obispo William Shipsey 

San Mateo Ross & Ross 

San Pedro Refer to Los Angeles 

San Rafael James W. Keyes 

Santa Ana F. O. Daniel 

SANTA BARBARA, Santa Barbara County 

Canfield & Starbuck 

Hotoard-^anfield Building 

Robert B. Canfield 
Heniy P. Starbuck 

Santa Cruz. W. P. Netherton 

Santa Maria Preisker, Preisker & Goble 


Califomia The Lawyers' List 

Santa Monica Tanner, Odell & Taft 

Santa Rosa Kellogg & Kyle 

Sausalito L. C. Pistolesi 

Selma Joel H. Smith 

Sonora J. C. Webster 

Stockton Ashley, Gumpert & Shaughnessy 

Suisun City. Refer to Fairfield 

Susanville Pardee & Pardee 

Tulare Calvin L. Russell 

Turlock Refer to Modesto 

Ukiah Mannon & Mannon 

Vallejo Joseph M. Raines 

Venice Re^r to Los Angeles 

Ventura Orr & Gardner 

Visalia Bradley & Bradley 

Watsonville David F. Maher 

WeavcrviUe H. R. Given 

Whittier Owens & Wingert 

Willow Frank Moody 

Woodland Hurst & Hurst 

Yreka Tapscott & Tapscott 

Yuba City Sanborn & Schillig 


The Lawyers' List Colorado 


Akron Chalkley A. Wilson 

Alamosa James D. Pilcher 

Antonito Refer to Alamosa 

Aspen Harold W. Clark 

Boulder Tedrow & Fitzgerald 

Breckenridg^ Barney L. Whatley 

Brighton George A. Garard 

Buena Vista George K. Hartenstein 

Burlington Louis Vogt 

Canon City D. W. Ross 

Castle Rock Refer to Denver 

Central City James M. Seright 

Cheyenne Wells V. H- Johnson 

Colorado City Refer to Colorado Springs 



Mining Exchange Building 

Cortez John J. Downey 

Craig W.B.Wiley 

Cripple Creek Wilbur M. Alter 

Del Norte Refer to Monte Vista 

Delta Mortimer Stone 

DENVER, Denver County 
William V. Hodges 

Colorado National Bank Building 


Iniimational Trust Building 

Gerald Hughes 
Clayton C. Dorsey 
E. L Thayer 
Berrien Hughes 

(Denver continued^ page jS) 

Colorado The Lawyers' List 

DENVER, Denver County {Continued) 

Henry McAllister, Jr. 

Equitable Building 

Heniy McAllister 
George E. Tralles 

Pershing, Nye, Fry & Tallmadge 

Equit€ible Building 

James H. Pershing 
George L. Nye 
John H. Fry 
Myles P. Tallmadge 

Harold E. Popham 
Robert G. Bosworth 
Lewis A. Dick 
Arthur E. Ryman 

Rogers, Ellis & Johnson 

J. C, Foster Building 

Henry T. Rogers 
Daniel B. Ellis 
Lewis B. Johnson 
Pierpont Fuller 

Percy Robinson 
Erl H. Ellis 
Louis P. Emy 

Durango Ritter & Buchanan 

Eads Refer to Tribune, Kans. 

Englewood Refer to Denver 

Fairplay Refer to Leadville 

Florence Joseph D. Blunt 

Fort Collins R. W. Fleming 

Fort Morgan Stephenson & Stephenson 

Georgetown Refer to Idaho Springs 

Glenwood Springs Edward T. Taylor 


The Lawyers' List Colorado 

Golden WilUam A. Dier 

Grand Junction McMullin & Sternberg 

Greeley McCreery & McCreeiy 

Gunnison. £. M. Nourse 

Holyoke Refer to Sterling 

Hugo William H. Crow 

Idaho Springs F. L. CoUom 

Juletburg Rolfson & Hendricks 

La Junta F. A. Sabin 

Lamar Henry C. Rogers 

Las Animas Refer to La Junta 

Leadville John A. Ewing 

Littleton Refer to Denver 

Longmont Secor & Secor 

Louisville Refer to Boulder 

Loveiand John H. Simpson 

Meeker Frank Delaney 

Montdair Warwick M. Downing 

Monte Vista Richard R. Mitchell 

Montrose. Sherman & Sherman 

Ordway Perry Behymer 

Ouray Story & Stoiy 

Pagosa Springs A. M. Emigh 

PUEBLO, Pueblo County 


Opna Housi Block 

Thomas H. Devine 
J. W. Preston 

Todd C. Storer 

Rocky Ford Glenn & Gobin 

Saguache. John I. Palmer 

Salida Albert R. Miller 

Silverton Way & Curran 

Springfield Joseph E. Terral 


Colorado The Lawyers' List 

Steamboat Springs C. R. Monson 

Sterling Munson & Munson 

Telluride E. B. Adams 

Trinidad James McKeough 

Victor Refer to Cripple Creek 

Walsenburg Charles Hayden 

Wray. M. M. Bulkeley 

Yuma Refer to Akron 


The Lawyers' List Connecticut 


Ansonia Robert L. Munger 

Branford Earle A. Barker 

BRIDGEPORT, Fairfield County 

William B. Boardman 

Security Building 
Willia m B. Boardman 
Howard W. Curtis 

Marsh, Stoddard U Day 

First-Bridgeport National Bank Bldg. 

Arthur M. Marsh 
Sanford Stoddard 
David S. Day 

Philo C. Calhoun 
Jonathan Grout 

Pullman & Comley 

First Bridgeport National Bank Bldg, 

John S. Pullman 
William H. Comley 
Arthur M. Comley 

Edward J. McManus 
W. Parker Scclcy 

Bristol Pierce & Pierce 

Canaan J- H. Roraback 

Clinton. Charles A. Pelton 

Danbury Samuel A. Davis 

Danielson Back & Darbie 

Darien Refer to Sumford 

Deep River RoUin V> Tyler 

Derby Alfred C Baldwin 

East Haddam Refer to Deep River 


Connecticut The Lawyers' List 

Eatt Hartford Refer to Hartford 

Eiaez Thomas D. Coulter 

Fairfield Refer to Bridgeport 

Granby Refer to HardFord 

Greenwich Wright & Hirschberg 

Guilford Refer to New Haven 

Haddam Refer to Deep River 

HARTFORD, Hartford County 

Gross, Gross & Hydb 

750 Main Strut 

Charles E. Gross 
Charles Welles Gross 
Alvan Waldo Hyde 

Hyde, Joslyn, Gilman & Hungerford 

4Q Pearl Street 

E. Henry Hyde 
Charles M. Joslyn 
George H. Gilman 
William C. Hungerford 

Robinson, Robinson & Colb 

// Central Row 

Lucius F. Robinson 
John T. Robinson 
Francis W. Cole 

Lbwis Spbrry 

Mtna Life Insurance BuiUing 

Lewis Speny 

Harry W. Reynolds 
George W. Brady 
Russell Z. Johnston 


The Lawyers' List Connecticut 

HARTFORD, Hartford County (Continued) 

Shopman & Goodwin 

36 Pearl Street 

Arthur L. Shipman 

Charles A. Goodwin 

George H. Day 

Jcwett City Refer to Norwich 

Litchfield Refer to Winsted 

Meridcn Fay 6c Clark 

Middletown Frank D. Hainei 

Milford Robert C. Stoddard 

Mystic Refer to New London 

Naugatuck Refer to Waterbury 

New Britain Kirkham, Cooper & Mink 

New Canaan Refer to Stamford 

New Hartford Frank B. Munn 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven County 
Alling, Webb & Morehouse 
42 Church Street 
John W. Alling 
Samuel C. Morehouse 
Amon A. Alling 
Ralph ILClark 

Paul Webb 
Bristol & Write 

First National Bank Building 

42 Church Street 
Henry Stoddard 
John W. Bristol 
Leonard M. Daggett 
Thomas Hooker, Jr. 
Henry £. Rockwell 
Frederick H. Wiggin 

David L. Daggett 
J. Dwight Dana 
Charles C. Willson 


Connecticut The Lawyers' List 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven County (Continued) 

Watrous & Day 

121 Church Street 

George D. Watrous 
Harry G. Day 
Harrison Hewitt 
Thomas M. Steele 
Harrison T. Sheldon 

Charles E. Clark 
William B. Gumbart 

New London Hull, McGuire & Hull 

New Milford Frank W. Marsh 

Norfolk Refer to Winsted 

Norwalk Refer to South Norwalk 

Norwich Wallace S. Allis 

Portland Refer to Middletown 

Putnam Searls, Russell & Bradford 

Rockville. Charles Phelps 

Salisbury H. F. Landon 

Saybrook (P.O. Deep River) Refer to Deep River 

Seymour Refer to New Haven 

Shelton Refer to Bridgeport 

Simsbury Refer to Hartford 

Southington H. C. Camp 

South Manchester C. R. Hathaway 

South Norwalk Light & Light 

Southport Refer to Bridgeport 

South Windsor Refer to Hartford 

Stafford Springs Robert H. Fisk 

Stamford Cummings & Lockwood 

Stratford Refer to Bridgeport 

Suffidd Hugh M. Alcorn 

Thomaston Benedict E. Lyons 

Thompsonville William H. Leete 

Tolland Refer to Rockville 


The Lawyers' List Connecticut 

Torrinp:ton William W. Bierce 

Wallingford Refer to New Haven 

Waterbuiy Bronson, Lewis & Hart 

Watcrtown Refer to Watcrbury 

Westbrook Refer to Qinton 

Westport. Refer to Bridgeport 

Willimantic William A. King 

Winsted Frank B. Munn 

Woodbury George R. Sturges 


Delaware The Lawyers* List 


Delaware City Refer to Wilmington 

Dover Arley B. Magee 

Georgetown Daniel J. Layton 

Middletown Refer to Wilmington 

Milford Refer to Georgetown 

Newark Charles B. Evans 

New Castle Refer to Wilmington 

Smyrna Refer to Dover 

WILMINGTON, New Castle County 

William S. Hilles 

du Pont Building 

Saulsbury, Morris & Rodney 

po7 Market Street 

Willard Saulsbury 
Richard S. Rodney 

The Lawyers' List District of Columbia 

District of Columbia 

Anacostia Refer to Washington 

Bennings .Refer to Washington 

Biightwood Refer to Washington 

Brookland Refer to Washington 

Congress Heights Refer to Washington 

Georgetown Refer to Washington 

Good Hope Refer to Washington 

Mt. Pleasant Refer to Washington 

Takoma Park Refer to Washington 

Tennalljftown Refer to Washington 


Bbrrt & Minor 

FoufUifUk V G Streets, N. W. 

Benjamin S. Minor 
Hu^ B. Rowland 

CoUey WTBell 

L. Randolph Mason 

BurroN & Gray 

1312 H Street, N. W. 

Alexander Britton 
Evans Browne 
Francis J^. Gements 

Lawrence H. Cake 

Covington & Burling 

Evans Building 

J. Harry Covington 
Edward B. Burling 

J. J. Darlington 

410 Fifth Street, N. W. 


District of Columbia The Lawyers' List 

WASHINGTON {Continued) 

D0UOLA8, Obbar & Douglas 

SoiUhem Building 

Charles A. Douglas 
Hugh H. Obear 
Charles S. Douglas 

Jo. V. Morgan 

Ellis & Donaldson 

Southern Building 
Wade H. EtUs 
R. Golden Donaldson 

Challen B. Ellis 
Abner H. Ferguson 
William A. Sheehan 
Neyle Colquitt 
Gustave Scholle 
William Ers Lamb 
Woodson P. Houghton 

Hamilton & Hamilton 

740 FifUenik Street, N. W. 

George E. Hamilton 
John J. Hamilton 

Edmund Brady 
Heniy R. Gower 

H0BHUNG9 Pbbllb & Ogilbt 

1416 F Street, N. W. 

A. A. Hoehling, Jr. 
Stanton C Peelle 
C. F. R. Ogilby 


Thf Lawyers* List District of Columbia 

WASHINGTON {Continued) 

McKbnnby & Flannbry 

723 Fifuenth Street, N. W. 

Frederic D. McKenney 
John Spalding Flanneiy 
G. Bowdoin Craighill 
W. Clayton Carpenter 

R. Ross Perry & Son 

740 Fifuenth Street, N. W. 
Richard Ross Perty» Jr. 

Price & Dulaney 

Southern Building 

John W. Price 
Paul Dulaney 

L. C. Dulaney 

Tucker, Kenyon & Macfarland 

1420 New York Avenue 

Charles Cowles Tucker 
J. Miller Kenyon 
Henry B. F. Macfarland 

Reeves T. Strickland 
Charles A. Keigwin 
Charles T. Tittmann 
James C. Rogers 

WiLsoN» Huidekoper & Lesh 

IS12 H Street, N. W. 

Nathaniel Wilson 
Qarence R. Wilson 
Reginald S. Huidekoper 
Paul E. Lesh 

Enoch L. White 

District of Columbia The Lawyers* List 
WASHINGTON {Continued) 


416 Fifth Street, N. W. 

A. S. Worthington 

William K. Quinter 
Ralph D. Quinter 
Vcmon E. West 


The Lawyers* List Florida 


Apalachicola Refer to Crawfordville 

Arcadia John W. Burton 

Bartow Olliphant & OUiphant 

Blountsville Refer to Marianna 

Bonifay Refer to Chipley 

Bradentown W. B. Shelby Crichlow 

Bronson John R. Willis 

Brookfyille Frandt B. Coogler 

Bushnell Refer to Brooksville 

Cedar Keys Refer to Bronson 

€%ipley Ira A. Hutchinson 

Oearwater John E. Lambeth 

Crawfordville N. R. Walker 

Dade City J. A. Hendley 

Daytona T. £. Fitzgerald 

De Funiak Springs S. K. Gillis 

De Land Landis, Fish & Hull 

Eustis Henry W. Bishop 

Femandina James E. Calkins 

Fort Lauderdale Refer to Miami 

Fort Meade Refer to Bartow 

Fort Myers F. C. Alderman 

Fort Pierce Frederick L. Hemmings 

Gainesville J. C. Adkins 

Green Cove Springs. Refer to Jacksonville 

Inverness George W. Scofield 


George C. Bedell 

Herkimer Building 

C. M. Cooper, Chas. P. & J. J. G. Cooper 
Heard Building 
Charles M. Cooper 
Charles P. Cooper 
James J. G. Cooper 

(Jacksonvilli eoniinuedf page 52 


Florida The Lawyers* List 

JACKSONVILLE, Duval County {Continued) 

Cooper, Cooper & Osborne 

Atlantic National Bank Building 

John C. Cooper 
John C. Cooper, Jr. 
H. P. Osborne 

William J. Barker 
P. G. Prevatt 

John E. & Julian Hartridgb 

Bishee Building 

John Earle Hartridge 
Julian Hartridge 

Kay, Adams & Ragland 

Consolidated Building 

William E. Kay 
Thomas B. Adams 
Reuben Ragland 

V. E. Phelps 

E. J. L'Englb 

Law Exchange Building 
E. J. L'Engle 
W. F. Rogers 

Reynolds & Rogers 

Consolidated Building 

J. C. Reynolds 
William H. Rogers 

R. E. Colcord 
H. S. Sawyer 

Jasper Russell L. Frink 

Key West George W. Allen 

Kissimmee Johnston & Garrett 

The Lawyers' List Florida 

Lake City R. T. Boozer 

Lakeland Refer to Bartow 

Leesburg Refer to Orlando 

Live Oak L. E. Roberson 

Madison Charles E. Davis 

Marianna John H. Carter 

Mayo Refer to Live Oak 

Miami Rand & Kurtz 

Milton McGeachy & Lewis 

Monticello S. D. Clarke 

Ocala Louis W. Duval 

Orlando Massey & Warlow 

Palatka Hilbum & Merryday 

Palmetto E. Bradley 

Panama City Refer to Chipley 

Pensacola Blount & Blount & Carter 

Perry W. B. Davis 

Plant City E. P. Martin 

Punta Gorda Refer to Arcadia 

Quincy Y. L. Watson 

St. Augustine W. W. Dewhurst 

St. Petersburg Herman Merrell 

Sanford Wilson & Housholder 

Sarasota William Y. Perry 

Starke A. Z. Adkins 

Tallahassee Frederick T. Myers 

TAMPA, Hillsboro County 

James F. Glen 

Knight Building 

Sparkman & Sparkman 

Sparkman's Block 

Stephen M. Sparkman 
Edward L. Sparkman 
C. L. Sparkman 


Florida The Lawyers' List 

Tavares Refer to Orlando 

Titusville Jones & Robbins 

Vernon Refer to Chipley 

West Palm Beach M. D. Carmichael 

Winter Haven William J. Touchton 


The Lawyers' List Georgia 


Abbeville M. B. Cannon 

Acworth J. J. Northcutc 

Adel Refer to Nashville 

Alamo E. P. Dell 

Albany Pottle & Hofmayer 

Alma A. F. Byrd 

Alpharetta G. B. Walker 

Amencus W . A. Dodson 

Arlington B. W. Fortson 

Ashbum Edwin A. Rogers 

Athens Green & Michael 

ATLANTA, Fulton County 

Robert C. & Philip H. Alston 

Third National Bank Building 

Robert C. Alston 
Philip H. Alston 

Herman £. Riddell 
James A. Watson 
Blair Foster 

Brandon & Hynds 

Empire Building 

Morris Brandon 
John A. Hynds 

Virlyn B. Moore 
Joseph H. Ross 

Brbwstbr, Howbll & Hbyman 

Connolly Building 

P. H. Brewster 
Albert Howell, Jr. 
Arthur Heyman 

{Atlanta continued J page jd) 

Georgia The Lawyers' List 

ATLANTA, Fulton Comtj (CwtinueJ) 

C. T., L. C. & J. L. Hopkins 

Healey Building 

Charles T. Hopkins 
Linton C. Hopkins 
John L. Hopkins 

KiMO & Spaldinq 

Empire BuiUing 

Jack J. Spalding 
Hughes Spalding 
Daniel MacDougald 
John A. Sibley 

McDanibl k Black 

Trust Company of Georgia Building 

Sanders McDantel 
Eugene R. Black 

Edgar A. Neely 
Wharton O. Wilson 
Charles H. Cox 
Henry A. Newman 

Tye, Peeples & Tye 

Trust Company of Georgia Building 

John L. Tye 
Heniy C. Peeples 
Benjamin W. Tye 

John L. Tye, Jr. 


The Lawyers' List Georgia 

AUGUSTA, Richmond County 

CuMMjNG & Harper 

Lamar Building 

Joseph B. Gumming 
Biyan Gumming 
James E. Harper 

William K. Miller 

Lamar Building 

Bainbridge Hartsfield & Conger 

Banning Refer to Garrollton 

Baraesville John F. Redding 

Baxley Charles H. Parker 

Blackshear Memory & Memory 

Blairsnile ••• W* £• Candler 

Blakely Lawrence M. Rambo 

Blue Ridge O. R. Dupree 

Boston Refer to Thomasville 

Bremen Refer to Buchanan 

Brunswick C. B. Gonyers 

Buchanan Griffith & Matthews 

Buena Vista W. B. Short 

Buford. Refer to LawrenceviUe 

ouucr ••• ■••••«•■■■••■•••••••••••••■• w • Mm** otoco 

Cairo Bell & Weathers 

Calhoun O. N. Starr 

Camilla £. Eugene Cox 

Canon Refer to Garnesville 

Canton George I. Teasley 

Camesvaie W. R. Little 

Garrollton Boykin & Boykin 

Cartersville Neel, Finley & Neel 

Cedartown < Bunn & Trawick 

Chatsworth G. N. King 

Chipley Refer to Hamilton 


Georgia The Lawyers' List 

Clarksville J. C. Edwards & Sons 

Claxton J. Saxton Daniel 

Clayton Joseph T. Davis 

Cleveland C. H. Edwards 

Cochran Refer to Hawkinsville 

Colquitt Peter D. Rich 

Columbus Battle & HoUis 

Commerce W. W. Stark 

Conyers Refer to Lithonia 

Cordele Whipple & McKenzie 

Cornelia John J. Kimzey 

Covington King & Johnson 

Crawfordville Hawes Cloud 

Cumming C. L. Harris 

Cusseta Refer to Columbus 

Cuthbert James W. Harris 

Dahlonega Oscar J. Lilly 

Dallas W. E. Spinks 

Dalton Maddoxy McCamy Be Shumate 

Danielsville Berry T. Moseley 

Darien Charles M. Tyson 

Dawson M. C. Edwards 

Dawsonville A. W. Vandiviere 

Decatur Refer to Atlanta 

Doerun Refer to Moultrie 

Douglas T. A. Wallace 

Douglasville J. H. McLarty 

Dublin M. H. Blackshear 

Eastman W. A. Wooten 

Eatonton M. F. Adams 

Edgewood Refer to Atlanta 

Edison Refer to Arlington 

Elberton Z. B. Rogers 

Ellaville Refer to Buena Vista 

Ellijay Albert H. Burtz 

Fairbum Oscar Parker 

FayetteviUc J.W.Wise 


The Lawyers* List Georgia 

Fitzgerald Alex J. McDonald 

Forsyth Persons & Persons 

Fort Games Refer to Blakely 

Fort Valley Emmett Houser 

Franklin Frank S. Lofdn 

Gainesville H. H. Dean 

Gibson Refer to Warrenton 

Gray Johnson & Johnson 

Greensboro Davison & Lewis 

Greenville N. F. Culpepper 

Griffin William H. Beck 

Guyton Refer to Savannah 

Hagan Refer to Claxton 

Hamilton J. R. Lunsford 

Hartwell James H. Skelton 

Hawkinsville Marion Turner 

Hazlehurst Newton Gaskins 

Hiawassee John M. Johnson 

Hinesville Refer to Savannah 

Homer Refer to Commerce 

Homerville • • . R. G. Dickerson 

Irwinton Refer to Macon 

Jackson H. M. Fletcher 

Jasper F. C. Tate 

efferson J. S. Ayers 

effersonville Refer to Macon 

csup D. M. Clark 

onesboro O. J. Coogler 

Knozville Refer to Fort Valley 

LaFayette James P. Shattuck 

LaGrange Arthur H. Thompson 

Lavonia Refer to Carnesville 

Lawienceville N. L. Hutchins, Jr. 

Leesburg W. G. Martin 

Lexington Sibley & McWhorter 

Lincolnton C. J. Ferryman 

Lichoma D. P. PhUlips 


Georgia The Lawyers* List 

Louisville John R. Phillips 

Lumpkin George Y. Harrell 

Lyons Williams & G)rbitt 

McDonough Reagan & Reagan 

McRae Eschol Graham 

MACON, Bibb County 

Hardeman, Jones, Park & Johnston 

Citizens t^ Southern Bank Building 

George S. Jones 
Orville A. Park 
Edward P. Johnston 
Bruce C. Jones 

Richard Curd 
C. Baxter Jones 
V. L. Powers 

Harris, Harris & Witman 

Georgia Casualty Building 

Nathaniel E. Harris 
Walter A. Harris 
John B. Harris 
Majgnus J. Witman 

Joseph W. Popper 

Madison E. W. Butler 

Marietu Daniel W. Blair 

Metter Kirkland & Kirkland 

Milledgeville Allen & Pottle 

Millen William Woodrum 

Monroe Walker & Roberts 

Montezuma Jule Felton 

Monticello Greene F. Johnson 

Morgan Refer to Arlington 

Moultrie Shipp & Kline 

Mt. Vernon Judson B. Geiger 


Tht Lawyers' List Georgia 

Nashville W. D. Buic 

Newnan W. G. Post 

Newton Benton Odom 

Odlla Quincey & Rice 

Oglethorpe R. L. Greer 

Palmetto Refer to Fairburn 

Pelham Refer to Camilla 

Perry R. N. Holtzdaw 

Preston Refer to Americus 

Quitman Bennet & Harrell 

Rcidsville W. T. Burkhalter 

Ringgold Refer to Dalton 

Rodielle Refer to Abbeville 

Rockmart Refer to Cedartown 

Rome Denny & Wright 

Royston G. A. Adams 

Sandersville Evans it Evans 

SAVANNAH, Chatham County 

Adams ft Adams 

Savannah Fire Insurance Building 

Samuel B. Adams 
A. Pratt Adams 

Samuel A. Cann 

Andb&son, Cann, Cann & Walsh 

Citizens Trust Company Building 

J. Randolph Anderson 
George T. Cann 
J. Ferris Cann 
Thomas F. Walsh, Jr. 

Paul Fusillo 

Jacob Gazan 

IS Bay Streety West 

{Savannah continued^ page 62) 

Georgia The Lawyers' List 

SAVANNAH, Chatham County iConttnued) 

Lawton & Cunningham 

26 Bryan Street^ East 

Alexander R. Lawton 
T. M. Cunningham, Jr. 
Alexander R. Lawton, Jr. 

Osborne, Lawrence & Abrahams 

Commercial Bank Building 

William W. Osborne 
Alexander A. Lawrence 
Edmund H. Abrahams 

Social Circle Refer to Monroe 

Sparta R. W. Moore 

Springfield Refer to Savannah 

Statenville Refer to Valdosta 

Statesboro Fred T. Lanier 

Summerville J. D. Taylor 

Swainsboro Williams & Bradley 

Sylvania E. K. Overstreet 

Sylvester J. H. Tipton 

Talbotton J. H. McGehee 

Tallapoosa M. J. Head 

Tennille Refer to Sandersville 

Thomaston Claude Worrill 

Thomasville Merrill & Grantham 

Thomson J. Glenn Stovall 

Tifton ElUs & Ellis 

Toccoa Davis & Davis 

Triton Refer to Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Union Point Samuel H. Sibley 

Valdosta O. M. Smith 

Vidalia Refer to Lyons 

Vienna L. L. Woodward 

Villa Rica Refer to CarroUton 


The Lawyers' List Georgu 

Warrenton E. P. Davis 

Washington I. T. Irvin, Jr. 

Watkinsrille Refer to Athens 

Waycross Parker & Parker 

Waynesboro W. H. Davis 

West Point Refer to La Grange 

Whitesburg Refer to CarroUton 

Winder Lewis C. Russell 

Wrightsville A. Lee Hatcher 

Zebulon G. D. Dominick 


Territory of Hawaii The Lawyers' List 

Territory of Hawaii 

Hilo Charles F. Parsons 

HONOLULU, City and County of 

Castle & WrrHiNcroN 

Star Building 

Cable Address: "Ola" 

W. R. Castle 
D. L. Withington 
W. A. Greenwell 
A. L. Castle 

Smith, Warren & Whitney 

Bank of Hawaii Building 
Cable Address: "Loio" 

William O. Smith 
Louis J. Warren 
William L. Whitney 

Thompson & Cathcart 

Campbell Block 

Frank E. Thompson 
John W. Cathcart 


The Lawyers' List Idaho 


Albion Refer to Burley 

Ameriatn Falk Maurice M. Myen 

Biackfooc Hantbrough & Gagon 

BOISE, Ada Cbunty 

Hawlby & Hawley 

Overland Building 

Jamet H. Hawley 
Jen B. Hawley 

0. W. Worthwine 
Samuel S. Griffin 
James H. Hawley, Jr. 

Richards & Haga 

Idaho Building 

James H. Richards 
Oliver O. Haga 
McKeen F. Morrow 
J. L. Eberle 

Bonners Ferry Bottum k Wilson 

BuhL.. Refer to Twm Falls 

Buriey Rogers & Morris 

Caldwell Thomas £. Buckner 

Cambridge R. E. Wilson 

Challis .George E. Keyes 

CcBur d'Alene James F. Aibhie 

Councii% Refer to Weiser 

Dietrich Refer to Shoshone 

Emmett Harry S. Worthman 

Gooding. Sutphen k Sutphen 

Grangeville. A. S. Hardy 

Hailey Sullivan & Sullivan 

Harrison Refer to Coeur d'Alene 


Idaho The Lawyers' List 

Idaho City U. L. Rhodes 

Idaho Falls George W. Edgington 

Jerome H. M. Hall 

Lewiston James E. Babb 

Malad City Refer to Preston 

Montpelier A. B. Gough 

Moscow Frank L. Moore 

Mountain Home Daniel McLaughlin 

Nampa George W. Lamson 

New Meadows W. P. Briggs 

Nezperce Refer to Lewiston 

Oakley Refer to Twm Falls 

Orofino Refer to Lewiston 

Paris Refer to Montpelier 

Payette F. H. Lyon 

Pocatello Budge & Merrill 

Preston Smith, Errickson & Condie 

Rathdrum Refer to Coeur d'Alene 

Rexburg Refer to St. Anthony 

Richfield Refer to Shoshone 

Rigby Refer to Idaho Falls 

Rupert £. R. Dampier 

St. Anthony Soule & Soule 

St. Maries Allen A. Holsdaw 

Salmon L. E. Glennon 

Sandpoint . • 1 Allen P. Asher 

Shoshone P. S. Haddock 

Twin Falls James H. Wise 

Wallace. Albert H. Featherstone 

Weiser B. S. Varian 

Wendell Refer to Shoshone 


The Lawyers' List Illinois 


Abingdon Refer to Galesburg 

Albion J. H. Strawn 

Alcdo W. J. Graham 

Alton Heniy S. Baker 

Amboy P. M. James 

Anna Refer to Jonesboro 

Areola Refer to Tuscola 

Assumption Refer to Pana 

Astoria- Refer to Lewistown 

Atlanta Bevan & Bevan 

Aug;usta Sterling P. Lemmon 

Aurora Aldrich & Worcester 

Austin • Refer to Chicago 

Barrington Howard P. Castle 

Batavia Refer to Aurora 

Beardstown William H. Dieterich 

Belleville Schaefer & Kruger 

Belvidere William C. DeWolf 

Bement Refer to Monticello 

Benton W. H. Hart 

Berwyn Refer to Chicago 

Bloomington Bracken & Young 

Blue Island Refer to Chicago 

Bridgeport Refer to Lawrenceville 

Bunker Hill Refer to Carlinville 

Bushnell Refer to Macomb 

Cairo Miles Frederick Gilbert 

Cambridge Carl A. Melin 

Canton Chiperfield & Chiperfield 

Carbondale William A. Schwartz 

Carlinville Alexander H. Bell 

Carlyle Hugh Vincent Murray 

Carmi Pearce & Conger 

Carriers Mills Refer to Harrisburg 

Carrollton F. A. Whiteside 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

Carterville Refer to Marion 

Carthage O'Harras, Wood & Walker 

Centralia Noleman & Smith 

Champaign Manford Savage 

Charleston Albert C. Anderson 

Chester H. Qay Homer 

CHICAGO, Cook County 

Adam8» F0LLAN8BBE, Hawlby & Shorby 
137 South La SaUi Street 
Samuel Adams 
Mitchell D. FoUansbee 
Melvin M. Hawley 
Clyde E. Shorey 

George A. FoUansbee, Counsel 

Robert W. Schupp 
Fred Barth 
John E. Gavin 
Charles A. Treadwell 
Harold J. Howe 
Merritt C. Bragdon, Jr. 
William DeSouchet 

Charles H. Aldrich 

20Q South La Salle Street 

BuRRY, J0HN8TONB & Petbrs 

108 South La SaUe Street 
William Burry 
Frederic Bruce Johnstone 
Guy M. Peters 

BuTZy VON Ammon & Johnston 

Ninth Floor, Tide and Trust Building 
Francis Lackner, Counsel 

Otto C. Butz 
Frederick E. von Ammon 
Charles C. Johnston 
Marcus Hitch 


The Lawyers' List Illinois 

CHICAGO, Cook County {Continued) 

Cru&ch & McMURDY 

69 Wist Washington Street 

William E. Church 
Robert McMurdy 

Elmer E. Wiigner 

Cooke, Sullivan .& Ricks 

First National Bank Building 

George A. Cooke 
Boetius H. Sullivan 
Jesse J. Ricks 
James J. Guinan 
Robert Szold 
Homer D. Dines 
Edwin Hedrick 
Oliver R. Barrett 
Fred L. Blackinton 
Harry A. White 
Francis L. Daily 

CuiTiNG, Moore & Sidley 

5 North La Salle Street 

Charles S. Cutting 
Nathan G. Moore 
William P. Sidley 
Donald F. McPherson 
William D. Bangs 
Dwight Dickerson 

Erode B. Davis 

The Rookery 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

CHICAGO, Cook County {Cwainuei) 

DYRBNF0RTH9 LsBy CBRnroN & Wiles 

MarquitU Building 

William H. Dyrenforth 
John H. Lee 
George A. Chritton 
Russell Wiles 
WUliam B. Davies 
Frank A. Howard 

EMBRYy Booth, Jannby & Varnby 

10 South La Salle Street 

Frederick L. Emery 
Thomas B. Booth 
Laurence A. Janney 
Lucius E. Vamey 
Irving U. Townsend 
Robert S. Blair 
Ramsay Hoguet 
Jesse W. Morton 
Edward H. Palmer 
Osgood H. Dowell 
Everett S. Emery 
Louis A. Jones 
Edward G. Curtis 

John W. Thompson 
Manvel Whittemore 
Lawrence G. Miller 
Delos G. Ha)rnes 
Sebastian Hinton 
Preston Upham 
Howard W. Dix 
Thomas J. Johnston 
Edward M. Evarts 


Th€ Lawyers' List Illinois 

CHICAGO, Cook County (Ctmiinuid) 

Fisher, Boyden, Kales & Bell 

134 South La Salle Street 

Walter L. Fisher 
William C. Boyden 
William W. Case 
Albert M. Kales 
Laird Bell 
J. F. Dammann, Jr. 
Darrell S. Boyd 

J. Ralph Tascher 
Walter T. Fisher 
Arthur Chittick 

IsHAM, Lincoln it Bbalb 

72 /Feft Adams Street 

Edward S. Iiham 
Robert T. Lincob 
(Retired from practice) 
William G. Beale 
Gilbert £. Porter 
Buell McKeever 
Waldo F. Tobey 
Harry J. Dunbaugh 
John E. Wing 
Cyrus H. Adams, Jr. 

Jones, Aodington, Ames & Seibold 

los West Monroe Street 

Walter Clyde Jones 
Keene H. Addington 
Robert Lewis Ames 
Arthur B. Seibold 

Isaac B. Lipson ^ 

Illinois The Lawyers* List 

CHICAGO, Cook County (CaniinuHl) 

Jones, Addington, Ames & Seibold (Con,) 

los West Monroi Street 

William Perry Hahn 
Albert F. Mecklenburger 
Willard L. Pollard 
Norton M. Files 
J. Bemhard Thiess 
Arthur A. Olson 

Everett N. Curtis 

JuDAH, Willard, Wolf & Rbicrmann 

134 Sou^ La SalU Street 

Noble B. Judah 
Monroe L. Willard 
Heniy M. Wolf 
A. F. Reichmann 
Donald S. Trumbull 
Noble B. Judah, Jr. 
Arthur M. Cox 

Frank E. Lord 

The Rookery 

Miller, Starr, Brown, Packard & Peckham 
First National Bank Building 

iohn S. Miller 
ierritt Starr 

Edward Osgood Brown 
George Packard 
John J. Peckham 
Edward Eagle Brown 


T/u Lawyers' List Illinois 

CHICAGO, Cook County (CofUinuidi 

Nblson, Littlb, Gordon & Wirb 

20S South Diarbom Street 

Cyrus Bentley 
Of Counsel 
Murry Nekon 
Charles G. Little 
George W, Gordon 
George L. Wire 

Oliver & Mbcartney 

137 South La Salle Street 

John Milton Oliver 
[arry S. Mecartncy 

R0BBIN89 TowNLBY & Wild 

los South LaSalle Street 

Henry S. Robbins 
Morris M. Townley 
A. Qernm Wild 

Marshall Solberg 

R0SBNTHAL9 Hamill k W0RM6BR 

los West Monroe Street 

Charles H. Hamill 
Lessing Rosenthal 
Leo F. Wormser 

ScoTTy Bancroft, Martin ht Stephens 

Com Exchange Bank Building 

Frank Hamline Scott 
Edgar A. Bancroft 
Horace H. Martin 
Redmond D. Stephens 
John £. MacLeish 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

CHICAGO, Cook County (Cwitinuii) 

ScoTTy Bancroft^ Martin & Stephens {Con.) 

Com Exchange Batik Building 

Lester L. Falk 
Morris L. Johnston 

Leland K. Neeves 
Walter S. Underwood 
George W. Swain 

W1L8ON9 McIlyaine, Hale & Templeton 

Marquette Building 

John P. Wilson 
William B. Mcllvaine 
John P. Wilson, Jr. 
William B. Hale 
Stuart J. Templeton 

Winston, Strawn & Shaw 

First National Bank Building 

Frederick S. Winston 

Silas H. Strawn 
Ralph M. Shaw 
John D. Black 
Garrard B. Winston 
Edward W. Everett 
Frederick C. Hack 
Walter H. Jacobs 
J. Sidney Condit 
James H. Winston 

Chillicothe Refer to Peoria 

Clayton Refer to Quincy 

Clinton Herrick & Herrick 

Collinsville Refer to Edwardsville 

Danville Lindley, Penwell & Lindlej 


The Lawyers' List Illinois 

Decatur Charles C. LeForgee 

Dc Kalb A. G. Kennedy 

Delavan Refer to Pekin 

Det Plainet , . . .Ning Elej 

Dixon Charles B. Morrison 

Downers Grove Refer to Wheaton 

Dundee Refer to Elgin 

Du Quoin Louis R. Kelly 

Dwig^t Clinton J. Ahem 

East St. Louis Daniel McGlynn 

Edwardsville Wamock, Williamson & Burroughs 

Effingham Parker & Rickelman 

Eldorado Refer to Harrisburg 

Elgin John A. Russell 

Elizabethtown James A. Watson 

Elmhurst Edgar B. Fischer 

Elmwood Refer to Peoria 

El Paso Horace H. Baker 

Eureka E. E. Robeson 

Eranston Refer to Chicago 

Fairbury Robert Henning 

Fairfield Creighton & Thomas 

Farmer City Herrick & Herrick 

Farmington Refer to Canton 

Flora H. W. Shriner 

Forreston Refer to Oregon 

Freeport Robert B. Mitchell 

Fulton Myron C. Rogers 

Galena John C. Boevers 

Galesburg Carney^ Carney & Nelson 

Galya Root & Root 

Geneseo Henry Waterman 

Geneva Refer to St. Charles 

Genoa Refer to Sycamore 

Georgetown Refer to Danville 

Gibson Ci^ A% L. Phillips 

Girard Refer to Virden 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

Gfenooe Refer to Chicago 

Glenell3m Refer to Wheaton 

Golconda John W. Browning 

Granite City Morgan LeMasten 

Granville Refer to Hennepin 

Grayville Claude O. Ellit 

Greenville Qarence £. Hoiles 

Hamilton (yHarras, Wood & Walker 

Hardin Refer to CarroUton 

Harrisburg Miley & Combe 

Harvard Calvin J. Hendricks 

Harvey F. R. DeYoung 

Havana Nortrup & Nortrup 

Hennepin J. E. Taylor 

Heniy Refer to Lacon 

Herrin Refer to Marion 

Highland Park Refer to Chicago 

Hillsboro Hill & BuUington 

Hoopeston Dyer & Dyer 

Jacksonville Bellatti, Bellatti & Moriarty 

Jerseyville Hamilton & Hamilton 

Johnston City Refer to Marion 

Joliet O'Donnell, Donovan & Bray 

Jonesboro David W. Karraker 

Kankakee William R. Hunter 

Keithtburg Refer to Aledo 

Kewanee Robert C. Morse 

Knoxville Refer to Galesburg 

Lacon Barnes, Magoon & Black 

La Grange Refer to Chicago 

La Harpe Qifford W. Warner 

Lake Forest Refer to Chicago 

Lanark Refer to Mt. Carroll 

La Salle Coleman & Coleman 

Lawrenceville McGaughey k TohiU 

Lebanon Charles E. Chamberiin 

Lemont Refer to Joliet 


Th€ Lawyers' List Illinois 

Lena Refer to Freeport 

Le Roy Refer to Bloombgton 

LewiitowQ Maurice P. Rice 

Lexington Refer to Bloomington 

Libertyville Paul MacGuffin 

Lincoln Beach & Trapp 

Litchfield David R. Kinder 

Lockport Frederick W. Walter 

LouiffviUe. Rose & McCoUum 

Lovtngton Refer to Sullivan 

McL^ntbofo J. H. Lane 

Macomb. . . . , Gumbart & Grigsby 

Marengo Charles B. Whittemore 

Marion • . • Denison k Spiller 

Marseilles Refer to Ottawa 

Marshall Graham & Snavely 

Martinsville Refer to Marshall 

Mascoutah Lill & Lill 

Mason Ci^ Refer to Havana 

Mattoon Craig & Kinzel 

Majfwood Refer to Chicago 

Mendota C. P. Gardner 

Metropolis Courtney, Helm & Helm 

Milford Refer to Watseka 

Minonk Thomas Kennedy 

Moline W. R. Moore 

Momence Edward P. Harney 

Monmouth Brown, SafFord, Graham & Soule 

Mondcello Carl S. Reed 

Morris C. F. Hanson 

Morrison L. T. Stocking 

Mound City Wall k Martm 

Mt. Carmel Green it Rislejr 

Mt. Carroll R. E. Eaton 

Mt. Olive Refer to Carlinville 

Mt. Pulaski Refer to Linoola 

Mt. Sterling John F. Regan 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

Mt. Veriion Kirhy Smith 

Murphysboro L. R. Stewart 

Napervilie Joseph A. Reutt 

Nashville James A. Watts 

Newark Refer to Ottawa 

Newton Fithian & Kasserman 

Nokomis J. D. Wilson 

Normal Refer to Bloomington 

Olney John C. Ritter 

Oquawka Rufus F. Robinson 

Oregon Heniy A. Smith 

Ottawa McDougall & Chapman 

Palestine Refer to Robinson 

Pana McQuigg & Dowel! 

Paris Shephardy Trogdon & Dole 

Paw Paw Charles F. Preston 

Paxton Schneider & Schneider 

Pekin Prettyman, Velde & Prettyman 

PEORIA, Peoria County 

Hunter, Page & Kavanagh 

Jefferson Building 

J. T. Hunter 
Gerald H. Page 
R. J. Kavanagh 

Jack, Irwin & Jack 

Jefferson BuiUing 

William Jack 

William T. Inrin 
Robert RJack 

N. C. Seidenberg 

Peru Charles W. Helmig 

Petersburg Watkins & Golden 

Pinckneyville William O. Edwards 

Piper City M.H.Scott 


The Lawyers' List Illinois 

Pittsfield Edward Doocy 

Piano C. A. Darnell 

Polo Fred Zick 

Pondac Harry G. Greenebaum 

Princeton Jay L. Spaulding 

Prophetstown Harry H. Waite 

Quincy Govert & Lancaster 

Rantoul Refer to Champaign 

Ridgway W. S. Phillips 

Robinson Maxwell & Maxwell 

Rochelle John B. Hayes 

Rock Falls Refer to Sterling 

Rockford E. D. Reynolds 

Rock Island C. S. Searle 

Roodhouse Refer to CarroUton 

Rushville Glass & Bottenberg 

St. Charles Hugh J. Mair 

Salem Kagy» Vandervort & Kagy 

Sandwich John W. Blee 

Savanna John L. Brearton 

Saybrook. Refer to Bloomington 

Shawneetown Marshall £. Lambert 

ShclbyviUe Whitaker, Ward & Pugh 

South Chicago Refer to Chicago 

Sparta John W. Tweed 

SPRINGFIELD, Sangamon County 

Brown, Hay & Crbighton 

S14 East Monroe Street 
Stuart Brown 
Logan Hay 
John T. Creighton 

Graham & Graham 

2i6i South Fifth Street 
James M. Graham 
Hugh J. Graham 
James J. Graham 


Illinois The Lawyers' List 

Spring VaUey C. N.HoUerick 

Staunton H. H. Willoughby 

Sterling. • Frank J. Bowman 

Streator Boys, Osbom & Gtiggt 

Sullivan C. R. Patterson 

Sycamore Faissler, Fulton & Roberts 

Taylorville Provine & Provtne 

Toledo Charles M. Connor 

Toluca Refer to Laccm 

Toulon J. H. Rennick 

Trenton Refer to Carlyle 

Tuscola John H. Chadwick 

Urbana John J. Rea 

Vandalia Brown & Bumaide 

Vienna O. R. Morgan 

Virden James H. Murphy 

Virginia J. J. Neigcr 

Wahut M. A. Stiver 

Warren Refer to Galena 

Warsaw Plantz h Lamet 

Washington Refer to Peldn 

Waterloo A. C. Bollinger 

Watseka Claude N. Saum 

Waukegan Elam L. Clarke 

Waverly Elijah Etter 

Wenona Refer to Streator 

West Chicago Refer to Wheaton 

Westville Refer to Danville 

Wheaton H. A. Schrjrver 

Whitehall H. O. Tunison 

Wilmette Refer to Chicago 

Winchester R. M. Rigga 

Woodstock Waite Ic Donovan 

Yorkville Refer to Aurora 

Zion City Refer to Waukegan 


The Lawyers' List InJi 



Albany Refer to Muncie 

Albion Grant & Foote 

Alexandria Refer to Anderson 

Anderson Kittinger & Diven 

Angola Brown & Carlin 

Auburn P. V. Hoffman 

Aurora McMullen & McMullen 

Batcsville A. B. Wycoff 

Bedford William R. Martin 

Bicknell , Refer to Vincennes 

Bloomfield Cyrus £. Davis 

Bloomington Miller & Blair 

Bluff ton Sturgis & Stine 

BoonviUe Hatfield & Hatfield 

Brazil John W. Baumunk 

Bremen Refer to Plymouth 

Brookville M. P. Hubbard 

Brownsburg Refer to Danville 

Brownstown Branaman & Branaman 

Butler Refer to Auburn 

Cambridge City Alonzo R. Feemster 

Cannelton Oscar C. Minor 

Carlisle Refer to Sullivan 

Cayuga Milton W. Coffin 

Charlestown G. H. D. Gibson 

Chesterton G. R. Williams 

Churubusco Refer to Columbia City 

Clinton Joseph W. Amis 

Columbia City McNagny & McNagny 

Columbus Cox & Phillips 

Connersville Florea & Broaddus 

Converse Refer to Marion 

Corydon H. C. Hays 

Covington Courtney W. Dice 


Indiana The hzwyers* List 

CrawfordsviUe Crane & McCabe 

Crothersville J. Alfred G)x 

Crown Point. J. Kopelke 

Dana Refer to Newport 

Danville O. E. GuUey 

Decatur C. J. Luts 

Delphi Boyd & Julien 

Dubois Refer to Jasper 

Dunkirk George T. Whitaker 

East Chicago Refer to Crown Point 

Edinburg Refer to Franklin 

Elkhart .William B. Hilc 

Elwood Richard F. Broadbent 

English John H. Luckett 

EVANSVILLE, Vanderburg County 

Frby & Wblman 

Citizens Bank Building 

Philip W. Fiey 
John D. Welman 

Iglehart & Taylor 

Citizens Bank Building 

John E. Iglehart 
Edwin Taylor 

Daniel H. Ortmeyer 

Mercantile Bank Building 

Walker & Walker 

214 Main Street 

James T. Walker 
Henry B. Walker 

Fairmount Charles T. Paricer 

Ferdinand Refer to Jasper 


. The Lawyers' List Indiana ' 

FORT WAYNE, Aflcn County 

Barrett, Morris & Hoffman 

Shoajf Building 

James M. Barrett 
Samuel L. Morris 
Edward G. Hoffman 

Leonard, Rose & Zollars 

9/5 Calhoun Strut 

Elmer Leonard 
James H. Rose 
Fred E. Zollais 

Vbsby & Vesby 

Bass Block 

WQliam J. Vesey 
Allen J. Ye^ey 
David S. Vesey 

Fowler Eraser & Isham 

Frankfort J. W. Strawn 

Franklin Miller, Bamett & Bamett 

Frankton Refer to Anderson 

French Lick Refer to Paoli 

Garrett Mountz & Brinkerho£F 

Gary Hodges & Ridgely 

Gas City Refer to Marion 

Gaston Refer to Munde 

Geneva Refer to Shelb3rville 

Goodland Refer to Kentland 

Goshen Deahl & Deahl 

Greencastle Jackson Boyd 

Greenfield Cook & Walker 

Greensburg Davidson & Craig 

Greenwood E. A. McAlpin 

Hagerstown Refer to Richmond 

Hammond Crumpacker & Crumpacker 


Indiana The Lawyers' List 

Hartford City. L. B. Simmons 

Hebron George C. Gregg 

Hobart ^ Roscoe R. Peddicord 

Huntingburg Refer to Jasper 

Huntington Bowers & Feightner 

Indiana Harbor Willard B. Van Home 

INDIANAPOLIS, Marion County 

Baker & Daniels 

Newton Claypool Building 

Albert Baker 
Jospeh J. Daniels 

William W. Seagle 

Ketcham, McTurnan & Higgins 

Odd Fellows Building 

William A. Ketcham 
Clair McTuman 
William R. Higgins 

Miller, Dailey & Thompson 

Lemcke Annex 

W. H. H. Miller 

Samuel D. Miller 
Frank C. Dailey 
William H. Thompson 
Sidney S. Miller 
Albert LJ^abb 

Lou A. Robertson 

Pickens, Moores, Davidson & Pickens 

Fletcher Trust Building 

Samuel O. Pickens 
Charles W. Moores 
Robert Franklin Davidson 


The Lawyers* List Indiana 

INDIANAPOLIS, Marion County {Continued) 

Pickens, Moores, Davidson & Pickens {Con.) 
Fletcher Trust Building 
Owen Pickeni 
Smiley N. Chambers 

Smith, Remster, Hornbrook & Smith 

Hume^Mansur Building 

Charles W. Smith 
Charles Remster 
Heniy H. Hornbrook 
Albert P. Smith 


Fletcher Trust Building 

Lzn A. Whitcomb 
Samuel Dowden 

William R. Higgins 

Ferdinand Winter 

Fletcher Trust Building 

Ireland Refer to Jasper 

Jamestown Darnell & Darnell 

Jasonville Refer to Bloomfield 

asper Horace M. Kean 

effersonville George H. Voigt 

onesboro Refer to Marion 

Cendallville F. L. Bodenhafer 

Kentland William Darroch 

Slnightstown Newby & Newby 

Knox. James C. Fletcher 

Kokomo Wolf & Barnes 

Ladoga Refer to Crawfordsville 


Indiana The Lawyers' List 

LA FAYETTE, Tippecanoe G)unty 

Stuart, Hammond & Simms 

LafayHte Life Building 

William V. Stuart 
Edwin P. Hammond 
Dan W. Simms 
Charles H. Stuart 
Allison E. Stuart 

La Grange Hanan, Watson & Hanan 

La Porte William A. McVey 

Lawrenceburg Givan & Givan 

Leavenworth Refer to English 

Lebanon A. J. Shelby 

Liberty Refer to Richmond 

Ligonier F. P. Bothwell 

Linton Alfred M. Beasley 

LCXjANSPORT, Cass County 


214 Fourth Street 

Stewart T. McConnell 

Albert G. Jenkines 

Bertram C. Jenkines 

Loogootee Refer to Shoals 

Lowell Refer to Crown Point 

Madison Sulzer & Bear 

Marion Condo & Browne 

Martinsville John C. McNutt 

Michigan City Harry B. Tuthill 

Middletown Frank A. Wisehart 

Milan Refer to Versailles 

Milford Refer to Warsaw 

Mishawaka Ralph S. Feig 

Mitchell John H. Edwards 

Monon Refer to Monticello 

Montezuma Refer to Rockville 


The Lawyers' List Indiana 

Mondcello Emeiy B. Sellen 

Montpelier Refer to Hartford City 

Mooresville Refer to Martinsville 

Morocco Fred G. Richmirc 

Mount Vernon Zimmerman & Barker 

MUNCIE, Delaware County 

McClbllan, Hensel & Guthrie 

I23i West Main Street 

Frederick F. McQellan 
Donald D. Hensel 
Leonidas A. Guthrie 

Warner k Warner 

JFysor BuUding 

RoUin Warner 

Everett Warner 

Nappanee Refer to Goshen 

Nashville James M. Jones 

New Albany Stotsenburg & Weathers 

New Castle Forkner & Forkner 

New Harmony Refer to Mount Vernon 

Newport W. Bert Conley 

Noblesville Shirts & Fertig 

North Manchester Refer to Wabash 

North Vernon Dixon & Meloy 

Oakland City Refer to Princeton 

Orleans Refer to Paoli 

Osgood Refer to Versailles 

Owensville Refer to Princeton 

Oxford Refer to Fowler 

Paoli Arthur McCart 

Pendleton Refer to Anderson 

Pcnnville Refer to Portland 

Peru Antrim & McClindc 

Petersburg Richardson & Taylor 

Pljrmouth Leopold M. Lauer 


Indiana The Lawyers' List 

Portland John M. Smith 

Princeton Embree & Embree 

Redkey Refer to Portland 

Rensselaer George A. Williams 

Richmond Robbins, Reller & Robbins 

Rising Sun Charles B. Matson 

Rochester Holman, Bemetha & Bryant 

Rockport Swan U Mason 

Rockville Maxwell & McFadden 

Rushville J. D. Megee 

St. Anthony Refer to Jasper 

Salem Harvey Morris 

Schnell ville Refer to Jasper 

Scottsburg ^ Frank Gardner 

Seymour Oscar H. Montgomery 

Shelbyville Adams & Jones 

Sheridan Refer to Noblesville 

Shirley Refer to New Castle 

Shoals Carlos T. McCarty 

SOUTH BEND, St. Joseph County 

Anderson, Parker, Crabill & Crumpackbr 

/. M. S. Building 

Andrew Anderson 
Samuel Parker 
Will G. Crabill 
Shepard J. Crumpacker 

Neil V. Robertson 
Antony A. Wolfe 

Hubbard & Pettengill 

/. Af • S. Building 

Arthur L. Hubbard 

Samuel B. Pettengill 

Spencer Willis Hickam 

Sullivan J. W. Lindley 

Summitville Refer to Anderson 


Thf Lawyers* List Indiana 

Syracuse Refer to Warsaw 

Tell City Refer to Cannelton 

TERRE HAUTE, Vigo County 

Beasley, DouTHnr, Crawford & Beasley 
U. S. Trust Company Building 
John T. Beasley 
William T. Douthitt 
Charles A. Crawford 
Bert Beasley 

George Oscar Dix 

Terre Haute Trust Building 
George Oscar Dix 

George M. Donnelly 

Abraham L. Miller 
Erwin Block 

Tipton Kemp & Kemp 

Troy Isaac S. Bramel 

Union City Refer to Winchester 

Valparaiso Crumpackers Brothers 

Veedersburg Refer to Covington 

Vernon Refer to North Vernon 

Versailles F. M. Thompson 

Vcvay C. S. Tandy 

Vincennes Clarence B. Kessinger 

Wabash Switzer & Bent; 

Wakarusa Refer to Goshen 

Walkerton Refer to South Bend 

Warsaw Frazer, Frazer & Headley 

Washington Gardiner, Tharp & Gardiner 

Waterloo Refer to Auburn 

Whiting Refer to Hammond 

Williamsport John J. Hall 

Winamac George Burson 

Winchester Macy, Nichols & Bales 

Worchington Refer to Bloomfield 


Iowa The Lawyers' List 


Ackley Refer to Eldora 

Adair G. B. Lynch 

Adel Burton Russell 

Afton Refer to Creston 

Akron William T. Kidd 

Albia J. C. Mabry 

Alden Refer to Eldora 

Algona Sullivan & McMahon 

Allison W. C. Shepard 

Alta Refer to Storm Lake 

Alton Refer to Orange City 

Ames C. G. Lee 

Anamosa Remley & Remley 

Anita Refer to Atlantic 

Anthon ri. B. Wallmg 

Atlantic E. M. Willard 

Audubon J. M. Graham 

Avoca F. A. Turner 

Beaman Refer to Eldora 

Bedford William M. Jackson 

Belle Plainc C. W. E. Snyder 

Bellevue J. C. Campbell 

Belmond Refer to Qarion 

Blairstown Refer to Belle Plaine 

Bloomfield Theodore P. Bence 

Boone Harpel & Cederquist 

Britt J. A. Senne£F 

Brooklyn Talbott & Talbott 

Buckeye Refer to Eldora 


The Lawyers* List Iowa 

BURLINGTON, Des Momes County 

Blake, Wilson & Jackson 

Tama Building 

W. E. Blake {EstaU) 
Harold J. Wilson 
W. £. Jackson 

Power & Power 

Am. Savings Bank \^ Trust Co. Bldg. 

John C. Power 
Guy N. Power 

Carroll Reynolds & Meyers 

Cascade Refer to Dyersville 

Casey A. M. Pagan 

Cedar Falls J. B. Newman 

CEDAR RAPIDS, Linn County 

Dawley, Jordan & Dawlby 

Masonic Temple 

Carl Francis Jordan 
Frederick Jacobs Dawley 

Trbwin, Simmons & Trewin 

American Trust Building 

James H. Trewin 
Thomas H. Simmons 
Haven Y. Simmons 
Harold R. Trewin 

Centerville • Porter & Greenleaf 

Chariton J. A. Penick 

Charles City Charles W. Humphrey 

Cherokee Hernck & Hernck 

Clarinda Scott & Peters 

Clarion Ladd & Rogers 


Iowa The Lawyers* List 

Clarksville Refer to Allison 

Clear Lake Ira W. Jones 

Cleves Refer to Eldora 

Clinton Ellis & McCoy 

Colesburg Refer to Dyersville 

Colfax Refer to Newton 

Columbus Junction F. M. Molsberry 

Conrad Refer to Eldora 

Coon Rapids Charles C. Browning 

Coming MeyerhofF & Gibson 

Correctionville Earl Edmunds 

Coiydon Miles & Steele 

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Pottawattamie County 

Saunders & Stuart 

Shugart Block 

Charles G. Saunders 

David E. Stuart 

Cresco Edwin A. Church 

Creston Kenneth H. Davenport 

DAVENPORT, Scott County 

Lanb U Waterman 

Lane Building 

Joseph R. Lane 
Charles M. Waterman 

W. T. Waterman 

C. M. Severin 

D. R. Lane 
Charles D. Waterman 
James J. Lamb 

Henry Vollmer 

Schmidt Building 

Decorah Norman Willett 

Denison Conner & Powers 


The Lawyers* List Iowa 

D£S MOINES, Polk County 

Miller, Parker, Riley & Stewart 

Hippee Building 

William E. Miller 
Addison M. Parker 
William F. Riley 
Walter L. Stewart 


Obsetvatoty Building 

Clinton L. Nourse 
Emory M. Nourse 

Parrish & Cohen 

Register W Tribune Building 

James L. Parrish 
Moses H. Cohen 

Louis B. Cohen 
James L. Parrish, Jr 

Dc Witt Pascal & Pascal 

DUBUQUE, Dubuque Cbunty 

Brown, Lacy & Clbwell 

Lincoln Building 

Glenn Brown 
Frank R. Lacy 
Robert W. Clewell 

HuRD, Lenehan, SMrrH & O'Connor 

Bank li Insurance Building 

Louis G. Hurd 
Daniel J. Lenehan 
William A. Smith 
Frank A. OConnor 


Iowa The Lawyers' List 

Dunlap Refer to Logan 

DyersviUe John B. & A. M. Utt 

Eagle Grove McGrath & Archerd 

Eddyville George L. Gilliei 

Eidon Refer to Ottumwa 

Eldora Lundy» Peisen & Soper 

Elkader D. D. Murphy 

Elma H. L. Spaulding 

Emmetsburg McCarty & McCarty 

Estherville Soper & Alexander 

Exira Refer to Audubon 

Fairfield Rollin J. Wilson 

Farley Refer to Dyersville 

Farmington Refer to Keosauqua 

Fayette Refer to West Union 

Fonda Refer to Pocahontas 

Forest City n. A* Brown 

Fort Dodge Kenyon» Kelleher & Hanson 

Fort Madison George B. Stewart 

Garden City Refer to Eldora 

Gamer Wichman & Hastings 

Glenwood Genung & Genung 

Grand Junction Refer to Jefferson 

Greene Moulton Hartness 

Greenfield Musmaker & Williamson 

Grinnell Harold L. Beyer 

Gnswold W. C. & T. J. Bryant 

Grundy Center Williamson & Willoughby 

Guthrie Center William D. Milligan 

Guttenberg Refer to Elkader 

Hamburg Refer to Sidney 

Hampton E. P. Andrews 

Harlan D. O. Stuart 

Hartley J. T. Conn 

Hawarden Snell & Randall 

Holy Cross Refer to Dyersville 

Hubbard Refer to Eldora 


The Lawyers' List Iowa 

Humboldt Lovrein & Lovrein 

Humeston Refer to Corydon 

Ida Grove Snell Brothers 

Independence Cook & Cook 

Indianola Berry & Watson 

Iowa City Dutcher, Davis & Hambrecht 

Iowa Falls Refer to Eldora 

Jefferson Howard & Sayers 

Jewell Refer to Webster City 

Keokuk CHarras, Wood & Walker 

Keosauqua Walker & McBeth 

Kingsley J. M. Wormley 

Knoxville Willard H. Lyon 

Lake City J. W. Jacobs 

Lake Mills Refer to Forest City 

Lansing Refer to Waukon 

Lapofte City Refer to Waterloo 

Le Mars Rosebeny & Rosebeny 

Leon George W. Baker 

Lisbon E. A. Johnson 

Logan C. A. Bolter 

Lyons Refer to Qinton 

McGregor. Refer to Elkader 

Malvern Refer to Glenwood 

Manchester Carr & Carr 

Manning I O. W. Emmons 

Mapleton T. B. Lutz 

Maquoketa F. D. Kelsey 

Marengo H. M. Havner 

Marion Voris & Haas 

Marshalltown C. H. Van Law 

Mason City Blythe, Markley, Rule & Smith 

Missouri Valley Clarence W. Kellogg 

Monroe Refer to Newton 

Montezuma Refer to Grinnell 

Monticello E. E. Reed 

Morning Sun Fred Courts 


Iowa The Lawyers* List 

Moulton Heniy P. Powers 

Mt. Ayr Spence» Beard & Hayes 

Mt. Pleasant W. F. Kopp 

M t. Vernon C. W. Kepler & Son 

XVXUSvnLUlC •, • *>••■•■••<•••••••••••••••• W « XV* Iajt llC 

Nashua Refer to New Hampton 

Neola Refer to Council Bluffs 

Nevada Edwin H. Addison 

New Hampton M. E. Geiser 

New Providence Refer to Eldora 

Newton John E. Cross 

New Vienna Refer to Dyersville 

Northwood M. H. Kepler 

Odebolt Refer to Ida Grove 

Oelwein E. R. O'Brien 

Onawa C. E. Underwood 

Orange City Van Oosterhout & Kolyn 

Osage W. H. Salisbury 

Osceola O. M. Slaymaker 

Oskaloosa Burrell & Devitt 

Ottumwa Gilmore & Moon 

Owasa Refer to Eldora 

Panora Refer to Guthrie Center 

Parkersburg W. T. Evans 

Pella George J. Thomassen 

Perry Dugan & Dugan 

Pocahontas J. M. Berry 

Postville Burling & Burling 

Prairie City A. A. Arnold 

Preston Refer to Maquoketa 

Primghar O. H. Montzheimer 

RatdifFe Refer to Eldora 

Red Oak Paul W. Richards 

Remsen Refer to Le Mars 

Rock Rapids Samuel D. Riniker 

Rock Valley Refer to Orange City 

Rockwell City S. A. Frick 


The Lawyers* List Iowa 

Rolfe Robert Bruce 

Sac City Elwood & Tourgee 

Sanborn Refer to Primghar 

Seymour D. H. Kerby 

Sheldon T. E. Diamond 

Shenandoah Wilson & Keenan 

Sibley W. C. Garberson 

Sidney Thomell & Thornell 

Sigoumey Hamilton & Beatty 

SIOUX CITY, Woodbuiy County 

Jepson & Struble 

Frances Building 

C. N. Jepson 
G. T. Struble 

MiLCHRisTy Scott & Pitkin 

Security Bank Building 

William Milchrist 
George C. Scott 
H. W. Pitkin 

Sioux Rapids E. M. Duroe 

Sloan Buckle U Calderhead 

Spencer Buck & Kirkpatrick 

Spirit Lake Francis & Owen 

Steamboat Rock Refer to Eldora 

Storm Lake Bailie & Edson 

Strawberry Point B. W. Newberry 

Stuart Carl P. Knox 

Sumner Refer to Waverly 

Tama William S. Gallagher 

Tipton W. G. W. Geiger 

Toledo J. R. Caldwell 

Traer Refer to Toledo 

Union Refer to Eldora 


Iowa The Lawyers' List 

Valley Junction Refer to Des Moines 

Villisca Refer to Red Oak 

Vinton Kirkland U White 

Walnut Refer to Avoca 

Wapello H. O. Weaver 

Washington Wilson & Wilson 

Waterloo Edwards, Longley, Ransier & Smith 

Waukon Dayton & Dayton 

Waverly Dawson & Wehrmacher 

Webster City Wesley Martin 

West Liberty Robert Brooke 

West Union Ainsworth & Antes 

What Cheer Refer to Sigoumey 

Whitten Refer to Eldora 

Williamsburg G. A. Kenderdine 

Winterset J. P. Steele 

Worthington Refer to Dyersville 

Wyoming Re&r to Anamosa 


The Lawyers' List Kansas 


Abilene Robert H. Seeds 

Alma C. E. Carroll 

Anthony Vernon Day 

Argentine Refer to Kansas City 

Arkansas City W. L. Cunningham 

Ashland F. C. Price 

ATCHISON, Atchison County 

James W. Qrr 

First National Bank Building 

Atwood Frank K. Price 

Augusta Refer to El Dorado 

Baxter Springs G. W. Staton 

Belleville Vance & McTaggart 

Beloit C. L. Kagey 

Blue Rapids Refer to Marysville 

Bronson Refer to Fort Scott 

Burlingame J. T. Pringle 

Burlington Joseph Rolston 

Caldwell Refer to Wellington 

Caney Refer to Independence 

Cawker City CM. Higley 

Chanute Jones & Allen 

Chenyvale Refer to Independence 

Chetopa Refer to Oswego 

CSmarron Refer to Dodge City 

Clay Centre F. L. Williams 

Oyde Refer to Concordia 

Coffeyville Charles D. Welch 

Colby A. M. Smith 

Coldwater Dick H. Rich 

Columbus Al. F. Williams 

Concordia Park B. Pulsifer 

Cottonwood Falls Charles E. Davis 


Kansas The Lawyers' List 

Council Grove Harry E. Snyder 

Dighton J. A. Simmons 

Dodge City Madison & Van Riper 

El Dorado H. W. Schumacher 

Ellsworth Samuel E. Bartlett 

Emporia Hamer & Ganse 

Erie Refer to Chanute 

Eskridge Refer to Alma 

Eureka Wicker & Badger 

Fort Scott Ralph Richards 

Frankfort W. J. Gregg 

Fredonia E. D. Mikesell 

Fulton Refer to Fort Scott 

Galena Andrew S. Wilson 

Garden City Wm. Easton Hutchison 

Garland Refer to Fort Scott 

Gamett Bowman & Bowman 

Girard B. S. GaitskiU 

Goodland E. F. Murphy 

Gove R. H. Thompson 

Great Bend James W. Clarke 

Greensburg John W. Davis 

Hanover Refer to Washington 

Harper James G. WashboD 

Hays C. W. Reeder 

Herington Refer to Abilene 

Hiattville Refer to Fort Scott 

Hiawatha W. F. Means 

Hill City F. D. Turck 

Hoisington Refer to Great Bend 

Holton Hursh & Sloan 

Horton Refer to Hiawatha 

Howard A. F. Sims 

Hoxie C. L. Thompson 

Hugoton W. E. Eddy 

Humboldt Refer to lola 

Hutchinson Simmons & Sinunona 


.-^s-— . . 

The Lawyers* -LJit.- -. : \/ :. :'/'KajiSaj. :•. - ... 

* • •* *^ •• !•••••••• r ••! 

■* • • • , • • • • 
••• • ••• 

Independence S. H. Piper 

lola CuUison & Forrest 

etmore Refer to Lamed 

ewell Robert C. Postlethwaite 

ohnson Refer to New Ulysses 

unction City James V. Humphrey 

KANSAS CITY, Wyandotte County 

McAnany, Alden & Van Cleave 

Commercial National Bank Building 

Edwin S. McAnany 
Maurice L. Alden 
Thomas M. Van Cleave 

Miller & Miller 

Husted ' Building 

O. L. Miller 
C. A. Miller 

Kingman George L. Hay 

Kinsley A. L. Moffat 

Kiowa Refer to Medicine Lodge 

La Crosse S. L Hale 

Lakin ^ E. R. Thorpe 

Lamed George W. Finney 

Lawrence Ord Clingman 

Leavenworth Lee Bond 

Leoti William C. Dickey 

Liberal G. L. Light 

Lincoln John J. McCurdy 

Logan Refer to Phillipsburg 

Lyndon A. B. Cmm 

Lyons Brinkerhoff & Stahl 

Mcpherson Grattan & Grattan 

Manhattan John Clarke Hessin 


•: i 

• k 

£anshs:\\ ".: \ : : : * Tkt^ Lawyers' List 


Mankato Robert W. Turner 

Mapleton Refer to Fort Scott 

Marion S. Burkholder 

Marysville W. W. Redmond 

Meade H. Llewellyn Jones 

Medicine Lodge Seward L Field 

Minneapolis F. D. Boyce 

Mound City Refer to Fort Scott 

Neodesha C. W. Shinn 

Ness City A. W. Wilson 

Newton Branme & Hart 

New Ulysses Herbert W. Stubbs 

Norton L. H. Thompson 

Oberlin J. F. Peters 

Olathe S. D. Scott 

Osage City Charles G. Messerley 

Osawatomie Refer to Paola 

Osborne H. McCaslin 

Oskaloosa H. T. Phinney 

Oswego Stanton J. Mattox 

Ottawa F. M. Harris 

Paola Sheridan & Sheridan 

Parsons W. D. Atkinson 

Peabody Refer to Marion 

Phillipsburg W. N. Moore 

Pittsburg Campbell, Campbell & Nulton 

Pleasanton John A. Hall 

Pratt E. R. Barnes 

Redfield Refer to Fort Scott 

Richfield Refer to New Ulysses 

Rosedale Refer to Kansas City 

Russell George W. Holland 

Russell Springs W. H. Wagner 

St. Francis E. E. Kite 

St. John Paul R. Naglc 

St. Mary's Refer to Westmoreland 

Salina Burch, Litowich & Royce 


The Lawyers' List Kansas 

Scott City R. D. Armstrong 

Sedan J. £. Brooks 

Seneca Emery & Emery 

Sharon Springs • D. R. Beckstrom 

Smith Centre L. C. Uhl & Son 

Sterling Fred P. Green 

Stockton 0.0. Osbom 

Syracuse George Getty 

Thayer Refer to Chanute 

Tonganozie Refer to Lawrence 

TOPEKA, Shawnee County 

Blair & Lillard 

New England Buildtni 

Robert W. Blair 
Thomas M. Lillard 

F. E. Smith 

A. M. Hambleton 

O. B. Eidson 

Ros8iNQTON» Smith & Barnum 

Crawford Building 

Charles Blood Smith 
Samuel Barnum 

Tribune... William M. Glenn 

Tioy C. W. Reeder 

Uniontown Refer to Fort Scott 

Valley Falls Refer to Oskaloosa 

Wakeeney Herman Long 

Wamcgo W. F. Challis 

Washington A. J. Freeborn 

Weir Refer to Columbus 

Wellington W. W. Schwinn 

Westmoreland Refer to Wamego 


Kansas The Lawyers' List 

WICHITA, Sedgwick County 

VBRMiLioNy Evans, Caret & Lillbston 

Beacon Building 

R. R. Vermilion 
Earle W. Evans 
Joseph G. Carey 
W. F. LjUeston 

Hal M. Black 
W. Eugene Stanley 

Winfield Charles W. Roberts 

Yates Centre Lamb & Hogueland 


The Lawyers' List Kentucky 


Adairville Refer to Russellville 

Albany Ezra Bertram 

Alexandria Refer to Newport 

Ashland Clyde R. Levi 

Augusta Refer to Brooksville 

Barbourville J. M. Robsion 

Bardstown John S. Kelley 

Bardwell Adams & Stembridge 

Beattyyille J. K. Roberts 

Beaver Dam Refer to Hartford 

Bedford Claude B. Terrell 

Benton £. L. Cooper 

Booneville E. E. Hogg 

Bowling Green Sims & Rodes 

Brandenburg J* M. Richardson 

Brooksville M. Hargett 

Brownsville Refer to Bowling Green 

Burkesville J. O. Ewing 

Burlington S. W. Tolin 

Cadiz Smith & Ryan 

Calhoun W. A. Taylor 

Campbellsville W. M. Jackson 

Campton Refer to Jackson 

Carlisle Holmes & Ross 

CarroUton Winslow & Howe 

Catlettsburg L. T. Everett 

Central City Refer to Greenville 

C ay Refer to Dixon 

Ginton Joe W. Bennett 

Columbia Jones & Gamett 

Corbin S. H. Kash 

Covington Mackoy & Mackoy 

Crofton Refer to Hopkinsville 

Cynthiana Thomas E. King 

Danville Bagby & Huguely 


Kentucky The Lawyers* List 

Dawson Springs Refer to Madisonville 

Dayton Edward E. Kelly 

Dixon Baker & Withers 

Dorothy Refer to Pinevilie 

Eddyville Newton W. Utley 

Edmonton J. W. Kinnaird 

Ehzabethtown L. A. Faurest 

Elkton James R. Mallory 

Eminence Refer to New Castle 

Erianger Refer to Covington 

Falmouth Guy H. Fossett 

Flemingsburg John P. McCartney 

Frankfort T. Lewis Edelen 

Franklin G. T. Finn 

Frenchburg Caudle & Day 

Fulton Edward Thomas 

Georgetown Bradley & Bradley 

Glasgow Baird & Richardson 

Grayson Theobald & Theobald 

Greensburg Milby & Henderson 

Greenup J. B. Bennett 

Greenville Taylor, Eaves & Sparks 

Hardinsburg Allen R. Kincheloe 

Harlan J. G. Forester 

Harrodsburg C. E. Rankin 

Hartford H. P. Taylor 

Hawesville Edward E. Kelly 

Hazard Miller & Craft 

Henderson Yeaman & Yeaman 

Hickman Adams & Stembridge 

Hindman Smith & Combs 

Hodgensville Charles Williams 

Hopkinsville J. W. Downer 

Hyden Edgar H. Dunn 

jLucz •••• •••■••■•••■•«•••■••••••••• •• w • Xva incv^oy 

Irvine Hugh R. Riddell 

Jackson O. H. Pollard 


The Lawyers' List Kentucky 

Jamestown James N. Meadows 

1 CMj fc i I A3 • • • •••••••••••••••••■••••■••••• TT • JL Jl« XtXaJt 

La Grange A. T. Ladd 

Lancaster Lewis L. Walker 

Lawrenceburg F. R. Feland 

Lebanon Hugh P. Gx)per 

Leitchfield William O. Jones 

LEXINGTON, Fayette County 

Allen & Duncan 

Fayette National Bank Building 

John R. Allen 
Henry T. Duncan 

Liberty Refer to Danville 

Livermore Refer to Calhoun 

London Hazlewood & Johnson 

Louisa Clyde L. Miller 


Bruce & Bullitt 

Lincoln Bank Building 

Thomas W. Bullitt 

Helm Bruce 

William Marshall Bullitt 

Keith L. Bullitt 

Sidney Smith 

G. G. Sales 

Charles Helme Strater 
George B. Eager, Jr. 
Clarence C. Smith 

{Louisville continued, page io8) 


Kentucky The Lawyers* List 

LOUISVILLE (Continued) 

Fairleigh & Fairleigh 

Paul Jones Building 

David William Fairleigh 
James Franklin Fairleigh 

J. S. McElroy, Jr. 
James D. Headley 

Grubbs U Grubbs 

Inter^Southern Building 

Charles S. Grubbs 
Rodman Grubbs 

Humphrey, Crawford, Middleton & Hum- 

Inter^SotUhern Building 

Alexander P. Humphrey 
Edward P. Humphrey 
William W. Crawford 
Charles G. Middleton 
Churchill Humphrey 

Louis Seelbach, Jr. 
Charles W. Milner 
J. Joseph Hettinger 

Marshall & Nettelroth 

Inier-Southern Building 

John Marshall 
H. H. Nettelroth 


Th^ Lawyers' List Kentucky 

LOUISVILLE (Coruinufd) 

Trabue, Doolan, Helm & Helm 

Columbia Building 

Edmund F. Trabue 
John C. Doolan 
Thomas K. Helm 
James P. Helm 

Hugh B. Fleece 

Wehlb & Wbhle 

Louisville Trust Co. Building 

O. A. Wehle 
L. B. Wehle 

Ludlow Refer to Covington 

McKee John R. Llewellyn 

Madisonville LafFoon & Waddill 

Manchester... Rawlings & Wright 

Marion C. S. Nunn 

Mayfield Hester & Hester 

Maysvillc Frank P. aDonncU 

Middlesboro T. G. Anderson 

Monticello W. R. Cress 

Morehead J. W. Riley 

Morganfield Truman Drury 

Morgantown N. T. Howard 

Mt- Olivet Robert Buckler 

Mt. Sterling Lewis Apperson 

Mt. Vernon C. C. Williams 

Munfordville Watkins U Carden 

Murray James H. Coleman 

New Castle Charles H. Sanford 

Newport Barbour & Bassmann 

Nicholasville Everett B. Hoover 

dive Hill Refer to Grayson 

Owensboro James J. Sweeney 


Kentucky The Lawyers' List 

Owenton J. W. Cammack 

Owingsville C. W. Goodpaster 

Paducah Mocquot & Berry 

Paintsville Howes & Howes 

Paris C. A. McMillan 

Pikeville Cline & Steele 

Pineville William Low 

Prestonsburg William H. May 

Princeton John C. Gates 

Providence Refer to Dixon 

Richmond J. A. Sullivan 

Russellville Wesley Vick Perry 

Salyersville Refer to Paintsville 

Sandy Hook A. T. Redwine 

Scottsville B. S. Huntsman 

Shelbyville Willis, Todd & Bond 

Shepherdsville J. F. G>mbs 

Smithfield Wilson D. Crabb 

Smithland C. H. Wilson 

Somerset James Denton 

Springfield W. C. McChord 

Stanford J. B. Payton 

Stanton J. D. Atkinson 

Sturgis Refer to Morganfield 

Taylorsville L. W. Ross 

Tompkinsville W. S. Smith 

Vanceburg S.J. Pugh 

Versailles Wallace ic Harris 

Walton Refer to Burlington 

Warsaw R. B. Brown 

West Liberty Gardner & Redwine 

Whitesburg Lewis, Cook & Combs 

Whitley City Refer to Somerset 

Wickliffe Henry F. Turner 

Williamsburg A. T. Siler 

Williamstown De Jamette & Harrison 

Winchester Beverley R. Jouett 


The Lawyers' List Louisiana 


Abbeville Edwards & Greene 

Alexandria Peterman, Dear & Peterman 

Amite Qay Elliott 

Arabi Oliver S. Livaudais 

Arcadia R. L. Williams 

Bastrop J. T. Shell 

Baton Rouge Laycock & Beale 

Benton Refer to Shreveport 

Bolagusa C. Ellis Ott 

Qinton George J. Woodside 

Colfax J. A- Williams 

Columbia C. P. Thomhill 

Convent. Refer to Donaldsonville 

Coushatta Thomas W. Nettles 

Covington Harvey E. Ellis 

Crowley Smith & Carmouche 

I>c Ridder Kay & Plauche 

Donaldsonville Walter Lemann 

Edgard Refer to New Orleans 

Farmerville Refer to Monroe 

Franklin Borah, Himel, Bloch & Borah 

Franklinton Ott & Johnson 

Greensburg Refer to Amite 

Gretna Refer to New Orleans 

Hahnville Refer to New Orleans 

Hammond Refer to Amite 

Harrisburg Refer to Vidalia 

Homer Thomas T. Land 

Houma Butler & Wurzlow 

Jena Refer to Winnfield 

Jennings Modisette & Adams 

Jonesboro William J. Hammon 

Kentwood Refer to Amite 

La Fayette O. C. Mouton 

Lake Charles Pujo & Williamson 


Louisiana The Lawyers* List 

Lake Providence James H. Gilfoil, Jr. 

Leesville James R. Monk 

Lutcher Refer to Donaldsonville 

Mansfield E. P. Lee 

Many S. D. Ponder 

Marksville Samuel Moreau 

Minden L. K. Watkins 

Monroe Hudson, Potts, Bernstein & Sholars 

Morgan City Refer to Franklin 

Napoleonville Ansil N. Simmons 

Natchitoches Scarborough & Carver 

New Iberia Walter J. Burke 

NEW ORLEANS, Orleans Parish 

Buck, Walshb & Buck 

Hennen Building 

Charles F. Buck 
Charles F. Buck, Jr. 

Dart, Kernan & Dart 

Canal Bank Building 

Henry P. Dart 
Benjamin Wall Kernan 
Henry P. Dart, Jr. 
John Dart 
Benjamin Wall Dart 

Denbgre, Leovy & Chaffe 

Pescud Building 

George Denegre 
Victor Leovy 
Henry H. ChaflFe 


The Lasers' List Louisiana 

NEW ORLEANS, Orleans Parish (Continued) 

Farrar, Goldberg & Dufour 

Hihitnia Bank Building 

Edgar Howard Farrar 
Abraham Goldberg 
H. Generes Dufour 

Alfred C. Kammer 
Walker M. EUis 

Hall, Monroe & Lbmann 

Hihemia Bank Building 

J. Blanc Monroe 
Monte M. Lemann 

Watts K. Leverich 
Joseph W. Montgomery 
Walter J. Suthon 

Merrick, Gensler & Schwarz 

Title Guarantee Building 

Edwin T. Merrick 
Philip Gensler, Jr. 
Ralph J. Schwarz 

W. J. Guste 
Herman L. Bamett 
Morris B. Redmann 

Miller, Miller & Flbtchinger 

824 Common Street 

T. Marshall Miller 
John D.Miller 
Charles F. Fletchinger 


Louisiana The Lawyers' List 

NEW ORLEANS, Orleans Parish (CotainuiJ) 
Milling, Godchaux, Saal & Milling 
Wkitney'Central Building 
Robert £. Milling 
Emile Godchaux 
Irving R. Saal 
Roberts C. Milling 
Raymond H. Saal 

Stirling Parkerson 

837 Maison Blanche 

Spencer, Fenner, Gidiere & Phelps 
708 Union Street 
Walker B. Spencer 
Charles Payne Fenner 
Philip S. Gidiere 
Esmond Phelps 
Charles £. Dunbar, Jr. 

New Roads Bouanchaud & Kearney 

Opelousas E. B. Dubuisson 

Plaquemine J. Howell Pugh 

Pointe 2l la Hache Oliver S. Livaudaii 

Rayville Ellis & Ellis 

Ruston Price & Price 

St. Bernard Refer to New Orleans 

St. Francisville Lawrason & Kilboume 

St. Joseph Dale, Young & Dale 

St. Martinville Robert Martin 

Shreveport Blanchard, Goldstein & Walker 

Tallulah James H. Gilfoil, Jr. 

Thibodeaux Caillouet & Caillouet 

Vidalia Dale, Young & Dale 

Ville Platte Refer to Opelousas 

Winnfield Grisham & Oglesby 

Winnsboro W. H. Thompson 


The Lawyers* List Maine 


Alfred Refer to Sanford 

Ashland Refer to Presque Isle 

Auburn Albert E. Verrill 

Augusta Williamson, Burleigh & McLean 

Bangor Howard M. Cook 

Bar Harbor Refer to Ellsworth 

Bath Edward W. Bridgham 

Belfast Arthur Ritchie 

Berwick Wilbur D. Spencer 

Bethel Herrick & Park 

Biddeford .John A. Snow 

Booth Bay Harbor John W. Brackett 

Bridgton Walker & Pike 

Brownville Refer to Foxcroft 

Brunswick Barrett Potter 

Bucksport T. H. Smith 

Calais George R. Gardner 

Camden Reuel Robinson 

Caribou Albert B. Donworth 

Cherryfield George G. Freeman 

Cornish Walter P. Perkins 

Damariscotu Howard E. Hall 

Dexter William B. Peirce 

Dover Refer to Foxcroft 

Eastport. Lincoln H. Newcomb 

Ellsworth Hale & Hamlin 

Fairfield Weeks & Weeks 

Farmington Elmer E. Richards 

Fort Fairfield Powers & Guild 

Fort Kent Arthur J. Nadeau 

Foxcroft Charles W. Hayes 

Freeport Robert E. Randall 

Fryeburg E. £. Hastings 

Gardmer. George W. Heselton 

Gorham John A. Waterman 


Maine The Lawyers' List 

Guilford Hudson & Hudson 

Hallov^ell Refer to Augusta 

Houlton Parker P. Burleigh 

Kennebunlc Walter L. Dane 

Kezar Falls J. Merrill Lord 

Kittery Aaron B. Cole 

Lewiston Newell & Woodside 

Limerick Refer to Kezar Falls 

Lincoln Artemus Weatherbec 

Lisbon Falls Henry £. Coolidge 

Livermore Falls John H. Maxwell 

Lubec .James H. Gray 

Machias C. B. & £. C. Donworth 

Madison C. O. Small 

Mars Hill Refer to Presque Isle 

Mechanic Falls Refer to Auburn 

MiUbridge .H. H. Gray 

Millinocket Sidney Stevens 

Milo Refer to Foxcroft 

Newport Refer to Bangor 

North Berwick E. P. Spinney 

Norway A. J. Steams 

Oakland George W. Field 

Old Town William H. Waterhouse 

Orono Charles J. Dunn 

Paris Refer to South Paris 

Phillips Refer to Farmington 

Pittsfield J. W. Manson 

PORTLAND, Cumberland County 

Bradley & Linnell 

i88 Middle Street 

William M. Bradley 
William S. Linnell 

William"R Nulty 


The Lawyers' List Maine 

PORTLAND, Cumberland County (.Continued) 

Cook, Hutchinson & Pierce 

Fidelity Building 

Charles Sumner Cook 
Charles Lyman Hutchinson 
Leonard Augustus Pierce 

Verrill, Hale, Booth & Ives 

57 Exchange Street 

Harry Mighels Verrill 
Charles Dunbar Booth 
John Fessenden Dana 
Leon Valentine Walker 
Benjamin Blethen Sanderson 
Robert Hale 

Harry R. Virgin 

120 Exchange Street 

Prciquc Isle W. R. Roix 

Richmond Refer to Bath 

Rockland S. T. Kimball 

Rockport Refer to Rockland 

Rumford George A. Hutchins 

Saco Refer to Biddeford 

Sanford Hiram Willard 

Skowhegan George W. Gower 

South Berwick C. Dean Vamey 

South Paris Walter L. Gray 

Springvale Refer to Sanford 

Thomaston Refer to Rockland 

Van Buren L. V. Thibodeau 

Waldoboro Refer to Booth Bay Harbor 

Watcrville Harvey D. Eaton 

Westbrook Refer to Portland 


Maine The Lawyers' List 

Wilton Cyrus N. Blanchard 

Winthrop Herbert E. Foster 

Wiscasset Refer to Bath 

York Village John C. Stewart 


The Lawyers' List Maryland 


Aberdeen Refer to Bel Air 

Annapolis James M. Munroe 


Bernard Carter & Sons 

Central Savings Bank Building 

Charles H. Carter 
Bernard M. Carter 
Shirley Carter 

Barton, Wilmer & Barton 

207 North Cdvert Stmt 

Randolph Barton 
Randolph Barton, Jr. 
Forrest Bramble 
James J. McGrath 
Joseph Addison 

Brown, NIarshall, Brunb & Thomas 

Cdvert Building 

Arthur George Brown 
Herbert M. Brune 
R. E. Lee Marshall 
J. Hanson Thomas 

John G. Schilpp 

Fisher, Bruce & Fisher 

American Building 

D. K. Em Fisher 

E. Ridgely Simpson 
Eben J. D. Cross 


Maryland The Lawyers* List 

BALTIMORE {Cantinuei) 

Haman, CooRy Chesnut & Markbll 

Calvert Building 

B. Howard Haman 
Vernon Cook 
W. Calvin Chesnut 

S. Ralph Wamken 
Rowland K. Adams 
George Ross Veazey 

Lbmmon & Buck 

Union Trust Building 
Walter H^Buck 
W. Carroll Hunter 

Machbn & Williams 

Calvert Building 

Arthur W. Machen, Jr. 
Raymond S. Williams 

A. Dana Hodgdon 
Roger B. Williams 

Marbury, Gosnbll & Williams 

Maryland Trust Building 

William L. Marbuiy 
Frank Gosnell 
George Weems Williams 
Jesse Slingluff 
William Lee Rawls 

George Winship Taylor 
Frank Gosnell, Jr. 
L. Vernon Miller 
Francis K. Murray 
L. Q. C. Lamar 


The Lawyers* List Maryland 



Equitable Building 

ohn E. Semmes 

esse N. Bowen 

ohn E. Semmesy Jr. 
William C. G>leman 
WilliainH. Price, Jr. 

Matthew Gault 
Harold Tschudi 
Raphael Semmes 
William D. Macmillan 

Venablb, Babtjbr & Howard 

Continental Building 

Edwin G. Baetjer 
Charles McH. Howard 
Harry N. Baetjer 

James R. Brewer, Jr. 
W. Le Roy All 
Joseph France 

Barton Refer to Western Port 

Bel Air . • Stevenson A. Williams 

Berlin Calvin B. Taylor 

Bethlehem Refer to Denton 

Bladensburg Refer to Hyattsville 

Cambridge W. Laird Henry 

Cedlton Refer to Elkton 

Centerville Thomas J. Keating 

Chesapeake City Refer to Elkton 

Chestertown Hope H. BarroU 

Choptank Refer to Denton 

Cockeysville Refer to Towson 

Crisfield Clarence P. Lankford 

Cumberland D. L. Sloan 


Maryland The Lawyers' List 

Denton Fred R. Owens 

Easton Seth, Shehan & Marshall 

Elkton Joshua Qayton 

EUicott City James Qark 

Emmitsburg Vincent Sebold 

Federalsburg Refer to Denton 

Frederick Jacob Rohrback 

Frostburg Clayton Pumell 

Goldsboro Refer to Denton 

Greensboro Refer to Denton 

Hagerstown J. Augustine Mason 

Hancock ...» Refer to Hagerstown 

Havre de Grace Refer to Bel Air 

Henderson Refer to Denton 

Hillsboro Refer to Denton 

Hobbs Refer to Denton 

Hyattsville S. Marvin Peach 

La Plata Walter J. Mitchell 

Laurel William Stanley 

Leonardtown William M. Loker 

Lonaconing Refer to Cumberland 

Luke Refer to Western Port 

Maiydel Refer to Denton 

Middletown Refer to Frederick 

North East. Refer to Elkton 

Oakland Fred A. Thayer 

Penyville Refer to Elkton 

Pocomoke City L. Paul Ewell 

Port Deposit Refer to Elkton 

Preston Refer to Denton 

Prince Frederick J. B. Bunting 

Princess Anne Miles & Myers 

Relay Refer to Baltimore 

Ridgely Refer to Denton 

Rockville Robert B. Peter 

St. Denis Refer to Baltimore 

St. Michaek Refer to Easton 


The Lawyers' List Maryland 

Salisbury Williams & Williams 

Snow Hill John W. Staton 

Taneytown Refer to Emmitsburg 

Thurmont Refer to Emmitsburg 

Towson T. Scott OflFutt 

Upper Marlboro Thosmas Vervan Clagett 

Western Port Horace P. Whitworth 

Westminster Bond & Parke 


Massachusetts The Lawyers' List 


Abington Coughlan Brothers 

Adams Refer to North Adams 

Amesbury Joseph T. Choate 

Amherst Refer to Northampton 

Andover Refer to Lawrence 

Arlington Refer to Boston 

Ashby Refer to Ayer 

Athol A. Foster Hamilton 

Attleboro Edwin F. Thayer 

Ayer John J. Maloney 

Barnstable Heman A. Harding 

Barre E. Bert Johnson 

Belmont Refer to Boston 

Beverly Alfred E. Lunt 

BOSTON, Suffolk County 

Choatb, Hall & Stewart 

SO State Street 

Charles F. Choate, Jr. 
John L. Hall 
Ralph A. Stewart 
Frederick H. Nash 
Frank W. Knowlton 
Joseph Wentworth 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

BOSTON, Suffolk County {Continued) 

Dunbar, Nutter & McClennen 

{Succeeding Brandeis, Dunbar ^ Nutter) 

i6i Devonshire Street 

William H. Dunbar 
George R. Nutter 
Edward F. McQennen 
J. Butler Studley 
Alfred L. Fish 
Jacob J. Kaplan 

Hugh WTBabb 
John E. Peakes 
Greta C. Coleman 
Helen W. Bradlee 
George P. Davis 
Murray F. Hall 

Dunbar & Rackemann 

Ames Building 

Felix Rackemann 
Harrison M. Davis 

Ralph W. Dunbar 

Fish, Richardson & Nbavb 

84 StaU Street 

Frederick P. Fish 
W. K. Richardson 
Guy Cunningham 
Alex D. Salmger 
J. Lewis Stackpole 
Harrison F. Lyman 


Massachusetts The Lawyers* List 

BOSTON, Suffolk County {ContintuJ) 

Ga8ton» Snow, Saltonstall & Hunt 
S5 Congress Street 
William A. Gaston 
Frederic E. Snow] 
Richard M. Saltonstall 
Thomas Hunt 
Lawrence A. Ford 
Henry Endicott 
John C. Rice 
Warren Motley 

Francis W. Bacon 
William E. Russell 
Merrill Griswold 
George W. Mathews 
Otis T. Russell 
Robert H. Holt 
Dunbar F. Carpenter 
R. L. Mapplebeck 

Hemenway & Barnes 

Tremont Building 

Alfred Hemenway 
Charles B. Barnes 
Arthur G. Mitton 

Herrick, SMiTHy Donald & Farley 
S4 StaU Street 

Robert F. Herrick 
Guy Cunningham 
Jeremiah Smith, Jr. 
Malcolm Donald 
J. W. Farley H 
Arthur H. Weed 
Henry W. Dunn 
Edward A. Taft 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

BOSTON, Suffolk County (Continuid) 

HuRLBURT, Jones & Hall 

S3 Stati Street 

Heniy F. Hurlburt 
Boyd B. Jones 
Damon E. Hall 
Henry F. Hurlburt, Jr. 
Francis P. Garland 
Philip N. Jones 

Goldmann Edmunds 
Albert W. Rockwood 
Joseph D. Taylor 
Herbert U. Smith 

Johnson, Clapp & Underwood 

$0 StaU Street 

Benjamin N. Johnson 
Robert P. Clapp 
W. Orison Underwood 
Henry F. Knight 
Ripley L. Dana 

Arthur F. Johnson 
Hervey W. King 

Matthews, Thompson U Spring 

Tremont BuiUing 

Nathan Matthews 
William G. Thompson 
Romney Spring 

George E. Mears 


Massachusetts The Lawyers* List 

BOSTON, Suffolk County {Continued) 

Robert M. Morsb 

Equitabli Building 

Robert M. Morse 

William M. Richardson 
Charles E. Hellier 
William P. Everts 
John R. Lazenby 

PuTNAM» Putnam & Bell 

60 StaU Street 

William Lowell Putnam 
James Lowell Putnam 
Stoughton Bell 
Arthur J. Santry 
Arthur Foster Ray 
Harvey HoUister Bundy 

Coleman Silbert 

Ropes, Gray, Boyden & Perkins 

60 StaU Street 

Clift Rogers Clapp 
Roland W. Boyden 
Thomas Nelson Perkins 
Roland Gray 
Henry L. Shattuck 
William H. Best 
Roger Ernst 
Archibald R. Graustein 
John B. Pierce 
Albert Boyden 
William Nelson 
John Richardson 

Samuel PT White 
Howard Whitmore 



The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

BOSTON, Suffolk County (Continued) 

RoPBS» Gray, Boyden & Perkins {Continued) 

60 StaU Street 

Arthur H. Morse 
Clifford H. Walker 
James £. Carroll 
James W. Mudge 
Robert D. Brewer 
Albert A. Schaefer 
F. Deland Putnam 
John E. Searle 
Benjamin Loring Young 
John Rae Oilman 
John M. Foster 
Artemas C. Townsend 
Henry White Edgerton 
Abram Berkowitz 
Frank D. Comerford 

Storey, Thorndikb, Palmer & Dodge 

Exchange Building 

Moorfield Storey 
John L. Thomdike 
Bradley W. Pakner 
Robert G. Dodge 
Henry Ware 
Reginald H. Johnson 
Richard C. Storey 
J. Lothrop Motley 
Harold S. Davis 
Francis V. Barstow 
F. Walker Johnson 


Massachusetts The Lawyers' List 

BOSTON, Suffolk County {Continued) 

Tyler, Tucker, Eambs & Wright 

Ames Building 

Charles H. Tyler 
Hugo Qark 
Burton £. Eames 
John P. Wright 
William J. Tucker 

Ira H. Ellis 
Robert A. Pritchard 
WilUam C. Rice 
Chauncey W. Hood 
Dexter B. Pattison 

Warner, Stackpolb & Bradlbe 

84 State Street 

Joseph B. Warner 
Henry E. Warner 
Pierpont L. Stackpole 
John G. Palfrey 
Howard Twombly 
Edward C. Bradlee 
Richard J. Cotter 
E. Barton Chapin 

Stuart Montgomery 
Charles G. Lewis 
Gladwin M. Nead 
J. Frederick Mann 
Ralph S. Spooner 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

BOSTON, Suffolk County {Continued) 

yfniFFLEf Sears & Ogdbn 

Tremont Building 

Sherman L. Whipple 
William R. Sean 
Hugh W. Ogden 
Alexander Lincoln 
Edward O. Proctor 
Lothrop Withington 
Qarence M. Gordon 

Braintree • • Refer to Boston 

Bridgewater F. E. Sweet 

Brockton Elmer H. Fletcher 

Brookfield Refer to Worcester 

Brookline Refer to Boston 

Cambridge Refer to Boston 

Cambridgeport Refer to Boston 

Campello Refer to Brockton 

Canton Refer to Boston 

Charlestown Refer to Boston 

Chatham Refer to Barnstable 

Chelsea Refer to Boston 

Chicopee McDonnell & Gallagher 

Chicopee Falls Refer to Chicopee 

Clinton Amos T. Saunders 

Cohasset Refer to Hingham 

Concord Refer to Boston 

Dalton Refer to Pittsfield 

Danvers Refer to Salem 

Dartmouth Refer to New Bedford 

Dedham Refer to Boston 

Douglass Refer to Worcester 

Easthampton Refer to Northampton 

East Pepperell Refer to Ayer 

Edgartown Refer to New Bedford 


Massachusetts The Lawyers' List 

Essex Refer to Gloucester 

Everett Refer to Boston 

Fairhaven Refer to New Bedford 

FALL RIVER, Bristol County 

Borden, Kenyon & Hawes 

S7 North Main Street 

Richard P. Borden 
James H. Kenyon, Jr. 
Richard K. Hawes 

Jennings & Brayton 

25 South Main Street 

Andrew J. Jennings 
Israel Brayton 

FITCHBURG, Worcester County 

Baker k Baker 

527 Main Street 

Charles F. Baker 
Emerson W. Baker 

Foxboro Ezra C. Comey 

Framingham Merriam k Hooper 

Franklin Refer to Boston 

Gardner Carney k Blake 

Georgetown Hariy E. Perkins 

Gloucester Lincoln S. Simonds 

Grafton Refer to Worcester 

Great Barrington John S. Stone 

Greenfield William A. Davenport 

Groton Refer to Ayer 

Harwich Refer to Bamsuble 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

HAVERHILL, Essex County 

Peters, Cole & Magison 

Haverhill National Bank Building 

W. Scott Peters 
Harry J. Cole 
Frederick H. Magison 

Hingham Elmer L. Curtiss 

Holyoke Patrick J. Garvey 

Hudson Charles Parker Tucker 

Hyannis Refer to Barnstable 

Hyde Park Refer to Boston 

Ipswich George'H. W. Hayes 

Lancaster Allan G. Buttrick 

LAWRENCE, Essex County 

Eaton & Chandler 

Bay State Building 

Fred H. Eaton 
Frederic N. Chandlei 

Sweeney, Sargent & Sweeney 

5/(5 Essex Street 

John P. Sweeney 
Irving W. Sargent 
Arthur Sweeney 

Lcc Clark & Qark 

Lenox Refer to Lee 

Leominster Franklin Freeman 

Lexington Refer to Boston 

Littleton Refer to Ayer 


Massachusetts The Lawyers' List 

«- ■ M l - I..-. I —^ 

LOWELL, Middlesex County 

Dunbar & Rogers 

4S Merrimack Stnet 

Frank E. Dunbar 
John Jacob Rogers 

John J. Pickman 

4S Mnrimack Street 

LYNN, Essex County 


Security Trust Building 

Elisha M. Stevens 
Edward S. Underwood 
Heniy R. Mayo 

George W. Howe 
Frederick E. Litchfield 

Maiden Refer to Boston 

Manchester Refer to Gloucester 

Mansfield Refer to Boston 

Marblehead Refer to Salem 

Marlboro John E. Rice 

Maynard Howard A. Wilson 

Medford Refer to Boston 

Melrose Refer to Boston 

Methuen Refer to Lawrence 

Middleboro George W. Stetson 

Milford Refer to Worcester 

Millbuiy Refer to Worcester 

Milton Refer to Boston 

Nantucket Refer to New Bedford 

Needham William G. Moseley 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

NEW BEDFORD, Brittol County 

Crapo, Clifford & Prbscott 

Masonic Building 

WilUam W. Crapo 
Charles W. CliflFord 
Heniy H. Crapo 
Oliver Prescott 
John H. Qifford 

Stetson & Stetson 

Masonic Building 

Eliot D. Stetson 
Frederick D. Stetson 

Ncwbuiyport Timothy S. Herlihy 

Newton Refer to Boston 

North Adams P. J. Ashe 

Northampton E. L. Shaw 

North Andover Refer to Lawrence 

North Attleboro Refer to Attleboro 

North Brookfield Refer to Worcester 

Norwood V Horace T. Atwood 

Orange Henry S. Ames 

Palmer David F. Dillon 

Peabody Benjamin G. Hall 

Pittsfield Hibbard & Hibbard 

Plymouth George C. Peterson 

Quincy John W. McAnamey 

Randolph Asa P. French 

Reading James W. Grimes 

Revere Refer to Boston 

Rockland George W. Kelley 

Rockport Refer to Gloucester 


Massachusetts The Lawyers* List 

■" ■ ■ ^"^ 

SALEM, Essex County 

Sullivan & Deyine 

252 Essex Street 

Michael L. Sullivan 

Michael J. Reardon 
James J. Ronan 

Robert M. Mahoney 

114 Washington Street 

Shdburae Falls Refer to Greenfield 

Somerville Refer to Boston 

Southbridge Henry B. Montag;ue 

South Framingham Refer to Framingham 

Spencer Refer to Worcester 

SPRINGFIELD, Hampden County 

Charles H. BECKwrrH 

Court Square Theatre Building 

McClintock & Hoar 

423 Main Street 

Edward A. McClintock 
David B. Hoar 

Raymond D. Houlihan 

Walter S. Robinson 

500 Main Street 
Walter S. Robinson 

Harlan PTSmall 
Edward T. Broadhurst 

Stoneham Luther Hill 

Stoughton E. F. Leonard 

Taunton Arthur M. Alger 


The Lawyers' List Massachusetts 

Townsend Refer to Ayer 

Uxbridge Refer to Worcester 

Wakefield Refer to Boston 

Walpole G>nielius E. Hale 

Waltham Nathan A. Tufts 

Ware Hubert M. Coney 

Wareham J. Frank Kieman 

Watertown Refer to Boston 

Webster Refer to Worcester 

Wellesley Refer to Boston 

Westboro Refer to Worcester 

Westfield Henry W. Ashley 

Weymouth Refer to Quincy 

Whitinsville Refer to Worcester 

Whitman James T. Kirby 

Williamstown Refer to North Adams 

Wilmington Refer to Lowell 

Winchester Refer to Boston 

Winthrop Refer to Boston 

Wobum Johnson & Johnson 

WORCESTER, Worcester County 

Smith, Gaob & Drbssbr 

^go Main Stmt 

Thomas Hovey Gage 
Frank F. Dresser 
Charles A. Hamilton 
Merrill S. June 


Michigan The Lawyers* List 


Adrian T. M. Joslin 

Albion Weeks & Cooper 

Allegan Clare E. Hoffman 

Alma William A. Bahlke 

Almont. Frank P. Andrus 

Alpena Henry & Henry 

Ann Arbor Cavanaugh & Burke 

Au Sable Refer to Tawas City 

Bad Axe George M. Clark 

Battle Creek Leland H. Sabin 

BAY CITY, Bay County 

Edward S. Clark 

Shearer Building 
Edward^ Qark 
Victor Spike 

Belding Refer to Ionia 

Bellaire Refer to Traverse City 

Benton Harbor Gore & Harvey 

Berrien Springs Refer to St. Joseph 

Bessemer William S. Baird 

Big Rapids Butler & Everett 

Blissfield Charles L. Robertson 

Boyne City Harris & Ruegsegger 

Buchanan A. C. Roe 

Cadillac Gaff'ney, Miltner & Millington 

Calumet Galbraith & McCormack 

Caro Quinn, Wixson & Quinn 

Cass City J. D. Brooker 

Cassopolis CM. Lyle 

Centreville Refer to Three Riven 

Charlevoix R. L. Lewift 

Charlotte Russell R. McPeek 


The Lawyers' List Michigan 

Cheboygan Sprague & Shepherd 

Chelsea Stivert & Kalmbach 

Chesaning Charles W. Cheeney 

Clare Joseph F. Bowler 

Coldwater Frank £. Knapp 

Coleman Refer to Midland 

Constantine Wilbur F. Thomas 

Coopersville • . • Refer to Grand Haven 

Corunna. John T. McCurdy 

CroswelL George Flott 

Ciytul Falls M. H. Moriarty 

DETROIT, Wayne County 

Amgbll, Bodman k Turner 

Dime Bank Building 

Alexis C. Angell 
Henry £. Bodman 
James Turner 

Clifton G. Dyer 
Edward G. Kemp 
Harry H. Mead 

Herbert E. Boynton, Counsel 
Bbaumont, Smfth U Harris 

Ford Building 

John W. Beaumont 
Hal H. Smith 
Julian H. Harris 

Charles Wright, Jr. 
Archibald Broomfield 
Albert £. Meder 
Thomas B. Moore 
John L. Embach 
L. J. Carey 
Roy H. Curtis 


Michigan The Lawyers' List 

DETROIT, Wayne County {Continued) 

Campbell, Bulklby & Lbdyard 

Union Trust Building 

Heniy M. Campbell 

Charles H. Campbell 

Hariy C. Bulkley 

Henry Ledyard 

Charles H. L'Hommedieu * 

Wilson W. Mills 

Douglas Campbell 

Selden S. Dickinson 
Charles McV. Willits 

Donnelly, Hally, Lyster & Munro 

Ford Building 

John C. Donnelly 
P. J. M. Hally 
Henry L. Lyster 
Alexander Munro 
Edward Donnelly 
William M. Donnelly 


Dime Bank Building 

Clarence A. Lightner 
Walter E. Oxtoby 
Stewart Hanley 
Milo H. Crawford 

Harry L. Bell 
Lester P. Dodd 

Miller, Canfield, Paddock &' Perry 

Penobscot Building 

Sidney Trowbridge Miller 
George Lewis Canfield 


The Lawyers' List Michigan 

DETROIT, Wayne County {Continuii) 

Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Perry {Con,) 

Penobscot Building 

Lewis Henry Paddock 
George Bulkley Perry 
Ferris D. Stone 

Arthur D. Campbell 
John C. Spaulding 
John C. Winter 
William J. Shaw 
Albert G. Goetz 
Frank H. Pearce 

OxTOBY & Wilkinson 

Dime Bank Building 

James V. Oxtoby 
Charles J^. Wilkinson 

McKee Robison 
Oscar C. Hull 

Stevenson, Carpenter, Butzbl & Backus 

Ford Building 

Elliott G. Stevenson 
William L. Carpenter 
Leo M . Butzel 
Standish Backus 
Thomas G. Long 

Samuel R. Williams 
William P. Winch 
Rockwell T. Gust 
Charles A. Wagner 


Michigan The Lawyers' List 

DETROIT, Wayne County {Continued) 

Trowbridge & Lewis 

Ford Building 

Luther S. Trowbridge 
Edwin C. Lewis 
James K. Watkins 

William J. Gray, Jr. 
John H. Brennan 

Walker & Spalding 

Dime Bank Building 

Bryant Walker 
Hinton E. Spalding 

Warren, Cady, Ladd k Hill 

Union Trust Building 

Charles B. Warren 
William B. Cady 
Sanford W. Ladd 
Joseph G. Hamblen, Jr. 
Sherwin A. Hill 
Justin R. Whiting 

Carl V. Esseiy 
Charles Elbert Lewis, Jr. 
Henry C. Bogle 
Horace W. Bigelow 
Russell A. McNair 

Qaudius B. Grant, of Counsel 

Dowagiac James H. Kinnane 

Dundee Refer to Monroe 

Durand Refer to Corunna 

East Jordan Refer to Boyne City 

East Tawas Refer to Tawas City 

Eaton Rapids Joseph B. Hendee 


The Lawyers' List Michigan 

Escanaba S. M. Matthews 

Evart Dan Youngs 

Fenton George F. MacNeal 

Flint Carton, Roberts & Stewart 

Flushing Refer to Flint 

Fowlerville Refer to Howell 

Frankfort Refer to Manistee 

Fremont Milo A. White 

Gaylord W. L. Townsend 

Gladstone Refer to Escanaba 

Gladwin J. C. Shaffer 

Grand Haven Lillie, Lillie & Lillie 

Grand Ledge Raymond A. Latting 

GRAND RAPIDS, Kent County 


Michigan Trust Building 

Roger W. Butterfield 
WiUard F. Keeney 
Roger C. Butterfield 
Julius H. Amberg 

Thomas E. Atkinson 

Knappen, Uhl & Bryant 

Michigan Trust Building 

Stuart E. Knappen 
Marshall M. Uhl 
Harold W^ Bryant 

W. Devere Bryant 

Travis, Merrick, Warner & Johnson 

Michigan Trust Building 

Philip H. Travis 
Benjamin P. Merrick 
David A. Warner 
Edgar H. Johnson 


Michigan The Lawyers' List 

GRAND RAPIDS, Kent County {Conttnved) 

Charles E. Ward 

Murray Building 

Grayling Homer L. Fitch 

Greenville £. J. Bowman 

Hancock Hanchette & Lawton 

Harbor Beach Refer to Bad Axe 

Harbor Springs Refer to Petoskey 

Harrison George J. Cummins 

Harrisville Herman Dehnke 

Hart Earl C. Pugsley 

Hartford Refer to Paw Paw 

Hastings Thomas Sullivan 

Hillsdale Wilbur D. Grommon 

Holland Diekema, Kollen & Ten Cate 

Holly Refer to Pontiac 

Houghton Allen F. Rees 

Howard Ci^ Refer to Greenville 

Howell L. E. Howlett 

Hubbell Refer to Calumet 

Hudson B. D. Chandler 

Ionia Hawley & Eldred 

Iron Mountain H. M. Pelham 

Iron River L. A. Lyon 

Ironwood. CM. Humphrey 

Ishpemmg W. T. Potter 

Ithaca John T. Matthews 

Jackson Richard Price 

Jonesville Refer to Hillsdale 

Kalamazoo Harry C. Howard 

Kalkaska. . . , Ernest C. Smith 

Lake City GafFney» Miltner & Millington 

Lake Linden Refer to Calumet 

Lake Odessa Refer to Ionia 

L'Anse Joseph J. O'Connor 


The Lawyers* List Michigan 

Lansing Cummins & Nichols 

Lapeer Theodore D. Halpin 

Laurium Refer to Calumet 

Leland Refer to Traverse City 

Lowell Refer to Grand Rapids 

Ludington. M. B. Danaher 

Mancelona Refer to Kalkaska 

Manchester Refer to Ann Arbor 

Manistee Dovel & Dovel 

Manistique Carey W. Dunton 

Marcellus Refer to Cassopolis 

Marine City Refer to Port Huron 

Marlette D. Stuart McCIure 

Marquette Miller, Eldredge & Eldredge 

Marshall C C. Miller 

Mason Refer to Lansing 

Mendon George £. Shank 

Menominee Sawyer & Sawyer 

Middleville Refer to Hastings 

Midland Gilbert A. Currie 

Milford Refer to Pontiac 

Mio Refer to Tawas City 

Mohawk Refer to Calumet 

Monroe Thornton Dixon 

Mt. Qemens Eldredge & Kelly 

Mt. Pleasant Francis McNamara 

Munbing David E. Simmons 

Muskegon Cross, Foote & Sessions 

Negaunee Refer to Marquette 

Newaygo Refer to Fremont 

Newberry Alexander L. Sayles 

NUes Wilber N. Bums 

North Branch Refer to Lapeer 

Northville Refer to Detroit 

Norway J. C. Knight 

Onaway Refer to Cheboygan 

Ontonagon Van Slyck & Walsh 


Michigan The Lawyers' List 

Orion John A. Neal 

Otsego Refer to Allegan 

Ovid , Refer to St. Johns 

Owosso Warren Pierpont 

Oxford Refer to Pontiac 

Paw Paw David Anderson 

Pellston Refer to Petoskey 

Petoskey Charles J. Pailthorp 

Plainwell E. J. Anderson 

Plymouth Refer to Detroit 

Pontiac Patterson & Patterson 

Port Huron Phillips & Jenks 

Quincy W. H. Lockerby 

Reed City. Howard F. Withey 

Rogers Griffin Covey, Jr. 

Romeo Refer to Mt. Qemens 

Roscommon Refer to Grayling 

SAGINAW, Saginaw County 

HuMPHRBYy Grant k Henry 

Eddy Building 

Watts S. Humphrey 

George Grant 
Guy D. Henry 

Wbadock & Wbadock 

Bearinger Building 

George W. Weadock 
Vincent Weadock 
Jerome Weadock 

St. Qair. Refer to Port Huron 

St. Ignace Henry Hoffman 

St. Johns Walbridge & Fehling 

St. Joseph James O'Hara 


The Lawyers' List Michigan 

St. Louis Refer to Ithaca 

Sandusky C. F. Gates 

Saranac. Refer to Ionia 

Saugatuck Refer to Holland 

Sault Ste. Marie Wiley & Green 

Shelby Refer to Hart 

South Haven Frederick C. Cogshall 

Sundish B. J. Henderson 

Stanton L. C. Palmer 

Sturgis D. M. Britton 

Tawas City N. C. Hartingh 

Tecumseh Refer to Adrian 

Three Rivers George H. Arnold 

Traverse City Parmius C. Gilbert 

Vassar Refer to Caro 

Wayne Refer to Detroit 

West Branch Harris & Chapin 

White Qoud F. W. Riblet 

WiUiamston. William T. Webb 

Wyandotte Charles H. Marr 

Yale Refer to Port Huron 

Ypsilanri John P, Kirk 


Minnesota The Lawyers' List 


Ada Michael A. Brattland 

Aitkin John C. Hessian 

Albert Lea Dunn & Carlson 

Alexandria Gunderson & Leadi 

Anoka John P. Coleman 

Appleton Refer to Benson 

Austm Arthur W. Wright 

Bagley William A. McGlennon 

Bamesville N. B. Hanson 

Bemidji Marshall A. Spooner 

Benson Hudson & Hudson 

Blue Earth Putnam & Carlson 

D&auicrci •■••••••(••••(•••••■•••••■••••fa jc«« £«Dn6r 

Breckenridge E. H. Elwin 

Buffalo Henry Spindler 

Buhl Refer to Chisholm 

Caledonia O. K. Dahle 

Cambridge A. H. Southerland 

Canby J. N^ Johnson 

Cannon Falls Refer to Red Wing 

Carlton Henry Oldenburg 

Cass Lake J. E. Lundrigan 

Center City Alfred P. Stolberg 

Chaska Refer to Shakopee 

Chatfield Refer to Preston 

Chisholm Alger R. Syme 

Cloquet Hanford F. Cox 

Coleraine Refer to Grand Rapids 

Crookston Vaule & Murphy 

Crosby Murphy & Cook 

Dawson Refer to Madison 

Delano Refer to Buffalo 

Detroit Fred Dennis 


The Lawyers' List Minnesota 

DULUTH, St. Louii County 

Baldwin, Baldwin, Holmes & Mayall 

Ahoorih Building 

Charles O. Baldwin 
Albert Baldwin 
Donald S. Holmes 
Robert D. Mayall 

Cotton, Nbukom & Colton 

Ahoorih Building 

Joseph Bell Cotton 
John W. Neukom 
Chauncey C. Colton 

Crassweller & Crassweller 

Exchange Building 

Frank Crassweller 
Arthur H. Crassweller 

Frank H. Crassweller 

Fryberger, Fulton & Spear 

Lonsdale Building 

Herschel B. Fryberger 
Homer C. Fulton 
George H. Spear 
Harvey Hoshour 

Washburn, Bailey & Mitchell 

Alworth Building 

Jed L. Washburn 
William D. Bailey 
Oscar Mitchell 
Albert C. Gillette 
A. McC. Washburn 
H. A. Carmichael 


Minnesota The Lawyers' List 

Eagle Bend Refer to Long Prairie 

East Grand Forks Bronson & Rasmussen 

Elbow Lake E. J. Scofield 

Elk River Charles S. Wheaton 

Ely A. J. Thomas 

Eveleth J. C. McGilvery 

Fairfax Frank Hopkins 

Fairmont J. E. Haycraft 

Faribault Charles S. Batchelder 

Farmington Refer to Hastings 

Fergus Falls Hilton & Thompson 

Fosston John Vig 

Frazee Refer to Detroit 

Gaylord ' George A. McKenzie 

Glencoe Frank R. Allen 

Glenwood E. M. Webster 

Graceville M.S. Stevens 

Grand Rapids Ralph A. Stone 

Granite Falls Paul D. Stratton 

Hallock Ralph V. Blethen 

Hastings W. H. Gillitt 

Henderson Refer to Le Sueur 

Henning Anton Thompson 

Heron Lake Refer to Jackson 

Hibbing D. T. Collins 

Hutchinson Samuel G. Anderson, Jr. 

Intemarional Falls Phinney & Campbell 

Ivanhoe Louis P. Johnson 

Jackson F. B. Faber 

Janesville Refer to Waseca 

Kasson Lord & Little 

Lake Benton Refer to Ivanhoe 

LakeCinr J.E.Phillips 

Lakefield Refer to Jackson 

Lambertt>n A. H. Enersen 

Le Sueur Ora J. Parker 

Lesueur Center L. W. Prendergast 


The Lawyers' List Minnesota 

Litchfield Ernest W. Campbell 

Little Falls Stephen C. & Louis W. Vasaly 

Long Prairie Arthur B. Church 

Luveme C. H. Christopherson 

Madison Nathaniel F. Soderberg 

Mahnomen J. T. Van Metre 

Mankato Samuel B. Wilson 

Mantorville Refer to Kasson 

Mapleton Refer to Mankato 

Marshall De Reu & Kennedy 

Melrose Donahue & Stephens 

Milaca R. Vaaler 

MINNEAPOLIS, Hennepin County 

Brown & Gubsmbr 

Metropolitan Life BuiUing 

Rome G. Brown 
Arnold L. Guesmer 

Harry S. Carson 
Edwin C. Brown 

Cobb, Wheblwrigbt & Dillb 

Loan and Trust Building 
Albert C. Cobb 
J. O. P. Wheelwright 
John I. Dille 
John C. Benson 

C. E. Warner 

CoHBN, Atwatbr. & Shaw 

Loan and Trujt Building 

Emanuel Cohen 
John B. Atwater 
Frank WJhaw 

Wilbur D. Shaw 

Minnesota The Lawyers' List 

MINNEAPOLIS, Hennepin County (Continued) 

Jamison, Swan, Stinchfibld & Mackall 

Metropolitan Life Building 

Robert Jamison 
James G. Swan 
Frederick H. Stinchfield 
Henry C. Mackall 

John R. Van Derlip, Counsel 

Keith, Kingman, Cross & Wallace 

Security Building 

Joseph R. Kingman 
Norton M. Cross 
Thomas F. Wallace 
Harold G. Cant 

KooN, Whblan & Hempstead 

Loan and Trust Building 

Ralph Whelan 
Will A. Koon 
Clark Hempstead 

Lancaster, Simpson & Purdy 

First National-^oo Line Building 

William A. Lancaster 
David F. Simpson 
Milton D. Purdy 

James E. Dorsey 

Jambs D. Shearer & L. B. Btard 

Loan and Trust Building 

James D. Shearer 
Lee Brooks Byard 

Walter J. Trogncr 

1 52 

The Lawyers' List Minnesota 

Montevideo C. A. Fosnes 

Monticello Refer to Buffalo 

Moorhead C. G. Dosland 

Mora J. C. King 

Morris Paul L. Spooner 

New Ulm Somsen & Dempsey 

Northfield William W. Pye 

Olivia J. M. Freeman 

Ortonville Charles £. Chrisman 

Osakis Refer to Alexandria 

Owatonna Sawyer & Sperry 

Park Rapids F. A. Vanderpoel 

Pelican Rapids Charles L. Alexander 

Perham M. J. Daly 

Pine City S* v7« JL. Roberts 

Pipestone Morris Evans 

Plainview James A. Carley 

Preston Grs|y & Thompson 

Princeton £. L. McMillan 

Red Lake Falls Charles £. Boughton 

Red Wing Mohn & Mohn 

Redwood Falls Frank Clague 

Renville Daly & Barnard 

Rochester Burt W. Eaton 

Roseau Roger J. Bell 

St. Charles Refer to Winona 

St. Cloud Ripley B. Brower 

St. James £. C. Farmer 


Minnesota The Lawyers' List 

ST. PAUL, Ramsey County 

Butler, Mitchell & Dohertv 

Merchants National Bank Building 

Pierce Butler 
William D. Mitchell 
Michael J. Doherty 

Wilfrid £. Rumble 
Charles Bunn 
Pierce Butler, Jr. 

Clapp & Macartney 

Merchants National Bank Building 
Newel H. Clapp 
Augustus W. Clapp 

Davis, Severance & Olds 

Merchants National Bank Building 

Cordenio A. Severance 
Robert £. Olds 
George W. Morgan 
Guy Chase 
Warren S. Carter 

LiOHTNER & Young 

Endicott Building 

William H. Lightner 
Edward B. Young 
Milton C. Lightner 

Moore, Oppenheimer & Peterson 

Merchants National Bank Building 

Albert R. Moore 
William H. Oppenheimer 
George W. Peterson 
Samuel G. Ordway 
Frank C. Hodgson 


The Lawyers' List Minnesota 

ST. PAULy Ramsey County (Continue J) 

O'Brien, Young, Stone & Horn 

Pioneer Building 

Thomas D. O'Brien 
Edward T. Young 
Royal A. Stone 
Alexander E. Horn 
Dillon J. O'BHen 

Sauk Center M. C. Kclsey 

Sauk Rapids Refer to St. Qoud 

Shakopee Julius A. Coller 

Slayton B. H. Whitney 

Sleepy Eye Refer to New Ulm 

Springfield Refer to New Ulm 

Spring Valley R. J. Parker 

Staples Richard N. Gardner 

Stillwater Manwaring & Sullivan 

Thief River Falls H. O. Chommie 

Tracy Robinson & English 

Two Harbors John Dwan 

Virginia Otto A. Poirier 

Wabasha Murdoch & Lothrop 

Wadena John H. Mark 

Walker Edward L. Rogers 

Warren Julius J. Olson 

Warroad Alexander Fosmark 

Waseca John Moonan 

Watervillc Refer to Waseca 

Wells C. E. Conant 

Wheaton Murphy & Anderson 

Willmar. George H. Ottemess 

Windom O. J. Finstad 

Winnebago William H. Hodgman 

Winona Tawney, Smith & Tawney 

Worthtngton S. S. Smith 

Mississippi The Lawyers' List 


Aberdeen Houston & Houston 

Ackerman J. Lewis Seawright 

Amory Refer to Aberdeen 

Ashland Refer to Ripley 

Baldwyn W. M. Cox 

Batesville L. B. Lamb 

Bay St. Louis McDonald & Marshall 

Bay Springs C. W. Thigpen 

Beaumont Refer to Hattiesburg 

Belen Refer to Marks 

Belzoni W. S. Khotts 

Biloxi Refer to Gulfport 

Booneville £. C. Sharp 

Brandon W. E. Mclntyre 

Brookhaven Cassedy & Sumrall 

Calhoun City Refer to Pittsboro 

Canton H. B. Greaves 

CarroUton Hughston & McEachem 

Carthage W. A. Ellis 

Charleston Woods & Kuykendall 

Clarksdale Maynard & FitzGerald 

Qeveland M. B. Hilton 

CofFeeville W. L Stone 

Collins D. A\ Mcintosh 

Columbia Mounger & Ford 

Columbus J. L Sturdivant 

Corinth J. M. Boone 

Crystal Springs Refer to Hazlehurst 

Decatur Refer to Newton 

De Kalb Joseph H. Daws 

Durant Refer to Lexington 

Ellisville Refer to Laurel 

Enterprise H. C. Dear 

Eupora Joseph T. Dunn 

Fayette Torey & Logan 


The Lawyers' List Mississippi 

Forest Jeff. Kent 

Friar Point Refer to Clarksdale 

Fulton M. C. Benson 

Gloster Refer to Liberty 

Greenville Perqr & Perqr 

Greenwood Gardner, McBee & Gardner 

Grenada W. C. McLean 

Gulfport. V. A. Griffith 

Hattiesburg Stevens & G>ok 

Hazlehurst J. S. Sexton 

Hernando Tipton & Wall 

Hickory Refer to Newton 

Holly Springs William A. B^lk 

Houston J. E. Harrington 

Indianola D. M. Quinn 

luka W.B. Ellis 

JACKSON, Hinds County 

R. H. & J. H. Thompson 

Ii8 North Congress StreH 

Robert H. Thompson 
J. Harvey Thompson 
Fulton Thompson 

Kosciusko O. A. Luckett 

Laurel Stone Deavours 

Leakesville J. E. Alderman 

Leland Refer to Greenville 

Lexington G. H. McMorrough 

Liberty Charles T. Gordon 

Louisville R. C. Jones 

Lucedale Oscar Backstrom 

Lumberton Refer to Poplarville 

McComb E. G. Williams 

Macon Bush & Strong 

Magnolia Price h Price 


Mississippi The Lawyers' List 

Mahned Refer to Hattiesburg 

Marks P. H. Lowrey 

Mayersville Refer to Rolling Fork 

Meadville Whittington & McGehee 

M endenhall Refer to Jackson 

MERIDIAN, Lauderdale County 


Citizens National Bank Building 

William £. Baskin 
Richard £. Wilboum 

Mbnticello John H. Arrington 

Moss Point Refer to Pascagoula 

Mount Olive Edwin L. Calhoun 

Natchez Truly & Truly 

New Albany C. Lee Crum 

New Augusta Refer to Hattiesburg 

Newton J. R. Byrd 

Ocean Springs Refer to Pascagoula 

Okolona A. T. Stovall 

Oxford Kimbrough. & Bryan 

Pascagoula White & Ford 

Pass Christian Refer to Gulfport 

Philadelphia G. E. WUson 

Pittsboro Thomas L. Haman, Jr. 

Pontotoc Fontaine & Fontaine 

Poplarville Parker & Shivers 

Port Gibson J. T. Drake 

Prentiss Livingston & Milloy 

Purvis J. E. Cooper 

Quitman Samuel H. Terral 

Raleigh T.J.Wills 

Raymond Paul D. Ratliff 

Richton Refer to Hattiesburg 

Ripley T. E. Pegram 


The Lawyers' List Mississippi 

Rolling Fork W. H. Clcmenti 

Rosedale Refer to Cleveland 

Ruleville Refer to Indianola 

Sardis L. F. Rainwater 

Seminary Refer to Collins 

Senatobia Harper Johnson 

Shaw Refer to Cleveland 

Shelby Refer to Cleveland 

Shubuta D. W. Heidelberg 

Starkville W. W. Magruder 

Summit Refer to McComb 

Sumner Ward & Ward 

Sumrall J« T. Garraway 

Tunica Henderson & Robinson 

Tupelo Anderson & Anderson 

Tylertown V. M. Roby 

Union Refer to Newton 

Vaiden F. M. Glass 

VICKSBURG, Warren County 

HiRSH» Dent & Landau 

First National Bank Building 

Joseph Hirsh 
Robert Lowry Dent 
Moses David Landau 

Walthall Refer to Eupora 

Water Valley Hugh M. Baddley 

Waynesboro D. M. Taylor 

Wesson Refer to Hazlehurst 

West Point Gates T. Ivy 

Wiggins W. C. Batson 

Winona V. D. Rowe 

WoodviUc W. F. Tucker 

Yazoo City Bamett & Perrin 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 


Albany J. W. Peery 

Alton J. D. Brooks 

Anderson W. R. Lipscomb 

Appleton City Refer to Osceola 

Ash Groye Refer to Springfield 

Aurora H. H. Bloss 

Ava Joseph V. Pitts 

Benton Albert De Reign 

Bemie W. E. Edmonds 

Bethany Frisby & Frisby 

Bcvier C. F. Hale 

Bloomfield E. J. Williams 

Bolivar Herman Pufahl 

Bonne Terre J. H. Malugen 

Boonville Roy D. Williams 

Bosworth T. L. Crane 

Bowling Green Hostetter & Haley 

Braymer Refer to Chillicothe 

Breckenridge Refer to Hamilton 

Brookfield Bailey & Hart 

Brunswick Benecke & Benecke 

Bucklin R. S. Kathan 

Buffalo John S. Haymes 

Butler Silvers & Silvers 

California R. M. Embiy 

Cameron Frank B. Klepper 

Campbell Refer to Kennett 

Canton Refer to La Grange 

Cape Girardeau W. J. Webb 

Carrollton Lozier & Morris 

Carterville Refer to Carthage 

Carthage McReynolds & McReynolds 

Caruthersville Ward & Reeves 

Cassville J. S. Davis 

Ccnterville CM. Buford 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

Centralia Refer to G>luinbia 

Charleston Russell & Josljm 

Chillicothe Frank Sheetz 

Clarence H. A. Wright 

Qarksvaie Frank J. Duvall 

Clayton A. E. L. Gardner 

Clinton Parks & Parks 

Columbia McBaine, Clark & Rollins 

Commerce Refer to Benton 

Crane Refer to Aurora 

Cuba Refer to Steelville 

De Soto E. C. Edgar 

Dexter Charles Liles 

Dixon Refer to Waynesville 

Doniphan Charles O. Borth 

Edina J. C. Dorian 

Eldon Refer to Tuscumbia 

El Dorado Springs D. Walker Smith 

Elsberry Refer to Troy 

Elvins I. N. Threlkeld 

Eminence S. A. Cunningham 

Excelsior Springs Harris L. Moore 

Farmmgton E. A. Rozier 

Fayette S. C. Major 

Flat River Refer to Farmington 

Forsyth C. B, Sharp 

Fredericktown Roben A. Anthony 

Fulton T. A. Boulware 

Gainesville T. J. Luna 

Galena William E. Renfro 

Gallatin Dudley, Selby & Brandon 

Glasgow James H. Denny 

Granby Refer to Neosho 

Grant City Kelso & Kelso 

Greenfield Benjamin M. Neale 

GrecnviU V. V. Ing 

Hamilton Johnson & McAfee 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 

Hannibal Mahan, Smith & Mahan 

Harrisonville A. A. Whitsitt 

Hartville £. B. Gamer 

Hayti Refer to Caruthersville 

Hermann Robert Walker 

Hermitage William L. Pitts 

Htgginsville James P. Chinn 

Hillsboro Clyde Williams 

Holden Refer to Warrensburg 

Houston Hiett & Scott 

Huntsville J. N. Hamilton 

lUmo Refer to Benton 

Independence John G. Paxton 

Ironton Edgar & Edgar 

^ ackson T. D. Hines 

JeflFerson City Pope & Lohman 

Joplin A. W. Thurman 

Kahoka Charles Hiller 

KANSAS CITY, Jackson County 

Ashley & Gilbert 

Rialto Building 

Henry D. Ashley 
William S^Gilbert 

Leo. Wetherill 

Gaoe, Ladd & Small 

New York Lift Building 

Sanford B. Ladd 
Charles E. Small 
Edwin W^Small 

Porter B. Godard 
Caleb S. Monroe 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

KANSAS CITY, Jackson County (Continued) 

James E. Goodrich 

Commerce Building 

James £. Goodrich 

Blaine Taylor 
Lynn Webb 

Haff, Meservey» German & Michaels 

Commerce Building 

Delbert J. Haff 
Edwin C. Meservey 
Charles W. German 
William C. Michaels 

Samuel D. Newkirk 
William S. Norris 
Carroll B. Haff 

Frank Hagerman 

Commerce Building 

Harding, Deatherage, Murphy & Stinson 

Scarriu Building 

John Thomas Harding 
Buckner F. Deatherage 
David Andrew Murphy 
Paul R. Stinson 

William Newland Deatherage 
Edward C. Becker 


Grand Avenue Temple Building 

James H. Harkless 
Clifford Histed 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 

KANSAS CITY, Jackson County (ContinuiJ) 

Lathrop, Morrow, Fox & Moore 

First National Bank Building 

Gardiner Lathrop 
Thomas R. Morrow 
John M. Fox 
Samuel W. Moore 
O. W. Pratt 
Cyrus Crane 
Thomas H. Reynolds 
George J. Mersereau 
Samuel W. Sawyer 
John H. Lathrop 

Hugh E. Martin 
J. R. Bell 
G. H. Muckley 
W. H. Woodson 
W. E. Davis 

McCuNB, Caldwell & Downing 

Scarriu Building 

Henry L. McCune 
Robert B. Caldwell 
Blatchford Downing 
Harold M. Noble 
Llewellyn D. James 

Elijah Robinson 

Commerce Building 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

KANSAS CITY, Jackson County {Continued) 


Scarriti Building 

Edward L. Scarritt 
William C. Scarritt 
Elliott H. Jones 
Alfred M. Seddon 
Edward S. North 

Warner, Dean, McLeod & Langworthy 
Scarritt Building 
O. H. Dean 
W. D. McLcod 
Hale Holden 
H. M. Langworthy 
Roy B. Thomson 
William E. Byers 
James P. Kem 
John A. McGuire 

Kennett Ely, Pankey & Ely 

Keytesville John D. Taylor 

King City J. W. Sullinger 

Kingstoa Refer to Hamilton 

Kirksville Campbell & Ellison 

Kirkwood Henry Higginbotham 

Knobnoster Refer to Warrensburg 

La Belle E. A. Dowell 

Laclede Oscar F. Libby 

Laddonia E. C. Kennen 

La Grange Leslie Edwards 

Lamar H. W. Timmonds 

Lancaster Higbee & Mills 

La Plata Joseph W. Park 

Lathrop Refer to Plattsburg 

Lebanon L. C. Mayfield 


Missouri The Lawyers* List 

Lees Summit Refer to Independence 

Lexington , AuU & Aull 

Liberty Ralph Hughes 

Linn Vosholl & Monroe 

Linn Creek S. C. Roach 

Linneus C. S. Hotaling 

Louisiana Pearson & Pearson 

Macon Benjamin Franklin 

Maiden Ira M. Morris 

Mansfield N. J. Craig 

Marble Hill W. K. Chandler 

Marceline Refer to Brookfield 

Marshall Duggins & Dugglns 

Marshfield Lewis P. Main 

Mar)rville F. P. Robinson 

Maysville Hewitt & Hewitt 

Memphis John M. Jayne 

Mexico A. C. Whitson 

Milan John W. Bingham 

Moberly W. P. Cave 

Monett. Mayhew & Sater 

Monroe City Merriwether & Merriwether 

Montgomery City William C. Hughes 

Monticello Thomas I. Johnson 

Montrose Refer to Clinton 

Morehouse Refer to New Madrid 

Mound City William E. Stubbs 

Mountain Grove Refer to Hartville 

Mountain View Refer to West Plains 

Mt. Vernon William B. Skinner 

iNeosno • •• • ••.•.....••••.••••.••■. m\J» Ltm v/ ravens 

Nevada M. T. January 

New Cambria Refer to Macon 

New London J. O. Allison 

New Madrid Riley & Riley 

Norbome... Refer to CarroUton 

Odessa Refer to Lexington 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

Oregon R. B. Bridgeman 

Osceola J. E. Crook 

Owensville Qarence G. Baxter 

Ozark Fred W. Barrett 

Pacific James Booth 

Palmyra Benjamin F. Glahn 

Paris James P. Boyd 

Perxyville Charles A. Killian 

Piedmont Z. C. Smith 

Pierce City Refer to Monett 

Pineville O. R. Puckett 

Platte City James H. Hull 

Plattsburg Frost & Frost 

Pleasant Hill George M. Summers 

Poplar BlufF. Hill & Phillips 

Potosi M. £. Rhodes 

Princeton Ira B. Hyde & Son 

Queen City -. . Rolston & Rolston 

Richards Refer to Nevada 

Rich Hill Templeton & Hales 

Richland C. H. Davis 

Richmond Lavelock & Kirkpatrick 

Rockport Hunt & Bailey 

Rolla Lorts & Breuer 

St. Charles Theodore C. Bruere 

Ste. Genevieve C. J. Sunton 

St. James Refer to Rolla 

ST. JOSEPH, Buchanan County 

Robert A. Brown 

TooUe^Lacy Bank Building 

Robert A. Brown 

Richard L. Douglas 
Albert E. StoU 

{St, Joseph continued^ page i6S) 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 

ST. JOSEPH, Buchanan County (Continued) 

CuLTBR ic Phillip 

Coriy'Forsee BuiUing 

Romulus E. Culver 
Benjamin Phillip 

Bertram G. Voorheea 
B. L. Kaufmann 



Central National Bank Building 

Wilbur F. Boyle 
Heniy S. Priett 

George T. Priest 
Albert D. Norton! 
Thomas E. Francis 
Robert E. Moloney 
Joseph Dickson, Jr. 
W. Blodgett Priest 
Arthur P. Burgess 

Bryan, Williams & Cavb 

Pierce Building 

P. Taylor Bryan 
George H. Williams 
Rhodes E.Cave 

Douglas H. Jones 
Adam H. Jones 
Louis McMuUen 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

ST. LOUIS ipominuii) 

Holland, Rutledge & Lashly 

Central National Bank Building 

Robert A. Holland, Jr. 
Thomas G. Rutledge 
Jacob M. Lashly 

Arthur £. Haid 
Arthur V. Lashly 
R. L. Ailworth 
Oliver J. Miller 
Maurice P. Phillips 
Francis R. Stout 

Warwick Massby Hough 
Riaho Building 

Jones, Hockbr, Sullivan & Angert 
Third National Bank Building 

James C. Jones 
Lon O. Hocker 
Frank H. Sullivan 
Eugene H. Angert 
George F. Haid 
Frank A. Mohr 
Vincent L. Boisaubin 
James C. Jones, Jr. 
Ernest A. Green 

Edward'W. Lake 
Walter L. Brady 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 

ST. LOUIS (Continued) 

J0URDAN9 Rassieur & Pierce 

Federal Reserve Bank Building 

Morton Jourdan 
Theodore Rassieur 
Thomas M. Pierce 
Leo S. Rassieur 
John M. Goodwin 
Walter M. Hczel 
Samuel P. McChesney 

JuD80N» Green & Henry 

Boatmen's Bank Building 

Frederick N. Judson 
ohn F. Green 

Porter Henry 
ohn Raebum Green 

A. & J. F. Leb 

Rialto Building 

John F. Lee 

Charles M. Polk 
James A. Waechter 
Joseph Renard 

Lbhmann & Lehmann 

MerchantS'Laclide Building 

Frederick W. Lehmann 
Sears Lehmann 
John S. Lehmann 

Thomas R. Reybum 
Frank H. Nottbusch 


The Lawyers* List Missouri 

ST. LOUIS {Continued) 


Security Building 

Charles Nagel 
Daniel Noyes Kirby 
Allen C. Orrick 
Charles P. Williams 
Edw. Glion Curtis 

George A. H. Mill? 
C. A. Newton 
Frank H. Fisse 
Hugo Monnig, Jr. 

Rassibur, Kammerer & Rassibur 

Granite Building 

Leo Rassieur 
Arthur E. Kammerer 
Leo Rassieur, Jr. . 

James A. Seddon 

Central National Bank Building 

Watts, Gentry & Lee 

MerchantS'Laclede Building 

M. F. Watts 
William R. Gentry 
Edwin W. Lee 

John F. Gillespie 

Salem W. P. Elmer 

Salisbury J. A. CoUett 

Sarcoxie Refer to Carthage 

Savannah P. C. Breit 

Sedalia Montgomery & Montgomery 

Senath Refer to Kennett 

Seneca Refer to Neosho 


Missouri The Lawyers' List 

Sheibina H. H. Jcwett 

Shelbyville A. W. Hamilton 

Sikeston M. G. Gresham 

Skidmore Refer to Maryville 

Slater C. P. Storts 

South St. Joseph Refer to St. Joseph 

SPRINGFIELD, Greene County 

Barbour & McDavid 

Woodruff Building 

Edward A. Barbour 
Frank M. McDavid 

John T. Woodruff 

Woodruff Building 

Stanberiy Refer to Albany 

Steelville A. H. Harrison 

Stewartsville Refer to Maytville 

Stockton Foulke & Brown 

Tarkio John A. Gerlash 

Thayer Refer to Alton 

Tipton Refer to California 

Trenton A. G. Knight 

Troy Dudley & Williams 

Tuscumbia Walter S. Stillwell 

Union Jesse M. Owen 

Unionville N. A. Franklin 

Valley Park Refer to Clayton 

Van Buren J. M. Camahan 

Vandalia Refer to Laddonia 

Versailles R. M. Livesay 

Vienna John W. Terrill 

Warrensburg M. D. Aber 

Warrenton Theodore W. Hukriede 

Warsaw H. P. Lay 


The Lawyers' List Missouri 

Washington Jesse H. Schaper 

Waynesville Roland Johnston 

Wehb City Frank L. Forlow 

Webster Groves Refer to Clayton 

Wcllston Refer to Clayton 

Wellsville James L. Barker 

Weston Refer to Platte City 

West Plains Green & Green 

Willow Springs Refer to West Plains 

Windsor Walter G. Davis 


Montana The Lawyers' List 


Anaconda Rodgert & Rodgen 

Baker D. R. Young 

Belt Refer to Great Falls 

Big Timber F. M. Lamp 

Billings Johnston & Coleman 

Boulder J. E. Kelly 

Bozeman Walter S. Hartman 

BUTTE, Silver Bow County 

Charles R. Leonard 

Daly Bank Building 

Chinook D. L. Blackstone 

Choteau P. L Cole 

Columbus P. R. Heily 

Conrad Robert Ferguson 

Culbertson Refer to Glasgow 

Deer Lodge Edward Schamikow 

Dillon Norris, Hurd & Collins 

Fairview Refer to Sidney 

Forsyth Collins, Campbell & Wood 

Fort Benton F. £• Stranahan 

Glasgow Goodrich & Roberts 

Glendive Frank P. Leiper 

GREAT FALLS, Cascade County 

Pray & Callaway 

Stanton Bank Building 

Lew. L. Callaway 
Charles N. Pray 

Edwin Warren Toole 

Hamilton J. D. Taylor 

Hardin Refer to Billings 


The Lawyers* List Montana 

Harlowton Jones & Jones 

Havre Norris» Hurd & Hall 

HELENA, Lewis & Clarke County 

Day & Mapes 

Collins Building 

Edward C. Day 
* Thomas A. Mapes 

McIntire & Murphy 

National Bank of Montana Building 

Henry G. McIntire 
Homer G. Murphy 

Hobson H. S. Woodward 

Kalispell Logan & Child 

Laurel Refer to Billings 

Lewistown Charles J. Marshall 

Libby Rowland & Gray 

Livingston John T. Smith & Son 

Malta John A. Tressler 

Miles City Loud & Leavitt 

Missoula Harry H. Parsons 

Philipsburg D. M. Durfee 

Plains L R. Blaisdell 

Plentywood Babcock & Ellery 

Poison Andrew J. Lowary 

Poplar Erick Mourn 

Red Lodge R. G. Wiggenhom 

Ronan John P. Swee 

Roundup C. H. Tyler 

Scobey Thomas F. Clifford 

Sidney Carl L. Brattin 

Stevensville George T. Baggs 

Terry W. R. Flachsenhar 

Thompson Falls A. S» Ainsworth 


Montana The Lawyers' List 

Three Forks Edgar Ewers 

Townsend E. H. Goodman 

Virginia City M. M. Duncan 

White Sulphur Springs N. B. Smith 

Wibaux Edward F. Fisher 


The Lawyers' List Nebraska 


Ainsworth William M. Ely 

Albion Frank D. Williams 

Alliance Burton & Reddish 

Alma # O. E. Shelbum 

Ansley J. R. Rhodes 

Arapahoe Refer to Beaver City 

Arlington Refer to Fremont 

Ashland Refer to Wahoo 

Atkinson Refer to O'Neill 

Auburn Lambert & Armstrong 

Aurora Hainer, Craft & Edgerton 

Bartlett A. L. Bishop 

Bassett H. J. Miller 

Beatrice Rinaker & Klidd 

Beaver City Lambe & Butler 

Benkelman Maurice G. Ratdiffe 

Benson Refer to Omaha 

Bertrand Refer to Holdrege 

Blair. Refer to Omaha 

Bloomfield E. B. Healy 

Bloomington W. C. Dorsey 

Blue Hill Refer to Red Cloud 

Brewster E. H. Riggs 

Bridgeport George J. Hunt 

Broken Bow Alpha Morgan 

Burwell E. M. White 

Butte John A. Davies 

Cambridge Lambe & Butler 

Cedar Rapids Refer to Albion 

Central City Martin & Bockes 

Chadron Robert G. Easley 

Chappell L. O. Pfeiffer 

Clay Center Ambrose C. Epperson 

Columbus Reeder & Lightner 

Cozad Refer to Lexington 


Nebraska The Lawyers' List 

Crawford J. E. Porter 

Creighton Joseph F. Green 

Crete Glenn N. Venrick 

Crofton Refer to Bloomfield 

Curtis E. P. Pyle 

Dakota « Robert £. Evans 

David City .Hastings & Coufal 

Decatur Refer to Tekamah 

De Witt Charles A. Fowler 

Edgar Refer to Clay Center 

Elmwood Charles S. Aldrich 

Elwood O. E. Bozartfa 

Emerson Refer to Pender 

Fairbury Heasty & Barnes 

Fairfield Charles H. Epperson 

Fairmont Refer to Geneva 

Falls City C. F. Reavis 

Fremont Loomis, Laird & Loomis 

Friend Refer to Wilbcr 

FuUerton W. L. Rose 

Geneva Charles H. Sloan 

Gering Refer to ScottsblufF 

Gordon Robert G. Dorr 

Gothenburg ... Refer to Lexington 

Grand Island Charles G. Ryan 

Grant B. F. Hastings 

Greeley James R. Swain 

Haigler Refer to Benkelman 

Harrison M. J. O'Connell 

Hartington J. C. Robinson 

Harvard Refer to Clay Center 

Hastings Tibbets, Morey, Fuller & Tibbett 

Hayes Center ; . . Refer to McCook 

Hebron Richards & Richards 

Holdrege A. J. Shafer 

Humboldt L E. Smith 

Humphrey Refer to Madison 


The Lawyers' List Nebraska 

Imperial P. W. Scott 

Indianola H. W. Keyei 

Kearney N. P. McDonald 

Kimball William J. Ballard 

Lexington William A. Stewart 

LINCOLN, Lancaster County 

BuRKBTT» Wilson & Brown 

First National Bank Building 

Elmer J. Burkett 
Henry H. Wilson 
Elmer W. Brown 

Guy T. TouVelle 
A. S. Johnston 

Hainer, Craft & Lane 

Terminal Building 

E. J. Hainer 
C. P. Craft 
A. W. Lane 

Hall & Lee 

first National Bank Building 

Frank M. Hall 
George A. Lee 

Herbert"W. Baird 
Frank D. Williams 

Loup City J. S. Pedler 

McCook Eldred, Cordeal & McCarl 

Madison M. B. Foster 

Merriman Refer to Gordon 

Minden Lewis C. Paulson 

Mullen A. G. Humphrey 

Nebraska City Paul Jessen 

Neligh S. D. Thornton 


Nebraska The Lawyers' List 

Nelson Thomas W. Cole 

Niobrara Refer to Creighton 

Norfolk Mapes & McFarland 

North Loup Refer to Ord 

North Platte Wilcox & Halligan 

Ogallala L. A. DeVoe 

OMAHA, Douglas County 

Brogan, Ellick & Raymond 

First National Bank Building 

Francis A. Brogan 
Alfred G. Ellick 
Anan Raymond 

Douglas F. Smith 

GuRLEY, Fitch, West & Hickman 

City National Bank Building 

William F. Gurley 
David A. Fitch 
Ralph M. West 
Leon A. Hickman 

Kennedy, Holland, DeLacy & Horan 

City National Bank Building 

T. J. Mahoney 

James A. C. Kennedy 
Yale C. Holland 
George L. DeLacy 
Philip E. Horan 

Edward J. Svoboda 
H. T. White 

William D. McHuoh 

First National Bank Building 

The Lawyers* List Nebraska 

OMAHA, Douglas G>imty {Continued) 

John Lbb Webster 

Omaha National Bank Building 

John Lee Webster 

Roy B. Hasselquist 
William M. Burton 

O'Neill J. A. Donohoe 

Ord Claude A. Davis 

Orleans Refer to Alma 

Osceola Mills, Beebe & Mills 

Oshkosh Refer to Bridgeport 

Papillion Elmer S. Nickerson 

Pawnee City J. C. Dort 

Pender Curtis L. Day 

Pierce M. H. Leamy 

Plainview Refer to Pierce 

Plattsmouth A. L. Tidd 

Ponca J. J. McCarthy 

Randolph C. B. WiUey 

Red Cloud Bernard McNeny 

RushviUe J* H. Edmunds 

St. Paul Frank J. Taylor 

Schuyler B. F. Ferrell 

Scotia • • Refer to Greeley 

Scottsblufi Wright & Mothersead 

Seward Norval Brothers & Colman 

Sidney RaddifTe & Tewell 

South Omaha Refer to Omaha 

Springview Lear & Lear 

Stanton George A. Eberly 

Sterling Refer to Tecumseh 

Stockville Refer to Curtis 

Stromsburg E. E. Stanton 

Superior J. H. Agee 

Sutton Stiner & Boslaugh 


Nebraska The Lawyers* List 

Taylor A. S. Moon 

Tecumseh A. N. Dafbe 

Tekamah.^ Walter M. Hopewell 

Thedford John H. Evans 

Trenton Refer to McCook 

University Place Refer to Lincoln 

Valentine Walcott & Walcott 

Wahoo B. E. Hendricks 

Wakefield Refer to Ponca 

Walthill Keefe & Knocpfler 

>* 8V HC • • • ••••••■■■•••■•••■•■«■■■•••••• m\» ^\« 1^9 VIS 

West Point O. C. Anderson 

Wilber J. A. Wild 

Winnebago Refer to Walthill 

Wisner Refer to West 'Point 

Wymore E. N. KaufFman 

York F. C. Power 


The Lawyers' L'st Nevada 


Austin A. J. Maettretti 

Caliente Refer to Pioche 

Canon City Samuel Piatt 

Dayton John Lothrop 

Elko Charles B. Henderson 

Ely Chandler & Quayle 

Eureka Refer to Austin 

Fallon Andrew L. Haight 

Genoa Refer to Carson City 

Goldfield Arthur E. Barnes 

Las Vegas .W. R. i homas 

Lovelocks Refer to Reno 

Mindfen Refer to Carson City 

Pioche A. L. Scott 

Rawhide Refer to Fallon 

RENO, Washoe County ; ' 

Cheney, Downer, Price & Hawkins 

I3Q North Virginia Street 

Azro E. Cheney 
Sylvester S. Downer 
Robert M. Price 
Prince A. Hawkins 

HoYT, NoRCRoss, Thatcher, Woodburn & 

Reno National Bank Building 

Henry M. Hoyt 
Frank H. Norcross 
George B. Thatcher 
William Woodburn 
Benjamin J. Henley 

Rhyolite Refer to Tonopah 


Nevada The Lawyers* List 

Searchlight Refer to Las Vegas 

Sparks Refer to Reno 

Tonopah Hugh H. Brown 

Virginia City Refer to Reno 

Winnemucca L. G. Campbell 

Yerington £. E. Hull 


The Lawyers* List New Hampshire 

New Hampshire 

Andover George W. Stone 

Ashland Refer to Plymouth 

Berlin George F. Rich 

Bristol Ira A. Chase 

Canaan James B. Wallace 

Qaremont Frank H. Brown 

Colebrook T. F. Johnson 

CONCORD, Merrimack County 


77 North Main Street 

Frank S. Streeter 
Fred C. Demond 
Edward K. Woodworth 
Frank J. Sulloway 

Jonathan Piper 
William N. Rogers 

Conway Refer to North Conway 

Deny Frederic J. Grady 

Dover Hughes & Doe 

Enfield Refer to Lebanon 

Exeter Eastman, Scammon & Gardner 

Fannington Samuel S. Parker 

Franklin Thomas F. Clifford 

Goffttown Refer to Manchester 

Gorham Refer to Beriin 

Greenville Refer to Nashua 

Groveton Refer to Lancaster 

Haverhill Refer to Woodsville 

Hillsboro Holman & Smith 

Hillsboro Bridge Refer to Hillsboro 

Keene Philip H. Faulkner 

Laconia Owen & Veazey 


New Hampshire The Lawyers* List 

Lancaster Drew, ShurtleflF, Morris & Oakes 

Lebanon Alonzo L. Chamberlin 

Lisbon Refer to Woodsville 

Littleton Harxy Bingham 

NfANCHESTER, HiUsboio County 

Warren, Howe & Wilson 

Amoskeag Bank Building 

George H. Warren 
DeWitt C. Howe 

Allan M. Wilson 

Meredith Refer to Laconia 

Milford Kittredge & Piescott 

NASHUA, HiUsboro County 

Charles J. Hamblbtt 

I3S Main Strut 

Newmarket. Refer to Exeter 

Newport Jesse M. Barton 

North Conway Walter D. H. Hill 

Ossipee Refer to North Conway 

Pembroke Refer to Concord 

Penacook Willis G. Buxton 

Peterboro James F. Brennan 

Pittsfield Edward A. Lane 

Plymouth Alvin F. Wentworth 

Portsmouth Bartlett & Mitchell 

Rochester Snow, Snow & Cooper 

Salem L. Wallace Hall 

Somersworth Mathews & Stevens 

Suncook A. F. Burbank 

Tilton Refer to Laconia 

Troy Refer to Keene 

1 86 

The Lawyers* List New Hampshire 

Walpole Refer to Keene 

Whitefield Refer to Lancaster 

Wilton Refer to Nashua 

Winchester Refer to Keene 

Wolfeboro William J. Britton 

Woodsville. Fred S. Wright 


Niw Jersey The Lawyers' List 

New Jersey 

AUentown Refer to Trenton 

Arlington Refer to Newark 

Asbury Park Durand, Ivins & Carton 

ATLANTIC CITY, Atlantic County 

Thompson & Smathbrs 

Lato Building 

Joseph Thompson 
Frank Smathers 

Walter Hanstein 

Atlantic Highlands Charles R. Snyder 

Bayonne Refer to Jersey City 

Belleville Refer to Newark 

Belmar Refer to Asbury Park 

Belvidere George M. Shipman 

Bemardsville Refer to Somerville 

Beverly Refer to Burlington 

Bloomfield Refer to Newark 

Boonton Frank H. Pierce 

Bordentown John H. Hutchinson 

Bound Brook Refer to Somerville 

Bridgeton George Hampton 

Burlington Ernest Watts 

Butler Refer to Paterson 

Caldwell Refer to Newark 

CAMDEN, Camden County 

French & Richards 

I06 Market Street 

Thomas E. French 
Samuel H. Richards 
Floyd H. Bradley 

' i88 

The Lawyers' List New Jersey 

CAMDEN, Camden County {Continued) 

Norman Grey 

104 Market Street 

Norman Grey 

George D. Connelly 
Edward T. Curiy 
Albert £. Scheflen 

Cape May James M. £• Hildreth 

Cape May C. H Morgan Hand 

Chatham Refer to Morristown 

Qayton Refer to Woodbuiy 

Clinton William C. Gebhardt 

Cranford Refer to Elizabeth 

Dover Frank H. Pierce 

East Orange Refer to Orange 

Elizabeth N. R. Leavitt 

Englewood Refer to Hackensack 

Flemington George H. Large, Sr. 

Freehold Vredenburgh & Vredenburgh 

Glassboro Refer to Woodbury 

Glen Ridge Refer to Newark 

Gloucester City Refer to Camden 

Hackensack Robert W. Thompson 

Hackettstown James Fisher 

Haddonfield Refer to Camden 

Haddon Heights Refer to Camden 

Hammonton Dean Stanley Renwick 

Harrison Refer to Jersey City 

Hightstown Aaron V. Dawes 

Hoboken Besson, Alexander & Stevens 


New Jersey The Lawyers* List 

JERSEY CITY, Hudson Cotin^ 

Collins U Corbin 

24s IFashington Street 

Gilbert Collins 
Charles B. Hughes 
George S. Hobart 
Clement K. Corbin 
Robert J. Bain 
Edward A. Markley 

David A. Newton 
Ralph £. Cooper 
Charles W. Broadhurst 

McDermott & Enrigrt 

75* Montgomery Street 

Frank P. McDermott 
John Mulford Enright 
James D. Carpenter, Jr. 

Meyer Eichmann 
Percy G. Britt 

Vrbdbnburgh, Wall & Cabby 

I Exchange Place 

Albert C. Wall 
William H. Carey 
John A. Hartpence 

Eugene H. Vredenburgh 

Keyport George W. Brown 

Lakewood Wilfred H. Jayne, Jr. 

Lambertville Albert D. Anderson 

Long Branch Heniy S. Teihune 

Madison Refer to Morristown 

Manasquan Frank Durand 

Matawan John P. Lloyd 

Mays Landing Refer to Atlantic City 


The Lawyers' List New Jersey 

M erchantville Refer to Camden 

Metuchen Refer to New Brunswick 

Millville Louis H. MiUer 

Montclair Harry N. Reeves 

Moorestown George B. Evans 

Morristown Vreeland & Wilson 

Morsemere Refer to Hackensack 

Mount Holly George M. Hillman 

NEWARK, Essex County 


Prudential Building 

Richard V. Lindabury 
Frederic J. Faulks 
J. Edward Ashmead 
Josiah Stryker 
John W. Bishop, Jr. 

James E. M. Tams 
Walter D. Barker 
Burtis S. Homer 
Vincent J. O'Reilly 
William Qark 

McCartbr & English 

Prudential Building 

Robert H. McCarter 
George W. C. McCarter 
Conover English 
Arthur F. Egner 
Augustus C. Studer, Jr. 

Michael Nelson Chanalis 

PiTNBYy Hardin & Skinner 
Prudintiel Building 
John p. H. Pitney 
John R. Hardin 
Alfred F. Skinner 


New Jersey The Lawyers* List 

NEWARK, Essex County (CotUinued) 

Pitney, Hardin & Skinner (Continued) 

Prudential Building 

William L. Morgan 

Corwin Howell 
J. Frederic Wherry 
Waldron M. Ward 
Edward O Stanley, Jr. 
J. Howard Conover 
Carl A. Feick 

New Brunswick Theodore Strong 

Newton Theodore Simonton 

Nutley Refer to Newark 

Ocean City Refer to Atlantic City 

Orange Horace & Henry T. Stetson 

Passaic Arthur S. Corbin 

PATERSON, Passaic County 

Griggs & Harding 

United Bank Building 

John W. Griggs 
John W. Harding 

John L. Griggs 

Paulsboro Refer to Woodbury 

Pemberton Refer to Mount Holly 

Pennington Refer to Trenton 

Perth Amboy Joseph E. Strieker 

Phillipsburg Smith ic Brady 

Pitman Refer to Woodbury 

Plainfield Isaac P. Runyon 

Pleasantville Refer to Atlandc City 

Point Pleasant Refer to Manasquan 

Princeton Bayard Stockton 


Thf Lawyers' List Nftv Jersey 

Rahway Hyer & Armstrong 

Raritan Refer to Somerville 

Red Bank Wilson & Smock 

Ridgewood Frederick V. Watson 

Riverside Refer to Mount Holly 

Riverton Refer to Mount Holly 

Rockaway Refer to Dover 

Rutherford Shafer & Conkling 

Salem • J. Forman Sinnickson 

Somerville Clarence £. Case 

South Amboy Refer to Perth Amboy 

Spring Lake Refer to Asbury Park 

Summit Corra N. Williams 

Sussex Refer to Newton 

Swedesboro Refer to Woodbury 

Tom's River Maja Leon Berry 

(Offices: Berry fir Riggins) 

Court House Square B'id't. 
Ccmden, N, J. 

TRENTON, Mercer County 

Malcolm G. Buchanan 

26 West State Street 

John M. Dickinson 

/J7 East Suae Street 


Mechanics Bank Building 

Scott Scammell 
Joseph L. Bodine 
Charles DeF. Besore 

Vineland Herbert C. Bartlett 

Washington Refer to Phillipsburg 

Westfield Paul Q. Oliver 

Wettville Refer to Woodbury 


New Jersey The Lawyers* List 

Wildwood Refer to Cape May 

Williamstown Refer to Woodbury 

Woodbridge J. H. Thayer Martin 

Woodbury John Boyd Avis 

Woodstown Refer to Salem 


Tlu Lawyers* List Nfw Mexico 

New Mexico 
Alamogordo James L. Lawson 


Nbill B. Fibld 

Armijo Block 

Aitesia G. U. McCrary 

Aztec William A. Palmer 

Carlsbad J. M. Dillard 

Carrizozo H. B. Hamilton 

Clayton Oliver P. Easterwood 

Clovis W. A. Havener 

Deming Amos W. Pollard 

East Las Vegas.. Charles W. G. Ward 

Estancia Fred H. Ayers 

Farmington J. M. Palmer 

Fort Sumner H. R. Parsons 

Gallup Arthur T. Hannett 

Hagerman Refer to Roswell 

Hillsboro H. A. Wolford 

Las Cruces Wade, Taylor & Wade 

Las Vegas Refer to East Las Vegas 

Lincoln Refer to Carrizozo 

Portales G. L. Reese 

Raton Crampton & Phillips 

RosweU J. M. Daiard 

Santa Fe Edward R. Wright 

Santa Rosa H* V. B. Smith 

Silver City Wilson & Walton 

Socorro Nicholas & Nicholas 

Springer Refer to Raton 

Toas William McKean 

Tucumcari Myron B. Keator 

White Oaks Refer to Carrizozo 


New York The Lawyers* List 

New York 

Adamt A. F. Saunden 

Addison Charles L. Crane 

Afton Refer to Bainbridge 

Akron James E. Paxon 

ALBANY, Albany County 

Lewis E. Carr 

S6 North PtoA Strut 

Hbrrick & Hbr&ick 

4S2 Broadway 

D..Cady Herrick 
Charles J. Herrick 

Tracby, Cooper & Townsbnd 

25 North Pearl Street 

James F. Tracey 
James Fenimore Cooper 
Frederick Townsend 
B. Jermain Savage 


126 StaU Street 

William L. Visscher 
Robert E^Whalen 

J. Harris Loucks 
Sherman A. Murphy 
Harold J. Boyne 

Albion Gurdon W. Fitch 

Alexandria Bay Wiltse & De Young 

Allegany Refer to Olean 

Altamont John D. White 

Amityville Refer to Babylon 

Amsterdam James W. Ferguson 


The Lawyers' List New York 

Andover Refer to WclUvillc 

Angelica Dawson D. Dickson 

Arcade Knight & Bentley 

Argyle John B. Conway 

Athens E. A. Giffbrd 

Attica O. H. & W. E. Hopkins 

Auburn Underwood^ Storke, Seward & Elder 

Au Sable Forks Fred A. Torrance 

Avon William A. Wheeler 

Babylon Albert D. Haff 

Bainbridge Charles H. Clark 

Baldwinsville James R. Shea 

Ballston Spa Horace £. McICnight 

Batavia Edward A. Washburn 

Bath Thomas Shannon 

Bayshore William H. Robbins 

Bayside Refer to Jamaica 

Beacon Wallace & Steams 

Belfast Refer to Belmont 

Belmont Reynolds & Ackerman 

BINGHAMTON, Broome County 
HiNMAN, Howard & Kattbll 

Security Mutual Building 
Harvey D. Hinman 
Archibald Howard 
Thomas B. Kartell 
Roger P. Clark 
Dana B. Hinman 

Frank L. Wooster 

Jbnkins» Dbyo & HrrcHcocK 

Security Mutual Building 

Fredric W. Jenkins 
Israel T. Deyo 
Charles H. Hitchcock 

{Binghamton continued^ page jq8) 


New York The Lawyers' List 

BINGHAMTON, Broome County {Continuii) 

Paob & Hays 

Phitps BuiUing 
Maurice E. Page 
Frank M. Hayt 

Bruce L. Babcock 

Bolivar. Albert J. Matson 

Boonville Frederick A. White 

Brewtter Refer to Carmel 

Bridgehampton Refer to Sag Harbor 

Brockport Morgan & Pallace 

Brocton Refer to Mayville 

Bronxville Refer to Mt. Vernon 

BROOKLYN, Kings County 

Coombs & Wilson 

32 Court Street 

Samuel H. Coombs 
Robert H. Wilson 
Christopher W. Wilson, Jr. 
Roy M. Hart 


777 Montague Street 

Edgar M. CuUen 
^^liam N. Dykman 
Francis L. Archer 
Jackson A. Dykman 
Arthur E. Goddard 
Francis L. Durk 


The Lawyers' List New York 

BROOKLYN, Kings County (Continued) 

RuMSBY & Morgan 

l66 Montague Street 

David Rumtey 
John Hill Morgan 
William A. Lockwood 
Leroy A. Lincoln 
Richmond L. Brown 
Henry N. Arnold 

BUFFALO, Eric County 

Clinton, Clinton & Striker 
Prudential BuiUing 
George Clinton 
George Clinton, Jr. 
Auguftus G. Striker 

Kbnbfick, Cookb, Mitcrbll & Bass 
Marine Bank Building 
Daniel J. Kenefick 
Walter P. Cooke 
James McC. Mitchell 
Lyman M. Bass 

Alexander Davidson 
Thomas R. Wheeler 
Christopher Baldy 
Walter M. Wilkins 
John L. Kenefick 

Locke, Babcock, Spratt & Hollister 
Fidelity Building 
Franklin D. Locke 
Louis L. Babcock 
Maurice C. Spratt 
Albert £. Jones 

(Buffalo continued^ page 200) 

New York The Lawyers* List 

BUFFALO^ Erie County {Continued) 

Locke, Babcock, Spratt & Hollistbr {Con.) 

Fidelity Building 

Edward McM. Mills 
Evan Hollister 

Raymond C. Vaughan 
Herbert W. Huntington 
Howard R. Sturtevant 
J. Edmund Kelly 
Percy R. Smith 

Moot, Sprague, Brownell & Marcy 

Erie County Savings Bank Building 

Adelbert Moot 
Henry W. Sprague 
George F. Brownell 
William L. Marqr 
John W. Ryan 
S. Fay Carr 
H. Z. M. Rodgers 
Welles V. Moot 
Lewis R. Gulick 

Callicoon James H. Curtis 

Cambridge Daniel M. Westfall 

Camden Davies & Wilkinson 

Canajoharie N. J. Herrick 

Canandaigua Frank A. Christian 

Canaseraga William C. Windsor 

Canastou John L. Robeitson 

Candor Refer to Owego 

Canisteo Burrell & Simpson 

Canton George H. Bowers 

Carmel George E. Anderson 

Carthage W. B. Van Allen 

Casrile Edmund B. Windsor 


The Lawyers* List New York 

CatskiU Lee F. Bctts 

Cattaraugus Albert A. Bird 

Cazenovia Fitch & Kiley 

Champlain Wilmer H. Dunn 

Chatham WilUam B. Daley 

Cheny Valley Almond Cramer 

Chestertown Refer to Warrensburg 

Chittenango Charles A. Hitchcock 

Qayton L. H. Ford 

Clifton Springs Refer to Canandaigua 

Qinton Refer to Utica 

Qyde De L. Stow 

CoblesktU George M. Palmer 

Cohocton Refer to Bath 

Cohoes Fellows & McElwain 

Cold Spring Refer to Peekskill 

College Point Refer to Jamaica 

Coney Island Refer to Brooklyn 

Cooperstown Cooke & Basinger 

Corinth Refer to Saratoga Springs 

Coming Francis C. Williams 

Cornwall Refer to Newburgh 

Corona Refer to Jamaica 

Cortland James F. Dougherty 

Coxsackie Refer to Catskill 

Cuba Walter N. Renwick 

Dansville Robert Pratt 

Delhi F. W. Youmans 

Deposit £. D. Cummings 

Dobbs Feny EUery E. Albee 

DolgeviUe George W.Ward 

Downsville Refer to Walton 

Diyden Refer to Ithaca 

Dimdee H. C. & H. B. Harpending 

Dunkirk Nugent & Heffeman 

EarlviUe Sidney B. Cloyes 

East Aurora Wells W. Parker 


New York The Lawyers* List 

East Hampton Hany G. Stephens 

Edmeston U. G. Welch 

Elizabethtown Robert B. Dudley 

Elienville Refer to Kingston 

ElHcottviUe John W.Ellis 

ELMIRA, Chemung County 

Mandbvillb^ Pbrsonius & Newman 

{Successors to Herendeen (^ Mandanlle) 

Robinson Building 

Hubert C. MandeviUe 
E. Watson Personius 
Bertram L. Newman 

Leo Waxman 
Joseph W. Buck 
William H. Mandeville 

Fairport Refer to Rochester 

Falconer Refer to Jamestown 

Far Rockaway William S. Pettit 

Fayetteville Refer to Syracuse 

Fishkill-on-Hudson Refer to Beacon 

Flushing J. F. Pocy 

Fonda George M. Albot 

Fort Edward Wyman S. Bascom 

Fort Plain Joseph L. Moore 

Frankfort Refer to Herkimer 

Franklin E. A. Mackey 

Frank inville Waring & Waring 

Fredonia Refer to Dunkirk 

Freeport Clinton M. Flint 

Friendship Refer to Belmont 

Fulton Piper & Pendergast 

Fultonville R. B. Fish 

Geneseo Cook & Horton 

Geneva C. WUlard Rice 



The Lawyers* List New York 

Germantown Refer to Hudson 

Glen Cove Edward T. Pa3me 

Glens Falls Louis M. Brown 

Gloversville Baker, Burton & Baker 

Goshen Joseph W. & Percy V. D. Gott 

Gouvemeur Abbott & Dolan 

Gowanda R. E. Congdon 

Granville Clarence E. Parker 

Great Neck. Refer to Jamaica 

Greene Charles Clinton 

Green Island Refer to Troy 

Greenport H. H. Reeve 

Greenwich C. H. Van Ness 

Griffin Comers J. L. Keator 

Groton Refer to Ithaca 

Hamburg Refer to Buffalo 

Hamilton Carlos J. Coleman 

Harrison ^ Refer to Port Chester 

Haverstraw Harvey De Baun 

Hempstead H. Willard Griffiths 

Herkimer Snyder, Cristman & Earl 

Highland A. D. & A. W. Lent 

Hobart O'Connor & O'Connor 

Holley Refer to Albion 

Homer Edward W. Hyatt 

Hoosic Falls George E. Greene 

Homell Robbinsy Phillips, Greene & Robbins 

Horseheads Refer to Elmira 

Hudson J. Rider Cady 

Hudson Falk Rogers & Sawyer 

Huntington Baylis & Sanborn 

Ilion James Conkling 

Irvington Refer to White Plains 

Islip • • Refer to Bayshore 

Ithaca Cobb, Cobb, McAllister, Feinberg & Heath 

Jamaica Gillen & Weller 

Jamestown Qare A. Pickard 


New York The Lawyers* List 

Jefferson Refer to Schoharie 

Johnson City Refer to Binghamton 

Johnstown Getman & Fraser 

Keeseville N. T. Hewitt 

Kinderhook Charles M. Bray 

Kingston Brinnier, Canfield & Brinnier 

Lake George Refer to Glens Falls 

Lake Placid Refer to Saranac Lake 

Lancaster H. B. Van Peyma 

Larchmont Refer to Mamaroneck 

Le Roy Walter H. Smith 

Lestershire Refer to Binghamton 

Liberty Joseph Rosch 

Lima George W. Atwell 

Little Falls Bronner & Ward 

Little Valley Refer to Salamanca 

Livonia Scott W. Crane 

Lockport Storrs & Storrs 

LONG ISLAND CITY» Queens County 

A. T. Be B. B. Payne 

Bridge Plaza North 

Alvan T. Payne 
Benjamin B. Payne 

Lowville George Stephens Reed 

Lynbrook S. A. Davison 

Lyons Charles P. Williams 

Malone Allen & McQary 

Mamaroneck Burton C. Meighan 

Marathon Refer to Cortland 

Massena H. B. Chase 

Matteawan Refer to Beacon 

Mattituck Frank C. Barker 

Mayville W. H. Scoficld 

Mechanicsville Moore & McGinity 

Medina L. M. Sherwood 


The Lawyers' List New York 

Mexico Refer to Oswego 

Middleburg Refer to Schoharie 

Middleport '. Judson & HoUey 

Middletown Rosslyn M. Cox 

Milford Refer to Cooperstown 

Mineola Eugene W. Denton 

Mohawk Refer to Herkimer 

Monroe Refer to Warwick 

Montgomery Joseph M. Wilkin 

Monticello John D. Lyons 

Montour Falls Frank Johnson 

Moravia Refer to Auburn 

Morrisville^ John A. Johnson 

Mt. Kisco Merriam & Rumsey 

Mt. Morris William J. Flynn 

Mt. Vernon Holden & Holden 

Naples C. E. Koby 

Newark Gordon G. Harris 

New Berlin Arthur W. Morse 

New Brighton Refer to Port Richmond 

Newburgh William F. Cassedy 

New Paltz Refer to Klingston 

New Rochelle Samuel F. Swinburne 

NEW YORK, New York County 

Albxandbr & Grbbn 

120 Broadway 

Allan McCuUoh 
William W. Green 
Charles C. Deming 
Charles W. Pierson 
WUUam H. P. Oliver 
Clifton P. Williamson 
Campbell Locke 
Archibald A. Gulick 

{New York continued^ page 206) 


New York The Lawyers' List 

NEW YORK, New York County {Continued) 

Barry, Wainwright, Teacher & Symmers 

S9 Wall Street 

Herbert Barry 
J. Mayhew Wainwright 
Archibald G. Thacher 
James K. Symmers 
John C. Prizcr 

Charles F. Brown 

do Wdl Street 


27 WUliam Street . 

Charles C. Burlingham 
Van Vcchten Veeder 
Everett Masten 
George H. Emerson 
Morton L. Fearey 
Charles Burlingham 
Chauncey I. Clark 
Roscoe H. Hupper 
Ray R. Allen 

BinxER, Wyckoff & Campbell 

54 Wall Street 

William Allen Butler 
J. Edwards Wyckoff 
Frederick B. Campbell 

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft 

40 Wall Street 

George W. Wickersham 
Henry W. Taft 
George F. Butterworth 
Francis Smyth 


The Lawyers* List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County {Continued) 

Cadwaldbr, Wickbrsham & Taft (Continufd) 

40 Wall Street 

Wiliiam Lloyd Kitchel 
Edwin P. Grosvenor 
Cornelius W. Wickersham 
George Coggill 
Walbridge S. Taft 

Carter, Lbdyard & Milburn 

S4 WM Street 

John G. Milburn 
Edmund L. Baylies 
Lewis Cass Ledyard, Jr. 
Joseph W. Welsh 
Walter F. Taylor 
John G. Milburn, Jr. 
Devereux Milburn 
Edwin De T. Bechtel 


2 Rector Street 

Frederic R. Coudert 
Lorenzo Semple 
John P. Murray 
Paul Fuller, Jr. 
Charles B. Samuels 
Howard Thayer Kingsbucy 
James Barclay 
James E. Hopkins 
Charles A. Conlon 


New York The Lawyers' List 

NEW YORK, New York County {Cwainuii) 

Cravath & Henderson 

S2 William Street 

Paul D. Cravath 
Edward C. Henderson 
Carl A. de Gersdorff 
Hoyt A. Moore 
Robert H. Neilson 
Douglas M. Moffat 
Robert T. Swaine 

Db Forest Brothers 

30 Broad Street 

Robert W. de Forest 
Heniy W. de Forest 
Johnston de Forest 
Robert Thome 
Heniy L. de Forest 

Robert D. Elder 
W. W. Robison 
A. H. Colcord 

Emery, Varney, Blair & Hoguet 

14Q Broadway 

Frederick L. Emery 
Lucius E. Vamey 
Robert S. Blair 
Ramsay Hoguet 
Manvel Whittemore 

John W. Thompson 
Howard W. Dix 
Thomas J. Johnston 
Edward M. Evarts 
Hadley F. Freeman 
Lloyd Van Doren 


The Lawyers' List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County (Continued) 

EvARTs, Choatb, Sherman & Leon 

60 Wall Stnet 

Allen W. Evarts 
Thomas T. Sherman 
Herbert J. Bickford 
Joseph H. Choate, Jr. 
Maurice Leon 
James Garretson 

Eybrbtt, Clarke & Benedict 
37 Wall Street 

A. Leo Everett 
George M. Clarke 
William F. Allen 
Herman S. Hertwig 
W. Montague Geer, Jr. 
P. M. Maresi 
W. E. Hanna 

Austen G. Fox 

4S WaU Street 

Gould & Wilkie 

2 Wall Street 

John L. Wilkie 
William B. Goodwin 
George J. Thomson 
Eugene D. Alexander 
Mason H. Bigelow 
R. L. von Bemuth 


New York The Lawyers* List 

NEW YORK. New York County {Continued) 

GuTHRiBy Bangs & van Sindbrbn 

44, Wall Strtit 

William D. Guthrie 
Francis S. Bangs 
Howard van Sinderen 

Bernard Hershkopf 
Roger Lewis 

H0RNBLOWBR9 M1LLBR9 Garrison & Pottbr 

24 Broad Street 

WilUam W. MUler 
Lindley M. Garrison 
Mark W. Potter 
J. Norris Miller 
Charles A. Boston 
Carl M. Owen 
B. H. Inness Brown 
George S» Homblower 
Edward^C Bailly 

Winthrop H. Kellogg 
Sherwood E. Hall 
Raoul E. Desvemine 
Robert M. Reid 
Harold J. Gallagher 
John C. Banser 
Eliot C. Smith 
James C. Stephens 
F. C. Fisher 


The Lawyers' List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County {CwainueJ) 


g6 Broadway and 6 Wall Street 

Charles E. Hughes 
Arthur C. Rounds 
George W. Schurman 
Richard E. Dwight 
Charles E. Hughes, Jr. 
Walter F. Carter 
Raymond M. Lowes 
Martin J. Keogh» Jr. 
Augustus L. Richards 

Larkin & Perry 

S4 Wall Street 

Adrian H. Larkin 
Arthur H. Van Brunt 
Lewis H. Freedman 
Henry V. Poor 
Albert Stickney 
John M. Perry 
Hersey Egginton 

Lord, Day it Lord 

4P Wall Street 

Howard Mansfield 
Lucius H. Beers 
Henry de Forest Baldwin 
Herbert C. Lakin 
Franklin B. Lord 
Allan B. A. Bradley 
Allen Evarts Foster 

Eli G. Partridge 
Franklin L. Partridge 
Franklin Grady 
Thaddeus G. Cowell 


New York The Lawyers* List 

NEW YORK, New York County (Coniinued) 

McAdoo, Cotton & Franklin 

120 Broadway 

William G. McAdoo 
Joseph P. Cotton 
George S. Franklin 
Francis H. McAdoo 

Thurlow M. Gordon 
George H. Savage 

Mastbn & Nichols 

4g Wall Street 
Arthur H. Masten 
George L. Nichols 
Albert G. Milbank 
Walter E. Hope 
Beverley R. Robinson 
Fredenck W. Kobbe 
Sinclair Hamilton 
George W. Jaques 
George E. Hite, Jr. 

E. Henry Lacombe, Counsel 


46 Cedar Street 

Frederic J. Middlebrook 
Middleton S. Borland 
Frank H Sincerbeaux 

Thomas H. Baskerville 
Albert W. Pross 
Percy F. Griffin 


The Lawyers' List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County (Continued) 


37 Wall Street 
George Welwood Murray 
£. Parmalee Prentice 
Charles P. Howland 
William Roberts 
Winthrop W. Aldrich 

O'Brien^ Boardman, Parker & Fox 

120 Broadway 

Morgan J. O'Brien 
Albert B. Board man 
Junius Parker 
John W. Dixon 
Lyttleton Fox 
Philip W. Boardman 
Morgan J. O'Brien, Jr. 
E. Wilder Bellamy 
Edwin J. Freedman 
Ernest R. Early 
Charles B. Femald 
Herbert H. Ramsay 
Louis C. Haggerty 

Parker, Marshall & Randall 

III Broadway 

Alton B. Parker 
H. Snowden Marshall 
C. Walter Randall 
Arthur McCausland 


New York The Lawyers' List 

NEW YORK. New York County (CmainueJ) 

Parsons^ Closson U McIlvainb 

52 William Strett 

Herbert Parsoni 
Heniy B. Closson 
Tompkins McUvaine 
William £. Camochan 
Albert S. Wright 

Root, Clark, Bucknbr & Rowland 

31 Nassau Street 

Elihu Root 
Willard Bartlett 

Elihu Rooty Jr. 
Grenville Clark 
Emory R. Buckner 
Silas W Jlowland 

Alfred C. Intemann 
George A. Steves 
Clinton Combes 


61 Broadway 

Charles E. Rushmore 
Eldon Bisbee 
Henry Root Stem 
Frank Callahan 

George N. Hamlin 
Emil J. Villanyi 
Alfred E. Mudge 
James F. Sandefur 


Th£ Lawyers* List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County (ContintaJ) 

ScoTTy Gerard & Bowers 

46 Cedar Street 

Francis M. Scott 
James W. Gerard 
Spotswood D. Bowers 
John J. Halpin 

Shearman & Sterling 

SS Wall Street 

John A. Garver 
Ralph Crews 
Guy Cary 
Philip A. Carroll 
Chauncey B. Garver 
Cortland Betts 
Carl A. Mead 
Harry W. Forbes 
Frederic N. Gilbert 
Frederick W. Jackson 
Walter K. Fade 
Joseph F. Dempsey 

SniPsoNy Thachbr U Bartlbtt 

62 Cedar Street 

John W. Simpson 
Thomas Thacher 
Philip G. Bartlett 
Alfred B. Thacher 
Julius F. Workum 
Graham Sumner 
NicI A. Weathers 
Millard C. Humstone 
Thomas D. Thacher 
Reeve Schley 
George H. Howard 


New York The Lawyers' List 

NEW YORK, New York County {Continued) 


27 WUliam Street 

Nelson S. Spencer 
Samuel H. Ordway 
Herbert M. Lloyd 
Otto C. Wienim, Jr. 

Stetson, Jennings & Russell 

IS Broad Street 

Francis Lynde Stetson 
Frederic B. Jennings 
Charles Howland Russell 
Charles MacVeagh 
Edward R. Greene 
Hall Park McCullough 
Allen Wardwell 
Ogden L. Mills 
William C. Cannon 
Lansing P. Reed 
George H. Gardiner 
Winifred T. Denison 

Stewart & Shearer 

4S Wall Street 

William A. W. Stewart 
George L. Shearer 

Harry K. Davenport 
Thomas C. Buek 
Charles W. McKelvey 
Carrington G. Arnold 
James G. Dale 
John N. Drake 
J. Russell Morton 


The Lawyers* List New York 

NEW YORK, New York County {Continuei) 

Sullivan U Cromwbll 

4g Wall Strut 

William Nelson Cromwell 
William J. Curtis 
Alfred Jaretzki 
George H. Sullivan 
Clarke M. Rosecrantz 
Royall Victor 
Heniy H. Pierce 
William F. Corliss 
Hjalmar H. Boyesen 
Edward H. Green 

Taylor, Humes & Bbgg 

24 Broad Street 

Carl Taylor 
Augustine L. Humes 
William R. Begg 
Albridge C. Smith 
Harrison Tweed 

James Byrne 

Franklin W. M. Cutcheon 

White k Case 

14 Wall Street 

J, Du Pratt White 
George B. Case 
Charles J. Fay 
Roberts Walker 
Joseph M. Hartfield 
Leonard Hull Smith 
Joseph A. Bennett 
Perley H. Noyes 
Irving S. Olds 


New York The Lawyers' List 

NEW YORK, New York County {CofUinuei\ 

WHiTRiDGBy Butler & Ricb 

S9 Wdl Street 

Willard Parker Butler 
Edwin T. Rice 
John French 

Zabriskib, Sage, Kerr & Gray 

49 Wall Street 

George Zabriskie 
Dean Sage 
Albert B. Kerr 
Henry G. Gray 
William A. Todd 
William E. Sims 

George Gray Zabriskie 

Niagara Falls Dudley & Gray 

North G>llins Ernest F. Knise 

Northport Ackerly h Miles 

North Tonawanda Dow Vroman 

Northville Refer to Johnstown 

Norwich David F. Lee 

Norwood W. J. Fletcher 

Nunda Refer to Mt. Morris 

Nyack Mortimer B. Patterson 

Ogdensburg Thomas Spratt 

Olean Allen J. Hastings 

Oneida D. C Burke 

Oneonta Gibbs, Holmes h Holmes 

Ossining Frank L. Young 

Oswego Kingy Bentley & O'Connor 

Ovid John M. Sutton 

Owego Hill & Parker 

Oxford H. C. & V. D. Stratton 


The Lawyers' List New York 

Oyfter Bay Refer to Glen Cove 

Palmyra George S. Tinklepaugh 

Patchogue Robert S. Pelletreau 

Pawling Downing & Blessing 

Peekskill James W. Husted 

Penn Yan Kimball & Lown 

Perry W. D. Olmsted 

Phelps Earle S. Warner 

Phoenix Decker & Smith 

Piermont Refer to Nyack 

Plattsburg John H. Booth 

Pleasantville Wilson Randolph Yard 

Port Chester Arthur R. Wilcox 

Port Henry Berne A. Pyrke 

Port Jefferson Thomas J. Ritch, Jr. 

Port Jervis C. £. & S. M. Cuddeback 

Port Richmond Melvin L. Decker 

Port Washington « Refer to Freeport 

Pottdam Frank L. Cubley 

Poughkeepsie Frank B. Lown 

Pulaski Refer to Oswego 

Randolph Arthur R. Conley 

Red Hook Wm. Harry Montgomery 

Rensselaer Thomas F. McDermott 

Rhinebeck Refer to Poughkeepsie 

Richfield Springs William T. Welden 

Riverhead T. M. & Robert P. Griffing 

ROCHESTER, Monroe County 

Haeris, Beach, Harris & Matson 

Rochester Savings Bank Building 

Albert H. Harris 
Daniel M. Beach 
Edward Harris 
Willis A. Matson 

{Rochester ercontinuedf page 220) 


New York The Lawyers* List 

ROCHESTER, Monroe County {Continued) 

HuBBBLL, Taylor, Goodwin & Mosbr 

Insurance Building 

Walter S. Hubbell 
Joseph W. Taylor 
Fred C. Goodwin 
Clarence P. Moter 

Rockaway Beach T. C. McKennee 

Rockville Center Earl J. Bennett 

Rome Stoddard M. Stevens 

Rondout. Refer to Kingston 

Rosendale John £. Hardenbergh 

Roslyn Eastman & Eastman 

Rouses Point James B. Steams 

Rye Refer to Port Chester 

Sag Harbor William C. Greene 

St. Johnsville Edward R. Hall 

Salamanca Nevins & Black 

Salem Frederick Eraser 

Sandy Creek Roscoe Sargent 

Saranac Lake Charles S. Thurston 

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Saratoga County 

Brackett, Todd, Wheat & Wait 

Town Hall 

Edgar T. Brackett 
Hiram C. Todd 
Benjamin P. Wheat 
Luther A. Wait 

Saugerties Refer to Kingston 

Sayville Joseph Wood 


The Lawyers' List New York 


SCHENECTADY, Schenectady County 

Louis M. King 

277 StaU Street 

Natlon, Robinson & Maynard 

27i StaU Street 

Daniel Naylon, Jr. 
Hubbell Robinson 
William C. Maynard 

Schenevus James P. Friery 

Schoharie Clyde H. Proper 

Schuylerville Refer to Saratoga Springs 

Seneca Falls MacDonald Brothers 

Sharon Springs Refer to Cobleskill 

Sherburne Edward H. O'Connor 

Sherman Refer to Mayville 

Sidney Refer to Unadilla 

Silver Creek C. B. Livermore 

Skaneateles F. E. Stone 

Sodus Myric M. Kelly 

Solvay Refer to Syracuse 

Southampton Refer to Sag Harbor 

Spring Valley Refer to Nyack 

Springville Smith & Bensley 

Stamford C. L. Andrus 

Stapleton Refer to Port Richmond 

Stillwater Refer to Mechanicsville 

SuflPem Refer to Nyack 


New York The Lawyers' List 

SYRACUSE, Onondaga County 

Gannon, Spbncbr & Micrbll 

Onondaga County Savings Bank Bldg. 

I William P. Gannon 

Charles E. Spencer 

Willis H. Michell 


Hancock, Spriggs, Melvin & Hancock 

Onondaga County Savings Bank Bldg, 


^ Stewart F. Hancock 

J Clarence Z. Spriggs 

; Clarence E. Hancock 

I Myron S. Melvin 

I Samuel J. Pearlman 


Syraeusi Savings Bank Building 

George Doheny 
Leroy B. Williams 
Alexander H. Cowie 

Vann & Tuck 

Dillaye Memorial Building 

Irving D. Vann 
John B. Tuck 

Irving G. Vann 


Charles F. Sheridan 

White k Shinaman 

White Memorial Building 

Horace White 
Charles E. Shinaman 


The Lawyers' List New York 

Tarrytown William G. Given 

TtcondcFoga F. B. Wickes 

Tonawanda . . . . / A. F. Premui 

TROYy Rensselaer County 

MuRPHY» Aldrich & Guy 

21 Second Street 

Edward Murphy 
Charles S. Aldrich 
Thomas H. Guy 

John H. Broderick 

Bierce Bailey 

Seymour Van Santvoord 
ly First Street 

Gborgb B. Wellington 
J7 First Street 

1 rumansburg O. G. Noble 

Tuckahoe Refer to White Plains 

Tupper Lake Frauds H. Slater 

Unadilla Charles C. Flaesch 

Union Thomas A. MacQaiy 


New York The Lawyers' List 

UTICA, Oneida County 

Kb&nan & Kbrnan 

Devereux Block 

William Keman 
John D. Keman 
Walter N. Keman 
Francis K. Keman 
Wamick J. Keman 

George A. Keman 
Gay H. Brown 
Howard W. Taylor 
J. Herbert Gilroy 

Miller & Hubbell 

Mayro Building 

Charles A. Miller 
James F\Hubbell 

Charles B. Mason 
James D. Judson 
Arthur L. Evans 
Dwight C. Pitcher 

Walden A. S. Embler 

Walton A. G. Patterson 

Wappingers Falls Refer to Poughkeepsie 

Warrensburg Lewis E. Crandall 

Warsaw Barber B. Conable 

Warwick Kane & Stage 

Waterford Thomas O'Connor 

Waterloo Bacon & HuflF 


The Lawyers' List New York 

WATERTOWN, Jefferson County 


Sherman Building 

Henry Purcell 
Francis K. Purcell 
Francis £. CuUen 
John C. Purcell 

Watcrville L. P. Fuess 

Watervliet Eugene McLean 

Watkins Lewis H. Watkins 

Waverly Frederick E. Hawkes 

Wayland H. V. Pratt 

Webster Refer to Rochester 

Wellsville Earnest C. Homburg 

Westiield Ottaway & Munson 

Whitehall Otis A. Dennis 

White Plains Ffarrington M. Thompson 

Williamsbridge Refer to Mt. Vernon 

Wolcott E. T. Brown 

Worcester Refer to Cooperstown 

YONKERS, Westchester County 

Brennan, Curran k Bleakley 

Yonkers Savings Bank Building 

John F. Brennan 
Thomas F. Curran 
William F. Bleakley 


North Carolina The Lawyers* List 

North Carolina 

Aberdeen Johnson & Johnson 

Ahoskie Walter R. Johnson 

Albemarle R. L. Smith 

Athboro John T. Brittain 

Asheville Bourne, Parker & Morrison 

Bailey Refer to Nashville 

BakersviUe Charles £. Greene 

Battleboro Refer to Nashville 

Bayboro Refer to New Bern 

Beaufort J. F. Duncan 

Belhaven Refer to Washington 

Benson Refer to Smithfield 

Boone F. A. Linney 

Brevard Welch Gallowav 

Biyson City Biyson & Black 

Burgaw J* 'I'* Bland, Sr. 

Burlington William H. Carroll 

Bumsville Watson & Watson 

Canton Refer to Waynesville 

Carthage H. F. Seawell 

Casulia Refer to Nashville 

Chapel Hill William S. Robenon 

CHARLOTTE, Mecklenburg County 

Canslbr & Cansler 

Law Building 

E)dwin T. Cansler 
Edwin T. Cansler, Jr. 
John S. Cansler 

Clinton Henry A. Grady 

Columbia T, H. Woodley 

Columbus Refer to Tiyon 

Concord J. L. Crowdf 

Dallas Refer to Gastonia 


The Lawyers* List North Carolina 

Danbury J« D. Humphrey! 

Dillsboro Joseph J. Hooker 

Dobson W. L. Reece 

Draper Refer to Reidsville 

Dunn Qarence J. Smith 

Durham . . . .• William G. Bramham 

Edenton Pruden k Pruden 

Elizabeth City George J. Spence 

Elizabethtown R. S. White 

Elkin Joseph F. Hendren 

Fairmont Refer to Lumberton 

Fayetteville Sinclair k Dye 

Forest City Refer to Rutherfordton 

Franklin Johnston & Horn 

Gastonia Mason & Mason 

Gatesville Smith k Banks 

Goldsboro W. S. O'B. Robinson 

Graham Parker k Long 

GREENSBORO, Guilford County 

Douglas & Douglas 

Greensboro Loan and Trust BuiUing 

Robert Martin Douglas 
Martin Francis Douglas 

King k Kimball 

106 North Elm Street 

Robert R. IGng 
Ashbel B. Kimball 

Greenville S. J. Everett 

Halifax Refer to Weldon 

Hamlet Refer to Rockingham 

Hayesville 0« L. Anderson 

Henderson T. T. Hicks 

Hendersonville Smith k Shipman 


North Carolina The Lawyers' List 

Hertford James S. McNider 

Hickory Self & Bagby 

High Point Robinson, Dalton & Smith 

Hillsboro S. M. Gattis 

ackson Peebles & Harris 

acksonville Frank Thompson 

efferson W. R. Bauguess 

onesboro Refer to Sanford 

Kenansville L. A. Beasley 

Kings Mountain Refer to Gastonia 

Kinston Fred I. Sutton 

Laurinburg Maxcy L. John 

^aksville Refer to Reidsville 

Lenoir Squires & Whisnant 

Lexington Walser & Walser 

Lillington Refer to Dunn 

Lincolnton C. £. Childs 

Littleton John M. Picot 

Louisburg White & Malone 

Lumberton McLean, Varser, McLean & Stacy 

Madison Ira R. Humphreys 

Manteo B. G. Crisp 

Marion Pless & Winbome 

Marshall John A. Hendricks 

Maxton Refer to Lumberton 

Mayodan Refer to Reidsville 

Middlesex Refer to Nashville 

Mocksville £. L. Gaither 

Monroe Redwine & Sikes 

Mooresville Refer to Statesville 

Morganton R. L. Huffman 

Mount Airy W. F. Carter 

Mount Olive Refer to Goldsboro 

Murfreesboro David C. Barnes 

Murphy Witherspoon & Witherspoon 

Nashville Austin & Davenport 

New Bern Ernest M. Green 


The Lawyers' List North Carolina 

Newland Harrison Baird 

Newton W. C. Feimster 

North Wilkesboro Refer to Wilkesboro 

Oxford B. S. Royster 

Pilot Mountain Refer to Mount Air/ 

Pittsboro R. H. Hayes 

Plymouth Refer to Williamston 

PoUoksville Refer to Trenton 

Raeford J. W. Currie 

RALEIGH, Wake County 

Armistead Jones & Son 

Pullen Building 

Armistead Jones 
William B. Jones 

Red Springs Refer to Lumberton 

Reidsville Ira R. Humphreys 

Roanoke Rapids Clark & Clark 

Robbinsville R. L. Phillips 

Rockingham A. R. McPhail 

Rocky Mount J. P. Bunn 

Rowland Refer to Lumberton 

Roxboro L. M. Carlton 

Rutherfordton Solomon Gallert 

Salisbury Linn & Linn 

Saluda Refer to Tryon 

Sanford A. A. F. Seawell 

Scotland Neck Kitchin & Smith 

Selma Refer to Smithfield 

Sharpsburg Refer to Nashville 

Shelby Webb & Mull 

Siler City Refer to Pittsboro 

Smithfield Frederick H. Brooks 

Snow Hill J. A. Albritton 

Southport Cranmer & Davis 


North Carolina The Lawyers' List 

Sparta George Cheek 

Spencer Refer to Salisbury 

Spray Refer to Reidsviile 

Spring Hope Refer to Nashville 

Statesville W. D. Turner 

Swanquarter Spencer & Spencer 

Sylva Joseph J. Hooker 

Tarboro G. M. T. Fountain & Son 

Taylorsville J. H. Burke 

Thomasville Refer to High Point 

Trenton Julien K. Warren 

Troy Robert T. Poole 

Tryon Walter Jones 

Wadesboro McLendon & Covington 

Wake Forest. .£. W. Timberlake & Son 

Warrenton Tascar Polk 


Warsaw Refer to Kenansville 

Washington Small, MacLean» Bragaw & Rodman 

WaynesviUe W. J. Hannah 

Webster Joseph J. Hooker 

Weldon Walter E. Daniel 

Wentworth Refer to Reidsviile 

Whitakers Refer to Nashville 

Whiteville Schulken, Toon & Schulken 

Whittier Joseph J. Hooker 

Wilkesboro Finley & Hendron 

Williamston Wheeler Martin 

WILMINGTON, New Hanover County 

Carr, Poisson & Dickson 

Murchison National Bank Building 

James O. Carr 
Louis J. Poisson 
Rufus D. Dickson 


The Lawyers* List North Carolina 

WILMINGTON, New Hanover County (ContintuJ) 

RouNTRBB & Davis 

Murchison National Bank Building 

George Rountree 
Thomas W. Davis 

Wilson H. G. Connor, Jr. 

Windsor Winston & Matthews 

Winston-Salem Manly, Hendren & Womble 

Winton John E. Vann 

YadkinviUe D. M. Reece 

Yanceyville Johnston, Ivie k Trotter 


North Dakota The Lawyers' List 

North Dakota 

Alexander Robert Norheim 

Ambrose £. A. Tannas 

Anamoote F. J. Funke 

Ashley Cannon k Ludwigs 

Balta Refer to Rugby 

Barton Refer to Rugby 

Beach R. F. Gallagher 

Belfield Refer to Dickinson 

Berthold Lewis H. Paige 

Berwick Refer to Rugby 

Bismarck Newton, Dullam k Young 

Bottineau John H. Kirk 

Bowbells ri. A. Hanson 

Bowdon Refer to Carrington 

Bowman F. E. Diehl 

Bumstad D. L. Anderson 

Cando Kehoe k Moseley 

Carrington W. £. Hoopes 

Casselton J. F. Callahan 

Cathay Refer to Carrington 

Cavalier H. B. Spiller 

Chaseley Refer to Carrington 

Cooperstown Benjamin Tufte 

Crosby F. A. Leonard 

Devils Lake Cuthbert k Smythe 

Dickinson Tliomas H. Pugh 

Edmunds Refer to Carrington 

EUendale E. E. Cassels 

Elgin Frank T. Lembke 

Enderlin Charles G. Bangert 


The Lawyers' List North Dakota 

FARGO, Can County 

Engerud, Divbt, Holt & Frame 

de Lendrecie Building 

Edward Engerud 
Arthur G. Divet 
Daniel B. Holt 
John S. Frame 

Lawrence & Murphy 

Fargo National Bank Building 

Aubrey Lawrence 
M. W. Murphy 

Herbert G. NiUes 

Fetsenden J. J. Youngblood 

Forman McKenzie & Leslie 

Garrison R. L. Fraser 

Glen UUin Refer to Hebron 

Goodrich Refer to Carrington 

Grafton Phelps & Phelps 

Grand Forks Bangs & Robbins 

Hankinson J. A. Dwyer 

Harvey John O. Hanchett 

Heaton Refer to Carrington 

Hebron Samuel P. Halpem 

Hettinger Boehm & Jackson 

Hillsboro P. G. Swenson 

Hurdsfield Refer to Carrington 

Jamestown Oscar J. Seiler 

Kenmare M. R. Keith 

Kensal Refer to Carrington 

Knox Refer to Rugby 

Lakou Frick & Kelly 

La Moure Davis & Warren 

Langdon E. £. Fletcher 

Larimore Samuel J. RaddiiFe 


North Dakota The Lawyers' List 

Leeds Victor Wardrope 

Lidgerwood A. L. Parsons 

Linton Armstrong & Cameron 

Lisbon Kvello & Adams 

McQusky Frank L Temple 

McHenry Refer to Carrington 

Maddock Refer to Minnewaukan 

Mandan E. A. Ripley 

Manning Refer to Dickinson 

Martin Refer to Carrington 

Mayville Francis W. Ames 

Minnewaukan Torger Sinness 

Minot John J. Coyle 

Minto Refer to Grafton 

Mohall George L. Ryerson 

Mott Jacobsen & Murray 

Napoleon William A. O'Donnell 

New Rockford James A. Manly 

New Salem Jesse V. McCormick 

Oakes Refer to EUendale 

Park River G. W. Young 

Pembina Refer to Cavalier 

Pleasant Lake Refer to Rugby 

Ray P. P. Campbell 

Rolla Verret & Stormon 

Rugby Harold B. Nelson 

Ryder Johnson & Mielke 

St. Thomas A. L. & T. A. Miller 

Sherbrooke Refer to Casselton 

Silva Refer to Rugby 

Stanley F. F. WyckoflF 

Stanton H. L. Berry 

Steele Rees L. Phelps 

Sykeston Refer to Carrington 

Towner Albert Weber 

Valley City Herman Winterer 

Velva J. R. Meagher 


The Lawyers* List North Dakota 

Wahpeton W. £. Purcell 

Washburn James T. McCulloch 

Williston Craven & Converse 

Wishek Refer to Ashley 

Wolford Refer to Rugby 


Ohio The Lawyers* List 


Ada William W. Runser 

Adeiphi Refer to Chillicothe 

AKRON, Summit County 

Allen, Waters, Young & Andress 

Central Savings i^ Trust Building 

Frank H. Waters 
William E. Young 
Harry E. Andress 
Chester G. Wise 
Dudley W. Maxon 
Arthur W. Doyle 

Slabaugh, Sbiberling k Huber 

Second National Building 

Watson E. Slabaugh 
Francis Seiberling 
James B. Huber 

Alliance Hart & Koehler 

Amherst Refer to Elyria 

Andover F. J. Bishop 

Antwerp Refer to Paulding 

Ashland Mykrantz & Patterson 

Ashtabula Munsell & Hall 

Athens Grosvenor, Jones, Worsteli k Jones 

Barberton Refer to Akron 

Bamesville Smith & Howard 

Batavia A. B. Nichols 

Bedford C. J. Gould 

Bellaire James C. Tallman 

Bellefontaine Howenstine k Huston 

Bellevue • • Parkhurst k Vickery 

Bellville Refer to Mansfield 


The Lawyers' List Ohl 


Berea J. M. Patton 

Bethel Charles A. Brannock 

Blanchester Refer to Wilmington 

Bluffton Refer to Lima 

Bowling Green Harrington & Dunn 

Bradford Refer to Piqua 

Bridgeport J. C. Heinlein 

Bryan Newcomer & Gebhard 

Bucyrus R. V. Sears 

Cadiz Hollingsworth & Moore 

Caldwell J. A. Okey 

Cambridge Fred L. Rosemond 

Canal Dover Refer to Dover 

Canal Fulton Refer to Massillon 

Canal Winchester W. H. Lane 

CANTON, Stark County 

Lynch, Day, Fimple & Lynch 

Schaefer Building 

Austin Lynch 
David B. Day 
John H. Fimple 
James K. Lynch 
R. J. Bour, Jr. 

Webber & Turner 

RenkiTt Building 

Harrison B. Webber 
Thomas F. Turner 

Wendell Herbruck 

Cardington Refer to Mount Gilead 

Carey Refer to Upper Sandusky 

Carrollton McDonald & Oglevee 

Celina James D. Johnson 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

Chagrin Falls Refer to Cleveland 

Chardon H. O. Bostwick 

Chicago Junction Refer to Norwalk 

Chillicothe John P. Phillips 

CINCINNATI, Hamilton County 

Ernst, Cassatt & CorrtB 

Firrt National Bank BuiUing 

Richard P. Ernst 
Alfred C. Cassatt 
Frank Wattle 

George Stugard 

Harmon, Colston, Goldsmith & Hoadly 

St. Paul BuiUing 

Judson Harmon 
Edward Colston 
A. W. Goldsmith 
George Hoadly 
Oscar Stoehr 
A. W. Goldsmith, Jr. 

Maxwell & Ramsey 

Union Central Building 

Lawrence Maxwell 
Joseph S. Graydon 
Joseph L. Lackner 

Miller Outcalt 

Telephone Building 
Miller Outcalt 
Dudley C. Outcalt 


The Lawyers* List Ohio 

CINCINNATI, Hamilton County (Continiud) 

Paxton, Warrington & Sbasongood 

Citizens National Bank Building 

Thomas B. Paxton 
Thomas B. Paxton, Jr. 
Murray Seasongood 

Robert P. Goldman 

Stephens, Lincoln & Stephens 

First National Bank Building 

Charles H. Stephens 
Charles H. Stephens, Jr. 


fFiggins Block 

William Worthington 
Edward W. Strong 
John L. Stettinius 

John B. HoUister 
Cirdeville Chris. A. Weldon 

CLEVELAND, Cuyahoga County 

Cook, McGowan, Foots, Bushnell & Lamb 

Williamson Building 

Ernest S. Cook 
Edward Bushnell 
Franklin S. McGowan 
Edward A. Foote 
J. Paul Lamb 
Albert R. Manning, Jr. 
R. Clyde Wheeler 

{Cleveland continued, page 240) 

Ohio The Lawyers' List 

CLEVELAND, Cuyahoga County (Continued) 

Henderson, Quail, Siddall & Morgan 

Garfield Building 

John M. Henderson 
Frank A. Quail 
George B. Siddall 
D. £. Morgan 

bhn P. Dempsey 
ohn C. Barkley 
ohn P. Sturges 

HoYT, DusTiN, McKeehan & Andrews 

Guardian Building 

Alton C. Dustin 
Homer H. McKeehan 
Horace Andrews 
Walter C. Merrick 
Charles K. Arter 
William B. Stewart 

Qinton M. Horn 
Leroy B. Davenport 
Charles FoUett 
Orville Smith 
Walker H. Nye 
Leward C. Wykoff 
Warren M. Briggs 
John W. Eckelberry 
Alfred K. Kelley 
Ashley M. Van Duzer 

M. B. & H. H. Johnson 

American Trust Building 

Melvin B. Johnson 
Homer H. Johnson 
William D. Turner 


The Lawyers' List Ohio 

CLEVELAND, Cuyahoga County (Contintud) 

M. B. & H. H. Johnson (Continued) 

American Trust Building 

John H. Watson, Jr. 
David L. Johnson 

John T. Scott 
Ralph W. Pyle 
Walter Grammes 
A. H. Wurtz 

Kline, Niman, Buss & Holliday 

East Ohio Gas Building 

Charles A. Niman 
Charles M . Buss 
W. T. Holliday 
William A. McAfee 

A. Bliss Oakes 

Squire, Sanders & Dbmpsby 

Leadef'News Building 

Andrew Squire 
William B. Sanders 
James H. Dempsey 
William C. Boyle 
William M. Duncan 
Clarence E. Sanders 
Robert F. Denison 
Harry J. Crawford 
Harold T. Clark 
Thomas M. Kirby 
Sterling Newell 

Charles T. Brooks 
Hugh T. Mathers 
Frank S. Whitcomb 
Ellis R. Diehm 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

CLEVELAND, Cuyahoga County {CofUinued) 


Williamson Building 

S. H. Tolles 
T. H. Hogsctt 
Frank H. Ginn 
John E. Morley 
William L. David 
Charles H. Gale 
John M. Garfield 
Gardner Abbott 
Grover Higgins 
Thomas H. Jones 
Roger C. Hyatt 
W. T. Kinder 
W. B. Cockley 

James P. Wood 
Harold G. Mosier 
Leslie Nichols 
J. P. Drach 
King Tolles 

E. J. Blandin 

Cleves Refer to Cincmnati 

Qyde Homer Metzgar 

CoUinwood Refer to Cleveland 

Columbiana^ Refer to Lisbon 

COLUMBUS, Franklin County 

Arnold & Game 

Huntington Bank Building 

Harry B. Arnold 
Francis H. Game 


The Lawyers* List Ohio 

COLUMBUS, Franklin County {Continuid) 

B00TH9 Keating, Pomerenb & Boulger 

Huntington Bank Building 

Henry J. Booth 
Thomas J. Keating 
William R. Pomerene 
David T. Keating 
James I. Boulger 

Harry M. Runkle 

Henderson & Burr 

New First National Bank Building 

William O. Henderson 
Karl E. Burr 

Sherman B. Randall 
Lewis F. Laylin 

Morton, Irvine, Turner & Blanchard 

50 East Broad Street 

Elbert C. Morton 
Ellsworth C. Irvine 
Edward C. Turner 
Charles E. Blanchard 

Arthur S. Burket 

VoRYs, Satbr, Seymour & Pbasb 
S2 East Gay Street 

Arthur I. Vorys 
Lowry F. Sater 
Augustus T. Seymour 
Edward L. Pease 

Wilbur E. Benoy 
Charles D. McVay 
Webb I. Vorys 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

COLUMBUS, Franklin County (Continwd) 

Wilson & Rector 

Spahr Building 

John F. Wilson 
Fred C. Rector 

Columbus Grove Refer to Ottawa 

Conneaut H. G. Kingdom 

Continental Refer to Ottawa 

Coshocton Frank E. Pomerene 

Covington Refer to Troy 

Crestline Carl M. Babst 

Cuyahoga Falls Refer to Akron 

DAYTON, Montgomery County 

James & Coolidgb 

U. B. Building 

Lee Warren James 
Joseph Bradford Coolidge 
Hubert A. Estabrook 
B. D. Moore 
J. Q. A. Johnson, Jr. 

McMahon & McMahon 

Schwind Building 

John A. McMahon 
J. Sprigg McMahon 
Robert K. Landis 
A. K. Meek 
Samuel S. Markham 

Matthews & Matthews 

Dayton Savings W Trust Co, Bldg. 

Edwin P. Matthews 
William Mills Matthews 


The Lawyers' List Ohio 

DAYTON, Montgomery County (Continued) 

E. H. & W. B. Turner 

Beckel Building 

Earl H. Turner 
Wellmore B. Turner 

Daniel Blau 
Lester L. Cecil 

Defiance Harris & Shaw 

Delaware Marriott, Freshwater & Wickham 

Delphos Lindemann & Lindemann 

Delta George A. Everett 

Dennison Refer to New Philadelphia 

Deshler Refer to Leipsic 

Dover Wilkin & Femsell 

Dresden Refer to Zanesville 

East Liverpool Brookes & Thompson 

East Palestine Everett L. Lyon 

Eaton E. P. Vaughan 

Elmore Refer to Port Clinton 

Elyria Webber & Webber 

Findlay Burket & Burket 

Forest Refer to Kenton 

Fostoria C. L. Guernsey 

Frankfort Refer to Chillicothe 

Franklin J. D. Miller 

Fremont* Hunt & Gam 

Galion William J. Geer 

Gallipolis Hollis C. Johnston 

Garrettsville Refer to Ravenna 

Geneva Charles J. Ford 

Genoa Refer to Port Qinton 

Georgetown Young & Bamet 

Germantown Refer to Dayton 

Gibsonburg Jacob L. Hart 

Girard Refer to Warren 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

Glouster Refer to Athens 

Greenfield Refer to Hillsboro 

Greenville W. W. Teegarden 

Hamilton Andrews & Andrews 

Harrison George B. Goodhart 

HicksviUe L. E. Griffin 

Hillsboro Wilson & McBride 

Hubbard J. J. Boyle 

Hudson Refer to Akron 

Ironton Johnson & Jones 

Jackson Charles H. Jones 

Jamestown Refer to Xenia 

Jefferson Hiram E. Starkey 

Kent C. H. Curtiss 

Kenton Mahon & Mahon 

Lakewood Refer to Cleveland 

Lancaster M. A Daugherty 

Lebanon William L. Suemening 

Leetonia Refer to Lisbon 

Leipsic A. A. Slaybaugh 

Lima Cable & Cable 

Lisbon Billingsley, Moore & Van Fossan 

Lockland Refer to Cincinnati 

Logan C. V. Wright 

London Murray & Emery 

Lorain Van Deusen & Calhoon 

Loudonville W. J. Weirick 

Louisville Refer to Canton 

Lynchburg E. M. Wiggins 

McArthur James W. Darby 

McConnellsville M. E. Danford 

Madisonville Refer to Cincinnati 

Manchester Refer to West Union 

Mansfield McBride & Wolfe 

Marietta Strecker & Williamson 

Marion Justice & Young 

Martins Ferry.... Edward E. McCombt 


The Lawyers* List Ohio 

MarysviUe Robinson & Hoopes 

Massillon Warren £. Russell 

Mechanicsburg. Refer to Urbana 

Medina Frank Heath 

Miamisburg W. A. Reiter 

Middletown Palmer & Elliott 

Milford Refer to Batavia 

Millersburg Charles R. Caiy 

Montpelier J- V. Maier 

Mt. Gilead S. C. Kingman 

Mt. Sterling Refer to London 

Mt. Vernon • Greer & Cromley 

Napoleon Donovan & Warden 

Negley Refer to East Palestine 

Nelsonville Refer to Athens 

Newark ; Kibler & Kiblcr 

Newcomerstown Refer to New Philadelphia 

New Lexington C. A. Donahue 

New London E. M. Palmer 

New Philadelphia Wilkin & Femsell 

New Richmond Refer to Batavia 

New Springfield Refer to East Palestine 

New Waterford Refer to East Palestine 

Niles Refer to Warren 

North Baltimore Refer to Bowling Green 

Norwalk G. Ray Craig 

Norwood Refer to Cincinnati 

Oakharbor Refer to Port Clinton 

Oberlin Refer to Elyria 

Orrville Refer to Wooster 

Ottawa Bailey & Leasure 

Oxford Refer to Hamilton 

Painesville Martin A. Tuttle 

Paulding William H. Phipps 

Perrysburg Refer to Bowling Green 

Petersburg Refer to East Palestine 

Piqua Lindsey & Berry 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

Plymouth Refer to Mansfield 

Pomeroy A. D. Russell 

Port Clinton George A. True 

Portsmouth Bannon & Bannon 

Quaker City Refer to Cambridge 

Ravenna W* J. Beckley 

Richwood Arthur B. Simons 

Ripley E. R. Young 

Rockford Refer to Celina 

Rogers Refer to East Palestine 

Sabina Refer to Wilmington 

St. Bernard Refer to Cincinnati 

St. Clairsville T. C. Ayers 

St. Marys Anthony CuUiton 

St. Paris Refer to Urbana 

Salem J. C. Boone 

Salineville S. E. McCormick 

Sandusky King, Ramsey & Pyle 

Shelby Skiles & SkUes 

Shreve Refer to Woostcr 

Sidney Marshall & Marshall 

Somerset Refer to New Lexington 

SPRINGFIELD, Clark County 
Bowman & Bowman 

34i South Limestone Street 

Edmund O. Bowman 
John Elden Bowman 

Kbifer & Kbifer 

Lagonda National Bank BuiUing 

J. Warren Keifer 
William W. Keifer 

Steubenville Healea & ICinsey 

Tiffin Royer & Spider 

Tippecanoe City E. H. & R. A. Kerr 


The Lawyers' List Ohio 

TOLEDO, Lucas County 

Brown, Gbddbs, Schmbttau & Williams 

Ohio Building 

Frederick L. Geddes 
Charles A. Schmettau 
Lloyd T. Williams 
Walter A. Eversman 
Hany W. Isenberg 

Henry A. Middleton 
Raymond T. Garrison 
Edwin Williams 

Doyle & Lewis 

Nicholas Building 

John H. Doyle 
Charles T. Lewis 
Howard Lewis 
Frank S. Lewis 
Richard D. Logan 

Frederick W. Gaines 
Paul W. Alexander 
Charles H. Lemmon, Jr. 

Marshall ic Eraser 

Spit%ir Building 

Edwin J. Marshall 
Harold W. Eraser 

P. R. TayTor 
Harold A. Kesler 
Hampton G. Wall 
Manning L. Spooner 
Alonzo C. Ruihley 


Ohio The Lawyers* List 

TOLEDO, Lucas County {Continued) 

SMiTHy Baker, Effler & Allen 

Smith l^ Baker Building 

Barton Smith 
Rufus H. Baker 
Erwin R. Effler 
Maurice Allen 
Leroy £. Eastman 

Smith, Beckwith & Ohlinger 

Second National Bank Building 

Alexander L. Smith 
George H. Beckwith 
Gustavus Ohlinger 

Edmund C Froehlich 

Tracy, Chapman & Welles 

Ohio Building 

Thomas H. Tracy 
Charles F. Chapman 
George D. Welles 
Newton A. Tracy 
Edward W. Kelsey, Jr. 

RoUind O. Holloway 
Randolph P. Whitehead 
Webb O. Schwen 

Toronto Refer to Steubenville 

Troy Broomhall & Broomhall 

Uhrichsville George W. Reed 

Upper Sandusky Carter & Carter 

Urbana E. Erwood Cheney 

Van Wert Dailey & Hoke 

Versailles Refer to Greenville 

Wadsworth John D. Owen 


Thf Lawyers* List Ohio 

Wapakoneta Hoskins, Connaughton & Stout 

Warren Gillmer & Gillmer 

Washington C. H Post & Reid 

Wauseon Ham & Ham 

Waverly , . . Charles M. Caldwell 

Wellington Refer to Elyria 

Wellston A. E. Jacobs 

Wellsvillc W. F. Lones 

Westerville Refer to Columbus 

West Milton Refer to Troy 

West Union W. R. MahaiFey 

Wilmington Smith, Rogers & Smith 

Woodsfield L. E. Matz 

Wooster A. D. Metz 

Xenia Marcus Shoup 

YOUNGSTOWN, Mahoning County 

Harrington, De Ford, Heim & Osborne 

Mahoning Bank Building 

John T. Harrington 
Union C. De Ford 
Fred J. Heim 
Qyde W. Osborne 
J. W. Blackburn 
Donald J. Lynn 
Wallace F. Judd 
T. Lamar Jackson 

HiNB, Kennedy, Manchester & Conroy 

Wick Building 

Cecil D. Hme 
James B. Kennedy 
Curtis A. Manchester 
Leroy A. Manchester 

(Youngstown continued^ page 2^2) 


Ohio The Lawyers' List 

YOUNGSTOWN, Mahoning County {Continued) 

HiNBy Kennedy, Manchester &Conroy {Con,) 

Wick Building 

Stephen S. Conroy 

John WTTord 
Paul J. Jones 
Franklin B. Powers 
James E. Bennett 
David F. Kennedy 
J. C. Argetsinger 

Zanesville Frazier & Frazier 


The Lawyers' List Oklahoma 


Ada B. H. Epperson 

Afton John J. Hubbard 

Albion John T. Bailey 

Altus T. M. Robinson 

Alva Arthur G. Sutton 

Anadarko C. H. Carswell 

Antlers Amote & Powell 

Arapaho Phillips & Mills 

ARDMORE, Carter County 


Simpson Building 

William I. Cruce 
William D. Potter 
William E. Cruce 

Johnson & McGill 

Exchange National Bank Building 

William B. Johnson 
Hugh W. McGill 

Amctt A. E. Williams 

Atoka J. G. Ralls 

Autwine Refer to Blackwell 

Bartlesville George, Campbell & Ray 

Beaver Dickson & Dickson 

Beggs Refer to Okmulgee 

Bennington Refer to Durant 

Blackwell James E. Curran 

Boise City M. W. Pugh 

Boley Refer to Okemah 

Boswell W.W.Whitley 

Boynton Refer to Muskogee 

Braman Refer to Blackwell 


Oklahoma The Lawyers' List 

Bristow Refer to Sapulpa 

Broken Arrow J. S. Severson 

Buffalo Joseph L. Griffitts 

Caddo W. F. Scmple 

Chandler Jarrett & Speakman 

Checotah Claude A. Nilet 

Chelsea Refer to Qaremore 

Cherokee Ira A. Hill 

Cheyenne T. L. Turner 

Chickasha C. L. McArthur 

Claremore Harry Jennings 

Cleveland George T. Graves 

Clinton Phillips & Mills 

Coalgate George T. Ralls 

CoUinsville Refer to Tulsa 

Comanche H. B. Locketc 

Cordell Massingale & Duff 

Coweta J. C. Pinson 

Gushing Refer to Stillwater 

Davis W. N. Lewis 

Dewar Refer to Heniyetta 

Dewey Refer to Bartlesville 

Drumright Frank Hickman 

Duncan Riley & Sandlin 

Durant John A. MacDonald 

Eddy Refer to Blackwell 

Edmond Refer to Oklahoma City 

Eldorado W. C. Austin 

Elk City Echols & Merrill 

El Reno Gillette & Libby 

Enid M. C. Garber 

Eufaula Turner & Turner 

Fairfax Refer to Pawhuska 

Fairview Thomas E. Willis 

Fort Gibson Refer to Muskogee 

Fort Towson W. N. Greene 

Francis Refer to Ada 


The Lawyers' List Oklahoma 

Frederick Wilson & Roe 

Gage Refer to Amett 

Geary Refer to Watonga 

Granite Benjamin F. Van Dyke 

Grove A. V. Coppedge 

Guthrie Dale & Bierer 

Guymon E. W. Himes 

Hartshome William J. Hulsey 

Haskell Refer to Muskogee 

Hennessey Refer to Kingfisher 

Henryetta I. H. G)x 

Hobart Luther Morten Keys 

Holdenville J. L. Skinner 

HoUis Ross Cox 

Hominy Refer to Pawhuska 

Hugo McDonald & Jones 

Idabel £. C. Armstrong 

Jay L. W. Stivers 

Kingfisher George L. Bowman 

Kiowa Refer to McAlester 

Konawa Refer to Wewoka 

Krebs Refer to McAlester 

Lawton Johnson & Stevens 

Lexington Refer to Purcell 

Lindsay Refer to Pauls Valley 

McALESTER, Pittsburg G>unty 

HoRTON & Gill 

124^ East Choctaw Avenui 

William J. Horton 
Jackman A. Gill 

Gordon & McImnis 

New Bushy Building 

James H. Gordon 
Emmett E. Mclnnis 

Oklahoma The Lawyers' List 

MadiU J.O.Minter 

Mangum Carpenter & Mills 

Marietta J. C. Graham 

Marlow Refer to Duncan 

Maud Refer to Shawnee 

Medford A. C. Glenn 

Miami Webster & Webster 

Mill Creek Refer to Tishomingo 

Muldrow Wilson O. Bruton 

Mulhall Refer to Guthrie 

MUSKOGEE, Muskogee County 

Furry & Motter 

Flynn^Anus Building 

Jacob B. Furiy 
Edwm C. Motter 

Gibson h Hull 

Barms Building 

Nathan A. Gibson 
Joseph L. Hull 
Thomas L. Gibson 

Ramsey, deMeules, Rosser, Martin & King 

Flynn-Ames Building 

George S. Ramsey 
Edgar A. de Meules 
Malcolm E. Rosser 
Villard Martin 
J. Berry King 

Nardin Refer to Blackwell 

Newkirk W- S. Cline 

Norman Dudley & Hardie 

Nowau Chase & Campbell 


The Lawyers' List Oklahoma 

Okeene Refer to Watonga 

Okemah Huser & Huser 

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma County 

Samuel A. Calhoun 

Colcord Building 

Keaton, Wells & Johnston 

Terminal Building 

James k. Keaton 
Frank Wells 
David I. Johnston 
George G. Barnes 
Norman H. Wright 
Wallace C. Lee 

Stuart & Cruce 

Colcord Building 

Charles B. Stuart 
Marion K. Cruce 

Okmulgee Belford & Hiatt 

Pauls Valley Thompson, Patterson & Farmer 

Pawhuska A. M. Widdows 

Pawnee E. M. Clark 

Peckham Refer to Blackwell 

Perry Johnston, Robinson & Rice 

Ponca City L. A. Maris 

Pond Creek Refer to Medford 

Porum Refer to Stigler 

Poteau T. T. Vamer 

Prague Wells & Lee 

Pryor J. H. Langley 

Purcell C. G. Moore 

Quinton Refer to Stigler 


Oklahoma The Lawyers' List 

Ramona Refer to Bartlesville 

Roff Refer to Ada 

Rush Springs Refer to Chickasha 

Ryan Refer to Waurika 

Sallisaw Harry D. Pitchford 

Sapulpa McDougal, Lytle, Allen & Hodges 

Sayre Hendrix & Tracy 

Seminole Refer to Wewoka 

Shattuck Refer to Amett 

Shawnee Stanard, Wahl & Ennis 

Skiatook Refer to Tulsa 

Snyder Refer to Hobart 

South McAlester Refer to McAlester 

Spiro Refer to Poteau 

Stigler Holley & Means 

Stillwater C. L. Burdick 

Stilwell E. B. Arnold 

Stonewall Refer to Ada 

Stratford Joe A. Edwards 

ouuUQ ••• ■••••••••••••••••••••••■••• w • vjt* & arooe 

Sulphur George M. Nicholson 

Tahlequah Bruce L. Keenan 

Talihina Refer to Poteau 

Taloga W. P. Hickok 

Tecumseh Refer to Shawnee 

Thomas Refer to Arapaho 

Tishomingo John J. Stobaugh 

Tonkawa Refer to Blackweil 


The Lawyers' List Oklahoma 

TULSA, Tulsa County 

Carroll & MiisoN 

Kennedy Building 

Gray Carroll 
Herbert D. Mason 

Arthur B. Honnold 
RoUin £. Gish 

West, Sherman, Davidson & Moore 

Palace Building 

Preston C. West 
Roger S. Sherman 
A. A. Davidson 
Grey Moore 

Vinita W. P. Thompson 

Wagoner Rittenhouse & Brown 

Wakita Refer to Medford 

Walters J. H. Cline 

Wanette Refer to Shawnee 

Wapanucka Refer to Tishomingo 

Watonga Seymour Foose 

Waurika Bridges & Vertrees 

Weatherford G. W. Cornell 

Weleetka Refer to Okemah 

Wellston Refer to Chandler 

Westvillc Refer to Stilwell 

Wetumka Refer to Holdenville 

Wewoka Davis & Patterson 

Wilburton Jones & Lester 

Woodward Swindall & Wybrant 

Wynne Wood J. T. Wheeler 


Oregon The Lawyers* List 


Albany .Hewitt k Sox 

Ashland E. D. Briggt 

Astoria George C. Fulton 

Athena Refer to Pendleton 

Baker Joseph J. Heilner 

Bandon Refer to G>quille 

Brownsville Amos A. Tussing 

Bums John W. Biggs 

Canyon City George H. Cattanach 

Condon M. D. Shanks 

Coquille A. J. Sherwood 

Corvallis McFadden & Clarke 

Cottage Grove Refer to Eugene 

Dallas Oscar Hayter 

Enterprise J. A. Burleigh 

Eugene Smith & Biyson 

Forest Grove Refer to Hillsboro 

Fossil H. H. Hendricks 

Gold Beach C. H. Buflington 

Grants Pass O. S. Blanchard 

Heppner C. E. Woodson 

Hillsboro William G. Hare 

Hood River George R. Wilbur 

Independence Refer to Salem 

Jacksonville Refer to Medford 

Joseph Refer to Enterprise 

Klamath Falls J. C. Rutenic 

La Grande Crawford & Eakin 

Lakeview Arthur D. Hay 

Lebanon ... Samuel M. Garland 

McMinnville McCain & Vinton 

Marshfield John D. Goss 

Medford A. E. Reames 

Moro W. C. Biyant 


The Lawyers' List Oregon 

Myrtle Point Refer to Coquille 

Newberg Clarence Butt 

North Bend A. H. Derbyshire 

Ontario W. E. Lees 

Oregon City J. E. Hedges 

Pendleton Carter U Smythe 

PORTLAND, Multnomah County 

Coy Burnett 

Pittock Block 

Carey & Kerr 

Yeon Building 

Charles H. Carey 
James B. Kerr 
Charles A. Hart 
Omar C. Spencer 
Charles E. McCulloch 

Chamberlain, Thomas, Kraemer & 

Chamber of Commerce 

George E. Chamberlain 
Warren E. Thomas 
Otto J. Kraemer 
Lester W. Humphreys 

R. K. Powell 
John F. Forbis, Jr. 

Dey, Hampson & Nelson 

Yeon Building 

Ben C. Dey 
Alfred A. Hampson 
Roscoe C. Nelson 


Oregon The Lawyers' List 

PORTLAND, Multnomah County {Continued) 

DoLPH, Mallory, Simon & Gbarin 

Mohawk Building 

Joseph Simon 
John M. Gearin 

William D. Fenton 

Fenton Building 

William D. Fenton 
Kenneth L. Fenton 

Tbal, Minor & Winfree 

Spalding Building 

Joseph N. Teal 
Wirt Minor 
Andrew B. Winfree 
William A. Johnson 
William C. McCulloch 
Rogers MacVeagh 

Wood, Montague & Matthiessen 

Yeon Building 

Charles E. S. Wood 
Richard W. Montague 
Erskine Wood 
Mark M. Matthiessen 

Princvillc M. R. Elliott 

Redmond J. A. Willcox 

Roseburg B. L. Eddy 

St. Helens J. W. Day 

St. Johns Refer to Portland 

Salem McNary & McNary 

Sheridan Refer to McMinnville 

Silverton Refer to Salem 


Thf Lawyers' List Oregon 

Springfield Refer to Eugene 

The Dalles Bennett & Galloway 

Tillamook H. T. Bottt 

Toledo C. £. Hawkins 

Union Refer to La Grande 

Vale Charles M. Crandall 

Woodbum E. P. Morcom 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers' List 

ALLENTOWN, Lehigh County 

Thomas F. Diefbnderfbr 

So6 Hamilton Street 

ALTOONA, Blair County 

Thomas H. Greevy 

1231 Twelfth Avenue 

Thomas C. Hare 

Central Trust Building 

Ambler Refer to Norristown 

Ambridge Refer to Beaver 

Apollo Refer to Kittanning 

Ardmore Refer to Norristown 

Ashland Walter G. Treibly 

Ashley Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

Aspinwall Refer to Pittsburgh 

Athens Refer to Towanda 

Austin Refer to Coudersport 

Bangor Smith, PafF & Laub 

Bamesboro Refer to Ebensburg 

Beaver W. S. Moore 

Beaver Falls Refer to Beaver 

Bedford John M. Reynolds 

Bellefonte Blanchard & Blanchard 

Bellevue Refer to Pittsburgh 

Bellwood Refer to Altoona 

Berwick Alexander C. Jackson 

Bethlehem Dallett H. Wilson 

Blairsville Refer to Indiana 

Bloomsburg Fred. Ikder 

Blossburg Refer to Wellsboro 

Braddock Refer to Pittsburgh 


The Lawyers* List Pennsylvania 

Bradford William E. Burdick 

Bristol Gilkeson & James 

Brockwa)rville H. Boyd McCullough 

Brookville Cadmus Z. Gordon 

Brownsville Cottom & Cottom 

Butler Jackson & Troutman 

California Refer to Washington 

Cambridge Springs John A. Bolard 

Canonsburg Refer to Washington 

Canton Lee Brooks 

Carbondale John F. Reynolds 

Carlisle Conrad Hambleton 

Carnegie Refer to Pittsburgh 

Catasauqua William H. Schneller 

Catawissa Refer to Bloomsburg 

Centralia Refer to Ashland 

Chambersburg Sharpe & Elder 

Charleroi David M. McQoskey 

CHESTER, Delaware County 

William I. Schaffer 

Gibson Building 

William I. Schaffer 
E. Wallace Chadwick 
J. Borton Weeks 

Arthur L. Reeser 
William J. MacCarter, Jr. 
J. Allen Hodge 

Qairton Reter to Pittsburgh 

Clarion Hindman & Qarke 

Clearfield Liveright & Krebs 

Coatesville W.S.Harlan 

Columbia. Refer to Lancaster 

Connelbville Sterling, Higbee & Matthews 

Conshohocken Henry M. Tracy 

Coraopolis H. J. Thomas 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers' List 

Cony Geny T. Kincaid 

Coudersport Jones & Lewis 

Cresson Refer to Ebensburg 

Curwensville Roland D. Swoope 

Danville James Scarlet 

Darby Refer to Media 

Delta C. A. Hawkins 

Dillsburg Logan & Logan 

Donora Refer to Charleroi 

Doylestown Swartley & Bunting 

Du Bois Refer to Qearfield 

Dunmore Refer to Scranton 

Duquesne Refer to Pittsburgh 

Dushore. Refer to La Porte 

Easton Edward J. & James W. Fox 

Ebensburg F. J. Hartmann 

Edwardsville Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

Egypt Refer to Catasauqua 

Elizabeth Refer to Pittsburgh 

Ellwood City Refer to New Castle 

Emaus Refer to AUentown 

Emporium J. P. Felt 

Ephrata Refer to Lancaster 

ERIE, Erie County 

Gunnison, Fish, Gifford & Chapin 

Masonic TempU 

Henry E. Fish 
W. Pitt Gifford 
Albert O. Chapin 

A. Grant Walker 

Etna Refer to Pittsburgh 

Farrell Refer to Sharon 

Ford City Refer to Kittanning 

Forest City W. J. Maxey 


The Lawyers' List Pennsylvania 

Franklin Glenn & Glenn 

Freedom Refer to Beaver 

Freeland Charles O. Stroh 

Fullerton Refer to Catasauqua 

Galeton Refer to G>uder8port 

Gettysburg John D. Keith 

Girardville M. A. Kilker 

Greencastle William R. Davison 

Greensburg Gaither & Whitten 

Greenville Templeton, Whiteman & Rowley 

Grove City Refer to Mercer 

Hamburg J. Edward Miller 

Hanover Ehrehart & Bange 

HARRISBURG, Dauphin County 

Olmsted, Snyder & Miller 

5 North Third Street 

William S. Snyder 
Clarence B. Miller 
John T. Olmsted 
James W. Milhouse 

Snodgrass & Smfth 

J7 North Third Street 

Frank P. Snodgrass 
Paul G. Smith 

Hazleton Kline & Bigelow 

Hershey Refer to Harrisburg 

Hokendauqua Refer to Catasauqua 

HoUidaysburg J. Lee Plummer 

Homestead Refer to Pittsburgh 

Honesdale Homer Greene 

Houtzdale John B. McGrath 

Hughesville Refer to Williamsport 

Hummelstown Refer to Harrisburg 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers* List 

Huntingdon W. M. Henderson 

Indiana D. B. Taylor 

Irwin Refer to Greensburg 

Jeannette Refer to Greensburg 

Jenkintown Refer to Norristown 

Jermyn Refer to Scranton 

Jersey Shore John T. Hyatt 

Johnsonburg Refer to Ridgway 

JOHNSTOWN, Cambria County 

Charles C. Greer 

Swank Building 

John H. Stephens 
jilma Hall 

Kane J. E. Mullin 

Kingston Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

Kittanning John H. Painter 

LANCASTER, Lancaster County 

George Ross Eshleaian 

4S North Duke Street 

John A. Nauman 
B. Frank Kready 
S. R. Zimmerman 

SO North Duke Street 

Lansdale Refer to Philadelphia 

Lansdowne Refer to Media 

Lansford Refer to Mauch Chunk 

La Porte E. J. Mullen 

Latrobe Refer to Greensburg 

Lebanon Walter C. Graeff 

Leechburg Refer to Kittanning 

Lehighton George E. Gray 


The Lawyers* List Pennsylvania 

Lewisburg Andrew A. Leiser & Son 

Lewistown F. W. Culbertson 

Lock Haven McG)rmick & Hippie 

Luzerae Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

McConnellsburg John P. Sipet 

McKeesport Refer to Pittsburgh 

McKees Rocks Refer to Pittsburgh 

Macungie Refer to AUentown 

Mahanoy City R. P. Swank 

Mauch Chunk Freyman» Thomas & Branch 

Meadville Thomas k Thomas 

Mechanicsburg George £. Lloyd 

Media Frank B. Rhodes 

Mercer Quincy A. Gordon 

Mercersburg Refer to Chambersburg 

Middleburg i Jay G. Weiser 

Middletown Refer to Harrisburg 

Midland Refer to Beaver 

Mifflinburg D. L. Grover 

Mifflintown Frank M. M. Pennell 

Milford George R. Bull 

Millersburg Sumner S. Bowman 

Millvale Refer to Pittsburgh 

Milton William H. Hackenberg 

Minersville Refer to Pottsville 

Monessen Refer to Charleroi 

Monongahela Vance & Gibson 

Montrose John M. Kelly 

Mt. Carmel Voris Auten 

Mt. Jewett H. S. Rogers 

Mt. Pleasant N^> A. Cort 

Muncy Robert K. Reeder 

Nanticoke Thomas D. & Charles A. Shea 

Natrona Refer to Pittsburgh 

Nazareth Refer to Bangor 

New Bloomfield Luke Baker 

New Brighton W. B. Cuthberston 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers' List 

New Castle Robert K« Aiken 

New Cumberland Refer to Harrisburg 

New Kensington Horace G. Durbin 

Newtown Henry A. James 

Newville Refer to Carlisle 

NORRISTOWN, Montgomeiy County 

Eyans, High» Dettra & Swartz 
3Sg DeKdh Street 

Montgomery Evans 

Samuel H. High 

John M. Dettra 

Aaron S. Swartz, Jr. 

North East Refer to Erie 

Northampton Edgar C. Nagle 

Northumberland Knight & Taggart 

Oakmont Refer to Pittsburgh 

Oil City Trax & Parker 

Olyphant Refer to Scranton 

Oxford Refer to West Chester 

Palmerton Refer to Mauch Chunk 

Palmyra Refer to Lebanon 

Patton Reuel Somerville 

Peckville Refer to Scranton 

Pen Argyl Refer to Easton 

Perkasie Harry E. Grim 

PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia County 

John Hampton Barnes 

Morris Building 

John Hampton Barnes 
Sharswood Brinton 

Francis B. Biddle 
A. Charles Myers 
E. B. Morris, Jr. 


The Lawyers' List Pennsylvania 

PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia County {ContinuiJ) 

BiDDLB, Paul & Jaynb 

505 Chistnut Stmt 

J. Rodman Paul 
Charles Biddle 
H. La Barre Jayne 
H. Alan Dawson 
Howard H. Yocum 

John J. Wilkinson 
Charles J. Biddle 
Howard L. Fussell 

Brown & Williams 

Morris Building 

Francis Shunk Brown 
Ira Jewell Williams 

Arthur S. Minster 
Frank A. Chalmers 
Thomas Francis Gain 
Hiram B. Calkins 
Yale L. Schekter 
Murray H. Spahr, Jr. 
Francis Shunk Brown, Jr. 
Francis Mallon 
Charles L. Guerin 
Harry A. Mankin 
KeUer H. Gilbert 

Hampton L. Carson 

IS24 Chestnut Street 

Hampton L. Carson 

John Kent Kane 
Joseph Carson 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers* List 

PHILADELPHIA, Phfladelphia County (CaniinueJ) 

DicKSONy Bbitlbr & McCoucH 
BuUiti Building 

John C. Bullitt 
lichard C. Dale 
Samuel Dickson 

Abraham M. Beitler 
H. Gordon McCouch 
Arthur G. Dickson 
Henry S. Drinker, Jr. 
James McMuUan 
Harold B. Beitler 
Edward Hopkinson, Jr. 
William M. Kitzmiller 
Thomas Reath, Jr. 

DuANB, Morris & Heckscher 

Land Title Building 

Russell Duane 
I Roland Sletor Morris 

I Stevens Heckscher 

• Archibald Todd Johnson 

I John Handy Hall 

Francis A. Lewis, 3rd 
Charles Chauncey Savage, Jr. 
Jay B. Leopold 
Claude C. Smith 
George P. Williams, Jr. 

Henry, Pepper, Bodine & Pepper 

Land Title Building 

Bayard Henry 

George Wharton Pepper 

William B. Bodine, Jr. 


The Lawyers' List Pennsylvania 

PHILADELPHIA, PhUadelphia County {Continued) 

Henry, Pbpper, Bodine & Pepper {Continued) 

Land Title Building 

Thomas Stokes 

John A. McCarthy 
Isaac A. Pennypacker 
Layton B. Register 
Gerald Ronon 
Joseph S Conwell 
Theodore S. Paul 

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 

Land Title Building 

Charles E. Morgan 
Francis D. Lewis 
Morris R Bockius 
Francis B. Bracken 
R. Stuart Smith 
Charles £. Morgan, 3d 
ClementJB. Wood 

Bevan Aubrey Pennypacker 
' Henry Gross 

W. Hey ward Myers, Jr. 
Percy C. Madeira, Jr. 
William W. Bodine 
A. Allen WoodniflF 
Joseph W. Lewis 

Prichard, Saul, Bayard & Evans 

Land Title Building 

John G. Johnson 
Frank P. Prichar d 

Maurice Bower Saul 
James Wilson Bayard 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers' List 

PHILADELPHIA, PhiUdelphia County (Continufd) 

Prichard, Saul, Bayard, & Evans {Cont.) 

Land Title Building 

Ralph B. Evans 
Carlyle Howarth Ross 
Benjamin O. Frick 

Joseph Neff Ewing 
George S. Wolbert 
Raymond M. Remick 
Joseph A. Lamorelle 

Roberts, Montgomery & McKbbhan 

Morris Building 

Owen J. Roberts 
W. W. Montgomery, Jr. 
Charles L. McKeehan 
Robert T. McCracken 
Garrett^ Brownback 

George A. Maene 
Robert C. Walker 
C. Brewster Rhoads 
Thomas E. Shipley 
George G. Chandler 


Morris Building 

A. H. Wintcrsteen 

Joseph D. McCoy 
H. Harrison Smith 
Spencer Ervin 

Philipsburg M. Ward Fleming 

Phoenixville John Haviland, Jr. 

Pine Grove Refer to Potttville 


The Lawyers* List Pennsylvania 

PITTSBURGH, Allegheny County 

Burleigh & Challbnbr 

Frick Building 

Clarence Burleigh 
William A. Challener 

Craig Smith 
Walter M. Lindsay 
L. M. Shoemaker 
Clarence Burleigh, Jr. 
Richard C. Long 

Dalzell, Fisher & Dalzell 

450 Fourth Avenue 

WilUam S. Dalzell 
Gordon Fisher 
Robert Dl Dalzell 

Harmar D. Denny, Jr. 

Gordon & Smith 

Friek Building Annex 

George B. Gordon 
William Watson Smith 
Allen T. C. Gordon 
Alexander Black 

Miles H. England 

John G. Buchanan 

WilliamT. Scott 
James L Marsh 
Edgar D. Bell 
Albert P. Weitzel 
Samuel G. Nolin 
Kenneth Buffington 
Frank B. Ingersoll 
Norval W. Litde 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers' List 

PITTSBURGH, Allegheny County {Continued) 

McKee, Mitchell & Alter 

Park Building 

Charles H. McKee 
H. Walton Mitchell 
George £• Alter 
GiflFord K. Wright 
Alexander J. Barron 
Joseph A. Beck 

Paul A. Stuart 
James Milholland 

Patterson, Crawford, Miller & Arensberg 
Oliwr Building 
Thomas Patterson 
James S. Crawford 
James R. Miller 
Charles F. C. Arensberg 
James R. Dunn 

John Heron 
H. Ralph Sauers 

Reed, Smith, Shaw & Beal 

Union Arcade 

James H. Reed 
Edwin W. Smith 
George £. Shaw 
James H. Beal 
George B. Motheral 
Samuel McClay 
David A. Reed 
John G. Frazer 
Robert J. Dodds 
William M. Robinson 
William A. Seifert 
John J. Heard 


The Lawyers' List Pennsylvania 

PITTSBURGH, Allegheny County (Continued) 

Reed, Smith, Shaw & Bbal (Continued) 

Union Arcade 

Allen H. Kerr 
Robert T. Rossell 

Sterrbtt and Acheson 

Oliver Building 

James R. Sterrett 
M. W. Acheson, Jr. 
Charles Alvin Jones 
Drayton Heard 
W. St. Clair Childs 

William S. Doty 

Watson & Freeman 

St, Nicholas Building 

John M. Freeman 
Robert Woods Sutton 
Ernest C. Irwin 
Harry F. Stambaugh 

Francis R. Harbison 
Francis A. Wolf 

John Scott Wendt 

Frick Building Annex 

John Scott Wendt 

Albert B. Graver 

Pittston R. E. Bowkley 

Plymouth D. L. & J. Q. Creveling 

Portage Refer to Ebensburg 

Port Allegany Samuel W. Smith 

Pottstown William P. Young 

Pottsville George M. Roads 

Punxsutawney Jacob L. Fisher 

Quakertown Refer to Doylestown 


Pennsylvania The Lawyers* List 

Shippensburg Q. T. Mickey 

Siegfried Refer to Allentown 

Slatington Refer to Allentown 

Smethport F. D. Gallup 

Somerset Uhl & Ealy 

South Bethlehem Refer to Bethlehem 

Spring City Charles S. Wagoner 

Steelton Refer to Harrisburg 

Stroudsburg F. B. Holmes 

Sunbury Knight & Taggart 

Susquehanna William A. Skinner 

Swarthmore Refer to Media 

Tamaqua Frank P. Krebs 

Tarentum Refer to Pitttburgh 

Taylor Refer to Scranton 

Tioga Refer to Wellsboro 

Tionesta A. C. Brown 

Titusville C. W. Benedict 

Towanda Edwin P. Young 

Tremont R. S. Bashore 

Troy H. K. Mitchell 

Tunkhannock Edward B. Farr 

Tyrone William L. Hicks 

Union City W. O. Morrow 

Uniontown Sturgis & Morrow 

Vandergrift Refer to Greensburg 

Verona Refer to Pittsburgh 

Warren Lindsey & MacDonald 

Washington Andrew M. Linn 

Watsontown Harry S. Knight 

Wayne Henry Pleasants 

Waynesboro Omwake & Davison 

Waynesburg F. W. Downey 

Wellsboro Watrous, Marsh & Crichton 

West Chester J. Carroll Hayes 

Westfield Refer to Wellsboro 

West Newton Marker & Hollingsworth 


The Lawyers' List Pennsylvania 


WILKES-BARRE, Luzerne County 

George R. Bedford & Paul Bedford 

Miners Bank Building 

George R. Bedford 
Paul Bedford 

Jambs L. Morris 

Hollenhack Coal Exchange Building 

Wilkinsburg Refer to Pittsburgh 

WILLIAMSPORT, Lycoming County 


Northern Central Trust Co. Bldg. 

Seth T. McCormick, Jr. 
Henry Hippie 

Rodgers K. Foster 
Harry S. Furst 

Williamstown Refer to Millersburg 

Wilmerding Refer to Pittsburgh 

Windber John A. Hartman 

York Niles & NefF 


Philippine Islands The Lawyers' List 


Philippine Islands 

Aitken & De Selms 

No. 6 Escolta 

Cable Address: *' Aitken^ Manila, 

Thomas D. Aitken 
Charles C. De Selms 


No. p Plata P, Moraga 

Cable Address: " Gibslaw, Manila " 

Allison D. Gibbs 
Charles A. McDonoiigh 
David C. Johnson 

Porto Rico 

Arecibo Refer to San 

Mayaguez Refer to San [ 

Ponce Refer to San 

SAN JUAN, San Juan 

Jose E. Benedicto 

48 Allen Street 

J. Henri Brown 

Edificio Noa 


2, Cristo 

Martin Travieso 

4gy San Francisco 


The Lawyers' List Rhode Island 

Rhode Island 

Apponaug. ; Refer to Providence 

Barrington Refer to Providence 

Bristol Refer to Providence 

Centerville Refer to Providence 

Central Falls Refer to Providence 

Cranston Refer to Providence 

East Greenwich Refer to Providence 

East Providence Refer to Providence 

Hope Refer to Providence 

Hopkinton Refer to Westerly 

Newport Sheffield & Harvey 

Olneyville Refer to Providence 

Pascoag Refer to Providence 

Pawtucket Refer to Providence 

PROVIDENCE, Providence. County 

CoMSTOcK & Canning 

JO Weyhosset Street 
Richard B. Comstock 
John E. Canning 
Patrick P. Curran 
Henry C. Hart 
Joseph P. Canning 

Edward M. Brennan 

Edwards & Angell 

1$ Westminster Street 
Walter F. Angell 

Edward P. Jastram 
Eugene A. Kingman 
Robert B. Dresser 
Eliot G. Parkhurst 
Qaude R. Branch 
Walter A. Edwards 

Edson K. Smith 


Rhode Island The Lawyers* List 

PROVIDENCE, Providence County {Continued) 

Gardner, Pircb & Thornlby 
Turks Head Building 

Rathbone Gardner 
James A. Pirce 
William H. Thomley 
William W. Mom 
Charles R. Haslam 

TYiomas G. Bradshaw 
Herbert M. Sherwood 
Erving T. Arnold 
Benjamin M. McLyman 

Grbbn, Hincklby & Allbn 

Turks Head Building 

Theodore Francis Green 
Frank L. Hinckley 
Arthur M. Allen 
Frederick W. Tillinghast 
Abbott Phillips 
Rush Sturges 
Richard S. Aldrich 
Chauncey E. Wheeler 

Harold P. Salisbury 
CliflFord A. Kingsley 
Samuel H. Workman 

Greenough, Easton & Cross 

J2 Westminster Street 

William B. Greenough 
Frank T. Easton 
Ralph V. Hadley 
Clifrordj/\. Browneli 

Charles P. Sisson 
Edward G. Fletcher 


The Lawyers' List Rhode Island 

PROVIDENCE, Providence County {Continuei) 

Swan & Keeney 

Turks Head Building 

Frank H. Swan 
Francis B. Keeney 

FrederickW. aConnell 
Harold W. Thatcher 
Kenneth J. Tanner 

T1LLINGBA8T & Collins 

75 Westminster Street 
William R. Tillinghast 
James C. Collins 
Harold B. Tanner 

James A. Tillinghast 
Colin McR. Makepeace 
Harold E. Staples 

Riverpoint Refer to Providence 

Warren Refer to Providence 

Warwick Refer to Providence 

Westerly George R. McKenna 

Wickford Refer to Providence 

Woonsocket Refer to Providence 


South Carolina The Lawyers' List 

South Carolina 

Abbeville William P. Greene 

Aiken Hendersons 

Allendale Refer to Barnwell 

Anderson John K. Hood 

Bamberg Carter & Carter 

Barnwell Holman & Boulware 

Batesburg Refer to Lexington 

Beaufort W. J. Thomas 

Bennettsville McColl & Stevenson 

Bishopville McLeod & Dennis 

Blacksburg N. W. Hardin 

Blackville Refer to Barnwell 

Camden L. A. Wittkowsky 

CHARLESTON, Charleston County 

MrrcBBLL & Smith 

5/ Broad Street 

Julian Mitchell 
Frederick H. Horlbeck 
J. J. Pringle Smith 


7 Broad Street 

Augustine T. Smythe 
Ernest L. Visanska 

Cheraw Refer to Chesterfield 

Chester J. L. Glenn 

Chesterfield Hanna & Hunley 

Clinton Refer to Laurens 


The Lawyers' List South Carolina 

COLUMBIA, Richland County 

Bbnbt, Shand & McGowAN 

Loan t^ Exchange Building 

Christie Benet 
William M. Shand 
W. C. McGowan 

Nelson & Gettys 

Palmetto Building 

William Shannon Nelson 
J. Team Gettys 

Conway R. B. Scarborough 

Darlington George £. Dargan 

Denmark Refer to Bamberg 

Dillon Townsend, Rogers & McLaurin 

Easley Refer to Pickens 

Edgefield Nathan George Evans 

Florence WiUcox & WiUcox 

Fort Mill Refer to Rock Hill 

Gaffney. Butler U Hall 

Georgetown Walter Hazard 

Greenville Sirrine & Nettles 

Greenwood Grier, Park & Nicholson 

Greer A. H. Miller 

Hampton Randolph Murdaugh 

Hartsville Refer to Darlington 

Kershaw £. D. Blakeney 

Kingstree Louis W. Gilland 

Lake City Refer to Florence 

Lancaster Williams, Williams & Stewart 

Laurens Simpson, Cooper & Babb 

Lexington CM. Efird 

McCormick Sheppards, Ross & Owens 

Manning S. Oliver CBiyan 

Marion James W. Johnson 


South Carolina The Lawyers' List 


Monckt Comer E. J. Dennis 

Mullms Hoyt McMillan 

Newberry Mower & Bynum 

Orangeburg D. O. Herbert 

Pickens J. P. Carey 

Ridgeland Refer to Beaufort 

Rock Hill Spencer, Spencer & White 

St. George John Hiers 

St. Matthews J. A. Merritt 

Saluda Thurmond & Ramage 

Spartanburg Carlisle & Carlisle 

Summerville Legare Walker 

Sumter Lee & Moise 

Timmonsville Refer to Florence 

Union John K. Hamblin 

Walhalla R. T. Jaynet 

Walterboro Fishbume & Fishburne 

Winnsboro McDonald & McDonald 

Woodruff Refer to Spartanburg 

York Thomas F. McDow 


The Lawyers* List South Dakota 

South Dakota 

Aberdeen W. F. Corrigan 

Alccster Refer to Beresford 

Alexandria William R. Danforth 

Armour... ', Edwin P. Wanzer 

Ashton Refer to RedHeld 

Bellefourche J. M. Armstrong 

Beresford August Frieberg 

Bison R. F. Drewry 

Bonesteel Refer to Burke 

Bowdle Refer to Ipswich 

Bridgewater Refer to Salem 

Britton Harold W. King 

Brookings Cheever & Cheever 

Buffalo Refer to Aberdeen 

Burke Charles A. Davis 

Canton Brown & Brown 

Castlewood Refer to Watertown 

Centerville Bogue & Bogue 

Chamberlain Brown & Brown 

Clark R. A. Dunham 

Clear Lake Wiley W. Knight 

Colome Refer to Winner 

Columbia Refer to Aberdeen 

Custer Refer to Hot Springs 

Dallas N. D. Burch 

Deadwood Martin & Mason 

Dell Rapids Henry Robertson 

De Smet E. F. Green 

Dupree Frank Gladstone 

Edgemont W. A. Guilfoyle 

Elk Point Charles Stickney 

Eureka Theodore J. P. Giedt 

Fairfax Refer to Burke 

Faulkton F. E. Snider 

Flandreau Rice & Rice 

Fort Pierre. Johnson & Johnson 


South Dakota The Lawyers' List 

Frederick Refer to Aberdeen 

Gannvailey Refer to Wessington Springs 

Garretson Refer to Sioux Falls 

Geddes Ambrose B. Beck 

Gettysburg Robert B. Fisk 

Gregory W. J. Hooper 

Groton Refer to Aberdeen 

Hartford Refer to Sioux Falls 

Hayti Refer to Watertown 

Hecla Refer to Aberdeen 

Herrick Refer to Burke 

Highmore M. Harry O'Brien 

Hot Springs Eben W. Martin 

Howard Feyder & Wagner 

Huron Crawford & Crawford 

Ipswich M. Plin Beebe 

Kadoka A. G. Granger 

Kennebec Refer to Oacoma 

Kimball Refer to Chamberlain 

Lake Andes George M. Caster 

Lead Chambers Kellar 

Lemmon Peter J. Tschamer 

Leola C. S. Acker 

Mcintosh Robert O. Pearson 

Madison H. H. Holdridge 

Mellette Refer to Aberdeen 

Menno Warren Dimock 

Midland Refer to Fort Pierre 

Milbank Thad L. Fuller 

Miller J. H. Cole 

Mitchell H. G. Giddings 

Mobridge Joseph £. Clayton 

Mound City Frank Alexander 

Oacoma Bartine & Bartine 

Onida J- H. Gropengieser 

Parker Bogue & Bogue 

Parkston William H. Gl3mn 


The Lawyers' List South Dakota 

Philip Philip & Waggoner 

Pierre GafFy, Stephens & McNamee 

Plankinton Baikewell & Bakewell 

Platte W. F. McCall 

Presho Frank C. Wederath 

Rapid City Frank D. Bangs 

Redfield W. F. Bruell 

Reliance Refer to Oacoma 

Salem Edward H. Wilson 

Scotland Wicks & Quinn 

Selby Brown & Smith 

SIOUX FALLS, Minnehaha County 
Bailey & Voorhbes 

Bailey'-Glidden Building 

Charles O. Bailey 

John H. Voorhees 

Peter G. Honegger 

Theodore M. Bailey 

Charles O. Bailey, Jr. 

Sisseton C. H. Babcpck 

Springfield Refer to Tyndall 

Stratford Refer to Aberdeen 

Sturgis John T. Milek 

Timber Lake Peter M. Bums 

Tyndall W. L. Redden 

Vermilion Payne & Olson 

Wagner Refer to Geddes 

Warner Refer to Aberdeen 

Watertown Loucks, Hasche & Foley 

Webster Anderson & Waddel 

Wessington Springs C. C. Gleim 

Wheeler Refer to Geddes 

White River C. E. Kell 

Winner J. L. Hannett 

Wolsey Refer to Huron 

Woonsocket J. £. Whiting 

Yankton French, Orvis & French 


Tennessee The Lawyers' List 



Alamo Jerman & Jerman 

Alexandria Refer to Smithville 

Altamont L. V. Woodlee 

Ashland City P. H. Duke 

Athens George G. Williams 

Bells Refer to Alamo 

Benton R. M. Copeland 

Blountville Charles A. Brown 

Bolivar Hugh E. Carter 

Bristol Price & Pennington 

Brownsville J. W. E. Moore & Son 

Byrdstown W. J. Chilton 

Camden Sidney L. Peeler 

Carthage J. N. Fisher 

Celina W. C. Davidson 

Centerville John H. Clagett 

Charlotte Refer to Dickson 

CHATTANOOGA, Hamilton County 

Allison, Lynch & Phillips 

Hamilton National Bank Building 

Michael M. Allison 
James J. Lynch 
Isaac G. Phillips 

Brown, Spurlock & Brown 

Times Building 

Foster V. Brown 
Frank Spurlock 
Joseph E. Brown 

Coleman & Frierson 

James Building 

Lewis M. Coleman 
William L. Frierson 


The Lawyers' List Tennessee 

CHATTANOOGA, Hamilton County {Continued) 


James Budding 

Thomas H. Cooke 
William B. Swaney 
Marion G. Hope 

S1ZBR9 Chambliss & Chambliss 

Hamilton National Bank Building 

Alexander W. Chambliss 
James B. Sizer 
Samuel M. Chambliss 
John A. Chambliss 

Joe Frassrand 

Jambs M. Trimblb 

first National Bank Building 
James M. Trimble 
F. Linton Martin 

Clairfield Refer to Jellico 

Clarksville Dancey Fort 

Cleveland Mayfield & Mayfield 

Clinton Xen. Hicks 

Columbia W. S. Fleming 

Cookeville Adcock, Cooper & Peck 

Covington T. O. Bond 

Crossville Sherman N. Smith 

Cumberland Gap J. H. S. Morison 

Dandridge Refer to Jefferson City 

Dayton George H. West 

Decatur J. W. LiUard 

Decaturville J. A. England 

Dickson James A. Qement 

Dover G. T, Brandon 


'ennessee The Lawyers' List 

Dresden Jones, Suddath & Jones 

Ducktown G. G. Hyatt 

Dunlap Stewart & Stewart 

Dyer Refer to Trenton 

Dyersburg Draper, Rice & Rice 

Elizabethton Allen & Qark 

Elk Valley Refer to Jellico 

Erin Refer to Clarksville 

Ermn Refer to Johnson City 

Etowah Refer to Athens 

Fayetteville B. E, Holman 

Franklin R. H. Crockett 

Gainesboro D. B. Johnson 

Gallatin Baskerville & McGlothlin 

Greeneville Susong & Biddle 

Greenfield Maiden & Maiden 

Halls W. C. Patton 

Harriman Cassell, Harris & Evans 

Hartsville Refer to Gallatin 

Henderson Millard F. Ozier 

Hohenwald F. L. Schubert 

Humboldt Thomas J. Walsh 

Huntington George T. McCall 

Huntsville E. G. Foster 

acksboro A. J. Agee 

ackson W. G. Timberlake 

amestown Conatser & Wright 

asper A. L. Roberson 

efFerson City J. Carl Lambdin 

ellico Allen T. Fine 

bhnson City S. C. Williams 

bnesboro Epps & Epps 

Kingsport Thomas R. Bandy 

Kingston Refer to Harriman 


The Lawyers' List Tennessee 


KNOXVILLE, Knox County 

Gates & Price 

Empire Building 

Charles T. Cates, Jr. 
J. Harry Price 

Mitchell Long 

Lucky & Andrews 

Empire Building 

Cornelius E. Lucky 
Forrest Andrews 

Webb, Baker & McDbrmott 

Holstan National Bank Building 

Thomas Shepherd Webb 
Lewis M. G. Baker 
Malcolm McDermott 

Wright, Jones & Wright 

Mechanics Bank li Trust Building 

T. A. Wright 
Robert M. Jones 
WUl D. Wright 

Lafayette W. A. Smith 

Lafollette J. W. Taylor 

Lawrenceburg John F. Morrison 

Lebanon £. E. Beard 

Lenoir City Refer to Loudon 

Lewisburg Marshall & Marshall 

Lexington T. A. Lancaster 

Linden George W. Pearson 

Livingston W. R. Officer 

Loudon Wrighty Jones Dannel 


Tennessee The Lawyers' List 

Lynchburg Parks he Bean 

McEwen Refer to Waverly 

McMinnville John L. Willis 

Madisonville T. W. Peace 

Manchester J. L. EweU 

Martin G. E. Bowden 

Maryville Gamble, Crawford & Goddard 

Maynardville Lee A. Heeler 

MEMPHIS, Shelby County 


Union 13 Planters Bank Building 

Rhea P. Gary 

John Vorder Bruegge 

EwiNG, King h King 

Central Bank Building 

Caruthers Ewing 
Robert E. King 
Earl King 

John M. Stucky 
Lowell W. Taylor 

Gates & Martin 

Exchange Building 

Elias Gates 
John D. Martin 

Erwin O. Haid 

Wright, Miles, Waring & Walker 

Bank of Commerce V Trust Co. Bldg. 

Luke E. Wright 
Lovick P. Miles 
Roane Waring 
Samuel P. Walker 


The Lawyers' List Tennessee 

Milan J. P. Rhodes 

Monterey Refer to Cookeville 

Morristown McCanless & Taylor 

Mountain City Donnelly & Donnelly 

Mount Juliet Refer to Lebanon 

Mountpleasant Percy S. Chandler 

Murfreesboro Ridley & Richardson 

NASHVILLE, Davidson County 

Pnrs & McCoNNico 

American National Bank Building 

John A. Pitts 
K. T. McConnico 

Smith & Bbrry 

Union Bank Building 

Robert T. Smith 
Frank A. Berry 

Edward J. Smith 

Noel Block 

Walter Stokes 

McGavock Building 

Vertrbes & Vertrees 

Noel Block 

John J. Vertrees 
William O. Vertrees 

Newbem Refer to Dyersburg 

Newcomb Refer to Jellico 

Newport W. D. McSween 

Oliver Springs Refer to Harriman 

Ooltewah Refer to Cleveland 

Paris A. B. Lamb 


Tennessee The Lawyers* List 

Pikeville Solon Robinson 

Pulaski John B. Wilkci 

Ripley W. C. Patton 

Rockwood Wright & Haggard 

Rogersville Bowen & Thompson 

Rutledge Refer to Morristown 

Savannah E. W. Ross 

Selmcr H. P. Wood 

Sevierville A. M. Paine 

Shelbyville Coldwell & Greer 

Smithville. ... J Drake & Turner 

Sneedville Refer to Rogersville 

Somerville Refer to Memphis 

South Pittsburg John T. Raulston 

Sparta Robinson U Fancher 

Spencer James M. Brady 

Spring City Refer to Dayton 

Springfield True & Dorsey 

Sweetwater. David C. Young 

Tazewell G. W. Montgomery 

Tiptonville Burnett & Donaldson 

Tracy City C. H. Gamer 

Trenton Walker & Walker 

TuUahoma Refer to Manchester 

Union City Swiggart & Swiggart 

Wartburg Carr & Morris 

Watertown J. R. Smith 

Waverly J. F. Shannon 

Waynesboro Robert A. Haggard 

Whitwell W. E. McCuny 

Winchester Harvey M. Templeton 

Woodbury Walter Hancock 


The Lawyers* List . Texas 


Abilene Ben L. Cox 

Albany Archibald A. Clarke 

Alice Refer to Corpus Christi 

Alpine W. Van Sickle 

Alto Refer to Rusk 

Alvarado Carl G. Miller 

Alvin Refer to Angleton 

Amarillo Madden, Trulove, Rybum & Pipkin 

Anahuac H. H. Jackson 

Anderson T. P. Buffington 

Angleton Louis J. Wilson 

Anson Chapman & Pope 

Archer City W. E. Forgy 

Aspermont Ernest Herring 

x\wiicn5 ■••■■•■•«•••••«•■<■••••■■«■••• yt • ^v> ^Jisnop 

Atlanta W. B. Figures 

AUSTIN, Travis County 

FisET, McClendon & Shelley 

Litdefield Building 

Franz Fiset 

James W. McClendon 

George £. Shelley 

LiGHTFooT, Brady & Robertson 
Scarbrough Building 

Jewel P. Lightfoot 
John W. Brady 
£. B. Robertson 

Baird F. S. Bell 

Ballinger John I. Guion 

Bandera J. A. Eamet 

Barstow Refer to Pecos 

Bartlett Refer to Georgetown 


Texas The Lawyers' List 

Bastrop Maynard & Majrnard 

Bay City Gaines & Corbctt 

Beaumont Greer & Nail 

Beeville Cox & Cox 

Bellville Johnson, Matthaei & Thompson 

Belton Tyler, Hubbard & Monteith 

Benjamin D. J. Brookreson 

Big Spring Morrison & Morrison 

Boeme Refer to San Antonio 

Bonham Cunningham & McMahon 

Bowie J. L. Rudy 

Brackettville W. L. Clamp 

Brady F. M. Newman 

Brazoria Refer to Angleton 

Breckenridge W. C. Veale 

Brenham W. W. Searcy 

Bridgeport Refer to Decatur 

Brownficld George W. Neill 

Brownsville James A. Graham 

Brownwood Harrison & Miller 

Bryan Taliaferro & Armstrong 

Burnet Refer to Austin 

Caldwell Bowers & Bowers 

Calvert Refer to Franklin 

Cameron Henderson, Kidd & Henderson 

Canadian Fisher & Palmer 

Canton Stanford & Sanders 

Canyon Flesher & Flesher 

Carrizo Springs J. O. Rouse 

Carthage J* H. Long 

Celina Refer to McKinney 

Center Carter & Walker 

Centerville J* H. Seale 

Childress Fires & Diggs 

Chillicothe Refer to Quanah 

Cisco Scott & Brelsford 

Clairemont J. W. Darden 


The Lawyers' List Texas 

Clarendon A. T. Cole 

Clarksville Lennox & Lennox 

Claude W. A. Wilson 

Cleburne Ramsey & Odell 

Cleveland E. W. Love 

Cold Spring J- M. Hansbro 

Coleman Snodgrass, Dibrell & Snodgrass 

Colorado Royall G. Smith 

Columbus W. L. Adkins 

Comanche George £. Smith 

Commerce Refer to Greenville 

Conroe W. N. Foster 

Cooper James Patterson 

Corpus Christi Kleberg, Stayton & North 

Corsicana Richard Mays 

Cotulla John W. Willson 

Crockett Madden & Denny 

Crosby ton Refer to Lubbock 

Crowell Roben Cole 

Cuero Davidson & Bailey 

Daingerfield Henderson & Bolin 

Dalhart Tatum & Strong 

DALLAS, Dallas County 

CocKRELL, Gray, McBride k (yDONNELL 

SouthtoesUrn Life Building 

Joseph £. Cockrell 
Edward Gray 
L. C. McBride 
Charles F. O'Donnell 
Henry P. Edwards 

{Dallas continued, page 302) 


Texas The Lawyers' List 

DALLAS, Dallas County (Continued) 

Coke & Coke 

American Exchange Building 

Henry C. Coke 
Alexander S. Coke 
Rosser J. Coke 

Locke & Locke 

American Exchange Building 

Maurice E. Locke 
Eugene P. Locke 

Smith, Robertson & Robertson 

American Exchange Building 

Wflliam J. J. Smith 
John C. Robertson 
George A. Robertson 

G. G. Gannon 

Thompson, Knight, Baker & Harris 

American Exchange Building 

William Thompson 
Robert E. L. Knight 
Rhodes S. Baker 
William R. Harris 
George S. Wright 
Alexander F. Wetsberg 
J. Hart Willis 
William C. Thompson 
John W. Timmins, Jr. 
Thomas A. Knight 

Decatur McMurray & Gettys 

De Kalb Refer to New Boston 

Del Rio Boggess & Smith 

Denison . . . ; £. J. Smith 

Denton Sullivan, Hill & Minor 


The Lawyers' List Texas 

Devine Briscoe & Morris 

Dublin Refer to Stephenviile 

Eagle Lake W. S. Strickland 

Eagle Pass John R. Sanford 

Eastland H. P. Brelsford 

Edinburg W. R. Montgomery 

Edna Rose & Sample 

El Campo Refer to Wharton 

Eldorado Refer to San Angelo 

Elgin C W. Webb 

EL PASO, El Paso 

Dyer, Croom & Jones 

First National Bank Building 

John L. Dyer 
Cleveland W. Croom 
Gowan Jones 

Emory W. F. Shipp 

Ennis John H. Sharp 

Fairfield R. M. Edwards 

Falfurrias Refer to Kingsville 

Farmersville Refer to McKinney 

Farwell S. G. Bratton 

Floresville O. A. McCracken 

Floydada T. F. Houghton 

Fort Stockton Howell Johnson 


Texas The Lawyers* List 

FORT WORTH, Tarrant County 

Capps, Cantey, Hanger & Short 
Burk Burnett Building 

William Capps 
Samuel B. Cantey 
William A. Hanger 
William M. Short 

William L. Evans 
David B. Trammell 
Samuel B. Cantey, Jr. 

Flournoy & Smith 

Continental Bank Building 

Robert W. Floumoy 
Leroy A. Smith 

W. B. Paddock 

Burk Burnett Building 

Ross, Ross & Alexander 

Burk Burnett Building 

Thomas D. Ross 
Zeno C. Ross 
Aubrey G. Alexander 

Thompson, Barwise, Wharton & Hiner 

Denver'Record Building 

George Thompson 
Joseph H. Barwise 
George W. Wharton 
John J. Hiner 

George Thompson, Jr. 
Alfred McKnight 
F. B. Walker 


The Lawyers* List Texas 

Franklin Perry & Woodi 

Fredericksburg A. W. Moursund 

Freeport Refer to Angleton 

Gainesville Garnett & Garnett 

GALVESTON, Galveston County 

James B. & Charles J. Stubbs 

212 Twenty-seconJ Street 

James B. Stubbs 
Charles J. Stubbs 

Frank Spencer Stubbs 

Terry, Cavin & Mills 

Union Depot Building 

J. W. Terry 
Ernest D. Cavin 
Ballinger Mills 

Frank jTWren 
O. B. Wigley 

Gatesville J. D. Brown, Jr. 

Georgetown Franklin D. Love 

Giddings William O. Bowers 

Gilmer T. H. Briggs 

Glen Rose Refer to Granbury 

Goldthwaite A. T. Pribble 

Goliad G. E. Pope 

Gonzales Harwood & Miller 

Gordon Refer to Palo Pinto 

Gorman Refer to Eastland 

Graham Charles Fay Marshall 

Granbury Estes & Estes 

Grand Saline Refer to Canton 

Grand View Refer to Cleburne 

Granger Refer to Georgetown 

Greenville Clark & Sweeton 


Texas The Lawyers' List 

Groesbeck Christopher S. Bradley 

Groveton Hayne Nelms 

HallettsviUe R. B. Allen 

Hamilton A. R. Eidson 

Hamlin Refer to Stamford 

Haskell H. G. McConnelt 

Heame Refer to Franklin 

Hemphill Minton & Lewis 

Hempstead A. G. Lipscomb 

Henderson Clifford L. Stone 

Henrietta Wantland & Parrish 

Hereford John P. Slaton 

Hioo Refer to Hamilton 

Higgins E. C. Gray 

HiUsboro W. C. Wear 

Hondo De Montel & Fly 

Honey Grove Refer to Bonham 

HOUSTON, Harris County 

Andrews, Strbetman, Logue & Mobley 

Union National Bank Building 

Frank Andrews 
Sam Streetman 
John G. Logue • 
John A. Mobley 
W. L. Cook 
Robert H. Kelley 
M. £. Kurth 
R. F. Campbell 
J. R. Stone 
Thomas R. Armstrong 
E. J. Fountain, Jr. 


The Lawyers' List Texas 

HOUSTON, Harris County (Continued) 

Baker, Botts, Parker & Garwood 
Commercial Bank Building 
James A. Baker 
Edwin B. Parker 
Hiram M. Garwood 
Jesse Andrews 
Qarence R. Wharton 
Clarence L. Carter 
Jules H. Tallichet 
Thomas H. Botts 
Walter H. Walne 
W. Alvis Parish 
Robert C. Patterson 
Ralph B. Feagin 
Rodman S. Cosby 
Selden Leavell 
James L. Shepherd, Jr. 

Cole k Cole 

Commercial Bank Building 
Robert L. Cole 
John F. Cole 
G. W. Follin 
W. M. Boles 
A. O'Connor 

Presley K. Ewing 

Bin% Building 

Gill, Jones, Tyler & Potter 

First National Bank Building 
Walter H. Gill 
Frank C. Jones 
Wallace Tyler 
Hugh M. Potter 
Lee P. Pierson 


Texas The Lawyers' List 

HOUSTON, Harris County {Continued) 

WoLTERSy Storey, Blanchard & Battaile 
Chronicle Building 

acob F. Wolters 

ames L. Storey 
Thomas B. Blanchard 
John F. Battaile 

Hubbard Refer to Hillsboro 

Huntsville Dean» Humphrey & Powell 

Itasca Refer to Hillsboro 

Jacksboro H. C. McClure 

Jacksonville John C. Box 

asper Charles C. Ingram 

efferson J. H. Benefield 

ourdanton James A. Walton 

unction M. £. Blackburn 

Karnes City Refer to Floresville 

Kaufman Terry & Brown 

Kenedy John W. Thames 

Kcrrville W. G. Garrett 

Kingsville Q. S. Barrett 

Kirbyville Refer to Jasper 

Kountze Singleton & Bevil 

Ladonia Refer to Bonham 

Lagrange George E. Lenert 

Lamesa J. E. Garland 

Lampasas W. B. Abney 

La Porte Refer to Houston 

Laredo Greer & Hamilton 

Liberty J. Llewellyn 

Lmden G« T. Bartlett 

Livingston Hill & Hill 

Llano J. H. McLean 

Lockhart E. B. Coopwood 

Lockney J. N. Sulbird 

308 • 

The Lawyers* List Texas 

Longview Young & Stinchcomb 

Lubbock Roscoe Wilson 

Lufkin Kester Denman 

Luling Refer to Lockhait 

McAllen Refer to Edinburg 

McGregor Refer to Waco 

McKinney Gamett & Houston 

Madisonville J. M. Brownlee 

Marfa H. O. Metcalfe 

Marltn Spivey, Bartlett & Carter 

Marshall T. Whitfield Davidson 

Mart Refer to Waco 

Mason John T. Banks 

Matador T. T. Bouldin 

Memphis Moss & Elliott 

Menard Refer to Brady 

Mercedes Refer to Brownsville 

Meridian H. J. Cureton 

Merkel Refer to Abilene 

Mexia Refer to Groesbeck 

XrAiaiiii ••• •••■•••••••■•••••■••■■••••■ w • ^v* £«wiii^ 

Midland J. M. Caldwell 

Miles Refer to Ballinger 

Mineola Jones k Jones 

Mineral Wells Penix & Miller 

Mission Horace F. Bishop 

Montague '. Cook & Hall 

Mt. Pleasant J. M. Burford 

Mt. Vernon R. T. Wilkinson 

Munday Refer to Benjamin 

Nacogdoches Blount & Strong 

Naples Refer to Daingerfield 

Navasota Henry L. Lewis 

New Boston J. B. Manning 

New Braunfels Henne & Fuchs 

Newton A. L. Shaw 

Nocona Refer to Montague 


'exas The Lawyers' List 

OakviUc W. W. Cavcf 

Ochiltree Refer to Canadian 

Odessa Refer to Midland 

Orange £. S. McCarver 

Ozona N. W. Graham 

Paducah J. M. Whatlcy 

Paint Rock Refer to Baliinger 

Palacios Refer to Bay City 

Palestine Campbell & Barton 

Palo Pinto J. T. Ranspot 

Paris Long & Wortham 

Pearsall Robert W. Hudson 

Pecos J. E. Starley 

Pilot Point Refer to Denton 

Pittsburg £. A. King 

Plains E. S. Rowc 

Plainview Kinder & Russell 

Piano Robert Shelton 

Pleasanton Refer to Jourdanton 

Port Arthur J. W. Williams 

Port Lavaca Willett Wilson 

Post Horace G. Smith 

Quanah M. M. Hankins 

Quitman John R. Edmonds 

Refugio Refer to Beeville 

Richmond D. Rugely Peareson 

Riogrande J. R. Monroe 

Robert Lee Refer to San Angelo 

iCODy»*B •.•.•■•••••«•'.«■•••.•••••••« •Aria A* Xxopson 

Rockdale J. W. Gamer 

Rockport £. A. Stevens 

Rocksprings Refer to Uvalde 

Rockwall E. D. Foree 

Rogers Refer to Belton 

Rosebud Refer to Marltn 

Rosenberg Refer to Richmond 

Rotan Refer to Roby 


The Lawyers' List Texas 

Royse City Refer to Rockwall 

Rule Refer to Haskell 

Rusk Perkins & Perkins 

St. Jo Refer to Gainesville 

San Angelo Wright & Harris 

SAN ANTONIO, Bexar County 

Dbnman, Franklin & McGown 

2/5 fFest Commerce Street 

Thomas H. Franklin 
Floyd McGown 
Leroy G. Denman 
Gilbert M. Denman 

Terrell & Terrell 

201 West Commerce Street 

J. O. Terrell 
Marshall W. Terrell 
Chester H. Terrell 
Dick O. Terrell 
Robert O. Huff 
R. F. Spencer, Jr. 
J. C. Hall 

San Augustine K. W. Stephenson 

San Benito Samuel Spears 

Sanderson A. T. Folsom 

San Diego Refer to Corpus Christi 

San Marcos Edward M. Cape 

San Saba Walters & Baker 

Sealy Refer to Bellville 

Seguin James Greenwood 

Seminole Refer to Lamesa 

Seymour Dickson, Kenan & Newton 

Shamrock Refer to Wheeler 

Sherman Head, Dillard, Smith, Maxey & Head 


Texas The Lawyers' List 


Sherwood Refer to San Angelo 

Silverton Refer to Plainview 

Sinton A. L. Neal 

Smithville S. L. Staples 

Snyder Arthur Yonge 

Somerville Refer to Caldwell 

Sonora L. J. Wardlaw 

Spur B. D. Glasgow 

Stamford Andrews & Coombs 

Stanton Stephen W. Pratt 

Stephenville Chandler & Pannill 

Sterling City Refer to San Angelo 

Stratford. J. W. Elliott 

Sulphur Springs C. £. Sheppard 

Sweetwater Woodruff & Woodruff 

Tahoka George E. Lockhart 

Taylor Amos Peters 

Temple Sam D. Snodgrass 

Terrell Robert L. Warren 

Texarkana King & Estes 

Texas City Refer to Galveston 

Throckmorton T. J. Wright 

Tilden F. H. Burmeister 

Timpson Refer to Center 

Trinity Refer to Groveton 

Troupe Refer to Tyler 

Tulia D. Zimmerman 

Tyler Johnson & Edwards 

Uralde I. L. Martin 

Van Alstyne Refer to Sherman 

Van Horn John L. Dodson 

Vernon Berry, Stokes & Morgan 

Victoria Proctor, Vandenberge, Crain & Mitchell 


Thf Lawyers' List Texas 

WACO, McLennan G>unty 

Robert L. Henry 

PggfUss Building 

Scott & Ross 

Amicahh Building 
Samuel R. Scott 
Shapley P. Ross 

Waxahachie G. C. Groce 

Weatherford W. R. Vivrctt 

Wellington Refer to Memphis 

Wharton J. H. H. Dennis 

Wheeler Mclvin M. Miller 

Whitewright Refer to Sherman 

Wichita Falls Carrigan, Montgomery & Britain 

Wills Point Refer to Canton 

WInnsboro John H. Beavers 

Wolfe City Refer to Greenville 

WoodvIUe J. A. Mooney 

Yoakum W. F. Adams 

Yorktown Refer to Cuero 


Utah The Lawyers* List 


American Fork Refer to Provo 

Beaver. William F. Knox 

Bingham Canyon Refer to Salt Lake City 

Bountiful Refer to Salt Lake City 

Brigham Refer to Ogden 

Castle Dale Refer to Manti 

Cedar City E. H. Ryan 

Centerville Refer to Salt Lake City 

Coalville P. H. Neeley 

Delta Refer to Fillmore 

Duchesne Pope & Pope 

Ephraim Refer to Manti 

Eureka Refer to Provo 

Farmington Refer to Salt Lake City 

Fillmore James Alexander Mellville 

Hebcr A. C. Hatch 

Kanab John F. Brown 

Logan Nebeker, Thatcher & Bowen 

Manti A. H. Christenson 

Milford Refer to Beaver 

Moab Clarence A. Robinson 

Morgan Refer to Ogden 

Mount Pleasant James W. Cherry 

Murray Refer to Salt Lake City 

x^cpiii* •••••*•<•«•■>•«•••*«••■«•••• w • x\» ^^* ^^ly^an 

Ogden H. H. Henderson 

Panguitch Refer to Beaver 

Park City L.B.Wight 

Parowan Refer to Beaver 

Payson Refer to Provo 

Price F. E. Woods 

Provo Harvey H. Quff 

Richfield £• £. Hofimann 

St. George David H. Morris 


The Lawyers* List Utah 

SALT LAKE CITY, Salt Lake County 

Dickson, Ellis & Lucas 

Keams Building 

W. H. Dickson 

Adrian C. Ellis, Jr. 
Russell G. Lucas 

L. F. Adamson 

Pierce, Critchlow & Barretts 

McComick Building 

Frank Pierce 
Edward B. Critchlow 
William J. Barrette 

Francis B. Critchlow 
George A. Critchlow 

Smithfield Refer to Logan 

Spanish Fork Refer to Provo 

Spring City Refer to Mount Pleasant 

Springville Refer to Provo 

Tooele William S. Marks 

Vernal Thomas W. O'Donnell 

Woods Cross Refer to Salt Lake City 


Vermont The Lawyers* List 


Arlington Refer to Bennington 

Bakersfield Herbert F. Brigham 

Barre S. Hollister Jackton 

Barton Frank D. Thompson 

Bellows Falls Ryder & Graham 

Bennington Holden & Healy 

Bethel Guy Wilson 

Bradford Refer to Chelsea 

Brandon Frank W. Williams 

BRATTLEBORO, Windham County 

Robert C. Bacon 

Wilder Building 

Bristol Refer to Burlington 

BURLINGTON, Chittenden County 

Thbodorb E. Hopkins 

zg6 Main Street 

Alfred L. Sherman 

182 Main Street 

Canaan H. W. Lund 

Castleton Refer to Rutland 

Cavendish Refer to Ludlow 

Chelsea Lyle R. Beckwith 

Chester Refer to Springfield 

Colchester Refer to Burlington 

Craftsbury Refer to Hardwick 

Derby Refer to Newport 

East Fairfield Refer to St. Albans 

Elmore Refer to Morrisville 


The Lawyers* List Vermont 

Enosburg Falls Emmet McFeeters 

Essex Junction Refer to Burlington 

Fairfax W. D. Stewart 

Fairfield Refer to St. Albans 

Fairhaven Edward D. Raymond 

Georgia Refer to St. Albans 

Hardwick Dutton U Mulcahy 

Hartford Refer to Woodstock 

Highgate . D. W. Steele 

Hyde Park Roger W. Hulburd 

Island Pond Porter H. Dale 

amaica Refer to Brattleboro 

ericho Refer to Burlington 

ohnson Refer to Hyde Park 

^udlow Stickney, Sargent & Skeels 

Lyndonville Cook U Norton 

Manchester Edward Griffith 

Manchester Center Refer to Manchester 

Middlebury Ira H. La Fleur 

Milton Refer to Burlington 

Montgomery Refer to St. Albans 

Montpelier F. L. Laird 

Morristown Refer to Morrisville 

Morrisville M. P. Maurice 

Newport John W. Redmond 

Northfield Plumley U Plumley 

North Troy Refer to Newport 

Orleans Refer to Newport 

Poultney William H. Rowland 

Proctor Refer to Rutland 

Proctorsville Refer to Ludlow 

Randolph M. M. Wilson 

Richford A. B. Rowley 

Richmond Refer to Burlington 

Rochester Refer to Bethel 


Vermont The Lawyers* List 

RUTLAND, Rutland County 

Walter S. Fenton 

Gryphon Building 

Lawrence, Lawrence U Stafford 

2§\ Merchants Row 

George E. Lawrence 
Edwin W. Lawrence 
Bert L. Stafford 

Webber & Leamy 

Chaffee Building 

Marvelle C. Webber 
James P. Leamy 

ST. ALBANS, Franklin County 

George M. Hogan 

C. H. Morton Block 

St. Johnsbury Dunnett, Shields & Conant 

Springfield Blanchard & Tupper 

Stowe Refer to Morrisville 

Swanton Refer to St. Albans 

Vergennes Refer to Burlington 

Waterbury George H. Dale 

Wells River Refer to Chelsea 

White River Junction Refer to Woodstock 

Wilmington Refer to Brattleboro 

Windsor Davis & Davis 

Winooski Refer to Burlington 

Wolcott Refer to Morrisville 

Woodstock Loren R. Pierce 


The Lawyers' List Virginia 


Abingdon White» Penn & Penn 

Accomac S. James Turlington 

Alexandria J. K. M. Norton 

Alexandria G>unty C. H Refer to Rosslyn 

Amelia C. H Thomas R. Hardaway 

Amherst C. L. Scott 

Appalachia Morton & Parker 

Appomattox Refer to Lynchburg 

Arrington Brown & Brown 

Ashland Samuel Carter 

Basic City Refer to Staunton 

Bedford City S. S. Lambeth 

Berkley Refer to Norfolk 

Berryville Harrison & Lewis 

Big Stone Gap Irvine & Stuart 

Biscoe Refer to King and Queen C. H. 

Blacksburg Refer to Christiansburg 

Blackstone Epes & Epes 

Bland Arthur R. Porterfield 

Bowling Green Richard L. Beale 

Boydton Reekes & Bedinger 

Bristol Price & Pennington 

Broadway Refer to Harrisonburg 

Buchanan William R. Allen 

Buckingham Hubard, Gayle & Boatwright 

Buena Vista Refer to Lexington 

Burkeville Refer to Blackstone 

Cape Charles John T. Daniel 

Charlotte C. H Robert F. Hutcheson 

Charlottesville Allen & Walsh 

Chase City Refer to Boydton 

Chatham James L. Tredway 

Chesterfield Refer to Richmond 

Christiansburg Jordan & Roop 

Clarendon Refer to Rosslyn 


Virginia The Lawyers* List 

Clarksville ... .^ Refer to Boydton 

Clifton Forge. . * Floyd W. King 

Clintwood W. H. Rouse 

Coebum Refer to Wise 

G>lonial Beach Refer to Montross 

Courtland Refer to Suffolk 

Covington George A. Revercomb 

Crewe Refer to Blackstone 

Culpeper E. E. Johnson 

Cumberland Refer to Farmville 

Cumnor Refer to King and Queen C. H. 

Danville Eugene Withers 

Dinwiddle Refer to Petersburg 

East Radford Jordan & Roop 

Eastville Mears & Mears 

Emporia Edwin C. Palmer 

Fairfax M oore» Keith, McCandlish & Hall 

Falls Church Refer to Fairfax 

Farmville Watkins & Brock 

Fincastle E. V. Barley 

Floyd Sowder & Howard 

Franklin .Claude J. Edwards 

Fredericksburg G. B. Wallace 

Front Royal Downing & Weaver 

Galax Refer to Hillsville 

Gate City Coleman & Carter 

Gloucester Cary & Caiy 

Goochland D. H. & Walter Leake 

Graham Refer to Pocahontas 

Grundy J. H. Stinson 

Hampton C. Vernon Spratley 

Hanover H. T. Wickham 

Harrisonburg John Paul 

Heathsville C. Harding Walker 

Hillsville William D. Tompkins 

Honaker Refer to Lebanon 

Hopewell D. A. Harrison, Jr. 


The Lawyers' List Virginia 

Hot Springs J. T. McAllister 

Houston John Martin 

Independence J. C. Padgett 

Isle of Wight Refer to Smithfield 

Jonesville B. H. Sewell 

Keller Refer to Accomac 

Kilmarnock Walter E. Hathaway 

King and Queen C. H J. Douglas Mitchell 

King George George O. Tayloe 

King William Refer to West Point 

Lancaster H. S. Gresham 

Lawrenceville Buford & Peterson 

Lebanon Bums & Kidd 

Leesburg William H. Martin 

Lexington Frank T. Glasgow 

Louisa Bibb & Rhodes 

Lovingston S. B. Whitehead 

Lunenburg William E. Nelson 

Luray Walton & Brother 

LYNCHBURG, Campbell County 

Wilson & Manson 

Law Building 

William V. Wilson, Jr. 
Nathaniel C. Manson, Jr. 
T. Gibson Hobbs 

Madison N. G. Payne 

Manassas Robert A. Hutchison 

Manchester Refer to Richmond 

Mappsburg Refer to Accomac 

Marion J. D. Perkins 

Martinsville Gravely & Gravely 

Mathews Refer to Gloucester 

Monterey Edwin B. Jones 

Montross C. Conway Baker 

Mt. Jackson Refer to Woodstock 


Virginia The Lawyers* List 

New Castle P. V. & J. P. Jonct 

New Kent M. H. Barnes 

New Market . . .' Refer to Woodstock 

Newport Refer to Pearisburg 

Newport News S. O. Bland 

NORFOLK, Norfolk County 

Baird & White 

J02 Plume Street 
* Edward R. Baird, Jr. 

WiUiamJi. White, Jr. 

Delamater Davis 
R. Clarence Dozier 

Hughes, Little & Seawell 

Law Building 

Robert M. Hughes 
Henry H. Little 
Robert M. Hughes, Jr. 
Leon T. Seawell 

LoYALL & Taylor 

Law Building 

W. H. T. Loyall 
Walter H. Taylor 

WiLLcox, Cooke & Willcox 

National Bank of Commerce Building 

Thomas H. Willcox 
Richard D. Cooke 
Thomas H. Willcox, Jr. 
Edward R. Willcox 

Norton R. S. Graham 

Nottoway Refer to Blackstone 

Onancock Warner Ames 


The Lawyers' List Virginia 

Orange Browning & Browning 

Palmyra L. O. Haden 

Parksley Refer to Accomac 

Pearisburg Williams & Farrier 

Pennington Gap Refer to Jonesville 

Petersburg Richard H. Mann 

Phoebus Refer to Hampton 

Pinners Refer to Portsmouth 

Pocahontas Minter & Minter 

Portsmouth Watts & Hatton 

Powhatan Haskins Hobson 

Prince George Refer to Hopewell 

Princess Anne Refer to Norfolk 

Pulaski Wysor & Wysor 

Radford Refer to Christiansburg 

RICHMOND, Henrico County 

McGuiRE, RiELY,' Bryan & Egglbston 

Mutual Building 

Murray M. McGuIre 
Henry C. Riely 
Thumas P. Bryan 
John S. Eggleston 

MsREDrrH & Meredith 

Travelers Insurance Building 

Charles V. Meredith 
Bernard Meredith 

{Richmond continued^ page 324) 


Virginia The Lawyers' List 

RICHMOND, Henrico County {Continued) 


Virginia Railway l^ Power Building 

Eppa Hunton, Jr. 
Edmund Randolph Williams 
Henry W. Anderson 
Thomas Benjamin Gay 

Andrew D. Christian 
Floridus S. Crosby 
Wirt P. Marks, Jr. 

ROANOKE, Roanoke County 

Hall, Winghbld & Apperson 

Strickland Building 

Harvey T. Hall 
Gustavus A. Wingfield 
Harvey B. Apperson 

Rocky Mount Beverly A. Davis 

Rosslyn Charles T. Jesse 

Rustburg Frank Nelson 

Salem Kime & Kime 

Saluda John R. Saunders 

Scottsville Refer to Charlottesville 

Smithfield George F. Whitley 

South Boston Samuel L. Adams 

Spotsylvania Refer to Fredericksburg 

Stafford Refer to Fredericksburg 

Stanardsville J. S. Chapman 

Staunton J. Martin Perry 

Strasburg Refer to Woodstock 

otuart J. M. Hooker 

ouffolk James H. Corbitt 

c>urry O. L. Shewmake 

ussex Refer to Waverly 


Thf Lawyers* List Virginia 

Tappahannock Henry C. Deshields 

Tazewell R. O. Crockett 

Toano Refer to Williamsburg 

Victoria N. S. Tumbull, Jr. 

Wakefield Thomas H. Howerton 

Warm Springs J. W. Stephenson & Son 

Warrenton Robert A. Mclntyre 

Warsaw A. N. Wellford 

Washington W. M. Fletcher 

Waverly Thomas H. Howerton 

Wa)me8boro Refer to Staunton 

Wellville Refer to Blackstone 

Westpoint Herbert L Lewis 

White Stone Walter E. Hathaway 

Williamsburg Henley, Hall, Hall & Peachy 

Wilson Refer to Blackstone 

Winchester Robert T. Barton 

Windsor Refer to Suffolk 

Wise Fulton & Vicars 

Woodstock Tavenner & Bauserman 

WytheviUe W. B. Kegley 

Yorktown Sidney Smith 


Washington The Lawyers' List 


Aberdeen Bridget & Bruener 

Anacortes Joiner & English 

Arlington.^ Albion M. Wendell 

Asotin Homer L. Post 

Auburn M. E. Brewer 

Ballard Refer to Seattle 

Bellingham Hadley & Abbott 

Blaine George D. Monfort 

Bremerton Thomas Stevenson 

Brewster Refer to Okanogan 

Buckley Refer to Tacoma 

Castlerock Refer to Kalama 

Cathlamet William Stuart 

Centralia J. R. Buxton 

Chehalis Forney & Ponder 

Cheney Refer to Spokane 

Chewelah E. D. Germain 

Clarkston Elmer E. Halsey 

Cle Elum Short U Gleysteen 

Colfax J. N. Pickrell 

Colville L. C. Jesseph 

Conconully Refer to Okanogan 

Coupeville James Zylstra 

Davenport Freece & Pettijohn 

Dayton Roy R. Cahill 

Edmonds Refer to Seattle 

Ellensburg Graves & McDaniels 

Elma E. S. Avey 

Ephrata N. W. Washington 

Everett Cooley, Horan & Mulvihill 

Friday Harbor Refer to Mt. Vernon 

Georgetown Refer to Seattle 

Goldendale Brooks & Brooks 

xxiiiyarQ ••••«••••«••••••«••■•■••■••>•< \^» v^* upton 

Hoquiam William £. Campbell 


The Lawyers' List Washington 

Kalama A. H. Imus 

Kelso Refer to Kalama 

Kennewick Qarence L. Holcomb 

Kent H. B. Madison 

Kettle Falls Refer to G>lville 

La Conner Refer to Mt. Vernon 

Leavenworth Refer to Wenatchee 

Lind Refer to Ritzville 

Loomis Refer to Oroville 

Lynden Refer to Bellingham 

Monroe Refer to Everett 

Montesano J. A. Hutcheson 

Mt. Vernon Coleman & Gable 

Newport E. L. Sheldon 

North Yakima Refer to Yakima 

Odessa W. M. Nevins 

Okanogan William C. Brown 

Olympia Bigelow & Manier 

Oroville Charles F. Sigrist 

Palouse Refer to Pullman 

Pomeroy E. V. Kuykendall 

Port Angeles Rose & Lewis 

Port Ordiard CD. Sutton 

Port Townsend A. R. Coleman 

Prosser. McGregor & Fristoe 

Pullman F. E. Sanger 

Puyallup M. F. Porter 

Raymond Harold B. Swasey 

Renton Refer to Kent 

Republic Charles P. Bennett 

Ritzville Adams & Naef 

Riverside Refer to Okanogan 

Rosalia Refer to Colfax 

Roslyn Refer to EUensburg 


Washington The Lawyers' List 

SEATTLE, King County 

Ballingbr, Battle, Hulbert & Shorts 

Alaska Building 

Richard A. Ballinger 
Alfred Battle 
Robert A. Hulbert 
Bruce C. Shorts 

R. G. Denney 
E. B. Ballmger 

Bausman & Oldham 

Hoge Building 

Frederick Bausman 
Robert P. Oldham 
Keith Bullitt 

Walter L. Nossaman 
Donald G. Eggerman 

Chadwick, McMicken, Ramsey & Rupp 

Colman Building 

Stephen J. Chadwick 
Maurice McMicken 
Haswell J. Ramsey 
Otto B._Rupp 

John P. Garvin 
Stephen F. Chadwick 
Maurice R. McMicken 
J. E. Peterson 

Hadlby & Hadley 

Colman Building 

Hiram £. Hadley 
Clyde M. Hadley 


The Lawyers' List Washington 

SEATTLE, King County {Continuei) 


Henry Building 

F. A. HufFer 
William H. Hayden 

Peters & Powell 

New York Building 

William A. Peters 
John H. Powell 
Marion Edwards 

John J. Jamison 
Edward S. Franklin 
Gordon Mifflin 

Piles & Halverstadt 

Stuart Building 

Samuel H. Piles 
Dallas V. Halverstadt 

Preston, Thorgrimson & Turner 

Lowman Building 

Harold Preston 
Oliver B. Thorgrimson 
Leander T. Turner 

Roberts & Skeel 

Alaska Building 

John W. Roberts 
E. L. Skeel 

J. J. Geary 
L. B. Schwellenbach 
J. L. Runner 
Gordon B. (yHarra 
A. E. Maltby 


fVashington The Lawyers' List 

SEATTLE, King County {Continued) 

Wright, Kelleher & Allen 

Burke Building 

George E. Wright 
Edward W. Allen 

Sedro-WooUey Coleman & Gable 

Shelton Roy A. Lathrop 

Snohomish Refer to Everett 

South Bend Welsh & Welsh 

SPOKANE, Spokane County 

BiNKLEY, Taylor & McLaren 

Kuhn Block 

J. W. Binkley 
J. R. Taylor 
A. D. McLaren 

Cannon & Ferris 

Old National Bank Building 

Edward J. Cannon 
George M. Ferris 

John M. Cannon 
Edward J. Ferris 
Frank J. McKevitt 
Joseph A. Albi 
Louis J. Wahl 

Graves, Kizer & Graves 

Old National Bank Building 

Frank H. Graves 
Will G. Graves 
Benjamin H. Kizer 

Edwin C. Matthias 


The Lawyers' List Washington 

SPOKANE, Spokane County (Continued) 

Hamblen & Gilbert 

Paulsen BuiUing 

Laurence R. Hamblen 

Philip S. Brooke 
S. H. Boyles 

Post, Russell & Higgins 

Exchange National Bank Building 

Frank T. Post 
Thomas B. Higgins 
Antone E. Russell 


Tracers Block 

Reese H. Voorhees 
Heniy W. Canfield 

Wakefield & Withbrspoon 

Peyton BuiUing 

W. J. C. Wakefield 
A. W. Witherspoon 

Sprague Samuel P. Weaver 

Stevenson George E. O^Bryon 

Sumner Refer to Tacoma 

Sunnyside Stephen E. Chaffee 

TACOMA, Pierce County 

Bates & Peterson 

National Realty Building 

Charles O. Bates 
Charles T. Peterson 

(Tacoma continued^ page 3 $2) 

JFashington The Lawyers' List 

TAOOMA, Pierce County {Continued) 

Earlb B. Brockway 

Fidelity Building 

Grosscup & Morrow 

Perkins Building 

Benjamin S. Grosscup 
William Carr Morrow 

Haydbn, Langhorne & Metzgbr 

Tacoma Building. 

Elmer M. Hayden 
Maurice A. Langhorne 
Frederic D. Metzger 

HuFFER & Hayden 

Fidelity Building 

Frank A. HuSer 
William H. Hayden 

James M. Ashton 

Tekoa J. P. Burson 

Tonasket Refer to Okanogan 

Toppenish De Forest H. Bonsted 

Vancouver McMaster» Hall & Drowley 

Waitsburg Refer to Walla Walla 

Walla Walla Sharpstein» Smith & Sharpstein 

Washougal Refer to Vancouver 

Waterville M. B. Malloy 

Wenatchee Crollard & Crollard 

Wilbur C. M. N. Love 

Wilsoncreek Refer to Ephrata 

Yakima Rigg & Venables 


The Lawyers' List fFest Virginia 


West Virginia 

Alderson Refer to Union 

Barboursville Refer to Huntington 

Bayard Refer to Petersburg 

Beckley McGinnis & Hatcher 

Belington Refer to Philippi 

Berkeley Springs H. W. Bayer 

Beverly Refer to Elkins 

Bluefield Sanders, Crockett & Kee 

Bramwell Refer to Bluefield 

Buckhannon Young & McWhorter 

Bumsville Refer to Sutton 

Central City Refer to Huntington 

CHARLESTON, Kanawha County 

Brown, Jackson & Knight 

Kanawha FalUy Bank Building 

James F. Brown 
Malcolm Jackson 
Edward W. Knight 

V. L. BlIS 
John Wehrle 
Angus W. McDonald 
George S. Couch 
O. P. Fitzgerald 

Price, Smith, Spilman & Clay 

Kanawha Banking ^ Trust Co. Bldg, 

George E. Price 
Harrison B. Smith 
Robert S. Spilman 
Buckner Clay 

Arthur B. Hodges 
T. Brooke Price 
David C. Howard 
John J. D. Preston 


West Virginia The Lawyers' List 

Charles Town Brown & Brown 

Chester William W. Ingram 

CLARKSBURG, Harrison County 


Goff Building 

George M. HofFheimer 
E. Bryan Templeman 

Clay. B. C. Eaklc 

Davis Refer to Parsons 

Elizabeth Refer to Parkersburg 

Elkins Talbott & Hoover 

Elm Grove Refer to Wheeling 

Fairmont W. S. Meredith 

Fayetteville Pillon & Nuckolls 

Franklin B. H. Hiner 

Gassaway Refer to Sutton 

Glenville Linn & Craddock 

Gormania Refer to Petersbuig 

Grafton John L. Hechmer 

Grantsville Pendleton, Mathews & Bell 

Guyandotte Refer to Huntington 

Hamlin A. F. Morris 

Harpers Ferry Refer to Charles Town 

Harrisville Adams & Cooper 

Hinton R. F. Dunlap 

HU^mNGTON, Cabell County 

FiTZPATRicK, Campbell, Brown & Davis 

Huntington National Bank Building 

Herbert Fitzpatrick 
C. W. Campbell 
Douglas W. Brown 
Cary N. Davis 


The Lawyers* List 19^est Virginia 

Kenova Refer to Huntington 

Keyser Frank C. Reynolds 

Keystone , Ira J. Partlow 

Kingwood A. G. Hughes 

Lewisburg Henry Gilmer 

Logan Lilly & Shrewsbury 

Madison Leftwich & Shaffer 

Mannington • C. A. Snodgrass 

Marlinton H. S. Rucker 

Martinsburg H. H. Emmert 

Middlebourne Boreman & Carter 

Montgomery Refer to Fayetteviile 

Moorefield G. W. McCauley 

Morgantown Lazzelle & Stewart 

Moundsville Charles A. Showacre 

New Cumberland E. A. Hart 

New Martinsville.. . / Hall & Hall 


Van Winkle & Ambler 

^06 Juliana Street 

Walling W. Van Winkle 
Benjamin Mason Ambler 
Mason G. Ambler J 

Parsons • A. R. Stallings 

Pennsboro Refer to Harrisville 

Petersburg L. J. Forman 

Philippi Samuel V. Woods 

Piedmont Horace P. Whitworth 

Pineville Howard & Worrell 

Point Pleasant Pendleton, Mathews & Bell 

Princeton Albert W. Reynolds 

Ravenswood Refer to Spencer 

Red Sulphur Springs Refer to Hinton 

Richwood Brown & Eddy 

Ripley Refer to Spencer 


West Virginia The Lawyers' List 

Romney J. S. Zimmerman 

Ronceverte Refer to Lewisbarg 

St. Albans Surber & Edwards 

St. Marys Craig & WeUs 

Shepherdstown Refer to Charles Town 

Shinnston Refer to Clarksburg 

Sistersville McCoy & Swiger 

Spencer Pendleton, Mathews & Bell 

Summersville Alderson & Breckinridge 

Sutton Linn, Hines & Morrison 

Terra Alta Refer to Kingwood 

Thomas Refer to Parsons 

Union John L. Rowan 

Wayne Refer to Huntington 

Webster Springs Morton & Wooddell 

Welch Strother, Taylor & Taylor 

Wellsburg Erskine, Palmer & Curl 

Weston Linn Brannon 

West Union W. S. Stuart 

WHEELING, Ohio County 

Erskine, Palmer & Curl 

Schmulbach Building 

William Erskine 

John Campbell Palmer, Jr. 

Joseph Ryland Curl 

Hubbard & Hubbard 

Schmulbach BuiUing 

William Pallister Hubbard 
Nelson Chamberlin Hubbard 

Williamson Goodykoontz & Scherr 

Winfield Jerome Dudding 


The Lawyers* List Wisconsin 


Algoma James H. McGowan 

Alma Theodore Buehler 

Amery Kennedy & Yates 

Antigo F. J. Finucane 

Appleton Ryan & Cary 

Arcadia Gaveney & Barlow 

Ashland W. F. Shea 

Augusta E. M. Bradford 

Baldwin • • • £. B. Kinney 

Balsam Lake Refer to St. Croix Falls 

Baraboo Bentley, Kelley & Hill 

Barron John W. Soderberg 

Bayfield John J. Fisher 

Beaver Dam Claron A. Markham 

Beloit Warren S. Rundell 

Berlin John J. Wood, Jr. 

Bimamwood Refer to Antigo 

Black River Falls G. M. & H. M. Perry 

Blanchardville Refer to Darlington 

Boscobel .% W. E. Howe 

Brodhead Refer to Monroe 

Bruce Refer to Ladysmith 

Burlington CO. Bergener 

Chilton George C. Hume 

Chippewa Falls L. J. Rusk 

Clintonville Olen & Olen 

Columbus W. C. Leitsch 

Crandon Hooper & Hooper 

Cumberland H. S. Comstock 

Darlington Orton, Osbom & McDaniel 

Delavan E. L. von Suessmilch 

De Pere Refer to Green Bay 

Dodgeville James E. O'Neill 

Durand C. A. Ingram 

Eagle River Amos Radcliffe 


Wisconsin The Lawyers' List 

Eau Claire Sturdevant & Farr 

Edgerton Refer to Janesville 

Elkhom J. W. Page 

Ellsworth J . E . Foley 

Elroy Refer to Mauston 

Evansyille R. M. Richmond 

Fennimore Refer to Lancaster 

Florence Max Sells 

Fond du Lac T. L. Doyle 

Fort Atkinson Paul H. Tratt 

Foxlake. Refer to Waupun 

Frederic Morris E. Yager 

Friendship Charies H. Gilman 

GalesviUe William S. Wadlei^ 

Gillett Refer to Ocx>nto 

Glenwood City H. H. Dean 

Grand Rapids Goggins, Brazeau & Goggins 

Grantsburg Stephen F. Grover 

Green Bay Martin, Martin & Martin 

Green Lake Refer to Princeton 

Hartford Sawyer & Sawyer 

Hayward J. F. Riordan 

Highland Piatt Whitman 

Horicon Refer to Juneau 

Hudson Spencer Haven 

Hurley Alba L. Ruggles 

Independence Refer to Whitehall 

Iron River Refer to Ashland 

anesville George G. Sutherland 

efferson Mistele & Smith 

uneau K. C. Lewis 

Kaukauna Refer to Appleton 

Kenosha Calvin Stewart 

Kewaunee George W. Wing 

Kilboum W. S. Stroud 

La Crosse McConnell U Schweizer 

Ladysmith Charles Kirwan 


The Lawyers' List Wisconsin 

La Farge A. F. Drew 

Lake Geneva F. J. Tyrrell 

Lakemilis Charles S. Greenwood 

Lancaster Brennan & Carthew 

Laona Refer to Crandon 

Lodi Andrews & Palmer 

MADISON, Dane County 

Olin, Butlbr» Stebbins & Stroud 

I West Main Street 

John M. Olin 
Harry L. Butler 
Byron H. Stebbins 
Ray M. Stroud 
Benjamin H. Bull 

Manitowoc Nash & Nash 

Marinette Martineau & Martineau 

Markesan George £. Dickinson 

Marshfield John F. Cole 

Mauston J. A. McFarlane 

Mayville Naber & Wheeler 

Medford Herman Leicht 

Mellen Refer to Ashland 

Menasha Refer to Oshkosh 

Menomonee Falls Refer to Milwaukee 

Menomonie Freeman & Freeman 

Merrill Ralph E. Smith 

MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee County 


Pabst Building 

Elias H. Bottum 
George B. Hudnall 

(Milwaukee continuedf page S4o) 

Wisconsin The Lawyers' List 

MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee County (CantinueJ) 


Pahsi Building 

Louis A. Lecher 
Frank L. McNamara 

Charles L. Goss 
Frank E. Dennett 
John H. Hurley 
Harold W. Connell 
John Kuehnl 

Flanders, Fawsett & Smart 

First National Bank Building 

James G. Flanders 
Charles F. Fawsett 
Edward M. Smart 

Charles E. Monroe 

Frederick C. Winkler, Counsel 

Lines, Spoonbr & Quarlbs 

Pabtt Building 

Willet M. Spooner 
Louis Quarles 
Charles B. Quarles 
James T. Guy 
Leo Mann 
Howard A. Hartman 

Miller, Mack & Fairchild 

First National Bank Building 

George P. Miller 
Edwin S. Mack 
Arthur W. Fairchild 
James B. Blake 


The Lawyers' List fFisco 


MILWAUKEE, MUwaukee County (Continwd) 

Miller, Mack & Fairchild {Continued) 

First National Bank Building 

J. Gilbert Hardgrove 

Claude J. Hendricks 
Bert Vandervelde 
Frederick R. Wahl 
Geoi:ge B. Luhman 
Paul R. Newcomb 


Sentinel Building 

Joshua E. Dodge, Counsel 

WiUiam C. Quarles 
Thomas H. Spence 
Joseph V. Quarles 

Arthur B. Doe 
Howard T. Foulker 
Harold E. Story 

Upham, Black, Russell & Richardson 

Welb Building 

Horace A. J. Upham 
William E. Black 
Charles C. Russell 
Emmet L. Richardson 

Van Dyke, Shaw, Muskat & Van Dyke 

WeUs Building 

George B. Van Dyke 
James D. Shaw 
Carl Muskat 
Douglass Van Dyke 
Ralph M. Hoyt 


Wisconsin The Lawyers' List 

Mineral Point • . . . . , C. Spensley 

Mondovi S. G. Gilman 

Monroe W. H. McGrath 

Montello D. W. McNamara 

Monticello Refer to Monroe 

Mosinee Smith & Leicht 

Mount Horeb Refer to Madison 

Muscoda Refer to Boscobel 

Necedah Charles E. Babcock 

Neenah Lewis J. Somers 

Neillsville J. R. & C. R. Sturdevant 

Nekoosa Heniy E. Fitch 

New Lisbon Refer to Mauston 

New London Giles H. Putnam 

New Richmond McNally & Doar 

North Crandon Refer to Crandon 

Oconomowoc John A. Kelly 

Oconto J. B. Chase 

Oconto Falls Refer to Oconto 

Omro Refer to Oshkosh 

Oregon Refer to Madison 

Osceola Carl M. Lynn 

Oshkosh Bouck, Hilton, Kluwin & Dempsey 

Oxford Refer to Montello 

Park Falls Refer to Phillips 

Phillips W. K. Parkinson 

Pittsville Refer to Grand Rapids 

Plainfield Buchanan Johnson 

Platteville J. W. Murphy 

Plymouth M. C. Mead 

Portage Daniel H. Grady 

Port Edwards Refer to Grand Rapids 

Port Washington Collins 5c Collins 

Prairie du Chien Graves & Earll 

Prairie du Sac Refer to Baraboo 

Princeton Philip Lehner 

Racine Simmons & Walker 


The Lawyers* List Wisconsin 

Reedsburg James A. Stone 

Rhinelander E. D. Minahan 

Rice Lake Refer to Barron 

Richland Center P. L. Lincoln 

Rio Refer to Portage 

Ripon S. M. Pedrick 

River Falls F. M. White 

St. Croix Falls Howard D. Blanding 

Sauk City Bentley, Kelley & Hill 

Shawano A. M. Andrews 

Sheboygan Francis Williams 

Shell Lake L. H. Mead 

Shullsburg Simpson & O'Brien 

Sparta R. B. Graves 

Spooner Refer to Shell Lake 

Spring Valley Thomas M. Casey 

Stanley Clarence B. Culbertson 

Stevens Point Fisher & Cashin 

Stoughton Clancy & Loverud 

Sturgeon Bay Thomas A. Sanderson 

Superior Hanitch & Hartley 

Tomah Naylor & McCaul 

Tomahawk G M. Sheldon 

Turtle Lake Refer to Barron 

Two Rivers Fred W. Dicke 

Viroqua C. J. Smith 

Wabena Refer to Crandon 

Washburn Arthur W. McLeod 

Waterford William Sanders 

Waterloo Refer to Watertown 

Watertown John G. Conway 

Waukesha C. W. Newbury 

Waupaca • ......•.£• £• Browne 

Waupun C. E. Hooker 

Wausau Kreutzer» Bird, Okoneski & Puchner 

Wausaukee James C. Morgan 

Wautoma E. F. Kileen 


Wisconsin The Lawyers* List 

West Ailis Refer to Milwaukee 

West Bend (yMeara & CyMean 

Whitehall A. V. A. Peterson 

Whitewater H. O. Hamilton 


The Lawyers* List Wyoming 


Basin William C. Snow 

Buffalo Hill H Griggt 

Casper George W. Ferguson 

Cheyenne Lacey h Lacey 

Cody William L. Simpson 

Dubois Refer to Lander 

Douglas Charles F. Maurer 

Evanston B. M. Ausherman 

Gillette Refer to Sundance 

Green River T. S. Taliaferro, Jr. 

Hudson Refer to Lander 

Kemmerer Robert R. Rose 

Lander Porter B. Coolidge 

Laramie Nellis E. Corthell 

Lovell Refer to Basin 

Lusk Refer to Douglas 

Newcastle D. A. Fakler 

Pinedale Refer to Lander 

Powell Refer to Cody 

Rawlins N. R. Greenfield 

Riverton Fenimore Chatterton 

Rock Springs.. .T. S. Taliaferro, Jr. & Walter A. Muir 

Shendan D. P. B. Marshall 

Shoshoni Refer to Lander 

Sundance Hany P. Ilsley 

Superior Refer to Rock Springs 

Thermopolis C. W. Axtell 

Torrington John L. Sawyer 

Wheatland Kline & Natwick 

Worland Charles H. Harkins 


Patents, fcfc. The Lawyers* List 


This foliowing list inclwies only the names of Counselors^ 
at-law in Patent^ Trade-Mark ^ Copyright Causes 

BIRMINGHAM, Jeffenon County 

Robert D. Johnston, Jr. 

American Trust Building 


LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles County 

Graham & Harris 

Higgins Building 

Frank L. A. Graham 
Ford W. Harris 

Frederick S. Lyon 

Merchants Trust Building 

Frederick S. Lyon 

George H. Hiles 
Leonard S. Lyon 
Clarence B. Foster 

SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco County 

Nicholas A. Acker 

Foxcroft Building 

William F. Booth 

Foxcroft Building 


The Lawyers' List Patents, bfc. 


SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco County (Continued) 

John H. Miller 

Crocker Building 

William K. White 

Crocker Building 

BRIDGEPORT, Fairfield County 

Friend W. Smith, Jr. 

Meigs Building 

Albert M. Wooster 

j/75 Main Street 

HARTFORD, Hartford County 

Harrie £. Hart 

36 Pearl Street 
Harrie E. Hart 

T. Clay Lindsey 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven County 

Bristol & White 

First National Bank Building 

42 Church Street 
Henry Stoddard 
John W. Bristol 
Leonard M. Daggett 
Thomas Hooker, Jr. 
Henry E. Rockwell 
Frederick H. Wiggin 

David L. Daggett 
J. Dwight Dana 
Charles C. Willson 

{New Haven continued, page S4S) 


Patents^ bfc. The Lawyers' List 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven County {ContinuiJ) 

Seymour & Earle 

Second National Bank Building 

George Dudley Seymour 
Frederic C. Earle 

District of Columbia 


Arthur S. Browne 

go2 F Street^ N. W. 
Arthur S. Browne 
M. Theodore Simmons 

Church & Church 

qo8 G Street, N. W. 

Melville Church 
Alexander S. Steuart 

H. H. Snelling 

DoDOB & Sons 

724 Ninth Street, N, W. 

William W. Dodge 
Horace A. Dodge 
Parker Dodge 

Robert J. Fisher 

614 F Street, N. W. 
(General Counsel Eastern Railroad Association) 


The Lawyers' List Patents^ &fr. 

District of Columbia 
WASHINGTON (pontinuei) 

McGiLL & Maguirb 

McGm BuUding 

Grafton L. McGill 
Francis S. Maguire 

Mauro, Cameron, Lewis & Kerkam 
700 Tenth Street, N. W. 
Shelton T. Cameron 
Reese Lewis 
William B. Kerkam 

Loyd H. Sutton 

Seymour & Bright 

734 Eighih Street, N. W. 

Henry A. Seymour 
Albert W. Bright 

Sturtbvant & Mason 

900 F Street, N. W. 

Charles Lyon Sturtevant 
Eugene George Mason 



George C. Bedell 

Herkimer Building 


Patents J fcfr. The Lawyers* List 


ATLANTA, Fulton County 

Kino & Spalding 

Empire BuiUing 

Jack J. Spalding 
Hughes Spalding 
Daniel MacDougald 
John A. Sibley 


CHICAGO, Cook County 

Adams & Jackson 

Monadnock Building 

Albert H. Adams 
John L. Jackson 

Bannino & Banning 

Marquette BuiUing 

Ephraim Banning 

Thomas A. Banning 
Samuel W. Banning 
Thomas A. Banning, Jr. 
Ephraim Banning 

Barnett & Truman 

Monadnock Block 

Otto Raymond Barnett 
Percival H. Truman 

Harvey M. Gillespie 
Roland C. Rehm 
Leslie W. Fricke 

William O. Belt 

Marquette Building 
- 3SO 

The Lawyers' List Patents^ i^c. 


CHICAGO, Cook County (Continued) 

Brown & Nissen 

Monadnock Building 

Frank T. Brown 
Charles M. Nissen 

Chebver & Cox 

Monadnock Buildtng 

Dwight B. Cheever 
Howard M. Cox 

Dyrenforth, Lee, CHRnroN & Wiles 

Marquette Building 

William H. Dyrenforth 
John H. Lee 
George A. Chritton 
Russell Wiles 
William B. Davies 
Frank A. Howard 

Emery, Booth, Janney & Varney 

10 South La Salle Street 

Frederick L. Emery 
Thomas B. Booth 
Laurence A. Janney 
Lucius E. Varney 
Irving U. Townsend 
Robert S. Blair 
Ramsay Hoguet 
Jesse W. Morton 
Edward H. Palmer 


Patents, ^c. The Lawyers' List 


CHICAGO, Cook County (Continued) 

Emery, Booth, Jannby & Varnby {Continiud) 
10 South La Salle Street 
Osgood H. Dowell 
Everett S. Emery 
Louis A. Jones 
Edward G. Curtis 

John W. Thompson 
Manvel Whittemore 
Lawrence G. Miller 
Delos G. Haynes 
Sebastian Hinton 
Preston Upham 
Howard W. Dix 
Thomas J. Johnston 
Edward M. Evarts 

Walter M. Fuller 

Monadnock Building 

Jones, Addington, Ames ic Seibold 

los West Monroe Street 

Walter Gyde Jones 
Keene H. Addington 
Robert Lewis Ames 
Arthur B. Seibold 

Isaac B. Lipson 
William Peny Hahn 
Albert F. Mecklenburger 
WUlard L. Pollard 
Norton M. Files 
T. Bemhard Thiess 
Arthur A. Olson 

Everett N. Curtis 

The Lawyers* List PaUnts, I3c. 


CHICAGO, Cook County {Continued) 

Clarence £. Mehlhope 

Marquette Building 

MuNDAY, Clarke & Carpenter 

Marquette Building 

John W. Munday 
Henry Love Clarke 
John C. Carpenter 

Offield, Towle, Graves & Soans 

Monadnock Building 

Henry S. Towle 
Albert H. Graves 
Cyril A. Soans 

Parker & Carter 

Marquette Building 
Francis W. Parker 
Donald M. Carter 
Francis W. Parker, Jr. 

Parkinson U Lanb 

Marquette Building 

Robert H. Parkinson 
Wallace R. Lane 
George Mankle 
Frederick F. Mason 

Merrill M. Blackburn 


Patents^ ^c. The Lawyers' List 


CHICAGO, Cook County (Continued) 

Pbirce, Fisher & Clapp 

Marquette Building 

George P. Fisher 
Hariy Lincoln Clapp 

Rector, Hibben, Dayis & Macaulet 

McCormick Building 

Edward Rector 
Samuel E. Hibben 
Frank Parker Davis 
John B. Macauley 
George T. May, Jr. 
Louis B. Erwin 

Sheridan, Jones, Sheridan & Smith 

Marquette Building 

Thomas F. Sheridan 
Thomas H. Sheridan 
George Bayard Jones 
Glen E. Smith 

John W. Michael, Jn 

Wilkinson & Huxley 

First National Bank Building 

George L. Wilkinson 
Henry M. Huxley 

Charles L. Byron 
Eben O. McNair, Jr. 
Milton T. Miller 

Hervey S. Knight 

Associate Counsel 


The Lawyers' List Patents, ^c. 

FORT WAYNE, Allen County 

Elwin M. Hulse 

Lincoln Life Building 

INDIANAPOLIS, Marion County 

Hood & Schley 

Hume-MansuT Building 

Arthur M. Hood 
George B. Schley 


DES MOINES, Polk County 

Orwig & Bair 

Crocker Building 
Ralph Orwig 
William P. Bair 


PORTLAND, Cumberland County 

Solomon W. Bates 

First National Bank Building 


Patents^ (ffc. The Lawyers* List 


BOSTON, Suffolk County 

Emery, Booth, Janney & Varney 

SO Congress Street 

Frederick L. Emery 
Thomas B. Booth 
Laurence A. Janney 
Lucius E. Varney 
Irving U. Townsend 
Robert S. Blair 
Ramsay Hoguet 
Jesse W. Morton 
Edward H. Palmer 
Osgood H. Dowell 
Everett S. Emery 
Louis A. Jones 
Edward G. Curtis 
Manvel Whittemore 

John W. Thompson 
Lawrence G. Miller 
Delos G. Haynes 
Sebastian Hinton 
Preston Upham 
Howard W. Dix 
Thomas J. Johnston 
Edward M. Evarts 

Fish, Richardson & Nbave 

84 StaU Street 

Frederick P. Fish 
W. K. Richardson 
Guy Cunningham 
Alex D. Salinger 


The Lawyers' List PatentSy bfc. 


BOSTON, Suffolk County {Continued) 

FisH» Richardson & Neavb (Continued) 

84 Suae Street 

J. Lewis Stackpole 
Harrison F. Lyman 

Herrick, Smith, Donald & Farley 

84 StaU Street 

Robert F. Herrick 
Guy Cunningham 
Jeremiah Smith, Jr. 
Malcolm Donald 
J. W. Farley 
Arthur H. Weed 
Henry W. Dunn 
Edward A. Taft 
Phillips Ketchum 

Mitchell, Chadwick & Kent 

QQ StaU Street 

Oliver Mitchell 
Everett E. Kent 

Joseph T. Brennan 

Roberts, Roberts & Cushman 

P5 Milk Street 

George L. Roberts 
Odin Roberts 
Reuben L. Roberts 
Robert Cushman 
Charles D. Woodberry 

Robert C. Child 
Charles S. Grover 
Spencer B. Montgomery 


Patents, &c. The Lawyers' List 


BOSTON, Suffolk County (Continued) 

Van Everbn, Fish & Hildreth 

S3 StaU Street 

Horace Van Everen 
Fred O. Fish 
Ira L. Fish 
Alfred H. Hildreth 
Warren G. Ogden 
Burton W. Gary 
Chauncey M. Sincerbeaux 

Donald H. Mace 
Herman C. Bowser 
Lucius B. Weymouth 
J. Stanley Churchill 
David Rines 

Wright, Brown, Quinby ic May 

5J State Street 

Charles F. Brown 
William Quinby 
Marcus B. May 

Arthur Harrison Brown 
WORCESTER, Worcester County 


2S FosUr Street 
Louis W. Southgate 
Albert E. Fay 

Charles T. Hawley 

The Lawyers' List Patents^ &fr. 

DETROIT, Wayne County 

Stuart C. Barnes 

Ford Building 

Ralzbmond a. Parker 

Mofat Building 

Ralzemond A. Parker 

Elliott J. Stoddard 
Stuart C. Barnes 


Penobscot Building 

James Whittemore 
rescott M. Hulbert 
Laurence J. Whittemore 
William J. Belknap 

GRAND RAPIDS, Kent County 

Travis, Merrick, Warner & Johnson 

Michigan Trust Building 

Philip H. Travis 
Benjamin P. Merrick 
David A. Warner 
Edgar H. Johnson 

KALAMAZOO, Kalamazoo County 

CoAPPELL & Earl 

Chase Block 

Fred L. Chappell 
Otis A. Earl 


Pfiients, ^c. The Lawyers' List 

ST. PAUL, Ramsey County 

Halbert S. Johnson 

Gitmania Life Building 


Bakbwell & Church 

La Salle Building 

Paul Bakewell 
Wells L^urch 

George Bakewell 

Fowler U Huffman 

Pierci Building 
Albert Coying;ton Fowler 

Edwin Earle Huffman 

New York 
BUFFALO, Erie County 

Parker & Prochnow 

EllicoU Square Building 
Charles W. Parker 
Felix E. Prochnow 

NEW YORK, New York County 

Bartlett & Brownell 

120 Bfoadtoay 

John P. Bartlett 
Heniy B. Brownell 


The Lawyers' List Patents, fcfr, 

New York 

NEW YORK, New York County (Continued) 


19 West Forty-fourth Street 
Charles H. Duell 
Frederic P. Warfield 
Holland S. Duell 
Charles H. Duell, Jr. 
James W. Anderson 
Leonard A. Watson 
Roscoe Stewart 
David A. Woodcock 

George C. Beach 
of Counsel 

Dyer & Taylor 

41 Park Row 
Richard N. Dyer 
John Robert Taylor 

Thomas A. Stoddart 
James F. Coleman 

Emery, Varney, Blair & Hoguet 
I4g Broadway 
Frederick L. Emery 
Lucius E. Vamey 
Robert S. Blair 
Ramsay Hoguet 
Manvel Whittemore 

John W. Thompson 
Howard W. Dix 
Thomas J. Johnston 
Edward M. Evarts 
Hadley F. Freeman 
Lloyd Van Doren 


Patents^ &c. The Lawyers' List 

New York 

NEW YORK, New York County (Continued) 

Fish, Richardson & Nbavb 

S Nassau Street 

Charles Neave 
William C. McKnight 
Qarence D. Kerr 
Maxwell Barus 
Stephen H. Philbin 
Merrell E. Clark 

GiFFORD & Bull 

I^ Broadway 

Livingston Giffbrd 
J. Edgar Bull 
Charles S. Jones 
George E. Cruse 
C. G. Heylmun 
W. A. Pauling 

Herrick, Smith, Donald & Farley 

120 Broadway 

Robert F. Herrick 
Guy Cunningham 
Jeremiah Smith, Jr. 
Malcolm Donald 
J. W. Farley 
Arthur H. Weed 
Henry W. Dunn 
Edward A. Taft 
Phillips Ketchum 


The Lawyers' List Patents, bfc. 

New York 
NEW YORK, New York County (ContinueJ) 


55 Liberty Street 
Charles Howson 
Henry Howson 
Hubert Howson 
Charles Henry Howson 

Keller & Bakewell 

280 Broadway 
M. Arthur Keller 
James K. Bakewell 

Kbnyon & Kenyon 

61 Broadway 
William Houston Kenyon 
Alan D. Kenyon 
Richard Eyre 
Theodore S. Kenyon 

George W7 Mills, Jr. 
Newton A. Burgess 
Mary Houston Kenyon 
Edgar F. Baumgartner 
Frederick Bachmann 
John O. Gempler 

Robert N. Kenyon 

Kb&r, Page, Cooper U Hayward 
S5 Liberty Street 
Thomas B. Kerr 
Parker W. Page 
Druiy W. Cooper 
John Campbell Kerr 
J. B. Hayward 
Sturges S. Dimham 


Patents J &c. The Lawyers' List 

New York 

NEW YORK, New York County {Continued) 


41 Park Row 

Robert C. Mitchdl 
Robert Starr Allyn 

Philipp, Sawyer, Rice U Kennedy 

220 Broadway 

Qeon J. Sawyer 
James Q. Rice 
James J. Kennedy 
Philip B^hiUpp 

Mitford C. Massie 
Thomas F. Kehoe 
H. Monroe Humason 

Moritz B. Philipp 

Redding & Greeley 

SS Park Row 

William A. Redding 
William B. Greeley 
Ambrose L. O'Shea 
Worthington Campbell 

Sexton, Jeffery, Kimball & Eggleston 

34 Pine Street 

Lawrence E. Sexton 
Oscar W. Jeffery 
Harry Grant Kimball 
Robert D. Eggleston 


The Lawyers' List Patents^ fcfr. 

New York 
NEW YORK, New York County (Continued) 

Shbffibld & Bbtts 

S2 William Street 

James R. Sheffield 
L. F. H. Bern 
John W. Peters 
Ramsey Hoguet 
James J. Cosgrove 

Samuel R. Betts, Counsel 
Merrell E. Qark 
F. A. Mathewson 

ROCHESTER, Monroe County 

Frederick F. Church 

fFilder Building 
Frederick^. Church 
Edward H. Cumpston 

Davis & Simms 

Wilder Building 

C. Schuyler Davis 
Harold H. Simms 

SYRACUSE, Onondaga County 

H0WAB.D P. Dbnison 

Onondaga Bank Building 

Parsons U Bodbll 

University Building 

Arthur E. Parsons 
Frederic G. Bodell 


Patents^ (ffc. The Lawyers' List 


CINCINNATI, Hamilton County 

Allen & Allen 

Gtvynne Building 

Alfred M. Allen 
Marston Allen 

Wood & Wood 

First National Bank Building 
William R. Wood 
Oliver B. Kaiser 

CLEVELAND, Cuyahoga County 

Bates & Macklin 

Society for Savings Building 

Albert H. Bates 
Justin W. Macklin 

Hull, Smith, Brock & West 
Illuminating Building 

John Bardett Hull 
Harold E. Smith 
Charles E. Brock 
Brennan B. West 

Albert Lynn Lawrence 

Williamson Building 

Thurston, Kwis & Hudson 

Citizens Building 

Edwin L. Thurston 
Arthur F. Kwis 
Arthur J. Hudson 


The Lawyers' List Patents^ bfc. 


COLUMBUS, Franklin County 

Chester C. Shepherd 

Hartman Building 

Chester C. Shepherd 

Walter ETL. Bock 
William S. McDowell 

DAYTON, Montgomery County 


Schwind Building 

Harry Aubrey Toulmin 
Harry Aubrey Toulmin, Jr. 


Staley & Bowman 

Gotwald Building 

Paul A. Staley 
Border Bowman 

Charles LWelch 

TOLEDO, Lucas County 

Almon Hall 

Produce Exchange Building 

Owen, Owen & Crampton 

Nicholas Building 

Wilbur Owen 
Charles W. Owen 
Faust F. Crampton 


Patents^ bfc. The Lawyers* List 

PORTLAND, Multnomah County 

T. J. Geislsr 

Henry Building 


ERIE, Erie County 

Hugh C. Lord 

Pinn Building 

PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia County 
Francis T. Chambers 

1411 Walnut Street 

Fralby & Paul 

Land Title Building 

Joseph C. Fraley 
Heniy N. Paul, Jr. 
C. Bradford Fraley 

James HTBell 

Theodore S. Paul 

HowsoN & HowsoN 

32 South Broad Street 
Charles Howson 
Henry Howson 
Hubert Howson 
Charles Henry Howson 


The Lawyers' List Patents, (ffc. 


PITTSBURGH, AUe^eny County 

Christy & Christy 

Farmers Bank Building 
Manhall A. Christy 
Bayard Ii_Christy 

Paul N. Critchlow 

Kay, Totten & Powell 

Frick Building Annex 
James I. Kay 
Robert D. Totten 

Keller & Bakbwell 

Park Building 

M. Arthur Keller 
James K. Bakewell 

Frederick W. Winter 

Farmers Bank Building 
Frederick W. Winter 
Jo. Baily Brown 
Leroy C. Schantz 

Rhode Island 

PROVIDENCE, Providence County 

WiLiiARTu H. Thurston 

42 Westminster Street 
WilmarthH. Thurston 
James H. Thurston 


Patents, I3c. The Lawyers' List 

MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee County 


Pahst Building 

Elias H. Bottum 
George B. Hudnall 
Louis A. Lecher 
Frank L. McNamara 

Charles L. Goss 
Frank E. Dennett 
John H. Hurley 
Harold W. Connell 
John Kuehnl 

Richard S. C. Caldwell 

Majestic Building 

Erwin, Wheeler & Woolard 

Loan and Trust Building 

James B. Erwin 
Leverett C. Wheeler 
WiUiam F. Woolard 

Flanders, Fawsbtt & Smart 

First National Bank Building 

James G. Flanders 
Charles F. Fawsett 
Edward M. Smart 

Charles E. Monroe 

FredericTC. Winkler 


The Lawyers' List PatentSy fcfr. 

MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee County {Continued) 


Majestic Building 

Arthur L. Morsell 
Charles H. Keeney 


Patents, &fr. The Lawyers* List 





Bank of Hamilton Chambers 

Isaac Pitblado, K.C. 
Alfred Erskine Hoskin, K.C. 
Henry P. Grundy 
Edwin H. Bennest 
John T. Haig 
Percival J. Montague 
H. R. Drummond-Hay 

TuppBR, McTavish, Foley & Tupper 

Trust ^ Loan Building 

William J. Tupper> K. C. 
Gordon C. McTavish 
J. P. Foley, K.C. 
Sir Charles S. Tupper, Bart. 
Alexander Adams 
Glenlyon C. McDonald 

New Brunswick 

ST. JOHN, St. John County 

Wbldon Sc McLean 

42 Princess Street 

Hugh H. McLean, K.C. 
Fred. R. Taylor, K.C. 


The Lawyers* List Patents^ Wf . 

Nova Scotia 

HALIFAX, Halifax County 

Hbnry> RoGBRSy Harris & Stewart 

Tramtaay Building 

William A. Henry, K.C. 
T. Shennan Rogers, K.C. 
Reginald V. Harris 
James McG. Stewart 
Ingram Oakes 
John E. Read 

Murray, MacKinnon & Daley 

Tramway Building 

Robert H. Murray, K. C. 
John L. MacKIinnon 
G. McLDaley 

J. A. Redmond 


HAMILTON, Wentworth County 

Bruce, Bruce & Counsell 

Merchants Bank Building 

Alexander Bruce, K.C. 
Ralph R. Bruce 
John L. Counsell 


Patents, bfc. The Lawyers* List 

OTTAWA, Carlcton County 

Belcourt, Ritchie, Chevrier, Leduc 5c 

La Banqui Nationale Building 

Hon. N. A. Belcourt, K.C. 

J. A. Ritchie 

£. R. E. Chevrier 

Paul Leduc 

Robert Laurier 

Chrysler & Higgertt 

Central Chambers 

Francis H. Chrysler, K.C. 
Francis £. Higgerty 

EwART, Scott, Maclaren & Kellby 

Molson's Bank Chambers 

John S. Ewart, K.C. 
W. L. Scott 
C. H. Maclaren 
George D. Kelley 

A. J. Eraser 
Lee A. Kelley 

TORONTO, York County 

Aylbsworth, Wright, Moss & Thompson 

Bank of Hamilton Building 

Sir Allen Aylesworth, K.C. 
Henry James Wright 
John Henry Moss, K.C. 
Joseph Anthony Thompson 


The Lawyers' List Patents^ bfc. 


TORONTO, York County {Continuei) 

Aylesworth, Wright, Moss & Thompson 

Bank of Hamilton Building 
Featherston Aylesworth 
Alexander Murray Garden 
Waldon Lawr 
W. H. Latimer, Jr. 
Hamilton J. Stuart 
A. H. Robertson 

Blake, Lash, Anglin & Cassbls 

Canadian Bank of Comnura Building 
2^bulun A. Lash, K.C. 
William H. Blake, K.C. 
Arthur W. Anglin, K.C. 
Walter Gow 
Miller Lash 
Glyn Osier 
Robert C. H. Cassels 
M. C. Cameron 
George H. Cassels 
John F< Lash 

S. G. Crowell 
G. G. Paulin 

Cassels, Brock & Kelley 

8s Bay Street 

Hamilton Cassels, K.C. 
Richard Scougall Cassels, K.C. 
Henry Brock 
George Mortimer Kelley 

Charles Pentland Tisdall 
Alfred Neville Morine 


Patents^ Wf . The Lawyers* List 


TORONTO, York County [Continued) 

Johnston, McKay, Dods & Grant 

Bank of Hamilton Building 

Robert McKay, K.C. 
Andrew Dods 
Gideon Grant 

D. Inglis Grant 
Mervil MacDonald 

G. W. Adams 
P. E. F. Smily 

Macdonald, Shbplby, Donald & Mason 

Macdonald, Shbplby, Donald & Whitb 

60 Victoria Street 

James H. Macdonald, K.C. 
Robert C. Donald 
G. W. Mason 
H. S. White 
A. Foulds, Jr. 
. W. W. Davidson 
F. C. Carter 
W. A. McCarthy 

Rowbll, Rbid, Wood & Wright 

Canada Life Building 

Newton W. Rowell, K.C. 
Thomas Reid 
S. Casey Wood 
Edward_W. Wright 

Christopher W. Thompson 

E. Gordon McMillan 
Elmer M. Rowand 
Maxwell C. Purvis 


The Lawyers* List Patents, iffc. 

MONTREAL, District of Montreal 

Atwater, Surveyer & Bond 
l6o St, James Street 

Albert William Atwater, K.C. 
£. Fabre Surveyer, K.C. 
William Langley Bond, K.C. 
Lucien Beauregard 

Laflbur, MacDougall, Macfarlane & 

Royal Trust Building 

Eugene Lafleur, K.C. 

Gordon W. MacDougall, K.C. 

Lawrence Macfarlane, K.C. 

Gregor Barclay 

William B. Scott 

Hon. Adrian K-Hugessen 

J. Arthur Mathewson 

Colony of Newfoundland 

ST. JOHN'S, St. Johns 

Squires & Winter 

New Bank of Nova Scotia Building 

Hon. R. A. Squires, K.C. 
J. A. Winter 


Patents, lie. The Lawyers* List 


In many of the f Mowing countries lawyers do not speciali%t 
in Patent^ Trade-Mark fef Copyright Practice, The 
^Mo/wing list includes names of Lawyers^ hut it is com^ 
posed p mainly f of Agents for the Soliciting of Patents ^ etc, 




MtreaJeret 22 



F. DB P. H0YO8 

4a CatU it Tacuha nunu J7 



Abel & Imray 

Birkheck Bank Chambers, Southampton 

Buildings, W, C. 

Cable Address: " Patentable, London *' 

Oliver Imray 
Anhur C. Bloxam 
Thomas Shields 

B0ULT9 Wadb & Tennant 

///, Hatton Garden\E. C. 

Alfred Julius Boult 
Harold Wade 
William John Tennant 
William Henry Ballantyne 


The Lawyers* List Patents^ fefr. 


LONDON {Continuii) 

Carpmabl & Company 

2^ Southampton BuiUingSf Chanary 
Latify W, C. 

Arthur Carpmael 
Edward Carpmael 
W. Percy Carpmael 
Wilfred Carpmael 
Robert B. Ransford 

A. M. & William Clark 

55, Chancery Lam^ fF, ۥ 

William Clark 
Gordon Melville Clark 

Johnsons & Willcox 

^7, Lincoln's Inn Fields^ W. C. 

James Yate Johnson 
Benjamin Willcox 
George William Johnson 

Philip M. Justice 

SS* Chancery Lane, W, C, 

Marks & Clerk 

S^f Lincoln's Inn Fields^ W. C, and 
l8f Southampton Build ings, fF, C» 

G. Croydon Marks 
Dugald Clerk 
Edward C. R. Marks 
M. Atkinson Adam 


Patents^ fefr. The Lawyers' List 


LONDON (ContintuJ) 

Mbwburn, Elu8 & Pryor 

70, Chancery Lam, JF. C. 

George Belve Ellis 
R. E. Ellis 
H. A. Piyor 

Newton & Son 

dy Breams Buildings^ Chancery Lane, 

Philip Arthur Newton 

Lloyd Wise & Company 

46, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W. C. 

Frederick John Brougham 
William Cross 
Franklin Wise Howorth 
Arthur Woosnam 


Republic of Salvador 


/o«. Avenida Sur, N^. 6 
Cable Address " Moreira " 

Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, and No- 
tary; Patent and Trade-Mark Agent 


The Lawyers* List Patents, ^c. 


Argentine Republic 

Obligado & Company 
54J, B. Mitri 



Lbclbrc & Company 

Ij6 Rua do RosLorto 



Agustinas S31 


Julio R. Lorbdo & C. Arana Santamaria 

Apartado yjj 

Julio R. Loredo 

C. Arana Santamaria 



Luis Julio Blanco 


Patents, &c. The Lawyers* List 


Cape Colony 



Fairbridgb, Ardbrnb & Lawton 

14.I Longmarkit Street 
Cable Address: ** Fairhridge 

William George Fairbridge 
Henry Ralph Ardeme 
Thomas Edwards Lawton 


Stbgmann & Rods 

Lewis ^ Marks Buildings, Church 



Cable Address: "Stegmanp 

Isaac Edwin Stegmann 
Ockert Jacobus Oosthuizen 



EuGBNB Harsanyx U Dr. Chas. Mbssingbr 
Fdcxi'kgrut 78 



/• Maximilianstrassi § 

The Lawyers' List Patents^ fefc. 


Brandon Brothers 

§g rue de Provena 

Cable Address: *'Abdicant, Paris" 

Jules Fayollbt 

l8 rue de Mogador 


Dr. Hermann Isay 

13 Belle-Alliance-Platx 

Max Schutzb 

/05 Koniggratter Strasse 

Dr. Arnold Seligson 

/ PrinirLouis-Ferdinandstrasse 


Dr. B. Alexander-EIatz 
/J Muhlweg 


Barzano & Zanardo 

p Fia Due Maeelli 



R, Dos Capellistas Ij8 

Patents^ ^c. The Lawyers' List 

PETROGRAD (St. Pctcrabuig) 


7 Kirpitschnoi Peretdtik 



/ Pltna de Colon 



2 Birsigstrasti 


The Lawyers* List Alberta 



Bassano Refer to Calgary 

Blairmore J. E. Gillis 

CALGARY, Calgaiy District 

Clarke, Carson, Macleod & Company 

Canada Life Building 

A. H. Clarke, K.C. 
J. E. A. Macleod 
John M. Carson 
A. L. Smith 
W. C. Robertson 
F. L. Shouldice 
A. de B. Winter 
R. M. Edmanson 
I. F. Fitch 
P. A. Carson 
W. G. Egbert 

LouGHEED, Bennett & Company 

Clarence Block 

Hon. Sir James Lougheed, K.C. 

Richard B. Bennett, K.C. 

J. C. Brokovski, K.C. 

A. M. Sinclair, K.C. 

D. L. Redman 

H. E. Forster 

P. D. McAlpine 

O. H. E. Might 

L. M. Roberts 


Alberta The Lawyers* List 


Camrose Burgess & McKay 

Castor George F. Auxier 

Claresholm H. O. Haslam 

EDMONTON, Edmonton District 

Emery, Newell, Ford & Lindsay 

Canada Permanent Building 

Edward Corrigan Emery, K.C. 
Camby Foster Newell, K.C. 
Frank Ford, K.C. 
Neville Richard Lindsay 

Rutherford, Jamieson, Grant & Steer 

McLeod Building 

Hon. Alexander Cameron Rutherford, K.C. 
Frederick Charles Jamieson 
Charles Henry Grant 
George Hobson Steer 

Short & Cross 

Short, Cross, Maclean & Macdonald 

Merchants Bank Building 

William Short, K.C. 
Hon. Charles Wilson Cross, K.C. 
Neil Douglas Maclean 
H. C. Macdonald 
Boyd McBride 

bhn Arundel 

ames K. Wilson 


The Lawyers' List Alberta 

EDMONTON, Edmonton District (Continued) 

Woods, Sherry, Collisson & Field 
Woods, Sherry, Macalister & Craig 

McLeod Building 

O. M. BiGGAR, K.C., Counsel 

S. B. Woods, K.C. 
J. C. Sherry 
J. T. J. Collisson 
S. W. Field 
J. Macalister 
W. D. Craig 

Fort Saskatchewan Corbett & Harper 

High River A. A. Ballachey 

Innisfail Refer to Red Deer 

Innisfree Refer to Vermilion 

Islay Refer to Vermilion 

Kitscoty Refer to Vermilion 

Lacombe Refer to Red Deer 

Leduc Refer to Wetaskiwin 

Lethbridge Johnstone & Ritchie 

Lloydminster Refer to Vermilion 

Macleod McDonald, Martin & Mackenzie 

Manville Refer to Vermilion 

Medicine Hat Begg, McLarty & Evans 

Milbum Refer to Vermilion 

Nanton Malcolm W. Macdonald 

Okotoks Refer to Nanton 

Pincher Creek Thomson & Jackson 

Ponoka Refer to Wetaskiwin 

Red Deer Payne & Graham 

Stettler H. H. Monro 

Strathcona Refer to Edmonton 

Taber Prowse & Lyons 

Vcgreville A. C. McLaren 

Vermilion John W. G. Morrison 


Alberta The Lawyers* List 

Wainwright H. V. Fieldhoiue 

Wetaikiwin E. D. H. Wilkini 

British Columbia 

Athcroft James Murphy 

Chilliwack Joseph H. Bowes 

Cranbrook Macdonald & Nisbet 

Duncan's Station Refer to Nanaimo 

Fernie Herchmer & Martin 

Grand Forks H. Lascelles Mackenzie 

Greenwood Isaac H. Hallett 

Kamloops F. Temple Cornwall 

Kelowna J. F. Bume 

Ladysmith Refer to Nanaimo 

Merritt M. L. Grimmett 

Nanaimo Victor B. Harrison 

Nelson Hamilton & Wragge 

New Westminster McBride & Kennedy 

Penticton N. F. Tunbridge 

Prince George P. E. Wilson 

Prince Rupert Patmore & Fulton 

Quesnel E.*J. Avison 

Revelstoke William I. Briggs 

Rossland C. F. R. Pmcott 

VANCOUVER, New Westminster County 
Davis & Company 

London Building 
Edward Pease Davis, K.C. 
David Gordon Marshall, K.C. 
Chester Benjamin Macneill, K.C. 
John Silas Wynn Pugh 
James Hill Lawson 
Ghent Davis 
Douglas Armour, K.C. 
Edward Munro Craven McLorg 


The Lawyers' List British Columbia 

VANCOUVER, New Wcstmmster County (Continued) 

TuppER & Bull 

Merchants Bank Building 
f Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper> K.C. 
Alfred Bull 

Vernon Heggie & DeBeck 

VICTORIA, Victoria County 


gi8 Government Street 
Henry Graham Lawson 


Beausejour J* D. Crawford 

Birtle L. St. George Stubbt 

Boissevain John Morrow 

Brandon Coldwell, Coleman & Kerr 

warDerry ■ ■ ••••«••••••.«>•... rl* ix* xlooper 

Carman Herbert £. Robison, K.C. 

Crystal City Oliver D. Garbutt 

Dauphin J. L. Bowman 

Deloraine George & Watson 

Emerson David Forrester 

Gladstone Jacob & Fahmi 

Glenboro Frank H. Mitchell 

Grand View Refer to Dauphin 

Hamiota Fred C. Bennest 

Killamey F. Arthur Williams 

Manitou Ellis & Armstrong 

Melita John Crerar 

Minnedosa Harold F. Maulson, K.C. 

Morden Arnold W. Bowen 

Neepawa John Wemyss 

Pilot Mound Refer to Manitou 

Plumas Refer to Gladstone 


Manitoba The Lawyers' List 

Portage la Prairie Taylor & G>Iwill 

Rapid City Alex. Howden 

Reston A. K. Gates 

Russell Wilson & Glen 

St. Boniface Refer to Winnipeg 

Selkirk Refer to Winnipeg 

Shoal Lake M. C. Markle 

Souris Samuel H. Forrest 

Stonewall Refer to Winnipeg 

Swan River Stuart R. Wright 

The Pas John A. Campbell 

Treheme James Fulton 

Virden Coulter & Chalmers 



221 McDermoi Avenui 

Sir James Aikins, K.C. 
Edwin Loftus, K.C. 
G. H. Aikins 
R. M. Fisher 

A. B. Bell 

B. W. Bridgman 

Hough, Campbell & Ferguson 

Northern Crown Bank Building 

John Stanley Hough, K.C. 
Isaac Campbell, K.C. 
Albert Charles Ferguson 
Alymer Everett Dilts 
Harry Haslett Dunwoody 


The Lawyers' List Manitoba 

WINNIPEG (ContinueJ) 

Hudson, Ormond, Spice & Symington 
Merchants Bank Building 
Albert B. Hudson, K.C. 
Herbert J. Symington, K.C. 
Horace Ormond 
Edward Spice 
Horace Victor Hudson 
Herbert Edward Swift 
C. J. Macleod 
W. E. Davison 

MoRAN, Anderson & Guy 

Electric Railway Chambers 
Edward Anderson, K.C. 
William James Moran 
Robert Dunbar Guy 
Charles Whitfield Chappell 

PrrBLADO, HosKiN, Grundy, Bennest & Haig 
PrrBLADO, HosKiN, Montague & Drummond- 

Bank of Hamilton Chambers 

Isaac Pitblado, K.C. 

Alfred Erskine Hoskin, K.C. 

Henry P. Grundy 

Edwin H. Bennest 

John T. Haig 

Percival J. Montague 

H. R. Drummond-Hay 

TuppER, McTavish, Foley & Tupper 
Trust i^ Loan Building 
William J. Tupper, K.C. 
Gordon C. McTavish 
J. P. Foley, K.C. 
Sir Charles S. Tupper, Bart. 
Alexander Adams 
Glenlyon C. McDonald 


New Brunswick The Lawyers* List 

New Brunswick 

Andovcr T. J. Carter, K.C. 

Bathurst N. A. Landiyy K.C. 

Buctouche Refer to Richibucto 

Cambellton Hugh A. Carr 

Chatham Robert Murray, K. C. 

Dorchester W. H. Chapman, K.C. 

Edmundston Stevens & Lawson 

Fredericton Gregory & Winslow 

Grand Falls Refer to Andover 

Hampton Refer to St. John 

Moncton C. W. Robinson 

Newcastle Allan A. Davidson, K.C. 

Perth Refer to Andover 

Richibucto George A. Hutchinson 

Sackville Powell, Trites & Richard 

St. Andrews F. Howard Grimmer, K.C. 

ST. JOHN, St. John County 

Barnhill, Ewino & Sanford 
jp Princtss Street 
Alexander P. Barnhill, K.C. 
William A. Ewing, K.C. 
Charles F. Sanford 

Teed & Teed 

120 Prince William Street 
Mariner G. Teed, K.C. 
John F. H. Teed 

Weldon U McLean 

42 Princess Street 
Hugh H. McLean, K.C. 
Fred. R. Taylor, K.C. 

St. Stephen Refer to St. Andrews 

Shediac James McQueen 

Sussex Fowler & Freeze 

Woodstock Louis E. Young 


The Lawyers' List Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia 

Amherst Rogers, Milner & Purdy 

Annapolis Royal Refer to Bridgetown 

Antigonish C. F. Mclsaac, K.C. 

Baddeck Refer to Sydney 

Bear River Frank Jones, K.C. 

Bridgetown Edwin Ruggles, K.C. 

Bridgewater Paton & Robertson 

Digby Frank Jones, K.C. 

Glace Bay Gordon S. Harrington* K.C. 

Guysborough Joseph A. Fulton 

HALIFAX, Halifax County 

Henry, Rogers, Harris & Stewart 
Tramtpay Building 
Waiiam A. Henry, K.C. 
T. Sherman Rogers, K.C. 
Reginald V. Harris 
James McG. Stewart 
Ingram Oakes 
John E. Read 

Murray, MacKinnon & Daley 
Tramway BuUding 
Robert H. Murray, K.C. 
John L. MacKinnon 
G. McL^aley 

J. A. Redmond 

Inverness Daniel McNeil, K.C. 

KentviUe H. H. Wickwire, K.C. 

Liverpool Hall & Cameron 

Lunenburg Donald F. Matheson, K.C. 

Middleton Refer to Bridgetown 

New Glasgow Donald C. Sinclair 

North Sydney Blowers Archibald, K.C. 

Pictou C. E. Tanner, K.C. 


Nova Scotia The Lawyers* List 

Port Hood Daniel McLennan, K.C. 

St. Peters George W. Kyte, K.C. 

Shelburae White & Blanchard 

Sydney Gillies & Hill 

Trenton Refer to New Glasgow 

Truro Rufus A. Tremain, K.C. 

Westville Henry S. MacKay 

Weymouth Refer to Digby 

Windsor H. W. Sangster 

Wolfville Refer to Kentville 

Yarmouth Chipman & Sanderson 


Alexandria Macdonell he Costello 

Alliston Bell & Brown 

Almonte P. A. Greig 

Alvinston Refer to Samia 

Amherstburg F. A. Hough 

Amprior R. J. Slattery 

Arthur John McK. Keams 

Athens T. R. Beale 

Aurora Refer to Newmarket 

Aylmer Refer to St. Thomas 

Barrie Boys & Murchison 

Beaverton Refer to Lindsay 

Belleville Northrup & Ponton 

Blenheim Gosnell & Shillington 

Blind River George J. McArthur 

Bolton Refer to Brampton 

Bothwell W. R. Hickey, K.C. 

Bowmanville D. B. Simpson, K.C. 

Bracebridge Thomas Johnson 

Bradford A. E. Scanlon 

Brampton Walter S. Morphy 

Brantford Ernest R. Read 

Bridgeburg Refer to Welland 


The Lawyers' List Ont 


Brighton George Drewiy 

Brockville Hutcheson & Driver 

Bruce Mines N. H. Peterson 

Brussels W. M. Sinclair 

Burlington Cleaver & Cleaver 

Caledonia Refer to Hamilton 

Campbellford G. A. Payne 

Carleton Place Patterson & Findlay 

Cayuga Richard S. Colter 

Chatham Wilson, Pike & Stewart 

Chesley C. J. Micklc 

Chesterville Lawson & Cass 

Clinton Refer to Goderich 

Cobalt John W. Mahon 

Cobourg Frank M. Field, K.C. 

Cochrane William H. Warke 

Colbome F. L. Webb 

CoUingwood William T. Allan 

Cornwall J. G. Harkness 

Drayton John McK. Keams 

Dresden G. E. Weir 

Dundalk Lucas, Raney & Henry 

Dundas J. W. Lawrason 

Dunnville John C. Payne 

Durham Refer to Owen Sound 

Dutton Refer to St. Thomas 

Eganville Walter Lawson 

Elmira Refer to Kitchener 

Elora Refer to Guelph 

Elk Lake Refer to Haileybury 

Essex. F. B. Geddes 

Exeter Refer to Goderich 

Fenelon Falb Refer to Lindsay 

Fergus J. A. Wilson 

Forest W. J. Porte 

Fort Frances A. G. Murray 

Fort William Morris & Babe 


Ontario The Lawyers' List 

Gait Melvin A. Secord» K.C. 

Gananoque J. Arthur Jackson 

Georgetown Refer to Milton 

Glencoe Elliott & Moss 

Goderich M. G. Cameron, K.C. 

Gore Bay John H. Craig 

Grimsby Refer to St. Catharines 

Guelph Charles L. Dunbar 

Hagersville Samuel E. Lindsay 

Haileybury Day & Gordon 

HAMILTON, Wentworth County 

Bruce, Bruce & Counsbll 

Merchants Bank Building 
Alexander Bruce, K.C. 
Ralph R. Bruce 
John L. Counsell 


New Sun Life Building 

Edwin D. Cahill, K.C. 

John A. Soule 

Harriston Refer to Guelph 

Hawkesbury Refer to L'Original 

Hensall Refer to Goderich 

Huntsville Refer to Bracebridge 

Ingersoll John L. Patterson 

Kemptville George H. Ferguson, K.C. 

Kenora H. P. Cooke 

Kincardme P. A. Malcomson 

Kingston Nickle, Farrell & Day 

Kingsville W. A. Smith 

Kitchener Qement & Clement 

Lakefield Refer to Peterborough 

Lancaster John S. Macdonald 

Leamington W. T. Easton 

Lindsay McLaughlin, Fulton, Stinson & Anderson 

ListoweL.. H. B. Morphy» K.C. 


The Lawyers' List Ontario 

LONDON, Middlesex County 

Gibbons, Harper & Gibbons 

Imperial Bank Chambers 

Sir George Gibbons, K.C. 
Frederick F. Harper 
George S. Gibbons 

Meredith & Fisher 

74 Dundas Street 

Thomas Graves Meredith, K.C. 
Robert Grant Fisher 

L'Original W. S. Hall 

Lucknow Refer to Kincardine 

Madoc William Cross 

Markdale Refer to Owen Sound 

Markham Refer to Toronto 

Marmora Refer to Belleville 

Meaford Refer to Owen Sound 

Midland Finlayson & Dudley 

Millbrook A. A. Smith 

iviiiton ■ Wa X* i</icK, Jx>v/» 

Mitchell F. H. Thompson, K.C. 

Morrisburg Irwin Hilliard, K.C. 

Mount Forest R. O. Kilgour 

Napanee Uriah Morley Wilson 

Newcastle Refer to Bowmanville 

New Hamburg Refer to Stratford 

New Liskeard Refer to Haileybury 

Newmarket W. C. Widdifield 

Niagara Falls Alexander Fraser, K.C. 

North Bay Gould & McDonald 

Oakville W. A. Chisholm 

Orangeville C. R. McKeown» K.C. 

Orillia F. G. Evans 

Oshawa J. F. Grierson 


Ontario The Lawyers' List 

OTTAWA, Carlcton County 

Bblcourt, Ritchie, Chevribr, Leduc & 

La Banque Nationale Building 
Hon. N. A. Belcourt, K.C. 
J. A. Ritchie 
E. R. £. Chevrier 
Paul Leduc 
Robert Laurier 

Chrysler & Higgerty 

Central Chambers 
Francis H. Chrysler, K.C. 
Francis E. Higgerty 

EwART, Scott, Maclaren & Kbllby 
Molson's Bank Chambers 
John S. Ewart, K.C. 
W. L. Scott 
C. H. Maclaren 
George D. Kelley 

A. J. Fraser 
Lee A. Kelley 

Orde, Powell, Lylb & Snowdon 
Trust Building 
John Fosbery Orde, K.C. 
Montagu Grant Powell 
Norman Wood Lyle 
Charles Allen Snowdon 

Owen Sound Colin Stewart Cameron 

Pakenham Refer to Almonte 

Palmerston William N. Munro 

Paris Franklin Smoke, K.C. 

Parkhill A. A. McTavish 

Pariy Sound ^ Pirie & Stone 

Pembroke White & Williams 

Penetanguishene A. B. Thompson 


The Lawyers' List Ontario 

Perth Stewart, Hope & (yDonnell 

Peterborough Moore & Wearing 

Petrolea MoncriefF & Willson 

Picton £. M. Young 

Porcupine Refer to South Porcupine 

Port Arthur Langworthy & McComber 

Port Colbome Refer to Welland 

Port Elgin Refer to Walkerton 

Port Hope Duncan Henry Chisholm 

Port Perry William H. Harris 

Prescott P. K. Halpin 

Preston Refer to Kitchener 

Renfrew Chown & Geale 

Ridgetown O. K. Watson 

St. Catharines Henry Herbert Collier, K.C. 

St. Mary's Lenord Harstone 

St. Thomas Sanders & Ingram 

Samia Pardee, Burnham & Gurd 

Sault Ste. Marie McFadden & McMillan 

Seaforth Robert S. Hays 

Shelbume Refer to Orangeville 

Simcoe Kelly & Poner 

Smith's Falls Sparham U McCue 

South Porcupine Gordon H. Gauthier 

Stayner A. J. F. Sullivan 

Stirling G. G. Thrasher 

StouiFville McCullough & Button 

Stratford Harding, Owens & Goodwin 

Strathroy Ross & Bixel 

Sturgeon Falls Refer to North Bay 

Sudbury Mulligan & Mulligan 

Thamesville . . . i John Coutts 

Thessalon T. E. Williams, K.C. 

Thorold Refer to St. Catharines 

Tilbury Refer to Chatham 

Timmins Refer to South Porcupine 

Tilsonburg Victor A* Sinclair 


Ontario The Lawyers' List 

TORONTO, York County 

Aylesworth, Wright, Moss & Thompson 
Bank of Hamilton Building 
Sir Allen Aylesworth, K.C. 
Henry James Wright 

ohn Henry Moss, K.C. 

bseph Anthony Thompson 
! <*eatherston Aylesworth 
Alexander Murray Garden 
Waldon Lawr 
W. H. Latimer 
Hamilton J. Stuart 
A. H. Robertson 

Blake, Lash, Anglin & Cassbls 

Canadian Bank of Commerce Bldg. 
Zebulun A. Lash, K.C. 
William H. Blake, K.C. 
Arthur W. Anglin, K.C. 
Walter Gow 
Miller Lash 
Glyn Osier 
Robert C. H. Cassels 
M. C. Cameron 
George H. Cassels 
John F. Lash 

S. G. Crowell 
G. G. Paulin 

Cassels, Brock & Kblley 
Ss Bay Street 
Hamilton Cassels, K.C. 
Richard Scougall Cassels, K.C. 
Henry Brock 
George Mortimer Kelley 

Charles Pentland Tisdall 
Alfred Neville Morine 


The Lawyers* List Ontario 

TORONTO, York County {Continued) 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwynnb 

^6 Adelaide Street, West 

John Austin Worrell, K.C. 
William Durie Gwynne 

Faskbn, Robertson, Chadwick & Sedgewick 

Excelsior Life Building 

E. M. Chadwick, K.C. 
David Fasken, K.C. 
Alexander Fasken 
R. S. Robertson 
George H. Sedgewick 
James Aitchison 
J. W. Pickup 
N. S. Caudwell 
Robert E. Fennell 

For, Knox & Monahan 

Continental Life Building 

A. E. Knox 

T. Louis Monahan 

E. L. Middleton 
George Keogh 

Johnston, McKay, Dods & Grant 

Bank of Hamilton Building 

Robert McKay, K.C. 
Andrew Dods 
Gideon Grant 
D. Inglis Grant 
Mervil MacDonald 

G. W. Adims 
P. E. F. Smily 


Ontario The Lawyers' List 

TORONTO, York County (Continued) 



Macdonald, Sheplby, Donald & Whitb 
60 Victoria Sunet 

James H. Macdonald, K.C. 
:obert C. Donald 
G. W. Mason 
H. S. White 
A. Foulds, Jr. 
W. W. Davidson 
F. C. Carter 
W. A. McCarthy 


Dominion Bank Building 

John Hoskin, K.C. 
Frederick W. Harcourt, K.C. 
Henry S. Osier, K.C. 
Britton Osier 
W. A. Cameron 
Harold W. Shapley 
A. W. Langmuir 

Wallace Nesbit, K.C.y Counsel 

RowBLL, Rbid, Wood & Wright 

Canada Life Building 

Newton W. Rowcll, K.C. 
Thomas Reid 
S. Casey Wood 
Edward JW. Wright 

Christopher W. Thompson 
£. Gordon McMillan 
Elmer M. Rowand 
Maxwell C. Purvis 


The Lawyers' List Ontario 

TORONTO, York County {Continiud) 

Saunders, Torrance & Kingsmill 

120 Bay Street 

Dyce W. Saunders, K.C. 
W. P. Torrance 
Walter B. Kingsmill 
Stanley S. Mills 

Tottenham James Fraser 

Trenton Refer to Belleville 

Tweed Refer to Belleville 

Uxbridge W. S. Ormiston 

Vankleek Hill W. S. Hall 

Walkerton Robertson & McNab 

WalkerviUe J. H. Cobum 

Wallaceburg A. B. Carscalen 

Warkworth Refer to Colbome 

Waterloo James C. Haight 

Watford Refer to Samia 

Welland Rose & Flett 

West Lome J. S. Robertson 

Weston Refer to Toronto 

Whitby Arthur E. Christian 

Wiarton J. C. Moore 

Winchester George C. Hart 

Windsor Fleming, Drake & Foster 

Wingham Refer to Goderich 

Woodstock McKay & Mahon 

Prince Edward Island 

CHARLOTTETOWN, Queen's County 

McLeqd & Bentlby 

Bank of Nova Scoiia Chambers 
William E. Bentley, K.C. 

Prince Edward Island The Lawyers' List 

Georgetown Refer to Charlottetown 

Montague Refer to Charlottetown 

Souris Arthur F. McQuaid 

Summerside J. E. Wyatt 


Arthabaska Refer to Druxnmondville 

Bale St. Paul Emile Gagnon 

Beauhamois Refer to Valleyfield 

Beauport Refer to Quebec 

Bedford Z. E. Cornell, K.C. 

Berthierville Gaston Allard 

Bonaventure Refer to New Carlisle 

Bryson D. R. Barry, K.C. 

Buckingham Joachim Talbot, K.C. 

Campbell's Bay D. R. Barry, K.C. 

Chicoutimi Elzear Levesque, K.C. 

Coaticook W. L. ShurtleflF, K.C. 

Cowansville *. Refer to Sweetsburg 

Drummondville Napoleon Garceau 

Famham •/. . J. E. Lefebvre 

Fraserville Lapointe, Stein & Levesque 

Gaspe Refer to New Carlisle 

Granby George H. Boivin 

Grand Mere August Desilets 

Grand River Refer to New Carlisle 

Hull. George C. Wright, K.C. 

Huntingdon Refer to Valleyfield 

Joliette Guilbault & Sylvestre 

Knowlton J. E. Fay 

Lachine Refer to Montreal 

Lachute Lorenzo L. Legault 

Lake Megantic .J. A. Gaudet 

L'Assomption J. E. Faribault 

Levis Refer to Quebec 




The Lawyers' List Quebec 

Longueuil Refer to Montreal 

Louiseville Refer to Three Rivers 

Magog Alf. Tourigny 

Marieville Refer to St. Hyacinthe 

Montmagny Maurice Rousseau, K.C. 

MONTREAL, Montreal District 

Atwater, Surveyer & Bond 
l6o St, J amis Strut 

Albert William Atwater, K.C. 

E. Fabre Surveyer, K.C. 
William Langley Bond, KLC. 
Lucien Beauregard 

Brown, Montgomery & McMichabl 

145 St. James Street 

Albert J. Brown, K.C. 
George H. Montgomery, K.C. 
Robert C. McMichael, K.C. 
Warwick F. Chipman, K.C 
Walter R. L. Shanks 
Gerald A. Coughlin 
Frank B. Common 

Davidson, Wainwright, Alexander & Elder 

Transportation Building 

Peers Davidson, K.C. 
Arnold Wainwright, K.C. 
Maurice Alexander 
Aubrey H. Elder 

Maurice C. Lalonde 

F. Winfield Hackett 

(Montreal continued, page 406) 


Quebec The Lawyers' List 


MONTREAL, Montreal District {Continuei) 

Flbbt, Falconer, Phblan & Bovby 
• I$J St. James Strut 

Charles James Fleet, K.C. 
Alexander Falconer, K.C. 
Michael Arthur Phelan, K.C. 
Wilfrid Bovey 
Charies G. Ogden, K.C. 
Robertson Fleet 
Ayme Lafontaine 

Foster, Mann, Place, Mackinnon, Hackbtt 
& Mulvena 

Royal Insurance Building 

Hon. George Green Foster, K.C. 
John Augustine Mann, K.C. 
Edson G. Place 

Cecil Gordon Mackinnon, K.C. 
John Thomas Hackett 
Henry Robert Mulvena 
Francois Philippe Brais 

Grebnshields, Greenshiblds, Lanquedoc & 

120 St. James Street^ West 

\. N. Greenshields, K.C. 

\. Languedoc, K.C. 
C. G. Greenshields, K.C. 
E. R. Parkins 
Colville Sinclair 
S. G. Dixon 
Ralph E. Allan 




The Lawyers' List Quebec 

MONTREALt Montreal District (Continiud) 

Lafleur, MacDougall, Macfarlanb & 

Royal Trust Building 

Eugene Lafleur, K.C. 

Gordon W. MacDougall, K.C. 

Lawrence Macfarlane, K.C. 

Gregor Barclay 

WUliam B. Scott 

Hon. Adrian K-Hugessen 

J. Arthur Mathewson 

McGiBBON, Mitchell, Casgrain, McDougall 
& Stairs 

Royal Trust Building 

Victor E. Mitchell, K.C. 
A. Chase-Casgrain, K.C. 
Errol M. McDougall, K.C. 
Gilbert S. Stairs 
Pierre F. Casgrain 
Leslie G. Bell 
S. C. Demers 

MEREDrrH, HoLDBN, Hague, Shauohnessy & 

Merchants Bank Building 

F. E. Meredith, K.C. 
A. R. Holden, K.C. 
H. J. Hague, K.C. 
Hon. W. J. Shaughnessy 
C. G. Heward 
P. A. Badeaux 

C. S. Campbell, K.C., Counsel 

Murray Bay P. D'Auteuil 

New Carlisle Bugeaud & Cote 

Nicolet Wilfred Camirand, K.C. 


Quebec The Lawyers* List 

Nouvclle Refer to New Carlisle 

Papineauville C. B. Major 

Perce Refer to New Carlisle 

Pierreville Refer to St. Francois du Lac 

Plessisvilie L. J. Houde 

QUEBEC, Quebec District 

Alfred C. Dobell, K.C. 
p2 St. PeUr Street 

Taschbreau, Roy, Cannon, Parent & 

70 Su Paul Street 

Hon. Louis Alexandre Taschereau, K.C. 
Ferdinand Roy, K.C. 
Lawrence Arthur Cannon, K.C. 
Georges Parent, K.C. 
Leon Casgrain 

Richmond J. Valmore lyArtois 

Rimouski Gagnon, Sasseville & Gagnon 

Riviere du Loup Refer to Fraserville 

Roberval Thomas Lefebvre 

Rock Island Refer to Sherbrooke 

St. Eustache Hector Champagne, K.C. 

St. Fran9ois du Lac Refer to Sorel 

St. Hyacinthe Lussier & Flynn 

St. Jerome Wilfrid B. Nantel 

St. John's Stanislas Poulin 

St. Joseph de Beauce Talbot & Beaudoin 

Ste. Scholastique J. A. C. Ethier 

Shawinigan Falls Arthur E. Paquette, K.C. 

Sherbrooke Lawrence, Morris & Mclver 

Sorel Lanctot & Magnan 

Sweetsburg F. X. A. Giroux, K.C. 

Thetford Mines Arthur Girouard 


The Lawyers' List Quebec 

Three Rivers Duplessis & Lsmglois 

Valleyfield Numa E. Brossoit, K.C. 

Victoriaville Wilfrid Laliberte 

Waterloo Charles A. Nutting, K.C. 


Areola Archer, McLellan & Vrooman 

Battleford Livingston & Atkinson 

Canora Enos L. McLaren 

Craik George S. Kennedy 

Davidson W. F. Cameron 

Estevan N. J. Lockhart, K.C. 

Grenfeil Woolnough Peel 

Gull Lake Refer to Swift Current 

Hanley Refer to Saskatoon 

Herbert Refer to Swift Current 

Humboldt Ernest Gardner 

Indian Head H. G. W. Wilson, K.C. 

Kerrobert Refer to North Battleford 

Langham Refer to Saskatoon 

Lanigan Bence, Stevenson & Chrysul 

Lloydminster Refer to North Battleford 

Maple Creek Refer to Swift Current 

Melfort F. B. Goodwillie 

Melville McKim & Gerrand 

Moose Jaw Dunn & Spotton 

Moosomin Mundell, Pxoctor & Frith 

Morse Refer to Swift Current 

Nokomis Refer to Watrous 

North Battleford A. M. Panton 

Prince Albert. Lindsay & Mudie 

Qu' Appelle Refer to Regina 


Saskatchewan The Lawyers' List 

REGINA, Regina District 

Barr, Stewart, Johnston & Gumming 

Canada Life Building 

George H. Barr, K.C. 
Peter Scott Stewart 
Clifton M. Johnston 
William P. Cumming 
Charles M. WUloughby 

Cross, Jonah, Hugo & Forbes 

McCallum Hill Building 

James Albert Cross, K.C. 
Everett Bruce Jonah 
Robert Wallace Hugg 
Gordon Wright Forbes 
D. C. Gerrand 

Mackenzie, Thom, McMorran, Bastedo 
& Jackson 

1/78 Scarth Street 

Norman Mackenzie, K.C. 
Douglas J. Thorn, K.C. 
T. Sydney McMorran 
Frank L. Bastedo 
Edwin Jackson 
Henry Ward 
Harold Fisher 
B. Thompson 

Rosetown Refer to Saskatoon 

Rosthem Refer to Saskatoon 


The Lawyers' List SaskaUhetaan 

SASKATOON, Saskatoon District 

Bence, Stevenson & McLorg 

Stratford Block 

Alfred £. Bence 
James M. Stevenson 
Francis H. McLorg 

Scott Refer to North Battleford 

Swift Current Buckles, Donald & Q>mpany 

Unity Refer to Saskatoon 

Vanguard Refer to Swift Current 

Wadena Refer to Humboldt 

Watrous Elliott & Elliott 

Weybum Black, Hilliar & Goetz 

Wilkie Refer to North Battleford 

Wolseley Thomson, Kennedy & Hord 

Wynyard H. A. Whitman 

Yorkton Livingstone, Wilson & Stewart 


Dawson J. P. Smith 

White Hone W. L. Phelps 

Colony of Newfoundland 
St. John's Squires & Winter 


Mexico The Lawyers' List 



Srd Coidn No. j6 

Salvador Candno 
Luis Riba 


Colli de San Agustin num. Ji6 

Pablo Macbdo 

Cadena No. 6 

Emilio Pardo 

Ira Reiox g 


The Lawyers' List England 

ENGLAND (and Wales) 

LONDON, and the following suburbs: 

Acton^ Barkings Barnes^ Bayswatir^ Beckenham^ 
Brentford^ Brixton^ Bromley, Brwnptwi, Brondesbury^ 
Camberwellf Clapham, Crichlewood, Deftford^ Dul' 
wich, Ealing, Enfield, Finchley, Forest Gate, Graves^ 
end, Greenwich, Hammersmith, Hampstead, High" 
gate, Homsey, Kingston, Lee, Leytonstone, Neu 
Cross, Putney, Southall, Southgate, Stamford Hill, 
Stoke Netvington, Stratford, Streatham, Sydenham, 
Tooting, Walthamstow, Willesden, /Fimbledon, Wood 
Green, Woolwich, 

AsHURST, Morris, Crisp & Co. 

IJ, Throgmorton Avenue, E, C, 

Sir Frank Crisp, Bart« 
William Morris 
John Wilson Crisp 
Charles Oak Crisp 
Thomas Outen 

BiRCHAM & Company 

SO, Old Broad Street, E. C. 

Edward Arthur Bonnor-Maurice 
Bernard Edward Halsey Bircham 
Thomas Standish Hillas-Drake 
Louis Charles Du Cane 
Lewin Baropfield Carslake 
Archibald Edward Balfour 
Trevor leuan Bonnor-Maurice 
Edward Hugh Falkwine Bradby 

{London continued, page 414) 


England The Lawyers' List 

LONDON (Continued) 


4^ Great WinckesUr Street^ E. C. 

Thomas William Bischoff 

Philip Henry Coxe 

Thomas Hume BischofF 

Justus Arthur Poole Phelps Thompson 

Bridges, Sawtbll & Company 

2 J, Red Lion Square, W, C. 

Robert William Dibdin 
Henry Martyn Cadman- Jones 

BuDDy Johnson, Jecks & Colclough 

24, Austin Friars f E. C. 

John Wreford Budd 
Herbert Walter Johnson 
Arthur Statham Jecks 
George Dudley Colclough 

Collyer-Bristow, Curtis, Booth, Birks & 

4f Bedford Row, IF. C 

Thomas Smith Curtis 
Charles Frederick Booth 
Henry Teasdale Birks 
Reginald Hubert Langley 

Coward & Hawksley, Sons & Chance 

JO, Mincing Lane, E, C, 

Cecil Allen Coward 
Frederick Henry Chance 
Ernest Bourchier Hawksley 
Cecil Robert Coward 


The Lawyers' List • England 

LONDON (Continuid) 

Sir Hombwood Crawford 

The Guildhall, E. C. 

William A. Crump & Son 

17 LeaienhaU Street, E. C. 

Sir William John Crump 
Dudley James Crump 
William Clifton 
Charles McElroy Finney 

Fladoatb & Company 

18, PalUMaU, S. W. 

William Francis Fladgate 

Francis Edwin Essington Farebrother 

Freke Dalgleish Williams 

George William Finch 

Rankbn Ford & Chestbr 

4, South Square, Gray*s Inn, W. C, 

Arthur Ranken Ford 
Harry Chester 

Frbshfiblds k Lebsb 

New Bank Bldgs., 31, Old Jewry, E. C. 

Edwin Hanson Freshfield 
James William Freshfield 
Sir William Hargreaves Leese 
Lancelot Christopher Lowther 
Scott Amott 

Hills, Godfrey & Halsby 

^i> Qtiiin Ann/s GaU, S. W. 
Albert Hamilton Godfrey 
Walter Johnston Halsey 

41 S 

England The Lawyers' List 

LONDON {Continuii) 

Hunter & Haynbs 

p, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, fF» C. 

Roben Lewin Hunter 
Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynei 

Janson, Cobb, Pearson & Company 

22, College HiU, E. C. 

Sin Gerard Cobb 
omas Hugh Cobb 
Halsey Janson 
Eustace Heywood Barchard 
Harold Fellows Pearson 

Kekewich, Smith & Kaye 

2, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street, E. C. 

Charles Granville Kekewich 
Charles Murray Smith 
William Astell Kaye 


23, Essex Street, Strand, W. C 

Arthur Chisolm Moore 
Francis Thomas Dorman 

Lawrence & Mayro 

J, Kinis Bench Walk, Temple, E. C. 
Lucas John Mavrogordato 


The Lawyers' List England 

LONDON {Continued) 

Lbb & Pembertons 

^ Lincoln's Inn Fields, JF» C, 

Henry Arthur Whatcly 
Francis Edward James Smith 
George Lawrence Stewart 
Anthony Hedley Leathart 
Francis Bruce Whately 

Lewis & Lewis 

JOf J I and 12 Ely Place, Hdhornj E, C. 

Sir George Henry Lewis 

Sir George James Graham Lewis 
Reginald Ward Edward Lane Poole 

Linklater and Company 

2, Bond Court, Wclhrook, E. C, 

Harold Lacy Addison 
Harold George Brown 
Gerald Lacy Addison 
Frederick Henry Ewart Branson 
Henry Patrick Surtees 
Ralegh Buller Phillpotts 


75, Old Jewry Chambers, E. C. 

Theodore Lumley 
Frank Brinsley Harper 

Markby, Stewart & Company 

S7, Coleman Street, E. C. 

Henry Stephen Brenton 
Robert Bruce Stewart 


England The Lawyers' List 

LONDON {Continued) 


/, Howard Street^ Strand, W, C, 

Edward Ashbumer Manisty 
Charles Rice Iltyd NichoU 
Robert Pollock 

Norton, Rose, Barrington & Company 
S7i, Old Broad Street, E. C. 
Geori^ Alfred Sainte Croix Rose 
Walter Percy Norton 
Hon. Walter Bernard Louis Barrington 
Robert Heniy Eggar 
Harcourt George Sainte Croix Rose 

Painbs, Blyth 6c Huxtablb 

14, St. Helen's Place, E. C. 
William Worship Paine 
John Elliott Huxtable 
Harry Knox 

Harry Montefiore Cohen 
Granville Tyser 

Parker, Garrett & Company 

Rectory House, St, MichaeVs Alley, 
Comhill, E. C. 
Samuel Garrett 
Douglas Alexander Howden 
Henry Martin Holman 
Douglas Thombury Garrett 
Geoffrey William Russell 

Peake, Bird, Collins & Company 
6, Bedford Row, W, C. 
Philip George Collins 
Ronald Peake 
Arthur Horace Bird 


The h^yryers' List England 

LONDON (Continued) 

Pritchard & Sons 

2, Billtur Avenue t E.C, 

Frank Shallis Pntchard 
Gerald William Pritchard 

Rawle, Johnstone & Company 

/, Bedford RoWy W. C. 

James Marsh Johnstone 
John Roger Burrow Gregory 
Edward Lee Rowdiffe 
Thomas Frederick Rawle 

RicKARDSy Fox & Company 

//, Arundel Street, W, C. 

Arthur Torriano Rickards 
Robert Floud Fox 
John Howarth Tweedale 

Charles Russell & Company 

J7, Norfolk Street, Strand, W. C. 

Hon. Sir Charles Russell 
I/ewys Legge Yeatman 

Sharpe, Prftchard & Company 

12, New Court, Carey Street, fF. C. 
g. Bridge Street, Westminster, 5. W* 

William Arthur Sharpe 
Harry Goring Pritchard 
Francis Edward Foster Barham 
Herbert Bowring Lawford 
Henry Gibbon Pritchard 
Reginald Frank Parker 
WiUiam Seaford Sharpe 



England The Lawyers' List 

LONDON {Continued) 

Slaughter & May 

l8f Austin Friars^ E, C 

William May 

Thomas Galloway Cowan 

William Egerton Mortimer 

Herbert Smith, Goss, King & Gregory 

(52, London fFali, E. C. 

Norman Herbert Smith 
Edgar Oliver Goss 
Frederick Herbert King 
George Redmayne Gregory 

Stephenson, Harwood, Henderson, Witt & 

JJ, Lombard Street^ £. C 

Horace Gildon Harwood 
Walter Scott Henderson 
Robert Clermont Witt 
Charles Mackintosh 

Stibbard, Gibson & Company 

27, Leadenhall Street, E, C, 

Alfred Wills 

George Lewis Frederic McNair 

Andrew Jameson Matthews Duncan 

Alan Graeme Gibson 

James Howel Bulloch 

James Dickinson 

Timbrell & Deighton 

go. Cannon Street 

Andrew William Timbrell 
Thomas Howard Deighton 


The Lawyers' List England 

LONDON {Continued) 

Trindbr, Capron & Company 

l§6^ Leadenhall Street^ E, C. 

Arnold Trinder 
Frederick Hugh Capron 

£. F. Turner & Sons 

ll^f Leadenhall Street^ £. C. 

Maurice Edward Turner 
Robert Reginald Johnston Turner 
Walter Greame Pitts-Tucker 
William Thomas Charles Cave 

Watbrhousb & Company 

/, New Courtf Lincoln's Inn, W. C, 
and 10 BishopsgaU, E, C, 

William Howard Winterbotham 
Charles John Stewart Harper 
John Campbell Inglis 
William Winterbotham 
Frederick Page Winterbotham 
Frederick Charles Russia Sneath 
Edward Cay ley Harrison 

Arnold & Henry Whitb 

/^ Great Marlborough Street, W. 

Sir Henry Arthur White 
William Butler Wasbrough 


21, College Hill, E. C. 

Walter Edward Moore 
William Jebb Wigston 
Edward Hugh Norris Wilde 
Fitz Roy Sapte 


England The Lawyers' List 

LONDON (Continued) 

Wilkinson, Raikes & Son 

J^y Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street 

Josiah Wilkinson 
Robert Taunton Raikes 

Williams^ & James 

Norfolk House^ Fictoria Embankment^ 

Heniy Shadforth 
Rowland Beevor 
Arthur Godfrey James 
Frederic Augustus Drake 

WoNTNER & Sons 

40^ Bedford Row^ fF. C. 

Herbert George Muskett 
Edward Boards Knight 
Elliot Francis Barker 
William Lacey Sanders 

Abertillery Arthur H. Dolman 

Aberystwith Joseph Davies & Son 

Aldershot Holiest, Mason & Nash 

Alnwick Dickson, Archer & Thorp 

Axminster William Forward & Sons 

Aylesbury Horwood & James 

Bacup Alexander Wright & Company 

Banbury Stockton, Sons & Fortescue 

Bangor S. R. Dew & Company 

Bamsley Bury & Walkers 

Barnstaple Toller, Oerton & Balsdon 

Barrow-in-Furness S. E. Major & Son 

Barry Alfred Jackson 


The Lawyers* List England 

BATH, Somersetshire 

Adam, Thrino, Sheldon & Ingram 

^ Queen Street 

Christopher Bevan Thring 
Henry Gabriel Sheldon 
' Arthur Irvine Ingram 

Gill & Bush 

5, Miles* s Buildings 
Christopher Coleman Gill 

Stone, Thomas & King 

/J, Queen Square 

Henry Charles Stone 
Charles Edward Thomas 
Austin Michael King 

Bedford Conquest, Qare & Binns 

Berwick-upon-Tweed . . Sanderson, TiflFen & Henderson 

Bexhill Refer to Hastings 

Birkenhead Thompson, Mathison & Rigby 

BIRMINGHAM, Warwickshire 

J. B. Clarke & Company 

40^ Waterloo Street 

Joseph Bennett Clarke 
Charles Neville Clarke 
Noel Oliver Clarke 

Glaisyer, Porter & Company 

41, Waterloo Street 

Sydney Johnson Porter 
Thomas Frederick Mason 

(Birtninghafn continued^ page 424) 

England The Lawyers' List 


BIRMINGHAM, Warwickshire {Corainuei) 

Johnson, Ekin & Keeung 

36^ fFaterloo Street 

Arthur George Johnson 
Charles Ekin 
Charles Keeling 

PiNSBNT & Company 

6, Bennetts Hill 

Richard Alfred Pinsent 
Hume Chancellor Pinsent 
Frank Eden Smith 
Henry Robert Hodgkinson 
Roy Pinset 

Ryland, Martineau & Company 

7, Cannon Street 

John Barham Carslake 
Frederick Sidney Goodwin 
Ernest Martineau 
Hugh Barham Carslake 

Wragge, Godlee, Barrow k Horton 

^ Bennetts Hill 

Arthur Godlee 
Walter Barrow 
Thomas William Horton 

Blackburn Ainsworth, Sanderson & Howson 

Blackpool Finch, Johnson & Company 

Bolton Watkins & Son 

Boston Millington, Simpsons & Giles 


The Lawyers' List England 


Mooring Aldridgb & Haydon 

JFistovir Chambers 

Qement John Haydon 

Harold Whitchurch Mooring Aldridge 

Erkinwald Braxton Mooring Aldridge 

Preston & Francis 

Albert Edward Francis 
Ivor Kerrison Preston 

BRADFORD, Yorkshire 

Firth & Firth 

Craven Bank Chambers 

William Firth 
Henry Firth 

Gordon, Hunter U Duncan 
J^, Piccadilly 

William Bonnalie Gordon 
Frederic Thomas Hunter 
Henry Hunter Duncan 
Stephen Jefferson Gordon 
Peter Ormerod Ashworth 

Vint, Hill & Killick 

Commercial Bank Buildings 

Charles John Vint 

Frank Herbert HUl 

Henry Killick 

Benjamin Wjoidham Theodore Vmt 


England The Lawyers' List 

BRADFORD, Yorkshire (fiontinuei) 

Wade, Tetley, Wade & Scott 

8f Piccadilly 

Herbert Tetley Wade 
William Ernest Tetley 
Henry Oswald Wade 

Bridlington Harland & Sod 


B0RLA8E & Johnson 

d^ Ship Strut 

Arthur Chichester Borlase 
Charles Villiers Johnson 


J, Pavilion Parade 

Athelstan Arthur Baines 

Charles Webster Rede GeU-WooUey 

Francis Alfred Wooiley 

HowLBTT & Clarke 

8^ Ship Street 

Cecil Somers Clarke 
Robert Arthur Dendy 

BRISTOL, City and County of. 
Abbot, Pope & Abbot 

Shannon Court 

Gilbert Leigh Abbot 
Henry Napier Abbot 
John Noble Coleman Pope 


The Lawyers' List England 

BRISTOL, City and County of {Continued) 

Clarke, Sons & Press 

28, Broad Street 

William Sefton Clarke 
Charles Cyril Qarke 
Frederick John Press 

Osborne, Ward, Vassall & Company 

fr. Broad Street 

Jeremiah Osborne 
Harry Graeme Vassall 
Henry Thornton Locock 
Edward John George Higham 

Wansbroughs, Robinson, Taylbr & Taylor 

Lion Chambers, Broad Street 

Henry Reginald Wansbrough 
William James Robinson 
Walter Henry Tayler 
Walter James Taylor 
Reginald W. Wansbrough 

Burnley Southern, FuUalove & Ritchie 

Burslem Hollinshead & Moody 

Burton-on-Trent Henry Goodger & Son 

Bury Butcher & Barlow 

Bury St. Edmonds Bankes, Ashton & Company 

Buxton Taylor & Brown 

Cambridge Eaden, Spearing & Raynes 

Canterbuiy Henry Fielding 


England The Lawyers' List 

CARDIFF, Glamorganshire 

Cousins, Botsford & Company 
20f Queen Street 

Hany Cousins 

John William Botsford 

Thomas John Leonard 

Lewis Morgan, Box, Browne & Haslam 

5/, High Street 

Henry Thomas Box 
Daniel E. S. Browne 
Harold Hargreaves Haslam 

Carlisle Mounsey, Bowman & Graham 

Chatham Norman & Stigant 

Chelmsford Duffield it Son 

CHELTENHAM, Gloucestershire 

Steel, Millard & Broom 

/, Regent Street 

Robert E. Steel 
Wilfred J. Millard 
John W. F. Broom 

T1CEHUR8T8, McIlquham & Wyatt 

Essex Place 
Gilbert Mcllquham 
Algernon Hugh Wyatt 
George Farquharson Ticehurst 

Chester Gamon, Farmer & Company 

Colchester Jones & Son 

Coventry Band, Hatton & Company 

Crewe Robert Bygott & Sons 

Croydon Marshall & Liddle 

Darlington .Lucas, Hutchinson & Meek 


The Lawyers' List England 

Derby Simpson, Bowring & Smith 

Devonport. Albert Gard & Company 

Doncaster Atkinson & Sons 

Dover Stilwell & Harby 

Dudley Thompson & Warmmgton 

Durham Wilsons, Omsby & Cadle 

Eastbourne Coles & James 

Ely Archer & Archer 

Epsom Theodore Bell & Company 

EXETER, Devonshire 

Gould & Stephens 

Henry William Gould 
Gilbert Henry Stephens 

Jambs & Snow 

Cathedral Close 

William Thomas Munby Snow 
Arthur Snow 

Exmouth Petherick & Sons 

Falmouth Reginald Rogers & Son 

Folkestone Atkinson & Stainer 

Gainsborough Burton & Dyson 

Gateshead Ryott & Swan 

GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire 

Haines & Sumner 

John Pleydell Wilton Haines 
Reginald Philip Sumner 
John Wilton Haines 

{Gloucester continued^ page 4.30) 


England The Lawyers' List 

GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire (Continued) 
Taynton & Son 

Clarence Chambers 

Henry John Taynton 
Cyril Henry Taynton 

Gravesend Hatten, Winnett & Hatten 

Great Yarmouth Refer to Yarmouth 

Grimsby Grange & Wintringham 

HALIFAX, Yorkshire 

Dickons & Aked 

Whitehall Chambers 
James William Aked 


^, Carlton Street 

Lewis Henry Longbotham 
Arthur Thompson Longbotham 

Harrogate Kirby, Son & Atkinson 

Harrow Bentley & Jones 

Hartlepool TurnbuU & Tilly 

HASTINGS, (and St. Leonards), Sussex 

Langham, Son & Douglas 

Robertson Street 

Frederick George Langham 
Edward Sholto Douglas 
Edward Hennah Langham 

Young, Coles & Langdon 

Bank Buildings 

Archibald Edward Young 
Frederic William Coles 
William Herbert Langdon 


The Lawyers' List England 

Hereford David Allen & Carver 

Holyhead Lloyd, Griffith & Williamt 


Hall, Walker & Norton 

Station Street 

Charles Hall 
Joseph Walker 
Percy Good all Norton 

Laycock, Dyson & Laycock 
Cloth Hall Street 
Thomas James Dyson 

HULL, Yorkshire 

HsARnsLD & Lambert 

J, Bowlalley Lane 

John Heariield 

Heniy Casimir Lambert 

HoLDEN, Sons ic Hodgson 

J, Trinity House Lane 

William Hodgson 
John Coombes Lloyd 
John Francis Travers 

A. M. Jackson & Company 

6, Bowlalley Lane 

Andrew Marvel Jackson 
Thomas Cathrick Jackson 
Andrew Eric Jackson 


England The Lawyers' List 

HULL, Yorkshire {Continued) 

Moss, Lowe & Company 

/p, Pariiament Street 

John Seymour Moss-Blundell 

Herbert Francis Lowe 

Frederick Blundell Moss-Blundell 

RoLLiT & Farrell 

Bowlalley Lane 

Thomas Frederic Farrell 
Hugh Farrell 

Shackles, Dunkbrly & Barton 

7, Land of Green Ginger 

George Lawrence Shackles 
Wilfred Edwin Barton 

Ilfracombe Charles Edward Roberts Chanter 

Ipswich Block & CuUingham 

Keighley Spencer, Clarkson & Company 

Kendal Watson & Chorley 

Kensington Refer to London 

Kidderminster Ivens, Morton & Morton 

Lancaster Gibsons & Sturton 

LEEDS, Yorkshire 

Bond, Barwick & Peake 

2^ BasinghaU Street 

Arthur Copson Peake 

John Marshall Dinsdale Barwick 

Geoffrey Copson Peake 


The Lawyers' List England 

LEEDS, Yorkshire {Continued) 

Booth, Wade, Farr U Lomas-Walkbr 

Infirmary Street 

William Mercer Wade 
William Edward Farr 
George Bernard Lomat-Walker 

DiBB & Company 

6f Butts Court 

John Cecil Atkinson 
Hugh Delabere Bousfield 

Ford & Warren 

6l, Albion Street 

John Rawlinson Ford 
Charles Edgar Warren 
Gervase Lawson Ford 

Nelson, Eddisons & Lupton 

J^ Albion Street 

Charles Lupton 

Edward Hauxwell Dodgson 

North & Sons 

^ East Parade 

William Simpson Hannam 
Arthur Thomas Holmes 
Cecil Denbigh Hannam 


20, Park Row 

Richard Borrough Hopkins 
Alexander Davidson Brighouse 


England The Lawyers* List 

LEEDS, Yorkshire {Continued) 

Simpson & Curtis 

City Chambers, East Parade 

Edward Overend Simpson 
Francis John Fallowfield Curtis 

LEICESTER, Leicestershire 

J. 5c S. Harris 

J/, Friar Lane 
Frederick William Harris 

OwsTON, Dickinson, Simpson & Bigg 
25, Friar Lane 
James Sherwin Dickinson 
William Simpson 
Charles Sale Bigg 

Lewes Blaker & Son 

Lincoln Toynbee, Larken, Mason & Co. 

LIVERPOOL, Lancashire 

Alsop, Stevens, Crooks & Company 

14, Castle Street 

James Wilcox Alsop ^ 
Edward Victor Crooks 
Richard Harold Armstrong 
Arthur Bowring Leather 

Ayrton k Radcliffb 

10, Dale Street 

William Ayrton 

Frederick Morton RaddiflPe 


The Lawyers' List England 

LIVERPOOL, Lancashire (Continued) 


/-/, Castie Street 

Harold Dingwall Bateson 
John Arthur Davies 
Francis Harold Edwards 
George Godfrey Warr 
Cecil William Bateson 

Cleaver, Holoen k Cleaver 

26, North John Street 

Richard Stewart Cleaver 
William Stackhouse Holden 
Leonard Swainson Cleaver 

Gill, Archer, Maples & Dun 
14, Cook Street 
Finlay Dun 
Francis William Archer 

Hill, Dickinson & Company 

70, fFater Street 

Sir Arthur Norman Hill 

Francis Edmund Villeneuve Russell Roberts 

George Michael Magee 

John Fumiss 

Vivian Davidson Heyne 

Oliver Jones, Billson & Company 

St Cook Street 

George Oliver Jones 
Edgar Leicester Billson 
William Jackson, Jr. 


England The Lawyers' List 

LIVERPOOL, Lancashire {Cwaintui) 

LaCBS & CotXBhXfY 

If Union Court 

William Fonfaaw Wilson 
Hadden Todd 
Park Nelson Stone 
Kenneth Forshaw Wilson 


f^» Castli Street 

Charles Heniy Rutherford 
John Hughes Rutherford 

Simpson, North, Harlby & Company 

/, Water Street 

William Dtysdale 
William Glasgow 

Tyrbr, Kbnion, Tyrbr & Simpson 

70, Cook Street 

Alfred Tyrcr 
John Hamer Kenion 
John Graham Kenion 
Walter Maddoc Simpson 

Wbiohtman, Pbddbr ic Company 

l8f Water Street 

William Arthur Weig^tman 
John Pedder 

Septimus Rigby Weightmam 
Wilfrid Charles CafFerata 
Albert Ernest Frankland 


The Lawyers' List England 

LIVERP(X)L, Lancashire (Continued) 

WanxBY & Company 

4J^ Castle Street 

George William Allen 
Godfrey Ernest Castle 

Llanelly Henry William Spowart 

London Refer to page 413 

Longton Robinsons 

Lowestoft Robert Beattie Nicholson 

Luton Austin & Barnard 

Macclesfield May & Son 

Maidenhead ^ Charles Ruffe Thomas 

MANCHESTER, Lancashire 

Addlbshaw, Sons & Latham 

/J, Norfolk Street 

John William Addleshaw 
Harold Pope Addleshaw 
Henry Edmunds Latham 

BooTB» Edgar, Gracb & Rylands 

20, Booth Street 

Robert Ashbum Edgar 
Richard Walter Rylands 
John Grace 


^, spring Gardens 

Sir William Cobbett 
Richard Cobbett 
Wakcr Palmer Cobbett 
Harvey William Cobbett 

{Manchester continued^ page 4jS) 

England The Lawyers* List 

MANCHESTER, Lancashire (Continued) 
Crofton, Craven & Company 

j6^ Braunnose Street 

John Ffolliott Crofton 
Alan Francis Maclure 
William Proctor 

^ Farrar & Company 

7P, Fountain Street 

George Herbert Charlesworth 
James Gill Lister Farrar 
Huben Lister Farrar 

Grundy, Kershaw, Samson k Company 

5/, Booth Street 

Charles Leopold Samson 
Thomas Brandon 
Frederick Lang 
James Kershaw 
Harold Slaney Kershaw 
Thomas Whitley Bowen 

L1NGARD8 & Hamp 

2^ Fountain Street 
George Alexander Rowson Lingard 
Orford & Sons 

^7, Fountain Street 

Lewis Alfred Orford 
Edwin Arthur Orford 

Parkinson, Slack & Nebdham 

JO, York Street 

John Broadfield Parkinson 
Robert Needham 
John Windsor Needham 
Edward Sidebottom Slack 
Thomas Clifton Parkinson 


The Lawyers' List England 

MANCHESTER, Lancashire {ContinueJ) 

Sale & Company 

2p, Botah Stnet 

Archibald Neill 
Reginald Stevens Lord 
Edwin Kennedy Hilton 
Herbert Stanley Holmes 

Slater, Hbelis U Company 

7/, Princess Street 

Thomas Henry Davies-CoUey 
Edward Lister Sandbach 
Wilfred John Anderson 
Robert Denis Marriott 

Wilson, Wright k Davibs 
44, Mosley Street 

Henry Lowndes Wright 
Henry Francis Wilson 
Myles Fenton Davies 

Margate; Walter Hills U Shea 

Merthyr Tydfil Griffiths & Thomas 

Middlesbrough Belk, Cochrane & Belle 

Newark Hodgkinson & Beevor 

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Northumberiand 

Clayton & Gibson 

7, Grey Street 

William Waymouth Gibson 

John Ernest Gibson 

Charles Osborne Provis Gibson 

(Newcastle-4ipon^Tyne continued^ page 440) 

England The Lawyers' List 

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Northumberland (Can.) 

Cooper & Goodger 

i8t Market Street 

Robert Watson Cooper 

Charles William Swainston Goodger 

Debs & Thompson 

/27, Pilgrim Street 

Thomas William Thompson 
Vincent Thompson 
John Twynholm Graham 

Gibson, Pybus & Praus 

42 f Mosley Street 

Robert Pybus 
John Pybus 

Mather & Dickinson 

52^ Dean Street 
Adolphus Havergal Dickinson 

Wilkinson & Marshall 

/, Mosley Street 

Frank Marshall 

George Edward Wilkinson 

Harry Alfred' Solomon 

Newmarket Arthur James D'Albani 

Newton Abbot Watts, Woollcombe ii Watts 

Northallerton W. T. Jefferson & Son 

Northampton Dennis, Faulkner k Alsop 

North Shields Refer to Shields 


The Lawyers' List England 

NORWICH, County of Norfolk 

Keith, Blakb U Company 

The Chantry 

Gerard Frederic Blake 
Aubrey Aston Blake 

Stevens, Miller & Jones 

Bank Chambers 

Walter George Stevens 
Louis Charles Miller 
Arthur Wansbrough Jones 

NOTTINGHAM, Nottinghamshire 

J. & A. Bright 

J, Pepper Street 

Horace Dickinson Bright 
Alfred Stanley Bright 

DowsoN h Wright 

Weekday Cross 

Hubert Arthur Dowson 
Bernard Withers Dowson 
John Kentish Wright 

Oxford Challenor, Son h Welch 

Penrith Scott, Allan & Graham 

Penzance Borlase h Venning 

Peterborough Henry Cecil Gaches 


England The Lawyers' List 

PLYMOUTH, Devonshire 

Bond & Pbarcb 

i6, Princess Square 
Percy Trevarthian Pearce 
Mark John Thomson 

Shelly ic Johns 

Princess House^ Princess Square 

Richard Braginton Johns 
Samuel Burridge 

Pontypridd « . .Spickett & Sons 

PORTSMOUTH, Hampshire 

Hbllard & Son 

^i^A Street 

Alexander Hellard 
Charles Stuart Hellard 

HoBBS k Brutton 

High Street 
Septimus Brutton 

Preston Houghton, Myres & Reveley 

Ramsgate K. & W. Daniel 

Reading Blandy k Blandy 

Rochdale Standring, Taylor & Company 

Rochester Arnold, Day k Tuff 

Rugby Frederick Fuller k Son 

St. Leonards-on-Sea Refer to Hastings 

Salisbury Hodding k Jackson 

Scarborough Tumbull k Sons 

Sheemess John Copland k Son 


The Lawyers' List England 

SHEFFIELD, Yorkshire 

Benson, Burdbkin & Company 

41, Norfolk Street 

Reginald Benson 
John Davies Pryce 

Watson, Esam U Barber 

2p, Bank Street 

William Burnett Esam 
Jonathan Barber 
Laurence Henry Barber 
Thomas Clifford Watson 

Shields, North Adamson U Adamson 

Shields, South Moore U Armstrongs 

SHREWSBURY, Shropshire 

CoRSER & Son 

Sfvan Hill 

Edward George Sandford Corser 
Arthur Sandford Corser 

G. R. & C. E. Wacb 

CMege Hill 

George Richard Wace 
Charles Edward Wace 
GeoflFrey George Wace 


Green, Mobbrly & Green 
Portland Terrace 
Francis Spranger Green 
William Henry Moberly 

Mobbrly U Wharton 

J72, High Street 

John Cornelius Moberly 
John Henry Turner Wharton 


England The Lawyers' List 

Southend-on*Sea Gregsons & Powell 

Southport Brown, Brown & Quayle 

Southsea Addison & Son 

Stafford Morgan k Company 

Stamford Stapleton 8c Son 

Stockport T. W. Potts & Company 

Stockton-on-Tees Faber, Fawcett & Faber 

Stoke-upon-Trent Marshall, Ashwell & Company 

Strood Richard P. Smyth 

Stroud Winterbotham & Sons 


Stbbl, Maitland & Bybrs 

5/, John Streit 

Herbert Sampson Payne Maitland 
John Byers 

Wright & Son 

/^ John Street 
Charles Ernest Wright 

SWANSEA, Glamorganshire 
Bbor & Wilson 

Temple Street 

Richard White Beor 

Charles Joseph Clayton Wilson 

Strick & Bbllingham 

2p, Fisher Street 

Thomas Noon Talfourd Strick 
Hugh Bellingham 

Taunton G. H. Kite & Sons 

Teignmouth Tozer & Dell 

Tonbridge Freer & Brown 

The Lawyers' List England 

Torquay Hooper U WoUen 

Tunbridge Wells Stone, Simpson & Mason 

Tynemouth Bramwell, Clayton h Clayton 

Ulverston Hart Jackson & Sons 

WALSALL, Staffordshire 

John N. & E. A. Coitbrbll 

Lichfield Street 

John Nicholds Cotterell 
Ernest Alfred Cotterell 

L. W. Lewis & Sons 

Alfred Hunt Lewis 
Walter Lauriston Lewis 

Warrington Robert Davies & Company 

Warwick Heath & Blenkinsop 

West Bromwich J. & L. Clark 

West Hartlepool TumbuU U Tilly 

Weston-super*Mare Baker & Company 

Whitehaven Brockbank, Helder & Ormrod 

Wigan Peace & Ellis 

Winchester C. Wooldridge & Son 

Windsor Dumford & Gale 

Wisbech Welchman & Dewing 

WOLVERHAMPTON, Staffordshire 

FowLBR, Langley & Wright 

79, Darlington Street 

Frederick Theobald Langley 
Charles North Wright 
Cyril Owen Langley 

Underbill, Thorneycroft & Company 

24^ Darlington Street 

James Edward Underbill 
Edward Bagnell Thorneycroft 


England The Lawyers' List 

Worcester Garrard & Anthony 

Workington Paisley, Falcon, Skerry & Highet 

Wrexham W. R. Evans, Lloyd & Evans 

Yarmouth Ferrier k Ferrier 

York .George Crombie k Sons 


The Lawyers' List Ireland 


Abbeyleix John Waldron 

Antrim CRorke, McDonald & Tweed 

Arklow Hamilton & Craig 


Best & Best 

SO, Upper English Street 
James Patterson Best 

Monroe & Anderson 

Russell Street 

Samuel Holmes Monroe 
Francis John Anderson 

Joshua E. Peel & Son 

English Street 

Joshua £. Peel 
John A. Peel 

Athlone William P. Kelly & Walker 

Bagnalstown Charles H. Thorp & Son 

Bailieborough T. Y. Chambers 

Ballina John W. F. Garvey 

Ballinasloe Golding & Shell 

Ballymena H. &. R. Orr 

Ballymoney Greer & Hamilton 

Ballyshannon Lipsett & Ramage 

Banbridge Thomas B. Wallace 

Bandon Patrick McCarthy 


Ireland The Lawyers' List 

BELFAST, Counties Antrim and Down 

C. W. & J. Black 

Jjy DonegdU Square North 
Charies William Black 

John Bristow 

p, WeUinpon Place 

Carson & McDowell 

5J9 Royal Avenue 

S. J. MacKeown 
Robert Wallace 

Crawford U Lockhart 

^, Queens Square 

Alfred D. Crawford 
Alexander A. Lockhart 

L'EsTRANOB & Brett 

9, Chichester Street 

Sir Charles H. Brett 
Alfred Edward Brett 

Jambs McLean & Son 

7/, High Street 
Robert Edward McLean 

H. & W. Mahaffy 

22 f CaUender Street 
William Irwin Mahaffy 

Boyle Dermot MacDermot 

Bray Hamilton & Craig 

Carlow Paul A. Brown 


The Lawyers* List Ireland 

Carrick-on-Suir Kenny & Stephenson 

Castlebar Alfred V. G. Thornton 

Castleblayney John Gillespie 

Castlerea William H. Nolan 

Cavan Allen & Halpin 

Charleville James Binchy 

Qonakilty Thomas R. Wright & Son 

Qones William A. Parke 

Qonmel Mackenzie & Skehan 

G>leraine Macaulay, O'Neill & Martin 

Cookstown J. B. & R. H. Twigg 

CORK, Cork County 

T. Babington & Son 

24^ Marlboro* Street 
Thomas Babington 

J. C. & A. Blake 

27, Marlboro* Street 
Frederick L. Blake 

W. G. Lane & Company 

26^ South Mall 

William G. Lane 
Charles James Lane 

John Stanton & Son 
John Stanton 

Wynnb & Wynne 

62, Sou'h Mall 
Frederick William Wynne 


Ireland The Lawyers' List 

Donegal Patrick M. Gallagher 


Bell & Company 
John W. Bell 

H. Wallace & Company 
English Street 
Robert H. Wallace 

Drogheda Gerrard & Company 

DUBLIN, Dublin County 

Barrington ic Son 

JO, Ely Place 

M. Barrington Jellett 
Herbert S. McClelland 

D. & T. Fitzgerald 

20 f St. Andrew Street 

Charles Hoey 

Reginald A. W. Andrews 

John L. Scallan & Company 

^i» Suffolk Street 

Cable Address: " Scallans^ Dublin 

John Louis Scallan 
Arthur Cox 


John Campbell White 

4Sy Dame Street 


The Lawyers' List Irelnnd 

DUBLIN, Dublin County {Continued) 

Whitney, Moore k Keller 

46, Kildare Street 

Cable Address: "Falid, Dublin 

David F. Moore 
R. Nesbitt Keller 


Dundalk Charles MacMahon 

Dungannon Longfield, Kelly & Armstrong 

Dunmanway Franeis Fitzmaurice 

Ennis Michael J. MacNamara 

Enniscorthy O'Flaherty & Son 

ENNISKILLEN, Fermanagh County 

Alexander & Irvine 

Charles Edward Robert Alexander Irvine 

John F. Wray 

Fermoy William J. Maf^nier 

Galway Blake & Kenny 

Gorey Huggard & Brennan 

Kanturk David £. Ferguson 

Kells Fottrell & Sons 

Kildare Brown & M'Cann 

KILKENNY, Kilkenny County 

Jambs Poe & Son 

James Poe 
James Poe, Jr. 

Nicholas Shortal 

Parlianuni Street 


Ireland The Lawyers' List 

Killamey Eugene J. Downing 

Lame James W. McNinch 

Letterkenny Edward McFadden & Company 

Limavady Martin, King, French & Ingram 

LIMERICK, Limerick County 

Benjamin Barrington 

Qlp George Street 

Jonas Blackall & Son 

95, George Street 
Henty Blackall 

P. S. Connolly Be Company 
86, O'Connell Street 
James S. Gaffhey 

Francis M. Fitt 

Lower Mallow Street 
Joseph Dodds 

Lisbum Joseph Allen 

Listowel John Moran 

Londonderry Martin, King, French & Ingram 

Longford Thomas W. Delany 

Loughrea Andrew D. Comyn 

Lurgan Thomas G. Menaiy 

Macroom Charles W. Ashe 

Mallow James J. Dudley 

Maryborough Thomas & Horace Turpin 

Midleton. James Dunlea 

Mitchelstown James G. Skinner 

Monaghan Russell McWilliam 

Mullingar William Mooney & Son 


The Lawyers' List Ireland 

NAAS, Kildare County 

Brown & M'Cann 

42 Main StreeU South 
Stephen J. Brown 
Peter J. M'Cann 

W. A. Lanphibr 

Nenagh Nolan & Dudley 

New Ross William Heam 

NEWRYy Armagh and Down Counties 

Alexander Gartlan 

J2y Niiiham Place 

John F. Sbiall 

57, HiU Street 

Newtownards Thomas C. G. Mackintosh 

Omagh Shields & Mumaghan 

Parsonstown Michael J. 0*Meara 

Portadown E. D. Atkinson U Son 

Queenstown A. H. Allen & Son 

Roscommon McDonnell, Farrell & Company 

.Roscrea Charles J. Spain 

SLIGO, Sligo County 

Fbnton U Lyons 

Alexander M. Lyons 

Jeremiah McCarthy 

Strabane William Wilson 

Thurlcs J. P. 



^. Ireland The Lawyers* List 

TIPPERARY, Tippcraiy County 


Tralee F. C. Downing & Sons 

Tuam Henry J. Concanon 

TuUamore Hoey & Denning 

Waterford I. Thornton & Son 

WEXFORD, Wexford County 


Martin Huggard 
John R. Brennan 

M. J. O'Connor & Company 
2, Giorgi Street 
Michael J. O'Connor 

Wicklow Hamilton & Craig 


The Lawyers' list Scotland 


ABERDEEN, Aberdeen County 

Adam, Thomson & Ross 

2f Union Terrace 

George W. S. Walker 
James Hay . 
J. Everald Rae 
Robert Adam 

Stbwart k Murray 

22, Bridge Strut 

John Murray 

Ayr D. & J. Dunlop 

Buckie Lowe & Lorimer 

Cupar-Fife Pagan & Osborne 

Dingwall Duncan & Duncan 

Dornoch J. Hay Arthur 

Dumbarton M'Arthur, Brown & Robertson 

Dunifries James W. Whitelaw & Edgar 

DUNDEE, Forfar County 

Thomas Thornton, Son & Company 

iSt Albert Square 

Cable Address: " Thornton^ Dundee " 
John Thornton 
Robert Still 
George Thornton 

EDINBURGH, Edinburgh County 

J. & F. Anderson 

^, Castle Stree: 
John Ramsay Anderson 
William Hugh Murray 
Archibald R. C. Pitman 
John Sitwell Pitman 
Robert 0. Pitman 


Scotland The Lawyers* List 

EDINBURGH, Edinburgh County (Continued) 
John C. Brodib & Sons 

J, Thistle Street 

John L. Mounsey 
Archibald G. Brown 
Keith R. Maitland 
Archibald C. Brown 
James L. Mounsey 
P. W. Dnimmond 

Davidson & Symb 

28y Charlotte Square 

James Watt 
William Blair 
Archibald Blair 
David Porter 

DuNDAs & Wilson 

l6f St, Andrew Square 

Sir George Morison Paul 
Robert W. Dundas 
Robert Nevill Dundas 
David Marshall 

RoBsoN & M'Lean 

25» Queen Street 
Arthur Henry M'Lean 

Simpson & Marwick 

18^ Heriot Row 

Cable Address: " Process ** 

James Simpson 

David William Marwick 


The Lawyers' List Scotland 

EDINBURGH, Edinburgh County {Continued) 

Tods, Murray & Jamieson 

66^ Queen Street 

Cable Address: " Tods, Ediniurgh 

George Dalziel 
William Duncan Lowe 
Thomas Skene Esson 
George Francis Dalziel 
John Robertson 
Harry Auldjo Jamieson 
James Bowstead Craik 


Elgin, Grigor & Young 

Findochty Lowe & Lorimer 

Forfar W. & J. S. Gordon 

GLASGOW, Lanark County 

Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France & Company 
I4S» ^^^ George Street 

Charles France 
Andrew Millar Bannatyne 
James Coats 
George France 

Borland, Kino, Shaw & Company 

QSt ff^^st George Street 

Cable Address: *' Jurist, Glasgow 

Joseph D Campbell 
Walter King 
Julius F. McCallum 



Scotland The Lawyers' List 

GLASGOW, Lanark County {Contintui) 

A., J. & A. Graham 

ig8^ West George Street 
James Graham 

Mitchells, Johnston & Company 

idOf West George Street 

David Johnston 

James Andrew 

Alexander Moncrieff Mitchell 

J. R. Johnston 

D. K. Mitchell 

Moncrieff, Warren, Paterson k Company 
4S» West George Street 

Timothy Warren 
Hugh Moncrieff 
John Houston 
Arthur Muir 
D. Bruce Warren 

Stevenson & Brownlie 

147, St. Vincent Street 

John George Stevenson 
Archibald Brownlie 

Greenock J. C. Smith, Macdonald & Crawford 

Hamilton Hay, Cassels & Frame 

Hawick George & James Oliver 

Inverness Stewart, Rule & Company 

Kilmarnock James M. Inglit 

Kirkwall Drever & Heddle 

Lanark Morison & Smith 

Lerwick Mitchell k Small 

Lockerbie Cormack & Byers 

Oban Hosack & Sutherland 


The Lawyers' List Scotland 

Paisley Mclnnet, Mackenzie & Lochhead 

Perth Robertton, Dempster & Company 

Peterhead Gray & Gray 

Portree Macdonald & Eraser 

Rothesay John T. Wilson & Alexander 

Stirling A. & J. Jenkins & Jardine 

Stomoway William A. Ross 

Tain Mackenzie & G>rmack 

Thurso Brims & Mackay 

Wigtown Robert McWilliam 


Africa The Lawyers* List 




Emilb Broussais 
Camillb Diyibllb 
Charles Eugbnb Lbfbbyrb 
Francois Soubirannb 
Rbn£ Tilloy 

Canary Islands 

Carlos Calzadilla 
Antonio Delgado 
AuGusTiN Rodriguez y Pbrbz 
Pedro Schwarts 

Congo Free State 

Emilb Van den Dale 


The Lawyers' List Afi 



In Egypt Barristers practice as Solicitors and as Ad^ 
vocates. The practitioners here named are Advocates 
at the Court of Appeals^ and practice before the Brit" 
ish Consular Courts and Egyptian Mixed Tribunals. 


Nicolas Cambas 
Frederick Lbveaux 
Louis Limpritis 
Marius Oddi 
Dario Palagi 
x^nophon socolis 


L^N DE WiART Carton 
Robert Llewellyn Devonshire 
George S. H. Gottlieb 
Jean Mifsud Grech 
Henri Lusena 
Georges Merzbach 


Alexandre bey Maksud 
Alexandre Kindynekos 


Marius Charles Chansou 
Jean Epenetos 


South Africa The Lawyers' List 


Cape Colony 


Fai&budgb, Ardbrnb & Lawton 

J^I Longmarkit Street 

Cable Address: " Fairhriige " 

William George Fairbridge 
Henry Ralph Ardeme 
Thomas Edwards Lawton 

J. C. Bbrbano^ & Son 
Burg Street 

Paul Db Villiers 

Wide Street 

FiNDLAY & Tait 

fFide Street 

Hbrold & Gib 

Wale Street 

W. E. MooRB & Son 
Castle Street 

J. & H. Rbid & Nbphbw 
St. Georges Street 

Saubr & Standbn 

St. Georges Street 

Syfrbt, Godlonton & Low 
Shortmarket Street 

Dayid Tbnnant 

Burg Street 

The Lawyers' List South Africa 

CAPE TOWN ifiontinuid) 

Trbdgold, McIntyrb & Bissbt 
Addifliy Street 

Gu8. Trollip 

Church Square 

Wahl» Fuller & Db Klerk 
Bureau Street 

Walker & Jacobson 
Burg Street 


Henry G. Drake 
William F. Marshall 


John A. Chabaud 
Dyason, Hazbll & Wilson 
McWilliams & Eluott 
Pagden & Christian 


Caldbr & Calder 
HiLLiBR & Company 
Millar & Kimbeb 
James Henry Ridgeway 
Shepstone & Wylie 


South Africa The Lawyers' List 


Balb & Grbbnb 
Hathorn, Cameron & Company 
R. F. MoRcoM & Company 
Tatham, Wilkes & Company 

Orange River Colony 


J. G. Eraser 
J. B. M. Hbrtzog 
Geoffrey Allan Hill 


J. N. Blignaut 
William Lintott 



J. J. Db Villiers 

W. Gregorowski 

H. C. Hull 

Lewis Levy 

Orpen & RiSSIK 

Solomon & Thomson 

Tennant & Fry 

Van Hulstbyn, Feltham & Fry 

A. Woolls-Sampson 


The Lawyers' List South Africa 


Mawby & Phillips 
John Duccwoath Riid 


LuDwio Emil Krausb 


C. F. Beyers 
J. G. Dickinson 
R. H. Grbgorowski 
Mackintosh & Kennerly 
RooTH & Wessels 


Central America The Lawyers' List 


Costa Rica 


Maximo Fernandez 
Francisco Maria Fubntbs 
RiCARDO Jimenez 

Republic of Honduras 

RUATAN {Bay Islands) 
John A. Nelson 

British Honduras 

Franco & Ellis 

Republic of Salvador 


lo^. Avinida Sur^ N9. 6 
CaUi Address: " Monira " 

Attoraey and Counselor-at-Law, and Notary; 
Patent and Trade-Mark Agent 


The Lawyers' List IFest India Islands 


Bermuda - 

Thomas M. Dill 
Gray & Patton 


Carrington & Sbaly 
Cottle, Catford & Company 
Gooding U Evelyn 


Ernest Lee Conant 

{All communications shotdd hi addressed to 
Mr. Conant's offices in New York City: 
Mutual Life Building, j^ Nassau Street.) 

Antonio S. de Bustamantb 
Aguacate, 128 

Claudio & Ramon G. Mbndoza 
Amargura 25 


Fabio Frbire Arango 
JosA Batista Varona 


West India Islands The Lawjrers* List 


Ernesto Castro 

Alfredo Gonzalez Bernard 

Cienfuegos Demetrio L6pez Aldazabml 

Matanzas Jose Cabanocas 

Pinar del Rio Octavio Lamar 

Santa Qara Benito A. Besada 


Luis de Hechavarria Limonta 
Angel Clarens 

Danish West Indies 

A. £. Stacemann 

See Chrisdansted 



Dominican Republic 


Ramon O. Loyaton y Mejia 
Emilio Prudromme 


The Lawyers* List fFest India Islands 




Cargill, Caroill & Dunn 
comnaldi & ashbnhbim 


W. H. Orrbtt 


Walcott, Robinson & Dunn 


West India Islands The Lawyers' List 


Ernesto Castro 

Alfredo Gonzaxbz Bernard 

CienfuegQS Demetrio L6pez Aldazabal 

Matanzas Jose Cabarrocas 

Pinar del Rio Octavio Lamar 

Santa Qara Benito A. Besada 


Luis db Hbchavarria Limonta 
Angel Clarens 

Danish West Indies 

A. E. Stakemann 

See Chrisdantted 



Dominican Republic 


Ramon O. Loyaton y Mejia 
EiiiLio Prudhommb 


The Lawyers' List West India Islands 



Allwood k Dickenson 


Cargill, Caroill & Dunn 
corinaldi & ashbnbeim 


W. H. Orrett 


Walcott, Robinson & Dunn 


South America The Lawyers* List 

Argentine Republic 


Roberto Ancizar 

Casilla it Como 6^ 

Cable Address: ** Anci%ar Baires ** 

rUis M. Draoo 


Dr. Arturo Loaiza 


Bbnigno GuzmXn 


Antonio Calmon du Pin b Almeida 
Antonio Carnbiro da Rocha 


Dbmetrio Beebrra 
Augusto db Borborema 


Antonio Francisco Perbira db Cartalho 


The Lawyers' List South America 


]oBt P1RB8 BrandXo 

12, fua da Alfandega 

Alfredo Machado Guimarabs 
Abilio Borgbs Migubl 
Ambrxco Firmiano DB MORAB8 

British Guiana 

J08BPH A. King 


Adolpho L. Guerrero 
Don Julio Philippi 

Momda, 1168 

Don Gaspar Toro 

Momda, 1 168 

Don Ismabl ValdAs Vergara 
MonidOf Jj68 


LuiB Sinn 

Cockrantp 32 


Calli Prai, 99 


South America The Lawyers' Last 

Republic of Colombia 


Dr. Jorge Salazar 


Dr. Pedro EiriAa Otiro 


Dr. M. Augusto Vernaza 


Dr. Bustillos 


Dr. Juan Pinzon 


Dr. Julio E. Botero 


Dr. Iraooni Isaacs 
Dr. Francisco E. Diago 


Dr. Elias Jaimes 


The Lawyers' List South America 



Pichincha I JO 

CaUi Address: " Rari%a 

Rafael M. Arizaga 
E. Palacios Andrade 
Dario R. Astudillo 

Camilo O. Andradb 

Rafael Guerrero 

JoB± Luis Tamayo 


Luis Felipe Borja 
SiXTO Maria Duran 
A. RoMO Leroux 
Modesto Penaherrera 


W. H. Carrinoton 
Modesto Rangel 


Hinckley & Ganson 
A. Morales 


Dr. Manuel Domingues 

Dr. Embtbrio Gonzalez Navbro 

Dr. Francisco Rolon 


South America The Lawyers' List 




D&. ]ost Antonio Layallb y Pardo 
Dr. John Enrique db la Riva Agubro 


Eduardo Acbybdo 
Danibl Garcia Acbvbdo 
Carlos db Castro 
Carlos M. db Pbna 


J. B. Bancb 
Hbribbrto Gordon 
F. Arroyo Parbjo 
Oscar Garcia Uslar 



Orangbl Rodrigubz 


The Lawyers' List Asia 



Arthur C. Taylor 


Drummond, White-Coopbr & Oppb 

Barristers and Solicitors 

// Piking Road 

Cable Address: "Attorney, Shanghai " 
W. V. Drummond 
A, S. P. White-Cooper 
H. S. Oppe 
Platt, Macleod & Wilson 

Ewo Buildings J G, Peking Road 
Cable Address: ** Retsam, Shanghai " 

Winfrid A. C. Piatt 
Ronald NeU Macleod 
Alfred Sidney Wilson 


Edgar Allen 

Kent & Mounsey 

VICTORIA ^'"^ ^""^ 

Deacon, Looker, Deacon & Harston 

Solicitors, Conveyancers, Proctors, Nota- 
ries Public and Patent and Trade-Marks 

/ Des Voeux Road 

Cable Address: " OtUry, Hong Kong " 

Herbert William Looker 
J. Scott Harston 


Asia The Lawyers' List 


VICTORIA {Continuii) 

Johnson, Stokbs & Master 
Solidtony etc 


LiTTLB & Company 

Old Secretariat^ Apollo Street 

Cable AddrtST: "Legid, Bombay 

Attorneys, High Court, Notaries Public, 
and Justices of the Peace for Bombay 

J. C. G. Bowen 

Solicitor to dwemment and Public 
Prosecutor and Registrar of the 

E. Cecil B. Acworth 

Solicitor to the Bombay Port Trust 

A. Kirke Smith 

J. D. Sheraton Baker 

London Agents: Rawle, Johnstone 
^ Company and A. W. Lightbody 

Ardbshir, Horbiasji, Dinsha & Company 
Crawford, Brown & Company 
Craigib, Lynch & Owbn 


H. C. Eggar 


Orr, Dignam & Company 
Sandbrson Sc Company 


Thi Lawyers' List Jsia 


Kino 5e Jossblyn 

Orr, Dayid & Briohtwbll 


Crossb 8c Yamashita 

/(5» Harima-machi 


i8^ Kyomachi 

K. Sakurai 

5^ Kitanagasadwri ^'Chonu 


G. Akiyaica, LL.B. 

Advocate, Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, 
Solicitor^ Conyeyancer and Patent Agent 

75, Y amashita'<ho 

Cable Address: " Akiyama^ Yokohama 

Crossb & Hbath 

Java {Dutch East Indus) 

J. Gbrritzbn 

i. A. VAN DijK, Jr. 


Asia The Lawyers' List 


A. W. Hartiian 


H. J. Db Briuyn 

A. Pabts tot Gansoijbn 




Straits Settlements 

Adams & Allan 



Allbn & Glbdhill 

Advocates and Solicitors 

Donaldson & Burkinshaw 
Advocates and Solicitors 

Drbw & Napibr 

Advocates and Solicitors 


Advocate and Solicitor 


The Lawyers' List Australasia 


New South Wales 

Brown & Mitchbll 
Harris & Wqstcott 


Norton, Smith & Company 

Solidton and Notaries Public 

2, (yConmll Stnet 

Cable Address: " IS^orton/ " 

Robert Smith 
Frank Osborne 
Edward Ainsworth Gaden 
David William Roxburgh 
Percy Coghill Maddrell 

Allen, Allen & Hbmsley 

J. R. Baxter Bruce & Company 
iRADLEY & Son 
Cope & Company 
Minter, Simpson & Company 


H. M. Baylis 

Heath & Mitchelmore 

Islevj Zealand 

Devorb k Prendegast 

Earl & Kent 

Reed, Bailey & Towle 


Australasia The Lawyers' List 


Bbswick & Harris 
George Harpbr» Son & Pascoe 
Izard & Loughnan 
Slater & Son 


Bathgate 5c Woodhouse 
George & John A. Cook 



Sainsbury, Logan & Wuxiaim 


Bell, Gully, Bell & Myers 
Brandon, Hislop & Johnston 
Brown, Nbavb & Courtney 
Chapman, Skbrrett, Tr(pp & Blair 



Chambers, McNab k McNab 
Flower & Hart 
O'Shea & O'Shea 
Thynne & Macartney 


Pender & Pender 



Morton, Gordon & Morton 


The Lawyers' List Australasia 


Connolly & Suthers 

Denkam Strut 

Hugh Glynn G>nnolly 
George Suthers 

Mr. G>nnolly is a Notary Public^ and 
is Commissioner jfbr Affidavits for 
High Court of Australia, and Su- 
preme Courts of New South Wales 
and Victoria 

South Australia 


Andbrson & Gordon 
Bakbr & Barlow 
Bakbwbll, Stow & Pipbr 
Dbmpstbr, Wbbb h Dbmpstbr 
Symon, Rounsbybll & Clbland 



BuTLBR. McIntyrb U Butlbr 
Crisp & Crisp 

DoBSONy MrrcHBLL h Allport 
RoBBRTS U Allport 


Douglas U Coluns 

Law & Wbston & Archbr 

RrrcHiB U Parkbr 


Australasia The Lawyers' List 


Nbvbtt & Nbvbtt 


McCay & Thwaitbs 
Francis Sa&obnt Nbwbll 


DoYLB Be Kbrr 



Albbrt E. House 



120^ William Street 


CcUint and Queen Struts 

Hamilton^ Wynne & Riddbll 
^/y Collins Street 

R. E. Lewis ic Son 

Littlk Collins Street 

Madden & Butler 

Collins Street 

Malleson, Stewart, Stawell & Nankiyell 
Queen Street 

MouLEy Hamilton & Kiddle 

SS* Market Street 
SnowdEn, Neaye & Demaine 

433 Little Collins Street 


William McClure Abernethy 


Thi Lawyers* List Australia 

Wi stern Australia 

HAYNESy Robinson & Watkins 


Kbbnan & Randall 


Nicholson & Hbnsman 

Barristera, SolidtorSy etc. 

Surrey Chambers^ St. Giorgi's Tirraa 
Cable Address: " Lex, Perth " 

John Nicholson 

Harold William Hensman 


Europe The Lawyers' List 


Channel Islands 
ST. HELIERS (//r/^jr) 

Renouf & Ereaut 

G. F. DuKBLL Lb Gallais 


Ulf Hansen & A. Harroff 

Advocates in the Supreme & Superior 
Courts & Solidtors 

ady Nyhrogade 


S. G. Archibald 

{Successor to Edmond Kelly) 

82, Boulevard Haussmann 
Cable Address: ''Archibald*' 

S. G. Archibald 
Georges Vavin 
Shaun Kelly 

C. Inman Barnard 
J. Crabeek 

Albert db Bibyillb 

5, Rue St. Georges (/ X^ 

Maurice Bernard 

Avocat k la Cour 

Boulevard des Cafucines, 6 (/ X^ 


Thi Lawyers' List Europe 

PARIS (Conitnuid) 

A. Chaumat 

Avocat k, la Cour 

PL du Theatri'Praneats, 4 (I^ 


JPy Boultvard Haussmann 

Heniy Cachard 
Heniy Peartree 
Charles B. Samueb 
John B. Robinton 

Henri Du Buit 

Anden Batonnier 
Avocat k la Cour d'Appd 

47^ Rue ii Cltchy 

Donald Harper 

329 Avenue de t Opera 

Donald Harper 

Benjamin H. Conner 
Charles B. Femald 
Joseph Duvivier 
William A. Preston 

Walter V. R. Berry 
of Counsel 


Avocat & la Cour 

Rui Gcdoi^e^Mauroy, I (I X^ 


Europe The Lawyers' List 

•_ »> 

PARIS (Continued) 

Valois & LOBB 

jd, Avenue de FOpera 
Cable Address: " EUorParis 

Charles G. Loeb 

Avocat a la Cour Supreme de New 
York, de la^Califomie et au Barreau 
Federal des Etats-Unis 


E. Lycoudis 

Asklipiou Street 

S. Papafrangos 

Karageorgi Street^ 


Athanasb ELanas 


Georges Canelopoulos 


Antonios Antoniades 


Demetrios Kalodoukas 


The Lawyers' List Europe 


Drs. Bobrlagb & Mulder 


L. C. Dribbbbk 
C. E. Hayblaar 


Dr. E. N. db Brauw 
Dr. Vublandbr Hbin 



Catbllo Gabta 
Raffablb Palladino 


Antonio Sannini & G. A. Sannini 
Tratbrso Ubaldo 




CoLUCCi Gabtano 


Europe The Lawyers' List 


Dario Cassuto 

Cat. Giuseppe Lumbroso 


DiL H. St. John-Mildmat 


Spuuto Francesco 

VU Carlo PotrtQ 4 

Ferdinamdo de Pasqvalb 

Fico Cinquisanti 20 


Cat. Biaoxo di Pibtra 


Count Mario Amadbi 
Giovanni Villa 

Federico Orsini 


Cat. Ignauo Giacalone 



Francesco Armissoglio 


The Lawyers* List Europe 


Cav. Pkospbro Ascoli 
Francisco Cahnbluiti 


Fun Francois 


Lbon Lacroix 
Lbon Richard 


Kristbn U Jorobn Fatb 
Karl Torjusbn 


Lout h Bbrgh 

Kongens gtde ig 

Harald Norrboaard 
Kirkigaiin 8 

Sbif, Lundb fc Rtob 
AkiTgaiin 8 


Erung Aarstad 


Europe The Lawyers' List 


Dft. Antonio Amaro Condb 

Rua Augusta^ 4J^ i^ 

Carlos Granja 

Rua Ja ConciicaOf J{.jf 2^ 

Paul Pompbi 

Rua Auna^ 200, 2^ 


Josi GoNCALYBs Barbosa db CAmo JOR. 
Dr. Antonio Pinto db Mbsquita 


Dr. Adolphb Stern & Dr. Michael Stbrn 


Alfred Gumma y Mart/ 

Calii UntversiJtulp JO 

Rafael Deas 
Buenaventura Grases 
Luis Duran y Ventosa 


The Lawyers' List Europe 


Francisco Bbrgamin 

PloKd InJipenJencia, 8 

Eduardo Dato 

Lagasea, i 

Manuel Garcia Pribto 

Plata Santo Domingo, § 

Alfredo Zabala 
Goya, 6 


Dr. Enrique T. Huelin 


J08B Domingo Conradi y Pineda 


HlLM BR AuiiN 

T. Wolff 


George Strandberg 



Erik Bbrglund 
John LodAn 



Europe Thi Lawyers' List 


GftOTH U Maurttzon 


Drs. Schnabbl U Hbrforth 

Cable Addnss: *' Avocat Schnabel, 
Zurich " 

Dr. Adolf Bibdbr 


Dr« Emil Huoli 

CaUf Aiirus: " Hu^i 



H. Cans 
E. Privat 


Jambs Vallotton 


Dr. L. F. Mbybr 


Drs. Schnabbl U Hbrforth 

Cable Address: " Avocai Schnabd. 
Zurich " 

^ Dr. Richard Wbttbr 


The Lawyers' List Europe 


Dr. Vicroft KioiRBft 

Bahnhofstrassif 8l 


Dr. a. Meili & Dr. Hans Stockar 
Silhofstrassif 12 

Dr. M. Schnbbli & Dr. D. Schindlbr 

Ramistrasse^ 2 

Cahli Address: " SchmMus, Zurich*'